Season 5 of ‘Unexpected’ to Premiere Next Month: Watch the Full Trailer & Meet the Cast!

Speak for yourself– we live for messy TV!

A new season of TLC’s Unexpected is set to be delivered March 6!

As The Ashley told you in November, Season 5 will welcome two new pregnant teens to the show and three returning moms– including Lilly Bennett who previously defended the show and its producers after former star McKayla Adkins and other ‘Unexpected’ girls spoke out last year about how inappropriately they were allegedly treated while filming.

In the newly released trailer for Season 5, viewers get a glimpse at Lilly’s new life since moving out of her mom’s house and into a home with her fiancé, Lawrence Bishop.

Unfortunately, the independence comes with a lot of stress, as Lawrence questions Lilly’s role as a stay-at-home mom, calling her job “not hard.”


Also returning for Season 5 is Tyra Bousseau– this time joined by her sister Tiarra Boisseau and cousin Taylor Williams, who are both pregnant. In the trailer for the new season, viewers watch as the three girls bond over their shared experience of young motherhood.

We also get a look at one of the girls’ dramatic childbirth experience, which begins with her baby daddy asking that she not get an epidural, and ends with her baby daddy appearing to be escorted out of the hospital by police. 

We’re not saying he deserved that police escort, but we’re not saying he didn’t…

Jenna Ronan is also back for another season, along with her high school boyfriend and baby daddy, Aden, who doesn’t seem to be pulling his weight in the parenthood department. 

Jenna will also get to deal with her “petty” dad and “emotionally crazy” mom, Heather, this season. 

These people seem lovely.

The trailer gives viewers a first look at new cast member Kylen Smith and her boyfriend, Jason Korpi, who are accused by Kylen’s dad Michael of not allowing the family to be a part of Kylen’s pregnancy. 

I guess he better tune in this season like the rest of us.

Viewers also meet Emersyn Potter, who is determined to push her strict mom Erica to the limit by insisting her boyfriend, Mason Ramirez, shack up with her in her bedroom rather than downstairs as Erica has requested. 

Jenelle Evans walked so Emersyn Potter could run…

The new season of ‘Unexpected’ premieres Sunday, March 6, on TLC. Watch the trailer below!

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 

12 Responses

  1. Keylen why don’t you stand up for your self your so called boyfriend is a low life scum bag why do you stay with him he is definitely controlling you you need to stop him now

  2. Kylon and Jason I think Jason is an ass hole he’s always putting her down kylon should move back to her parents and make him visit her

  3. That’s not Tiarra’s baby daddy who is against the epidural.
    It’s the guy at the start of the trailer who won’t let the girl see her family

  4. They should bring back Chloe and Max. I will never forget Chloe mother ranting and raving every episode about Max.

  5. why a teenage boy has such strong feelings on an epidural is infuriating to me lol. it’s just a way to control her is my guess. like, as if he knows ANYTHING about childbirth.

  6. Two sisters and a cousin ALL pregnant together?! (I don’t watch this show but I assume Tyra is pregnant again…at 20. wow.) The system has failed them horribly.

    1. And Tiarra is stable, still with the father who joined the military, they’re making a good life for them and their children. So, no, the system did not fail them.

    2. What does “the system” have to do with anything?

      “The system” is not forcing these girls to get pregnant at 15, 16, etc, it’s a CHOICE!!!

      Peer PRESSURE…yes, but FORCE…NO.

      And like Mimi said Tyra is NOT pregnant again, but so what if she was?? This whole family is supportive and loving and these babies are taken care of and NOT neglected. So, I have no doubt they’d succeed in whatever paths they choose in life.

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