RECAP: Farrah Abraham’s Former FroCo Employee Shares Her Experience Working For (& Getting Fired By) Farrah; Reveals How Farrah’s Adult Movies Affected the Yogurt Shop & More

“At least I didn’t make you use a porta-potty during your shifts, peasant!”

Longtime fans of Teen Mom likely recall the moment Farrah Abraham fired one of the employees of her now-shuttered Austin, Texas, frozen yogurt shop, FroCo, while wearing the most ridiculous and least-professional glasses ever manufactured. 

Kiana, the individual who worked for/was fired by Farrah and lived to tell the tale recently took to TikTok to share the story of her FroCo firing and spill the toppings tea on what was really happening behind the scenes in Farrah’s little [yogurt] shop of horrors!

In a TikTok titled “Story Time,” Kiana began by recounting what went on the day before her infamous firing. Kiana claimed Farrah was in a hurry to leave because she was going to California (presumably to do “Number 1 Celebrity of Our Nation” stuff), and decided to leave Kiana to clean and close the shop, despite Kiana having no idea how to do so. 

Kiana claimed a quick tutorial on how to “change” the frozen yogurt machines via a “useless” video on Farrah’s cellphone. 

“I mean, it was a terrible video,” Kiana said. “It wasn’t a training video, whatsoever.” 

Farrah, cranking out training videos for FroCo, full ‘o’ Farrah Speak. (Probably.)

Kiana-– who (jokingly?) claims to have PTSD from her FroCo experience–- said she ultimately asked Farrah to show her how to change the machines herself, which Farrah agreed to do “in a very annoyed way.” Unfortunately, Farrah’s run through was “super fast” and unclear, though she still proceeded to ask Kiana if she was ready to do it herself later that night. 

“I was like, ‘Not really,’ but she didn’t really seem to care,” Kiana recalled. “ … At this point, it became clear to me that she didn’t really care if I was ready [to do it], she was just going to make me do it anyway.” 

“Figure it out, Kiana. Your job and your ‘Teen Mom’ legacy depend on it.”

Later that night as Kiana was attempting to close the shop, she received a FaceTime from Farrah (who was in California) requesting to watch as Kiana “changed” the machines. After doing so with Farrah’s supervision over FaceTime, Kiana said she was unable to reassemble the machine, which absolutely set Farrah off. 

“She starts freaking out, yelling at me, telling me I’m the worst employee ever, telling me she’s never going to trust me with anything again, just full-blown yelling at me,” she said. “This goes on for at least 30 minutes until I start to cry. Mind you, I’m a little baby, I’m 18 at the time, and I’m just getting verbally abused by my boss over FaceTime.” 

She’s spiraling, and we’re not just talking about her shades.

As Kiana continued crying, Farrah called in backup in the form of her father, Michael Abraham, who ended up coming to the yogurt shop, along with his then-girlfriend Amy Blake. The three of them got everything put back together and cleaned up– well after midnight– and went home. Kiana said after not receiving an apology from Farrah that night, she decided not return to FroCo the following day. 

“ … At that point, I felt like I knew her very well,” she said, suspecting that Farrah would use the conflict as a filming opportunity and make Kiana look “like a fool” on camera. After reassurance from friends and family that Farrah wouldn’t go all “Apprentice boardroom” on her, Kiana returned the following day, only to be met by the MTV camera crew. 

“Literally my heart just dropped because I knew exactly what was going to happen,” she said. “ … We sit down and immediately I’m just pissed. I’m pissed because I didn’t listen to myself, I’m pissed because she kind of made this huge big deal out of this tiny little thing and I never even got an apology for how she talked to me. 

“And the worst part [is] that part wasn’t even on camera, so even if I brought it up, she was just going to deny, deny, deny because there was no proof of her being like that,” she continued. 

“Not THAT time, anyway!”

As the conversation-– which Kiana said actually went on for about an hour-– continued, Farrah spouted off “the most delusional lies ever,” one being that Kiana never worked at the yogurt shop that was in the location prior to FroCo. 

“That’s literally how I got the job,” Kiana explained. “I knew that she knew that I worked for my old boss, in the same spot, doing the exact job, because that was literally how I found the job.” 

Kiana went on to tell Farrah she no longer wanted to work for her, to which Farrah responded with the memorable “severance the relationship” line. 

“What’s crazy is that she had a person interviewing for my position while she was outside yelling at me,” Kiana said. “ … I knew him, he went to my high school, and I literally walked past him and said, ‘Good luck working for her.’” 

“Trust me, you’ll need it.”

Another interaction that didn’t make the episode was when producers followed Kiana out to her car to make sure she was ok. 

“The lady, I think she was also a producer, she stops me and she’s like, ‘Are you ok,’ and I’m like, “No I’m not ok!’ I’m literally trying to hold back tears at this point, again,” she recalled. “She’s like, ‘I’m so sorry.’ [The crew are] all apologizing … I literally look at all of them and I’m like, ‘I just feel so bad that y’all have to keep working for her.’ And I turn around and walk back to the car and leave.” 

Kiana has gone on to answer additional fan questions, including what it was like interacting with Farrah’s dad, Michael, and mom, Debra Danielsen, both of whom she met during her short-lived stint at FroCo. 

Debz, stashing a pair of Froco glasses in her purse so she could wear them in her next rap music video…

“Her mom came to the grand opening and I remember meeting her,” she said. “We didn’t really talk that much but I remember she really liked my long acrylic nails and she did seem really sweet.” 

As for Michael, Kiana got to know him a lot better, as he was at the frozen yogurt shop “probably 80 percent of the time.” 

…in AND out of the Copa de Boba mascot getup.

“Especially in the beginning, he was always there,” she said. “He worked shifts with us, he was the reason I stayed for so long, honestly. He was a very nice, genuine, smart person and if it wasn’t for him, I probably would’ve quit my first week after getting hired.” 

As mentioned in her “Story Time” TikTok, Kiana also met Michael’s then-girlfriend Amy, whom she also had nothing but nice things to say about. Kiana told followers she loves that the couple went on to get married. 

“Shout out to Farrah and FroCo for trauma-bonding us for life.”

“I just feel like they are really good people and I’m glad that they stayed together,” she said.

Kiana had a different experience with Farrah’s then-boyfriend Simon Saran, whom she didn’t name in her video. Kiana said she’s “pretty sure” Simon didn’t even say hello to any employees at the grand opening of FroCo and noted that she found his and Farrah’s relationship rather odd. 

“Trust me, the only thing worse than being Farrah’s employee is being Farrah’s boyfriend.”

“ … [Farrah] bossed him around the whole time they were there and they seemed like a very strange couple,” she recalled. 

While Farrah’s former boyfriend didn’t make much an impression on Kiana, some of Farrah’s alleged fans unfortunately did. Kiana said she doesn’t remember any ‘Teen Mom’ fans coming into the frozen yogurt shop, however, fans of Farrah’s other on-camera work certainly did. 

“They were there a lot,” she said. “And there was really creepy guys and they would linger, ask a bunch of really weird questions, sometimes bring their kids, and that happened a lot.”  

As for the swirly shades Farrah often sported, Kiana said it wasn’t just something Farrah did for the cameras. 

She’s nothing if not completely unhinged committed…

“Yes, she did always were those glasses when she was in the store,” she said. “I truly think that she thought she was going to be like, some sort of trend setter and bring those back from 2010.”  

Watch the clip of Kiana getting the boot from Farrah (and Farrah’s FroCo shades) below. 

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(Photos: MTV; YouTube) 

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  1. Remember when Michael said the yogurt was going to be sold in grocery stores every where.
    Ashley can you find one of Sophia employees & find out the tea on that?

  2. What I don’t understand is why she didn’t leave when she saw the camera crew. If she wasn’t going to go in that morning because she was worried about it being filmed, why sit down with Farrah and allow them to film it? She must have wanted some type of notoriety….and before you down vote me…I can’t stand Farrah and believe everything this girl said about how horribly she was treated, I just don’t understand why she allowed it to be filmed.

      1. Yes, this girl, who waited 10 years to publicly make statements on social media, went into her work to meet her boss on camera because she wanted to turn that opportunity into fame and riches. It’s definitely not because it was her job and her boss told her to.

  3. The only thing that surprises me in this article is that Farrah actually knew how to change the machines at all. I figured the only times she would ever step foot into the whole retail thing would be when MTV cameras were around. I figured she had hired someone to run it all and had her Dad overlook everything.
    Other than that, this was hilarious. Typical Farrah. I feel bad for the girl and anyone else who has ever been a target of Farrah’s wrath.

    1. Yes, but the crazy was there long before the cameras entered the picture. None of the teen moms have come close to Farrah’s level of unhinged. She has read endless stories about herself and her behavior over the years, and she is completely delusional about the reality of the situation. There is something deeply wrong with her, and she doesn’t see it.

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