Jenelle Evans’ Son Jace Sees His Father Andrew Lewis For the First Time in 13 Years (Exclusive Details)

“I’m sure Jace already recognized my face from all of my modeling work in China.”

Andrew Lewis is back in his son Jace’s life— and this time, the long-lost Teen Mom 2 dad met up with his son in person.

The Sun reported on Tuesday (and The Ashley can confirm) that Andrew— who is the first baby daddy of Jenelle Evans— came face-to-face with Jace for the first time since Jace was a baby. 

The Ashley can also confirm that the meeting took place in court last week, where Jenelle, Andrew and Jenelle’s mother Barbara had a hearing in regard to the open CPS custody case for Jace.

“Jace was happy about it,” The Ashley’s source tells her.

As The Ashley told you earlier this month, the budding relationship between Jace and Andrew had stalled. Although Andrew had spoken to the 14-year-old on the phone and written him a few letters, Andrew got lax in establishing his relationship with his son, causing Jace to “lose interest” in getting to know his dad.

“Apparently dads are supposed to keep in touch with their kids every single day…and stuff. Who knew!?”

Andrew was added to the CPS case for Jace last month, and was placed under the same gag order by the judge that Jenelle, Barbara and Jenelle’s husband David Eason were. Andrew was beamed into the CPS court hearing in December via video-chat but, according to The Ashley’s source, was “acting really weird” during the hearing and, at one point, was threatened by the judge to pipe down or get thrown out.

Andrew has apparently straightened up and is still part of the CPS case.

“His opinion may not carry much weight [with the judge], though, considering Andrew didn’t have any part in raising Jace,” the source said, adding that Andrew is not planning to seek custody of his son. “But he will get a chance to voice his opinions on what he thinks should happen with Jace.” 

The Ashley can also confirm that Andrew has been given permission to have more visits with Jace, as well as continued phone communication. 

Last April, Andrew stated in an interview with The Sun that his greatest desire was to see his son again.

“Well, that and to have an unlimited supply of fedoras…”

“Please let me see Jace. That’s all I ever wanted,” Andrew pleaded during the interview last year. “Not just me– my family, my cousin, my nephew, my niece, my sister. Just let me see Jace.”

It’s unknown if Jace has spoken to any of his family members on Andrew’s side in recent months.

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV)


  1. This wont last, Probably trying to be involved for publicity and money. Never been around all these years. Sure people can change but he just doesn’t seem legit.

  2. Bringing Andrew back into Jace’s life to help him is a extreme long shot but it’s still worth a chance. I’m just glad that Jace wasn’t returned to Barbara or Janelle. Fans give Barbara far too much credit for raising Jace. I don’t think I seen one episode without Barbara YELLING, frequently, at Jace.

  3. The judge gave him permission for phone calls & visits!? As if this person hasn’t had the opportunity & time to do ANYTHING for this kid in 14yrs. Ew what a sad excuse of a human

  4. I would love to be happy for Jace but unfortunately Andrew will be yet another adult who lets him down. Andrew didn’t fight to stay in Jace’s life. He would post a creepy video begging to see Jace. Not file through the courts for visitation like a normal person. But how normal can you really be if you think hooking up with Jenelle is a smart move.

  5. This f*cking loser, trying now to pretend he cares.

    I will never get over the fact that when Jenelle was 16 and pregnant, he 21. He should have been in jail.

    He left for Japan to be a male model (insert eye roll here). He left the country when Jenelle was pregnant, wanted nothing to do with Jace. Tried to pretend that he wasn’t the father, made Jenelle get a paternity test, and then bounced again. He signed away his custody, he didn’t lose his right, he voluntarily gave them up, so he didn’t have to parent.

    This loser had 14 years to step up, and now that Jace is in the news and he can get his name out there, now he wants to be an active father. Oh cut the crap. Andrew needs to go back in his hole, and just stay there for ever.

          1. Someone I know is in a similar case but they don’t get child support until guardianship is granted and once that happens they can get child support. I know child support can be frozen until further notice. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are waiting for a judge to rule on permanent placement and guardianship before getting child support reinforced. But I think each state is different though. I hope this some what helps.

      1. Yeah, having your wages garnished, losing your driver’s license and passport, and possibly going to jail are consequences of not paying child support.

        Jenelle also paid Babs child support.

        Amber pays Gary child support. Adam Lind had to pay child support, and then every time he got arrested they took his bond and paid it to Chelsea as back child support.

        The bar is in hell for these deadbeat parents.

  6. This may be a ridiculous question but why didn’t Andrew ever in all these years seek any sort of visitation or custody of jace? I don’t understand even remotely how a person has a child then just lets the child slip through the cracks.

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