EXCLUSIVE! Update on Where the Budding Relationship Between Jace Evans & His Long-Lost Dad Andrew Lewis Currently Stands

“That whole ‘fatherhood’ thing was hard…and stuff.”

Last month, The Ashley broke the news that Andrew Lewis had resurfaced in his son Jace’s life, even surprising his ex Jenelle Evans by being beamed into the last CPS court hearing held in December in regard to the custody plan for Jace. 

At the time, Jace was eager to explore having a relationship with his dad, who had not been in his life since he was an infant, except via a child support check sent to Jenelle’s mom Barbara (who had custody of Jace up until March 2023.) 

Now, The Ashley can exclusively reveal that a lot has changed in regard to Andrew’s position in the custody case, as well as where his relationship with Jace stands.

As The Ashley previously told you last month, the 14-year-old was “thrilled” at the possibility of having his dad in his life. The Ashley can reveal that Jace and Andrew had started speaking on the phone while Jace was in CPS custody, and Andrew was brought into the CPS case involving Jace. The former “model in China” was even on video chat during the December hearing, much to Jenelle’s surprise.

(At that hearing, Andrew was placed under the same gag order as Barb, Jenelle and Jenelle’s husband David Eason, and ordered not to speak about the case publicly.) 

While everything seemed to be getting on track for a possible father/son reunion, sadly, things have gone somewhat south in regards to Jace and Andrew’s budding relationship.

“Andrew has kind of peaced out again,” a source told The Ashley. “He wrote Jace a few letters and they spoke on the phone for a bit. But after that, Andrew seemed to lose interest, and so did Jace. I think the novelty of talking to his dad wore off for Jace and he doesn’t really care whether or not his dad is in his life now.”

“I’m nothing if not consistent!”

The source also tells The Ashley that Andrew “was acting really weird” during the December CPS hearing he was beamed into and, at one point, was threatened by the judge to pipe down or get thrown out.

“Andrew kept interrupting the judge during the hearing, and also butted in while others involved in the case were speaking,” the source said. “It was getting to the point where no one could answer questions without an interruption from Andrew, so the judge told him if he did it again, he wouldn’t be part of the process. The whole thing was odd, considering Andrew had no part in raising Jace up until this point, and didn’t even know what he was talking about.

“He was lucky to even get to be there,” the source added.

The Ashley is unable to confirm if Andrew wore his super-cool fedora to the virtual court hearing, but she’d like to believe he did…in order to look ‘more classier…’

As for Jace, the source said he is “doing well” and isn’t really interested in meeting his dad in person any time soon.

“He’s kind of over it,” the source said.

It is unknown if Andrew will be included in the CPS hearing that is being held later this month. Jenelle, Barbara and David are all expected to attend, though.

Andrew not following through with his relationship with Jace is somewhat surprising, given that he did a (strange) interview with The Sun last April in which he begged Jenelle (who, at the time, had just taken over custody of Jace from Barbara) to let him see or talk to his son.

“Jenelle, Barbara, just let me see him. Let me see Jace,” Andrew pleaded. “Let me talk to him. Give me something. This is no more MTV bulls**t, this is reality. Stop living on cloud nine and fall the f**k down to reality, because that’s where you’ve been living. I’m not trying to be rude to you.”

“I saw the kid TWICE at the hospital when he was born. Doesn’t that count for something?!”

He also claimed that other members of his family were interested in having a relationship with Jace.

“Please let me see Jace. That’s all I ever wanted,” he continued. “Not just me– my family, my cousin, my nephew, my niece, my sister. Just let me see Jace.” 

It’s unknown if Jace has spoken to any of his family members on Andrew’s side in recent months.

The Ashley will have more updates soon. Stay tuned…

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. Sad that some kids can’t pick their parents, because I’m sure Jace would have never chosen Jenelle or Andrew as his.

  2. Color me surprised. Is it known if Andrew has a family of his own now? (Or if he is just Jace’s dad…honestly that would be enough but he resurfaced after ages so obv no one knows about his current private life) Anyway, apart from paying child support (which he shouldn’t be praised for, it’s something he was obliged to do!) he really didn’t do much for this kid. Jace had in an out “father figures”, sadly, the longest someone stayed in his life is David, the same man who abused him. He just has no luck. I hope all of this opened his eyes and we won’t be hearing in 2 years how he got a girl pregnant. He is a smart kid, it doesn’t seem like this is what he wants.

  3. The only good thing to come out of this is that Jace has learned what kind of a father NOT to be & what kind of “woman” to NOT be with.

  4. Another adult disappointing Jace. If he’s not worked up over it , it’s because he’s used to most of the adults in his life being useless at best and horrible at worst.

  5. So they have him show up who has never been there, Jenelle gave up Jace when he was a baby, his Grandmother gave him up before he was even 15 this kid has nowhere to go and is doomed unless he decides himself to make a difference

  6. Please stop using the phrase “The source” and give Roux credit for all the interviews she’s granting to you, The Sun, TMZ, The Grace Report, Elle Bee, Starcasm and any other media outlet that will listen. We all know it’s her. She goes on X (Twitter) and says things like “shit’s going down but I don’t want to talk about it because I’ll jinx it”, then just as the media is breaking the story, she’s letting the cat out of the bag on Twitter. Everyone knows she’s the “inside source”.

    1. She doesn’t want credit, she wants to be in the background. If you’re trying to advocate for her, why would you do the exact opposite of what she wants?!
      Obviously this post isn’t about getting her credit, it’s about you wanting to be some bombshell Sherlock Holmes out here. Shhhh.

    2. Roux is like a fortune teller. They make very vague statements. I don’t think she is as good of an “insider” as people think.

  7. Is anyone really surprised that Andrew didn’t step up? I do not like Jenelle, but she didn’t keep Jace from him. If he had wanted to be a part of Jace’s life, he could have made that happen. He didn’t because he’s still an addict & only cares about drugs.

  8. Something tells me he is going to want a relationship with poor Jace once he turns 18 and gets his MTV fortune. Father of the year is probably counting down the days.

    1. What “fortune” do you suppose he’ll get once he turns 18? I don’t think MTV set up a trust fund or whatever for the kids

      1. MTV does actually set up trust funds for all minors that appear on the show. They receive funds when they turn 18.

        1. But — MTV only had to put 15% of Jace’s earnings into a trust fund. The rest of it was paid to the guardian (Barb in this case) on behalf of the minor. A lot of us think Barb saved a ton but when Jenelle got custody she also gained access to Jace’s savings (not the trust fund). Speculation is that’s how Jenelle bought David the SSShitbag. Where else did she come up with $58,000 cash to buy it right after being on vacations in Puerto Rico, Florida and California?

          1. Hopefully Barbara put some money that Jenelle couldn’t get to. Its not like Barbara was living the high life even when filming. She has the same house & even retired from Walmart.

  9. *pretends to be shocked* I guess at least now Jace can stop holding out hope with his dad. He’s old enough now that Andrew won’t be able to make excuses or shift blame anymore, Jace is smart and can see it with his own eyes. Sometimes it’s good to rip that bandaid off so you can move on.

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