Andrew Lewis Claims He Was “Flabbergasted” That His Ex Jenelle Evans Got Full Custody of Their Son Jace; Says He Has a Child Support Court Hearing This Week

“I’d even be willing to share my super-cool ‘Rick & Morty’ beanie with Jack…er…I mean Jace!”

Jenelle Evans now has full custody of her son Jace— and her long-lost baby daddy Andrew Lewis is not happy about it! 

As The Ashley reported last week, Andrew has suddenly resurfaced, just one month after Jenelle’s mother Barbara Evans officially gave Jenelle custody of 13-year-old Jace, whom Babs has raised since he was a baby. Andrew— who has not seen Jace since he was six months old— did a (very strange) video interview with The Sun to express his desire to be part of Jace’s life.

In a newly posted clip from that interview, Andy reveals how surprised he was that Barb gave Jenelle custody of Jace. He also revealed that he is due to head to court this week to discuss the status of his child support— or, as he so eloquently worded it— his “dues” for Jace.

Andrew— who was apparently able to get some downtime from his alleged modeling job in China— claimed that he didn’t find out that his former soulmate Jenelle was given full custody of Jace until he received a notice that he no longer had to pay child support to Babs.

“Nobody told me that s**t! Come on dude, tell me! I’m his father!” Andrew said. “But no. She don’t give a s**t.”

(It’s unclear if the “she” Andrew’s talking about is Jenelle, Barbara or America in general.)

The Ashley know she’s a bit liberal calling people ‘stars’ on this website but calling Ol’ Andy a “Teen Mom Star” is downright ridiculous…

Andrew claimed that he was “flabbergasted” when he found out that Barb had agreed to give Jenelle full custody of Jace last month.

“I ain’t gonna lie to you. I was beyond flabbergasted. I was like, ‘Holy s**t!'” he said. “It sucks.”

Andrew revealed that he has a hearing this Thursday to address his child support situation.

When you realize you’ve gotta hit up the laundry mat ASAP after this interview to make sure your old man sweater and beanie are clean for court in a few days…

“[My child support to Barbara] has been terminated, but at the same time, it’s not gonna be terminated because they just handed full custody over to Jenelle,” he said. “I’m pretty sure she’s gonna hit me up for child support. Go ahead, hit me up. I don’t give a f**k.”

Andy then decided to make it clear that he intends to continue to pay child support for his child. However his choice of words– calling his obligation to financially support Jace his “dues”— were less-than-desirable. 

“Go ahead hit me up, I’m still gonna pay my dues!” he said. 

In the previously posted clip of Andrew’s interview, he said that his mother and other relatives have been trying to get in contact with Jace for years, but were not able to because Barbara and Jenelle wouldn’t let them.

He also insisted he’s not a crackhead (as you do).

“He’s ya problem now, Juh-nelle! Tootles, Annnd-rew!”

“I’m here to clear my name because there’s a lot of s**t that people are judging me [for], like I’m this crackhead and his piece of s**t guy. No, I’m not,” Andrew— who is now 38 years old— told The Sun. “It really does bother me. And it’s been bothering me for years upon years.” 

Surprisingly, Jenelle has remained silent about her ex crawling out from under the rock he’s been under for 13 years coming forward. 

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV; The Sun)

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  1. Why is this guy so suddenly interested in seeing his child? I still feel it’s for media attention, like “Remember me?” Also it looks like the fact he was so much older than Jenelle kinda got lost to me…woah, that’s weird! Jennele and David are POS but giving THIS GUY the custody would be literally the same…ugh, go away dude, go away.

  2. He just wants custody so he doesn’t have to pay Child support. Since Babs was getting child support from both parents (Jenelle and Andrew), he probably didn’t have to pay as much as he now has to pay Jenelle. Since she is one of the parent, and has sole custody.

    So now after 13 years of ignoring his son’s existence, he wants a “relationship”.

    Yeah, I would love Andrew to explain to the courts how he should get any custody after ignoring his kid for 13 years, moving out of state about 8-12 hours away. And how that’s going to be feasible.

    1. Jenelle never paid child support to Barbra. Jenelle was ordered to but never did and Barb didn’t want Jenelle to get into trouble for not paying child support so she dropped it against Jenelle. Jenelle was screaming for years about how much she loved Jace and deserved him back but she NEVER paid child support for the child she claimed to love so much. She was too busy spending her Teen Mom paycheck on all of her loser boyfriends.

      1. I thought I had heard Jenelle talk about how she had to pay child support to Babs. But you might be right, she should have but never did.

    2. Jenelle didn’t pay child support to Babs. Babs didn’t want money from Jenelle to take care of Jace, only from his father.
      When Babs would have asked cp from Jenelle, she would get Jenelle in even more trouble and possibly jail. Plus jenelle claimed babs was greedy.

    3. I don’t think he wants custody. He can’t take care of a child. A child who is a stranger, at that?
      I think at this point, Jace is old enough to have a say in where he wants to live.

      I do think Andrew wants visitation and more time so it will reduce his “”dues””.

      Jenelle shows stability. Ikr. Shes been married for several years and owned the Land for just as long. Yeah, her income is porn… but this guy straight up looks homeless. No judge would remove Jace and give him to a stranger.

      Besides, after that CPS thing.. I feel like the Easons have judges in their pockets.

      1. I don’t think Andrew is going to get visitation, and he would only want it if it reduce his child support. But since he would only see Jace for a couple of hours, it wouldn’t reduce child support, because its based on overnights and who pays for his needs, like health insurance, food, housing, etc.

        Andrew hasn’t seen Jace since he was 6 months old. Moved to a different state away from his son after abandoning him to move to Japan for modeling (lol). Typically they would start off with visitation which would mean Andrew would have to pay to get to NC and then see him.

        Also, if the homes are equal, both parents are stable and safe environment, yeah Jace gets a say, not complete decision-making ability, but a say. But that’s not the situation, there is one parent that Jace has been in regular contact with for 13 years, and one he hasn’t seen or talk to in 13 years. Andrew all has to prove he has the space for Jace, he lives in NYC, and works as a doorman, he probably doesn’t. He would also have to prove that he can’t work in NC, which no offense to doorman, it a low-skilled job, you can do that anywhere. Its not like he is an engineer with a skill set that needs him to work where he works.

        And your right, as crazy as we know Jenelle and UBT are. On paper they look like the better choice. they own a home with a bedroom for Jace, they have more money, they have a long-established relationship with Jace, and they are in a “stable” relationship. Jace also has three siblings (including Marissa0 in that home to grow up with and have a relationship with.

        The only reason Jenelle has custody is because Babs gave her custody. And the reason Jenelle past the CPS investigation is Money. Jenelle paid a good lawyer a lot of money to work the system. Like CPS said Jenelle could have her kids back without CPS investigation if she got away from David, but instead she stayed with him. Why I will never understand, that man is a leach and a drain on everyone.

        1. Oh absolutely. He wants a discount and thinks Jenelle will give him one, bc Barb sure as hell didnt.

          I remember Jenelle being told to pay support and it was really a low amount, but I dont know if it ever happened..

          Does he really live in NYC? How’s he swing that?

          Oh yeah a judge wont realistically give him out of state overnights etc. Hes not Amber.

          Speaking of..

    4. Jenelle makes more money than Barb, so child support will most likely be less. Especially now that it’s parental custody vs family custody. You don’t automatically get child support because you have custody. It’s all calculated based on overnights, income, and expenses. You don’t get away with being unemployed either, the court will impune a salary if you’re employable, not disabled, not a student, and don’t have a child under 3. She’ll have Jace all the nights, but they’ll add the income together then divide by a percentage and make him pay the difference. If there’s not a difference he’ll just pay state minimum of $50/month. Also, if he requests visitation, and they can’t prove that he’s unfit, he’ll get it in some form or another. The fact that those loud mouths are quiet about his interview leads me to believe that he very well could be telling the truth. Dude was cool with Barb raising his son but not Jenelle & David, sounds legit to me.

    1. Andrew was born in 1986, and Jenelle was born in 1991.

      Jace was born in 2009.

      Jenelle was 17 when she got pregnant and 18 when she gave birth. Andrew was 23 when Jace was born. I think Babs wanted to get him arrested, and I don’t blame her.

      Like there was a whole thing about how Andrew was one of those guys who never left hs, and graduated hs and still went to all the hs parties for years.

      Jenelle has talked about how looking back he was a creep, and it was really f*cked up that he was chasing teenagers.

  3. Andrew is 38?!? Meaning he was like 25 when Jace was born?! How did I not know that? And why is he not in jail ?

  4. Can you imagine THIS coming to see you, talking about “I’m your father”.

    Andrew is a slightly better version of Rhyne

    1. agree ?. it’s a toss-up whose is rougher, though ~ rhine’s 3️⃣5️⃣ or this creature’s 3️⃣8️⃣.
      #toughchoice ??‍♀️
      #botharegoblins ?

      1. At least Rhyne is getting an opportunity to clean up (no doubt hell still do drugs inside).

        Andrew could use 3 hots and a cot. He looks homeless and probably hasnt eaten in days. Just eating his glass pipe I suppose.

  5. andrew looks dirty and strung-out in these pics.
    he also looks like pete davidson (if ordered from shein).

  6. Wait so has Andrew actually been paying his child support throughout the years? I don’t buy that he’s suddenly interested in jace. Go to court and get a custody agreement if you care so much! It blows my mind that there are really people out there who aren’t involved in their own children’s lives. It’s really absolutely unreal.

  7. I’m flabbergasted myself by the fact that all this time he paid child support. That’s more than David did for his child so go ahead and call Andrew names but at least he is less of a deadbeat than UBT

    1. I”m not. Babs is a terrible person, but she was also a single mom raising three kids. She worked at walmart, and was able to afford a house, and everything those kids needed by herself. Babs is a lot of things, but she’s good with money, and making people pay up.

      I’m sure she put that man on child support the second the strip turned blue. She even had Jenelle on child support the second she got custody.

    2. Paid child support and didn’t harass his baby mama, no revenge porn or broke a no contact order.
      Jesus you are right, Andrew is a better man and father than David. That’s sad.

      Also, let’s see how this “I will never keep my child away from the father” ages that she uses to blast David’s ex.
      She’s been doing it for 13 years.
      Poor excuse incoming.

      1. I hate Jenelle and David as much as anyone but I’m pretty sure she had no/very little control over whether Andrew had contact with Jace when she herself didn’t have custody.

  8. Andrew, the model in China, with two homes in NYC, is as full of shit as the bags under his eyes. Jace will be coming into his MTV in the near future, and he wants a piece of that pie. Not buying this garbage he’s selling. China has long distance fool, you could have called this child from time to time! SMH.

    1. At this point I don’t know if Jace will have any money because most of these girls claim to be broke or they owe alot of money. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is no money left for any of those kids. Because those moms build their houses to look like mansions and complain that they have no money so IDK anymore. But I do know that a judge will ask Andrew why he hasn’t been in his son’s life. And afterwards he’s going to be doing the would of could of pitty party dance. Nobody will be buying it only his mommy dearest will.

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