Jenelle Evans’ Long-Lost Baby Daddy Andrew Lewis Begs to See Son Jace; Says Jenelle & Her Mom Barbara Have Kept Him From His Son

“‘Member me?”

Jenelle Evans’ ex-boyfriend Andrew Lewis is begging the former Teen Mom 2 star to allow him to see their son, Jace, a month after Jenelle was granted full custody of the 13-year-old from her mom, Barbara Evans. 

Andrew—who is now 38 years old— sat down for an interview with The Sun this week to discuss his non-existent relationship with Jace, whom he last saw at just six months old. During the interview Andrew addressed both Jenelle and Barbara, begging them to allow him to see his son.   

“Are ya friggin’ kiddin’ me?”

“Jenelle, Barbara, just let me see him. Let me see Jace,” Andrew pleaded. “Let me talk to him. Give me something. This is no more MTV bulls**t, this is reality. Stop living on cloud nine and fall the f**k down to reality, because that’s where you’ve been living. I’m not trying to be rude to you.

Apparently one man’s swamp is another man’s “cloud nine.”

“Please let me see Jace. That’s all I ever wanted,” he continued. “Not just me– my family, my cousin, my nephew, my niece, my sister. Just let me see Jace.” 

While Andrew appeared alongside Jenelle on 16 and Pregnant, he’s been absent for nearly all of their son’s life. Barbara obtained custody of Jace when he was just a baby, and had fought Jenelle successfully in court on multiple occasions to maintain custody of her grandson.  

The Ashley broke the news in February that Jenelle was finally “getting back” custody of her oldest son, more than a decade after she was seen giving her mom custody on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ According to court records, Barbara willingly agreed to give Jenelle custody of Jace. 

Jenelle and Barb had a court date in February in which Barb filed to modify the custody situation for Jace, and while both Jenelle and Andrew were named in the hearing, Andrew said he only learned of the modification this week after receiving a court notice for a change in custody tied to his child support.

“As long as my son is happy, that’s all I care about,” Andrew said of Jenelle having custody of their son. “That’s all that matters, period. If Jace is happy with Jenelle, that’s cool.” 

What isn’t “cool,” according to Andrew, is that he has tried to connect with Jace over the years–- by way of Jenelle and/or Barbara–- to no avail. In fact, ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans may even remember seeing Andrew resurface a couple of times over the years, most recently in Season 9 when Andrew contacted Barb after randomly gaining interest in Jace’s life (again).

Andrew accused Barb and Jenelle this week of being “f**king liars” and claimed the two made him look bad on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ 

As if this hat didn’t do that already…

“When they go on MTV and they said this and that about me, like, ‘He’s never going to talk to us.’ You know what, I’ve tried,” Andrew claims. “It makes them look good but not me. I’m here to clear my name because there’s a lot of s**t that people are judging me [for], like I’m this crackhead and his piece of s**t guy. No, I’m not.

“I’m just a former model out here trying to reconnect with my son who I couldn’t pick out of a lineup. Cut me some slack.”

“It really does bother me,” he continued. “And it’s been bothering me for years upon years.” 

Also bothered is Andrew’s mother, Diana Lewis, who claims she’s made attempts of her own over the years to speak to her grandson, yet nothing has ever happened. (Diana said she was in touch with Barb as recently as a few years ago.)

“[Barb] told me that she would send me pictures of him and we could have phone calls together,” Diana said. “And I thought that was really great. I gave her my phone number and address and, well, that was the end of that. I never heard from her.

“Uhh, sorry…wrong numbah!”

“I just can’t as a grandparent understand,” Diana continued. “Why would they hold something against me?”

Diana went on to talk about Andrew’s father-– Jace’s grandfather–- who she says “went to his grave wanting to see Jace.”

(Andrew stated earlier in the interview that he was unable to meet Barb on-camera in New York City during Season 9 of ‘Teen Mom 2’ to discuss seeing Jace because he had to travel to Florida as his dad has passed away. He also insisted that he informed MTV producers ahead of time that he would be unable to meet up with Barb as planned.)   

“ … when Andrew called Jenelle and told her that his daddy had passed away, she got very…I don’t even know what the word would be,” Diana said. “[Andrew] would have to tell you, and it hurts.” 

“It still hurts,” Andrew said. 

Jenelle has yet to respond to Andrew’s interview. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. I get VIBES that Andrew isn’t safe to be around Jace. The same way I get VIBES none of David’s daughters especially (but the boys too, only for different reasons) are safe around him. Both give me the VIBE they should be on A LIST. If you know what I mean!! I’m VERY intuitive.

  2. I hate saying this, but with Jace going into teen age years and it’s a known FACT Andrew is a predator, he shouldn’t be around Andrew. I can easily see how he could use jace to get girls etc.

    After reading about the age gap and how they “dated” in Janelle mind where in Andrew it was about getting wet. So there’s that.

    Lurch is horrible person. The one thing that he has yet to be known for (at least I can’t recall and if I’m wrong someone correct me) but David hasn’t been known to be predator. I can see him beating Janelle, but not that.
    Maybe that’s just because he has his daughter and I’m just being hopeful.

  3. I mean if Janelle can do it, why can’t Andrew? Both of them abandoned their son. The only reason Janelle was a part of Jaces life is because of Barbara. Now that Jace is a teenager it seems both of his parents now suddenly want to be his parents again while blaming their absence on the one who actually raised him. Lmao okay

  4. Andrew, you do not go to the media and cry that Jenelle or Barb is not allowing you to see Jace. That will do nothing! You go to the courts and you file something. You start with supervised visits and you do them regularly. Then when enough time has gone by and a relationship has started between you and Jace, then you can petition for more time. It’s that easy and if you do it on your own, not that much money. Poor Jace, actually poor all of the kids involved in this. They really got the short end of the stick with all parental figures!!

  5. lol, all these deadbeat “dad’s” out there blaming the mothers and maternal grandmothers for not seeing your kid. My ex did it, so did his pathetic family.. for YEARS. Now my daughter is way past 18 (she’s in her 30’s!) and he can’t blame me anymore for his lack of presence in her life, nor can his family. The door was open, they just didn’t care. They still don’t.

    Nothing stopped his paternal family from sending cards, support, anything. Bet they didn’t. Bet Andrew didn’t either.

    Jenelle is shite,but Andrew and his family are worse. They literally saw Jace being abused and neglected- and did nothing. Not a damn thing.

    Hate these jerks that only enter the lives of their kids once the heavy lifting is done..assholes.

  6. Ohh boohoo loser. If you really cared , you would have gotten a lawyer years ago and fought for your parents rights. Fuck outta here. The only one who kept Jace from you , was you.

  7. I agree. He has a right to see Jace however his want to see him seems to be him popping up every five years crying about not being allowed to see Jace. There are ways to make this happen. It seems like he only resurfaced now because of the court hearing he didn’t attend and wants to play the victim.

  8. REGARDLESS of what any of us think about this guy.. as long as he’s not a danger to Jace he absolutely has a right to get to know Jace for jaces own benefit.. he will be an adult very soon and out in the world trying to figure things out, he deserves to know who he is and where he came from. It a mental health aspect men need to grow into men. I’m sorry but this poor kid has prob been so brainwashed and manipulated by both Barbara and janelle.. I hope David at least (the dog killer) can get along with this guy and do the right thing like I had heard him and Nathan accomplished.. pray for Jace seriously

  9. Andrew was 25 years old when Jenelle was pregnant at 17. They’d been together 3 years, which put Jenelle around 14 years old dating a 22 year old! He’s a predator.

    1. For Andrew to have been kept away from Jace he would have first of all had to be trying to see him. A watsapp once a year does not count.
      Fathers that want to see their children keep in contact, make visitation plans and if needed go to court.
      He is frankly embarrassing, the few times he was on the show he made a holy show of himself.

  10. anybody else concerned at the fact that andrew is 38, almost 40, yet jenelle is barely 31 🤨
    also why tf would jenelle and barb let andrew see have when he’s been showing inconsistencies, he only pops up every few years dying to see jace then we don’t hear from him for another few years, if he had to see his son that bad then he could’ve just taken them to court that whole time

  11. This fool should just shut his mouth. Every time he speaks, he puts his foot in it. This deadbeat trying to act like he’s father of the year.

    He was 22 when he got a 17 year old pregnant. He has never spent a day taking care of Jace in his ENTIRE life. He made Jenelle get a paternity test, and then never took her to a court or tried to parent Jace ever. Too busy partying and hitting on teenagers to take care of his son.

    Jace is now a teenager himself, he doesn’t need this clown hanging around.

    Jenelle and Barb have never been able to agree on anything in their entire lives, but the one thing they have both agreed on is Andrew is not to be around Jace. That should tell you something.

  12. You’re so full of it. And now you SUDDENLY care about him? I call BS on that. I can only imagine he wants some media attention or whatever after all those years.

    Kaiser has grown! And he’s such an adorable kid now, too bad he has POS of parents and an even worse father-in-law, all kids are screwed in that family (I am also afraid David might turn violent to Jace although I can see him defending himself) but he in particular…where are the times when the kids were taken away from them?! They should have never been given back,.

  13. He’s just counting the years til Jace get his mtv money 💰

    I bet swamp rat David is planning a father / son line of shirts .

  14. Did MTV ever made that clear, that Andrew didn’t show up because his father was dying? I don’t think they did.
    I always thought he chickened out, that he filmed a bit, got cold feet and couldn’t be bothered to show up.

    He did try to see Jace a couple of times I guess. He showed up at his daycare. He waited until other people walked in and entered the building with them.
    Scared the hell out of the staff, Jace and all the other parents with that of course.

    You could argue Babs allowed Jenelle access to Jace even while she didn’t pay child support, was intoxicated, neglectful, abusive environments etc etc while Andrew first had to pay all the child support he owed Babs, etc etc
    They would hush him with phone calls and other promises and wouldn’t follow trough.
    He on the other hand, wouldn’t show up for visitation cause “no money, no ride” (Andrew actually brought out a song for Jace singing he missed visitation and missed him.)

    Also named his second son Jake. Jace and Jake. Wonder how his relationship with Jake is. He doesn’t mention Jake.

    1. Jace is 14, his father has past a long time ago. So what’s his excuse now?

      Deadbeats always have an excuse why they can’t be there. It’s sad that his father was sick, and past away. But he’s not the only one with a parent who pasts, but they all seem to be able to take care of their kids.

      Andrew ditched Jace to go pursue his modeling career in NYC, and when that didn’t work out, he didn’t come back for his son. He’s now a door man in NYC.

      He made Jenelle get a paternity test, did he go to court after to get custody, and visitation, nope. Did he show up to school event, sports games, etc. Nope.

      I don’t like Babs, I think she is the reason Jenelle and all of her siblings have issues. But I will give the benefit of the doubt to the primary parent. The one who is there doing the work every day.

      Jake is the kid he has with his current gf, I think they are still together, so I assume he has a relationship with Jake.

  15. Why am I just not buying Andrew’s story about being “kept away” from Jace all these years.

    If it were true, I’m almost sure MTV would have LOVED to make it an ongoing story line as well as a constant battle between him, Barbara, Jenelle, and even David to boost the ratings of a show that had already been tanking for years.

    Sorry, but for me this just doesn’t make any sense.

  16. “I’m this crackhead and his piece of s**t guy. No, I’m not.“

    I pictured Pinocchio’s nose growing while reading that

  17. is it just me, or is it disturbing to see jace dressed as a mini-david in those easter pics? definitely NOT someone to emulate. (not that andrew is…)

  18. I guess the modeling gig in China never panned out. Too bad, I was really rooting for him. /s

    He’s never made a serious attempt in 13 years to connect with the boy. By the looks of his sunken face, it appears he’s just a strung out dude looking for a payday. Harsh, but…I mean, let’s not mince words. Andrew always had problems – the first being grooming an underage Janelle. So despicable.

    But it’s nice in the Easter pics that sweet Kaiser has braces. Someone is looking out for that boy.

    1. I thought so too, re: Kaisers braces. Hopefully it was because of his parents concern, and not because a teacher had to point it out. Kids at that age don’t wear braces to straighten their teeth, more to fix a “bulldog” smile. Either way, that needs to be fixed and I’m glad it seems to be!

  19. We don’t actually know how often he’s checked in or made an attempt to see/contact Jace. Does he seem all that trustworthy? Not particularly. But it’s certainly possible that he’s cleaned up some, even though Jenelle hasn’t.
    If it’s true that Barb promised contact with his other grandparents and didn’t follow thru, that sucks. With parents who were both hot messes, I think Jace could’ve used all the other adults he could get in his corner.

  20. …. He’s 38 and Jace is 13. So Andrew was 25 and Janelle was 16? Was this ever a storyline/addressed? Seems…. Questionable at best.

    1. Maci and Ryan were 16 and 20. I would seriously sit down and watch a one-hour special on the age-gap relationships of the “16 & Pregnant” franchise.

  21. Not buying it. He never cared to see him or check in on his welfare. He’s full of shit.

    I’m suspecting this attempt may have something to do with the trust Jace will receive in a few years.

    1. Bingo.
      And why Jenelle and UBT we’re so keen to get their mitts on Jace.
      Can’t help but feel so bad for Jace and Kaiser losing in the parent lottery.

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