CT Tamburello’s Estranged Wife Tries To Get His Time With Son Suspended After ‘The Challenge’ Star Goes On Instagram Rant About Their Divorce

“Nice try, lady!”

CT Tamburello blasted his soon-to-be-wife Lili Solares in an Instagram Live video posted on April 5 and, two days later, Lili filed for emergency sole custody of the son she and The Challenge star share!

As The Ashley has previously reported, CT and Lili have been in the middle of a nasty divorce and custody battle since CT filed for divorce in November. On April 5, CT posted the video to Instagram, stating that Lili has been allegedly living a “secret life” during their marriage, hiding money and finding a new guy to pay her bills, among other things. 

The Sun broke the news on Friday that, two days after the video was posted, Lili filed an emergency motion to suspend CT’s timesharing of seven-year-old CJ. She also asked that she be given sole parental responsibility for the boy.

CT and Lili in “happier” times…

The emergency hearing was held on April 12 via Zoom, where CT and Lili and their attorneys discussed Lili’s emergency motion. (Each side got 15 minutes to tell their side of the story.)

Although it wasn’t confirmed in the court documents obtained by The Ashley about the hearing, it appears that CT’s Instagram video was the cause of the ruckus. Lili filed several pieces of evidence with the court, including a “screen recording of a social media post,” a direct message that she says came from a writer at People magazine who was looking for a comment regarding CT’s post; and a direct message from a fan about a post.

At the hearing, the judge denied Lili’s request to take away CT’s time with CJ, as well as her request to have sole parental responsibility of him. 

CT and Lili with CJ on their wedding day…

While the judge did not give Lili what she wanted in regard to CJ’s custody, it was ordered that both CT and Lili refrain from talking about the case— and each other— on social media. 

“The Husband, through agreement in open court, shall not discuss, or make public, any
intimate details regarding the parties’ litigation, settlement negotiations, the minor child, any allegations towards the Wife including defamatory statements about the Wife, in any form, including but not limited to social media posts and/or interviews,” the judge ordered, according to court docs. 

In addition, Lili and CT are both barred from talking about the divorce and custody case with their son. They are also not allowed to “make disparaging comments” about each other to CJ. 

“The parties are to strictly abide by this Court’s order,” the paperwork states.

When the judge bans you from taking crap online about your estranged wife…

A Guardian Ad Litem was also chosen by the court for CJ. According to the court paperwork, a Guardian Ad Litem is “not the lawyer or advocate for the minor child(ren), but the ‘next best friend’ and makes recommendations for the well-being of the child(ren). They are not a Parenting Coordinator or a Case Manager.”

CT has been ordered to pay 75 percent of the Guardian Ad Litem’s fees, while Lili is responsible for 25 percent.

Currently, a temporary custody order for CJ is in place for CT and Lili to follow. That order gives Lili time with CJ on Monday and Tuesday every week, and CT time on Wednesday and Thursday each week. They alternate weekends with CJ. 

CT and Lili are next set to meet on April 26 at a hearing to address Lili’s recent request to force CT to sell the Florida home they once shared so that they both get an equal share of the profits from the sale.

A Case Management Conference has also been set for June. 

(If you want to read more about CT and Lili’s nasty divorce, click here!) 

You can watch the since-deleted video of CT talking about Lili and their divorce below!

CT talking about his divorce with lily
by u/fcmb17 in MtvChallenge

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Reddit)

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  1. Says a lot about a woman who tries to take parenting time from a man who clearly loves his son by trying to take parenting time from him. I hate when women do this. Ugh. Some women make all women look bad.

  2. I knew she would try and do this. CT loves his son and has been there from day 1. Lili knows that. She’s pissed that CT told the truth about her shiesty ass. What does it say about her character that she gets pissed and decides her revenge would be to punish CT by trying to take his son away. She doesn’t even think about the fact that would also be punishing her son.

  3. I still think Diem was the love of CT’s life. And he tried to find a replacement but got stuck with this one. Stay single man!

  4. I could NEVER figure out what CT saw in this pos. From the wedding special,all I kept thinking was she looks exactly like a human rat and guess what? She is!!!

  5. Yeah,.it never plays well in court when a pa rẹ ent tries to use custody to punish the other parent. You’re basically punishing your child. Regardless of what he said, that makes her look worse.

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