CT Tamburello’s Wife Lilli Solares Responds to His Divorce Filing: Demands ‘The Challenge’ Star Pay Her 5 Types of Alimony & Give Her Their Home (Exclusive Details!)

“Gimme that MTV money!”

CT Tamburello‘s wife Lilli Solares has filed a response to the divorce filing that CT submitted last month and, while she has not contested The Challenge star’s request for a divorce, she is demanding her pay her handsomely– with both money and property!

In court paperwork obtained by The Ashley, Lilli— who officially married CT in May 2018 (and again on an MTV wedding special in September 2018)—claimed that she and CT are still living in their Florida home together with their son CJ, but that there is a “tense and hostile environment in the home” due to the divorce proceedings. 

“The Wife and Husband have little to no communication…The Wife wishes to keep the minor child apart from the litigation and protected from any stress that may be caused from the hostile situation between the parties,” the paperwork reads.

“Geez, you turn one Bananas into a backpack and you get labelled as hostile forever!”

On Friday, Lilli’s lawyers filed an emergency motion for Lilli to be awarded “exclusive possession” of the home she shares with CT. She wants the judge to make CT leave the home.

This motion comes shortly after Lilli filed her response to CT’s divorce filing. As The Ashley previously reported, CT requested that parental responsibility for their son CJ continued to be shared, and that both he and Lili receive equal time with their son. CT also requested that the court come up with a parenting plan, if he and Lili are unable to work out the custody schedule themselves. 


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In Lilli’s response, however, she disputed several of his requests, including that they share parental responsibility and equal time with CJ. In her response, Lilli asked that CJ reside primarily with her; however, she agreed that a parental time-sharing plan should be created so that CT could see his son. 

She also requested that she be able to “have the ultimate say over most and/or all decisions over the minor child.” (CT had requested that they share parental responsibility equally.) 

In addition, Lilli asked the judge to give her the “exclusive use” of their shared Florida home, as well as their 2022 Mercedes truck. 

“You can have exclusive use of the doghouse out back, though, CT.”

From there, Lilli’s demands continue. She requests that she continue to be the beneficiary on CT’s life insurance policy— despite their divorce— so that CT could continue to pay the support to Lilli even if he dies. 

She also wants spousal support…in the form of five different types of alimony

That moment you realize you can’t get out of these payments even if you die…

“[CT] is well able to earn money and to continue to the support of [Lilli],” Lilli’s response reads. “[Lilli] is without sufficient funds to support herself without assistance.”

She goes on to say that, in addition to (or in lieu of) regular alimony, she also needs “Rehabilitative Alimony,” which would pay for her to get education, training, etc. to improve her ability to get a job and an income “more like that enjoyed by [CT], as a result of [Lilli’s] past contribution to [CT’s] career and education.”

She also wants “Bridge the Gap Alimony” to help her “transition from married life to single life.” Lilli also requested “Durational Alimony”, which will go for the amount of time they were married, which is about four years. (This type of alimony would end if either of them dies or if Lilli remarries.) 


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She wants “Temporary Alimony”, which would provide her with an income during the divorce proceedings, as well as “Lump Sum” alimony, where she would just get a set amount of cash from CT. 

Lilli also requested that she be given her share of a company CT has interest in. She stated that she “has been of great assistance to [CT], not only in the marital business but also in terms of providing a home environment which supported [CT’s] needs in every respect.”

She also requests that she get a share of CT’s retirement benefits and pension, and that he continue to pay for her medical insurance. 

“Got money?”

She also asked the court to make CT help pay for her attorney’s fees for the divorce proceedings. 

The case is still open as of press time.

As ‘The Challenge’ fans know, CT and Lilli had an on-and-off marriage for years.

During the “Double Agents” season of ‘The Challenge’ in 2020, CT revealed that he and Lili had separated

“Marriage was not going well,” CT said during a confessional that season. “We’re separated, and I feel like I’ve been running from problems for a long time. I feel like they finally caught up with me. I couldn’t lie to myself anymore.”

CT and Lili ended up reconciling; however, their marriage was always off-and-on. They did appear together in June at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, and, based off CT calling Lili his “babes” in an Instagram caption, they appeared to be together at that time. (CT has since wiped his Instagram clean of most of the photos of Lilli.) 

Stay tuned…

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  1. Is this chick for real???? Definition of a gold digger. She should be ashamed asking for all of that. Why don’t she just say I want everything you have. I hope the court doesn’t give in to her ridiculousness.

  2. CT should have listened to all his family & friends before he married her. They never liked her, they put up with her for HIM. Now she’s trying to take him to the cleaners. They were only married for 4 years. She’s in for a big surprise at court.

  3. I hope that CTs lawyer and the judge mops the floors with this gold digging bitch. She wanted to be a trophy wife and now is trying to drain his finances. Her support requests are the most rediculous I’ve heard. What kind of self absorbed bitch asks to be made per court order the life insurance beneficiary of an ex spouse ? Considering how much of a money grab she is making , the judge should rule that all child support paid goes into an account only accessable to a court appointed GAL for the child. And every single thing the money is used for needs to be followed by receipts submitted to prove she is misappropriating funds. She isn’t trustworthy one bit.

    And we all know CT only truly loved Diem anyway .

  4. She’s never sat well with me since I saw their marriage special… she seemed like she didn’t even like CT, and was a little mean. I wrote it off as her being stressed about wedding prep, but now I don’t think so. I hope a judge is able to settle this so that she won’t be given what she’s trying to gouge out of him. What CT has asked for seems like a reasonable and fair split, she’s just being spiteful that the gravy train has ended and she can no longer walk all over him.

  5. If she is allowed to stay on as beneficiary of his life insurance policy then CT will need to be looking over his shoulder every minute of every day.

    1. What a money grubbing witch! I hope the court appointments someone to make sure any child support goes to their sons needs. What ridiculous demands. Get a job, start out like everyone else…he shouldn’t have to pay for her to “better” herself let alone all the other demands. I hope the judge sees through her crap. Children are not money weapons.

  6. Yikes! I haven’t watched CT since the days he was with the sweet Diem (R.I.P). He certainly did a 180 though..Lilli does not seem like a nice person with her outrageous demands. She does have 2 hands, she can work just as much as CT can.

  7. Quick question: what planet does she live on? What’s sad is that she will most likely get everything she didn’t work for because courts are biased against men.

  8. I never liked her from the very start when watching CT’s Marriage Special. She seemed like a real b**** then and obviously still is. I don’t know what he ever saw in her.

  9. She is INSANE. That is way too much alimony and demands for four years of marriage… I was with my older two children’s father for 6 years and when I left I didn’t ask for ANYTHING. Including child support… and he now makes good money. He does pay child support now, but it’s nothing crazy. He spends as much time with them as he can, he pays for their haircuts, clothing and other needs. We have never had to go to court for anything and I let him see our boys anytime he wants. He also spends holidays with us still, s we can all be together, and we are good friends. Just because we did not work out romantically, does not mean I need to take him for all he has. I am self sufficient and this chick could be too. The only one that will put any stress on her child is her- due to her unrealistic demands. Good grief!

  10. I really hope Florida is a 50/50 state for custody. He loves that little boy & her trying to keep him away & take all the money is ridiculous. I hope the judge laughs in her face.

  11. Unless there are circumstances that arent made public…like he beat on her and withheld marital funds and all there is no judge on this planet thats going to award her all that. The best she can hope for is 50% of everything acquired “during the marriage”. Including custody of the little boy. The only way judges will take a child away from either parent is if there is solid proof of abuse or proof there was no relationship prior to the split. She wont be getting his life insurance either. The best she can hope for is that the child is awarded the money with her having custodial control until he is 18. It sounds to me like she is bitter, not over the relationship and spoiled.

    1. Going through a divorce now and it is standard that both parties must have life insurance with other parent as beneficiaries to support children if you die.

  12. Wow, I never liked her. What a spoiled snot. Child support, sure. All the other requests are greedy and ridiculous. She can do what millions of divorced to single moms do…get a J-O-B! I’m sure that’s a foreign word to her but she needs to get one.

  13. This is crazy, he don’t owe her all that. Why would someone keep ex as beneficiary on life insurance. She gone completely nutts. Get a damn job support your damn self. Sounds and looks like completely GOLDDIGGER 💯

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