‘The Challenge’ Star CT Tamburello Admits in New Video Clip That He’s Separated From His Wife Lili Solares: “Marriage Was Not Going Well”

“Hopefully my time on this season of ‘The Challenge’ is more successful than my relationship!”

CT Tamburello is opening up about another ‘Challenge’ in his life: his troubled marriage.

The vet of MTV’s The Challenge reveals in a new clip of the upcoming “Double Agents” season that he and his wife Lili Solares— whom he married in September 2018 in a wedding that was turned into an MTV special— are separated.

“The last few seasons [I was on the show], I wasn’t in the best place mentally,” CT says in the clip. “Marriage was not going well.

CT says he and his wife are not currently together.

“We’re separated, and I feel like I’ve been running from problems for a long time,” CT— who shares his four-year-old son CJ with Lili—-continued. “I feel like they finally caught up with me. I couldn’t lie to myself anymore.”

CT vows that he’s “taking my life back” and warns his competitors that he is back in shape and ready to get down to business.

“Dad bod era is over!” he declares. 

Fans have been speculating that CT and Lili’s marriage was in trouble for months. Back in September, Lili posted a series of cryptic messages to Instagram, including a meme that stated, “The one who deserves you will never make you feel unworthy.”

Naturally, her posts stirred up a lot of questions with the show’s fans, and Lili snapped back at them to leave her alone.

“Getting straight to the point, for those of you who have a lot of free time and care way too much about my private life and my family matters, please stop,” Lili said in an Instagram story posted in September that was aimed at those asking about her relationship status. “Whatever I post on social media has nothing to do with my relationship.

“Stop trying, with the whole rumors of ‘CT’s getting divorced’ and ‘CT’s gonna be single’ and all that stop. It’s like, mind your business. You guys have nothing better to do? Like seriously, it’s so sad…Now you’re going all over social media and talking about that you think we’re breaking up and and this and that. It’s just annoying. Like, oh my God, mind your business!”

It appears, though, that the couple is back together or at least working on their marriage. On November 21, CT posted a photo of Lili, along with a caption celebrating them knowing each other six years.

“Six years later……still thinks I’m funny,” he wrote.

On November 24, Lili posted photos of her and CT celebrating her birthday with friends.

‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ premieres later this week on MTV. Click here to watch the clip of CT talking about his separation from Lili.

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

12 Responses

  1. I seriously cannot stand when people in the public eye post ANYTHING and expect people to not ask, assume or say anything. Not to mention the cryptic posts… like, really? C’mon now…

  2. This is not shocking. He looked like a mess last season. He never mentioned missing his wife or his family. He only talked about missing his child. She came out looking awful in their wedding special. His family didn’t even want to attend the wedding and I see why… And please stop with asking ppl to mind their business- Lili loves the attention, even if it’s negative.

  3. CT could do WAY better… Like me for example LOL. Hey CT! I’m single, 37 and not a psycho bitch. But I am in Cali so a bit aways from ya! I don’t know why but I have always thought he was gorgeous! Can’t say I am disappointed to hear this. She isn’t very easy on the eyes and her personality was very Blah and she seemed VERY insecure. Honestly, I think he will never get over Diem. It’s sad and tragic, but in a beautiful way.

  4. How she gonna post cryptic shit and then get mad when people talk? When ur own husband says ur apart what do u expect? Stay off social media and stay out out of the public eye. Social media is free for all. U better get a thicker skin. If u get butt hurt every time some body comments, ur gonna go crazy and get eaten alive.

  5. I empathize with Lili some because I’ve been the girl after the one who passed away. It was hard to hear how beloved she was all the time and maybe I didn’t always handle it perfectly, but I also learned to keep my bad moments private and not lash out like I’ve seen Lili do over Diem.

    Anyway, Lili always seemed really awful, especially in the wedding special, and if she doesn’t want comments, then maybe go private or just don’t post vaguely and then get mad when people comment.

    1. I forgot about that. So sorry for you too. I do think Diem and CT were meant to be a couple for a lifetime. He loved her dearly and by the time she died, they were together and I think even planning on getting married?

      But it never happened. He moved on very quickly and had a child with Lili. Probably too quickly! He should have let himself some time to grieve.

  6. I watched that wedding special and they were an incompatible mess. It was so cringey and it was clear it wouldn’t last. Sad for the baby but, better than their toxic mess.

  7. I watched that wedding special and they were an incompatible mess. It was so cringey and it was clear it wouldn’t last. Sad for the baby but, better than their toxic mess.

  8. Sort of not surprised… she kind of seems like a bit of a biotch. I probably shouldn’t say that about someone I don’t know but hey, isn’t that why we’re all here? 🙂

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