“90 Day Fiancé” Star Deavan Clegg & Boyfriend Topher Park Release Teaser for Confusing Upcoming Documentary About Abuse, Jihoon Lee & More

We’re just as excited as you are, Taeyang.

Deavan Clegg of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way gave fans a first look at her upcoming documentary on Sunday, along with the many topics to be covered in the film. 

Deavan spoke about the documentary during an interview with 90 Day Fiancé blogger John Yates last month. At the time, the mom of two said the project would focus a lot on creating her boyfriend Topher Park’s magazine, as well as the couple’s home life, “tragedies in reality TV” and more. 

In the first teaser for the documentary, Deavan introduces herself as “the producer of toph&her magazine.”

Nic Alves, one of the individuals featured in the clip, goes on to explain (or rather attempt to explain) the concept of the magazine. 

“Can someone help these two pick a lane?”

toph&her was started, I think a little over six years ago, started with just Chris coming [up] with an idea of like, ‘I want a new creative outlet, I’m thinking of starting this fashion magazine,’” Nic says. 

Topher adds that the magazine “started off as a look book.” 

“Umm… Yeah, we’ll go with that.”

“I really wanted to share, like, a complete look with the world, like, this is how I like to style my clothes,” he continues.

Nic jumps back in at this point, describing toph&her as a “fashion entertainment passion project put together by a group of individuals looking to have a creative outlet.” 

Topher says the original plan was to forego Issue 7 of toph&her magazine because “there was just a lot more that I felt was more important than making an issue, but things changed.” 

” …and by things I mean the entire direction of this magazine.”

The clip then cuts to Deavan who begins talking about her reality TV experience, cancel culture, abusive relationships and more. 

“While we’re being cancelled for taking care of the kids and trying to raise the kids and be a normal family, but we’re the one’s getting cancelled, because we’re the ones who left an abusive relationship,” Deavan says. “We’re the ones who left abuse to come here to be safe and I’m the one who’s the single mother paying for everything.” 

Deavan goes on to claim in the clip that her daughter Drascilla “basically has PTSD from when [they were] in Korea.”

She also exposes part of text message exchange, presumably with Jihoon Lee, the father of her son, Taeyang. (As of last month, Deavan said she was still waiting for Jihoon to sign divorce papers.)

All of our faces as we try to figure out what this magazine/documentary/video is about…

This summer, Jihoon denied claims that he had been abusive towards Drascilla. However, based on the preview, the alleged abuse will be a main focus in the documentary, as the clip goes on to show Topher discussing Drascilla’s PTSD, as he recalls an incident involving the little girl screaming that someone was outside of her window. 

“So when I went out there, nobody was there, but it’s like, why would a child just make this up,” Topher asks. 

The clip then jumps back to Nic, who talks about Topher “taking on two children that are coming from a situation of abuse” and how happiness is his “biggest thing” because he knows Topher is “so loving and caring.” 

Deavan echoes those sentiments in her own words. 

Someone slap this on a mug, STAT.

“I have someone that I’m in love with that I’m with because we love each other, not for any other reason,” she says. “And it’s someone who is kind to my children who deeply care[s] for my children and that’s all I ever wanted my children to have was someone to love them as much as I do.” 

Topher shares some nice words about Deavan in return, praising the mother of two for being a kind person and for the “motherly love” she has for her children. 

Deavan has since deleted the teaser clip from her Instagram’ however, the clip remains on Topher’s page, where many fans have shared their thoughts on the upcoming project. Among those who have commented on the clip is Deavan’s mom, Elicia Clegg, who said she couldn’t “wait for the truth.”

Elica’s comment gained the attention of another commenter, who attempted to place some of the blame on Deavan for Drascilla’s alleged trauma. 

“This is what I have a problem with,” the comment read. “All of this started because of a bad decision she made. She moved her daughter out of her secure life and away from her family because of a guy she met online. She made the decision to move her daughter to Korea. She chose her happiness over her daughter’s. 

“I’m not saying that I don’t feel bad for what happened,” the comment continued. “I’m saying that all of this trauma that her daughter has suffered started with her mom’s poor decisions. I hope her and her daughter have finally found some peace.” 

Elicia admitted that the commenter was right and that “Deavan has expressed the same thing,” however, she argued that “all young people make mistakes.” 

“She thought she was doing right … it went terribly wrong and we couldn’t get her out in February and had to wait because of [South] Korean lockdown,” Elicia replied. “All in all young people make mistakes and if they grow and learn and strive to do better..then at some point they can forgive.” 

According to the video, the toph&her documentary is “coming soon.” 

“Let’s get those printing presses moving! A dozen or so people are dying to watch this!”

Watch the full clip below. 

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(Photos: YouTube; TLC; Instagram) 


  1. Her daughter has adhd and she bounces off the walls Devon had problems with her , that’s why she left her behind with her parents the child has behavioral issues, her grandparents had been raising the daughter. PTSD my ass

  2. Don’t have sex the first time you meet someone & if you can’t control your self at least use birth control & a condom. Ps was Dr awake or asleep? Could have been a dream.

  3. Please stop giving yet another lunatic a platform. There are real problems in the world, today more than ever…..

  4. Ill be honest, he should sue her for defamation. She is slandering the hell out of him and has yet to back up any of her claims and continues to change the story and events.

  5. This is the most disgusting abuse of the term “ptsd” I’ve heard in a while. This bitch is batshit, her daughter needs a seat (as does mommy)… my GOD! The self entitled arrogance!

  6. Jihoon probably asked Drusicalla to stop hitting him and to stop throwing to tea cup sized dog around the room. With people like Devan tell them “no” is abusive.

  7. Ah Deavan- More from the eternal victim (eyeroll). Will it ever end? No one cares about this magazine or “documentary”, I assure you. “We’re the ones who left abuse to come here to be safe and I’m the one who’s the single mother paying for everything.” Wahhhhhh! I seriously don’t believe there was any abuse and of course she’s “paying for everything” (More eyerolling). Maybe you should not have put yourself in this position. Maybe you should’ve gotten to know someone before having unprotected sex with them and getting pregnant. Just an idea. I’m sure Drascilla has PTSD from Korea… because YOU moved her there. “So when I went out there, nobody was there, but it’s like, why would a child just make this up,”. Well Topher, kids make up stuff all the time or see things that maybe looked a certain way but were something else completely. Not to mention she has a mother that makes shit up, so…. Anyway- it’s not like Deavan is this innocent creature that was just done SO wrong and payed zero part in that. I am pretty sure she played a BIG role in it. It’s also clear why Drascilla is the way she is and Deavan is the way she is- it’s a generational thing. Look at Elicia- she totally encourages the “victim” mentality and totally does not encourage her daughter taking responsibility for anything. It’s always someone else’s fault. I’m super curious to know the REAL reason Drascilla’s bio-father isn’t in her life. Also, as before, it seems like she was with Jihoon for no other reason than she loved him too and we all saw that love isn’t enough. How is this Topher dude any different? Elicia says Deavan made a mistake and can learn from it- well, clearly she didn’t as she came back to the states and did the EXACT same thing- jumped into another relationship and is introducing her kids to this guy. Nothing will change until Deavan learns to love herself and take a good look at herself and see her flaws and faults. I can assure everyone that she will never learn until she stops running from guy to guy looking for validation. And she will continue dragging her kids through it and blaming anyone but herself. It’s sick and sad, honestly. And Elicia- I also can’t wait for the truth! LOL Because it’ll show who really is at fault… Deavan!

    1. Deavan didn’t even wait to get back to America before jumping into a new relationship. I’ve heard of desperate, but pairing up on the plane ride home takes the cake. She has learned nothing other than extreme photo filtering.

  8. I’m not buying Deavan as the victim she wants to be. She is the idiot who put her misbehaving child in a foreign country and on tv so she could sleep with a man she can’t even speak to. Topher is going to end up running for hills when he sees Taeyang act the same way as Drascilla but Deavan won’t have Jihoon and TLC to blame.

  9. Well now we know why Topher is dating Deavan: exposure for his magazine. Self reflection would benefit Deavan greatly. Jihoon isn’t perfect, but I certainly dont believe he abused children. He stated (on IG) he has stable employment now and he certainly didn’t publicity jump into a new relationship.

  10. This is bullsh$t, pardon my french, absolute bs.
    Deaven we saw your kid act up from day one from your parenting, you can’t pin that on Jihoon. Discipline isn’t abuse, not disciplining our child is abuse – you’re not helping your learn to fit in and get along with her peers.
    And that sentence, Deaven, was the biggest Farah-speak I’ve ever read.

  11. I seriously have doubts that Jihoon abused those two children! He practically had a nervous breakdown when Drascilla ran into traffic which, by the way shouldn’t have happened. (Mainly because he was scared of Deavans mother screaming) Because she should have been holding someone’s hand at all times but she was never taught that by Deavan. She was never taught how to behave at all. Deavan made the choice to uproot her children more than once and move to Korea. Jihoon is immature and I don’t think he was ready to be in a relationship much less a marriage. But, Deavan needs to put her big girl pants on and be a mother and teach that little girl right from wrong. And, maybe give her a bath and brush her hair. Jihoon needs to be paying child support for his son if he isn’t. His son still has to eat, have clothes and a roof over his head & he is still half of Jihoon’s responsibility.

    1. Devion had a kid with a foreign national. You are speaking in terms of American child support system. If he is giving support to the child then its most likely because he wants to. U.S child support orders are only valid for the US. She would have to go thru Korean courts to get something done and Im not sure how they do it. What country would use their court resources to force a national to send money out of country for 18 yrs? It probably would be smarter if Devan actually got some morals and did right by her kid to allow Jihoon to be a part of his sons life. If she cares about getting any support she would stop with the mudslinging and pettiness apparantly she doesnt want money. She just wants to rub it in his face that she found their son a new daddy. Good Luck getting Korea to make him pay.

      1. Right, I said if he wasn’t giving child support, he should be. I wasn’t saying she needed to get a court order to somehow force him to pay in Korea. I’m of the opinion that if you make a child, you should support the child because you love the child and it’s your responsibility. That is rarely the case unfortunately. As far as the American child support system, they have done nothing to enforce my court ordered child support that was done during my divorce. I gave him many chances to do what was right and support his children but he refused. Got a court order and haven’t seen a dime and they could care less.
        I agree that Deavan is rubbing this new guy in Jihoon’s face and it’s really shitty. Jihoon and Jihoon’s parents seem to really want to be a part of that sweet little boy’s life, it’s a shame that Deavan is too petty to ever allow that to happen.

  12. Let’s parade a child’s supposed trauma all over the internet to sell a fashion magazine. Mother of the year Deaven. She is always the victim. If your child is having ptsd, then get her some private therapy. Stop parading it publicly because you can’t go a week without attention..

  13. So basically this is a “my truth” type of video. She really needs to give it up. She’s trying way too hard to convince everyone that she is a victim. I don’t buy it.

  14. WTH did I just read – did any of what they were saying about the magazine in the document clip make sense?

    Also, I’m really interested to know what this “abuse” was, because she was acting like a monster before they even went to Korea, so I hope they aren’t saying that the way she asks was the results of some sort of abuse.

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