‘The Challenge’ Stars Tori Deal & Jordan Wisely Have Broken Up, Just Over a Year After Getting Engaged

“We about done here?”

It’s over for The Challenge stars Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley.

The couple– who got engaged while filming the “War of the Worlds 2” season in 2019— announced on Friday that they have broken up and ended their engagement. The announcement came after weeks of speculation (and Internet rumors) that the couple had split, due to there being few recent photos of them together, and Tori being photographed without her engagement ring.)

Three days ago, Tori hinted that the rumors may be true, when she responded to an Instagram follower, who asked if she and Jordan were still together.

“When Jordan and I are ready to open up we will,” Tori wrote.

Apparently, by Friday, both were ready, because each addressed the split on Instagram.

Tori– who previously shot down rumors that she cheated on Jordan while filming the upcoming ‘Double Agents’ season— wrote that she and Jordan remain close, despite their breakup.

“Even though Jordan and I are going to be moving forward in separate ways, our love, support, and connection with one another only grows stronger and deeper. To all the fans that have followed us, your support means the world. Please don’t look at this break up as a failure, because we’re not looking at it this way. Sometimes people need to step back and work on themselves before fully committing to the other person.”

She also assured their fans that no event or action caused the breakup.

“This decision was not made with malice and it does not stem from a place of anger,” Tori wrote. “I know some of you may think that there was ‘one big thing’ that happened to cause this, but there wasn’t. The reality of some relationships is that there can be a lot of little things that slowly build up over time. All of those little incidents showed us that we each need our own space.

“Please understand that even though this is very amicable, we’re both still processing, hurting, and healing,” she added. “The world can be cruel and the last thing we want is for people to try to pin us against one another. So please, let us heal in peace. Thank you.”

In his breakup post, Jordan also stated how much he still loves Tori.

“It’s been one of the toughest stretches of my life to silently struggle with our happiness and love,” he wrote. “What this time has taught me is that I love Tori from the depths of my soul. She will always be one of my best friends in this world and no one will ever truly be able to understand the depths of our understanding for one another, like we do. It has been the best and most beautiful time of my life to grow with and love you, Tori.

Jordan hinted that being in the public eye damaged their relationship. He, too, stated that the scandalous rumors circulating about them were false and not the cause of the breakup.

“Unfortunately, we weren’t able to escape the pressures that come with being in a very public relationship and despite any rumors that have been started, our separation is not because of any bs scandal,” Jordan wrote. “We are just two people who love each other deeply but are both battling with our own struggles and happiness.”

He made it clear that he and Tori will still support each other.

“[I] want you all to know that we will still be cheering each other on and supporting each other in everything,” he wrote. “I love Tori with all of my heart and this hurt is something I’ll never forget.. and I don’t want to. I will always cherish our time together but I’m also excited to see what the future holds for us both. I think she lights up the world around her and I can’t wait to watch. 

“It’s been a tough time for us but we are moving through this together, even if we are going on separate paths. …and take the weekend off, trolls. We’re just fellow humans in pain for awhile.”

You can watch Jordan propose to Tori and relive happier times with the video below! 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

12 Responses

  1. I wonder if Zach and Jenna will break up now too. I mean, I thought they were less toxic than these ones but I haven’t really seen this show in years so what do I know.

  2. I’m sure Cara Maria is laughing some where. I may be the minority but I liked them as a couple. I can never understand when a couple claims they love each other so much but they are choosing to separate instead of work on things, but that’s just me.

    1. Literally every celebrity couple’s breakup announcement: “Although we love each other so deeply, are incredIbly happy together, and want to spend our lives together, we have loving decided our relationship can no longer move forward and that we need space to focus on ourselves. We will always remain the absolute best of friends will always support and love each other. Please respect our privacy during this painful time”

  3. Jordan is an asshole. A true narcissist who treats others like shit without any remorse. Never understood how Tori went this far with him but glad she saw the light before marrying him.

    1. Hopefully Jenna will be the next one to see the light about Zach. I hate Zach more than I hate Jordan and I hope Jenna to leaves him soon

    2. He really really had come off that way to me for years. Maybe he didn’t treat her like that but how ruthless he can be towards other people, especially women for the smallest things made me think he had an anger problem

  4. I really felt like there was love there but, I can only go by what I see on TV. I know reality TV doesn’t show all aspects of a persons personality. But, on TV Jordan comes across as a cocky, arrogant asshole. The way he screamed at Tori when she was competing and lost during the last Challenge made me sick to my stomach. Because afterwards she wasn’t upset that he was screaming at her, she was coddling him and apologizing for losing. I just hope that was his behavior in the game and not in their relationship. It does make me wonder though.

    1. I agree, Jordan is a major douchebag, and I always liked Tori and she seems like a good person. I never understood their relationship. Though I did enjoy how upset it made Cara Maria, lol.

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