‘Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown & Fiance David Woolley Purchase Utah Home Together; Christine Begins Planning Upcoming Nuptials

Christine, reminding us how many times she’s moved over the last decade.

Christine Brown is moving on… and moving to a new home. 

As The Ashley told you last week, the Sister Wives star and ex-wife of Kody Brown revealed on social media that she and David Woolley, her boyfriend of less than a year, are engaged to be married. 

According to In Touch Weekly, though, the couple was planning their future even before David popped the question. Last month, he and Christine purchased a $770,000 home in Lehi, Utah, where they have already begun living.

Christine’s youngest daughter Truely, whom she shares with Kody, is also living in the new home with the couple. (Meanwhile, Kody and his only remaining wife Robyn Brown still live in Flagstaff, Arizona.)

“How dare they? Everyone knows that moving is MY thing.”

Christine and David’s 4,200-square-foot new-build home features three stories, four bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, a walk-out basement and balcony off of the living room– the latter of which could be seen in the photos Christine and David posted last week to announce their engagement. 

The Utah abode is described as having “modern farmhouse vibes,” which can be seen throughout the home, as well as unobstructed views of Mount Timpanogos, the East Mountains and the Jordan River.

That feeling when your new home is located nowhere near Coyote Pass and you don’t have to listen to anyone argue about “being in the trees.”

Now that the couple has found a place to live and shared their engagement news with the public, Christine and David have begun planning their upcoming nuptials. 

“We don’t always get second chances in life, I’m blessed to have found mine. To have found my happily ever after. It’s time to plan a wedding!” Christine shared Sunday on social media.

We have a feeling Robyn has already submitted her audition to be the live entertainment at the Brown-Woolley wedding.

 “I’m asking for any Utah locals for help, our wedding cake, flowers, more and most importantly my WEDDING DRESS,” Christine wrote. “Please reach out and DM me your info if you’re a Utah Local designer, artist, or owner and can help me with my wedding.”

It’s no surprise that Christine wants to feel good in her wedding dress the second time around. She stated during a 2018 episode of ‘Sister Wives’ that she hated the dress she wore for her wedding to Kody. The white satin dress— which Christine’s mom made and didn’t have time to have it fitted for Christine— was also disliked by Kody. Christine eventually cut up the dress to make fabric flowers for her daughter Mykelti‘s wedding.

I don’t think anyone is upset that this white satin frock won’t be busted out again…

Christine has also stated that her wedding to Kody was “sad” and was not a “big deal” in order to keep it respectful to Kody’s existing two wives, Meri and Janelle

This time around, however, it seems that Christine will be going big.

“We don’t always get second chances in life, I’m blessed to have found mine. To have found my happily ever after. It’s time to plan a wedding!” Christine shared Sunday on social media.

“ … @david_woolley so excited to plan this blessed day with [you] by my side,” she added. 

According to The Sun, Christine has listed her Murray, Utah, home— which she bought after she left Kody in 2021— for rent. The two-story duplex was put up for rent for $2990 a month just days before Christine and David signed the deed on their new home.

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC) 


  1. Christine was so starved for love and affection after having remained in a loveless and emotionally abusive “marriage” with the sperm donor, it’s really not surprising that she has rebounded so quickly with a new relationship. Everyone deserves to be loved, appreciated and treated with kindness and respect. I hope it works out for her – wishing her the best.

  2. I live in Utah, and am a practicing member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) and I can confirm that quick engagements and marriages are very much the norm here. We don’t believe in pre-martial sex, hence the rush to the alter.

    I know Christine isn’t LDS/Mormon and I wouldn’t make assumptions about David’s faith or theology so I won’t speculate whether they are celibate or not at this point.

    But Christine is clearly extremely happy and in love, likely for the first time in her life. Why should she delay her happily ever after to appease the speculation of strangers?

    You have to suspect that this news INFURIATES Kody. I really think he expected Christine to be miserable without him, pining away and deeply regretting her decision to leave him. How could ANYONE not want Kody cuddle time?!

  3. Slightly off topic. Does anyone know if Grody has spent any quality time with Truely? He made such a stink about her moving (all while not batting an eye at any of the other kids or even spending time with any of them while they lived in the same town). Or did he forget about his misplaced anger? He tried to use her as leverage. What is sicko. I hope Christine is getting child support.

  4. I hope if she is paying for the house it is in her name only. Also a prenup. But these women are raised to be subservient to men so i doubt it

  5. At the rate they are now going, I’m now with Janelle. Dude is trying to wife her after only knowing her a few months.

    I was happy for her at first but now they bought a house together already? Did C pay for most of the down payment? If so,
    David just levelled up and got some assets.

    At the way he’s fast forwarding the relationship, I think he wants to get to the SW bag before Christine gets out of the honeymoon phase and sees his true colors.

    I wish her well but slow down Christine! I know you think you lost 2 decades with Kody, but you can’t make that up in a few months.

    Also, It’s easy to be the perfect guy compared to KoDouche. All these feelings are new and exciting, but that doesn’t mean he’s the one. Anyone can pretend for 6 months, and you aren’t even there yet. Sign a prenup/postnup at least. Slow your roll!

    1. David was raised LDS I believe and Christine fundamentalist. In both faiths it is very common to marry quickly after meeting. Both my LDS cousins married their wives within 4 months of meeting them. You have to remember this is normal for them. Also David is widowed not divorced so he is probably just fine financially.

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