‘Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown Announces She Has Her First Boyfriend Following Her Split From Kody: “He’s Everything I’ve Been Looking For!”

“And to think, I stayed with ol’ Poodle Perm all that time when I could have been gettin’ that sweet monogamous lovin’!”

Christine Brown has been living her best life since she split from her husband Kody in 2021– but the Sister Wives star is no longer living her life alone! She excitedly announced on Tuesday that she officially has a boyfriend.

“I just have to tell you, I am dating someone exclusively!” Christine told her fans on Instagram Stories. “He is wonderful, and romantic, and so kind.

“He is everything I’ve been looking for,” she added.

“So basically he’s the exact opposite of Kody!”

As ‘Sister Wives’ fans know, Christine was married to Kody from March 1994 until 2021, when she dumped Kody, his hair and the polygamy lifestyle and moved to Utah to be closer to most of her kids. (Kody and Christine share five adult kids, as well as 12-year-old Truely.)

Since Christine left, Kody has been hemorrhaging wives. His first wife, Meri, and second wife Janelle are longer with him and, currently, Kody is only in a relationship with his fourth wife Robyn.

After her divorce, Christine announced that she was dating again “for fun.”

“I was FUN.”

“That just keeps everything super-light because that’s just who I am right now,” Christine— who married Kody at the age of 21—said in October. “[I’m not interested in anything] romantic yet. That’s way too fast. But dating for sure.”

Christine’s feelings have obviously changed since then, though. On her Instagram Stories, she raved about her new guy, whom she has not named yet.

“He’s absolutely a dream come true and I’m so excited to show you guys pictures and everything in a little bit,” Christine said. “Right now I’m just keeping him to myself. I will let you guys know a little more information later. I’m just— ahhh!—so excited.”

Christine also revealed that her new boo has met Truely, stating that her Mystery Man is “incredibly” with her youngest daughter.

While little is known about Christine’s boyfriend, we canbe sure that Christine is his one and only lady. Christine has stated that she will never be in a polygamous relationship again.

Kody has not yet commented on Christine’s new boo. However, during the Season 16 Tell-All episode (which aired in February 2022), Kody stated that he wants Christine to find love.

“I hope she gets married,” Kody told host Sukanya Krishnan. “I hope she has a wonderful relationship. I hope she’s happy.” 

During Season 17, though, Kody stated that he wasn’t physically attracted to Christine and was only affectionate with her because he had to be.

Despite this, Kody was very unhappy that Christine dumped him, as was Robyn. In fact, during Season 17, Robyn insisted that she didn’t consider Christine’s marriage to Kody officially over until Christine had been “physical” with another man.

“So…do me and my new dude have to go dry hump on your front lawn or are we good? I guess this officially means I’m free of Kody, eh, Robyn?”

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  1. This post brings me joy, I am sincerely happy for Christine, I hope she enjoys every moment, kiss and hug. I am also happy to hear he is kind with Truely, that lil girl deserves to see her mom happy.Can’t wait to see pics but in meantime enjoy your life lady you have sacrificed most of it now you can put you first.

  2. So can someone tell Robin, according to her thinking Christine is now officially divorced from Ramen Noodle Head!

  3. Yes!! She deserves to be treated like a Queen. Kody was cruel to her and I hated watching it. She deserves to be happy, loved and cherished.

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