Gwendlyn Brown Reveals How Her Family Reacted to Sibling Leon’s Transition & How Meri Brown Reacted to Recent Abuse Claims

“I’m still waiting for someone to ask me what I think of my dad’s hair.”

Gwendlyn Brown, daughter of Sister Wives stars (and former spouses) Kody and Christine Brown, took to her Patreon recently to answer questions from fans and set the record straight on some of the rumors surrounding the Browns. 

From transphobia in the family to Kody taking another wife, Gwendlyn gave fans an unfiltered take on various topics, of which The Ashley has compiled the most interesting below.

On the Brown family’s reaction to Leon’s transition: 

Leon Brown, child of Kody & Meri Brown…

During her Q&A with fans, Gwendlyn was asked a few questions about her sibling Leon Brown– the only child of former couple Kody and Meri Brown. As fans may recall, Leon shared on social media in June 2022 that they are transgender and their pronouns are they/them. (Leon also revealed recently that they underwent gender-affirming top surgery at some point.) 

When discussing how the family reacted to Leon coming out as transgender, Gwen responded, “Nobody acted in a way that was very surprising, I’ll definitely tell you that. Transphobes still very much exist even in this family but they’re the very small minority of us,” she continued.

“Meri was absolutely the most supportive [though].”

“Is this where I come to pick up my Mom of the Year award?”

Though the Browns were mostly supportive of Leon, Gwen admitted that the idea of someone transitioning “was a foreign idea” to their Mormon fundamentalist family. 

“My reaction was so lame man. The first thing I said was, ‘But you’ll still be my sister right?’ Literally no Gwendlyn. That’s the whole point of being nonbinary lmao,” Gwen recalled. “As far as I knew, nobody had any idea that they would transition. As a Mormon family, it was a foreign idea to us but we’ve been like 90 [percent] supportive.” 

On Meri’s reaction to recent abuse allegations made against her by some of the kids: 

While Gwen gave Meri props for being the most supportive of Leon, Meri has recently come under fire for allegedly abusing some of the children in the Brown family– particularly Kody and Christine’s daughter Mykelti Brown

The claims were brought to light (most recently) when Kody and Christine’s son Paedon Brown made comments during a YouTube interview with blogger John Yates, stating that Kody’s fourth wife Robyn Brown alerted the other adults to Meri’s alleged abuse. (Mykelti has since spoken out confirming Meri was emotionally and verbally abusive to her, though she claimed she did not recall Meri ever physically abusing her. Gwen and Paedon, however, have stated that Meri was allegedly physically abusive to Mykelti at least one time.) 

“…someone called out my dad’s wet-bar-loving ex-wife.”

When asked how Meri reacted to the claims, Gwen–- who spoke out after Paedon’s interview–- implied that Meri is accepting the blame for her past actions. 

“The first thing [Meri] did when she saw [the allegations] was call me and ask how *I* was doing and she’s been the only one to ask me about my experience with abuse,” Gwen said. “So at this point, I think she has chosen to allow people to be upset with her.” 

Gwen added that while her own mom Christine didn’t initially know about the abuse Meri was inflicting on her children, “she did stop [the abuse] once she found out.” (Gwendlyn also claimed the abuse from Meri “wasn’t physical.”) 

On Kody allegedly abusing his children: 

“…who has a bunch of kids who hate him, rightfully so.”

When asked why there seems to be so much anger directed at Meri and not at Kody, who has also been accused of being physically abusive towards his children, Gwendlyn said it all comes down to the Brown children wanting to have a relationship with their dad. 

“We want a relationship with him because he’s our father,” she explained. “Meri isn’t much of a mother to us just because we all have biological mothers as well and she never made us fight for her love; unlike Kody.” 

Gwen also argued that it wasn’t Robyn who made the abuse stop. 

“Can’t you just let me have this one thing?!”

“Robyn isn’t the reason he stopped; I was,” she said. “I would always glare at him when he hit me so he stopped hitting.” 

On ‘Sister Wives’ viewers criticizing Kody’s bad behavior: 

Kody, describe yourself in a few words:

Flip to any episode of ‘Sister Wives’ at random and you’re bound to catch a chaotic Kody scene (or two), with nearly the entirety of Season 17 being a particularly great example of just how low Kody can and will go. 

It’s no surprise that Kody’s actions towards (some of) his spouses and children have often resulted in fans of ‘Sister Wives’ taking to social media to voice their thoughts on the curly-headed egomaniac. Unfortunately, Gwendlyn said the criticism has done nothing but make Kody worse. 

Did anyone else just get super pumped for Season 18?!

“I think the negative feedback just makes him ignore what he’s done wrong even more,” she said. “I wish he’d get better but it just seems to me that he’s gotten worse.”

On Kody looking for another wife: 

A piece of advice to anyone considering marrying Kody…

In the wake of Kody splitting from 75 percent of his wives, there have been rumors that he is on the hunt for the next Mrs. Brown; however, when asked if there were any false stories about her family going around that she could quash, Gwen confirmed that her father won’t be walking down the aisle again anytime soon. 

“ … my dad is not currently looking for another wife,” Gwendlyn stated.

Gwen also set the record straight on an alleged rumor that Kody treats service people/waitstaff like one of his three former wives (i.e. not well). 

“ … he’s not a poor tipper,” she assured fans. 

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36 Responses

  1. There’s no such thing as non-binary. Those girls are suffering from social contagion with co-morbidities. That’s why they always plaster those fake smiles so hard.

  2. Amazing at all the ugly stories and attitudes of Christine and her children. Why everyone is on her side, I remember when
    way back she was jealous, rude, mean and selfish. I am so tired of Christine and her children at this point. JMO

  3. I am so very tired of kody. He a nut job he want what he wants and doesn’t care who he hurts. He wants these women to bow down to him. That goodness some have left him and getting on with their life’s. Robin will never leave him because she can’tsupport her self and her kids. She doesn’t work all the other wife’s support her and got that big house for her and kody. While the rest of his wife’s had to have the left overs. Would like to see the other two wife’s get a show of their own. Meri has her own place and she will make out fine.

  4. I don’t care what the Bible says. Leon is not a person, Mariah is mentally Ill or easily manipulated into things like this because she doesn’t have a strong sense of self identity.. meri was probably emotionally abusing her own daughter growing up in diff ways equally as disturbing as what she did to the others. Mariah is the only one that claimed to want to be a sister wife. She’s easily manipulated and I’m never going to go along with this nonsense. It’s just not real

  5. Of course Meri was supportive, she would just love the attention that she would get from having a mentally ill child(poor kid, she stood no chance). God created men and women, a globalist clown world created the rest. They can not claim to have read the bible if they support Meris daughters delusions. Again, poor girl. It’s really not her fault.

    1. Or maybe they did read the Bible but once they realized that it’s a fairytale they no longer felt the need to follow it like they had been brainwashed to. Or maybe they want to be GOOD, KIND PEOPLE and support their sibling instead of showing hate to her and causing her pain and sadness.

      1. A fairytale…really?

        Somebody needs God in their life…BIG TIME!!! I’ll be sure to put you on my prayer list.

        And you can have God in your life and still love a person even though you don’t agree with them!!! In fact that’s what’s supposed to be done.

        If you choose hate that’s not of God.

        1. Actually a good bit of theology classes and doctrines believe that the Bible is a collection of stories and proof of Gods existence by being his word interpreted by humans but not necessarily a dictation of how to live life. That’s why there are so many sects of Christianity and belief structures, each one has different interpretation of the word.

          1. But a fairytale??

            Fairytales are make believe and the Bible is not make believe.

            And there is one think the Bible doesn’t stutter on (no matter the religious denomination) and that is that is that a homosexual lifestyle is an abomination, yes we are to love the person but not what they do. It’s not easy I’ll admit but it’s doable if you set your mind to it.

            And God created man and woman, men are not to become women and women are not to become men, this is wrong. And it’s society that is okaying it and trying to normalize it, it’s NOT normal.

          2. Not just christianity, but religion. Christianity, islam and judaism is basically the same story from different perspectives.

          3. But anyone who believes in God and reads their Bible knows that homosexuality is an abomination (a sin), and that God created man and woman and to change your gender is ungodly. You are what He made you, so stay that way.

            Anything that is wrong in the eyes of our lord is wrong to me, im sorry…that’s the way I feel and I’m not changing that for anyone.

            I respect those that think differently but i don’t have to agree.

        2. Actually yes, in my Old Testament studies class I believe the professor referred to it as a collection of fairytales and myths created by humans. You don’t have to agree, you have your beliefs and convictions in your faith, that’s wonderful, truly no shade, no sarcasm. Spirituality is wonderful however it comes!

          Now as far as stating it in the Bible, I do recall that there is a bit about men not laying with other men as they women and a few other things BUT if you are not a believer then it doesn’t apply. It’s sort of like how Christine didn’t go to their church for a spiritual divorce. She isn’t a believer anymore, the doctrine doesn’t apply for her, she didn’t care about following the rules any longer.

  6. There is nothing remotely sane or stable about what Mariah and her girlfriend did. How about the fact that after Mariah came out she started dressing very trashy and even pretty much stopped practicing basic hygiene. None of these behaviors are normal.

  7. Gwen seems to like to throw little tidbits of information out there without really even saying anything that makes sense. If she is claiming abuse from Meri, then explain what you’re talking about for heavens sake. Why does she just say oh it was emotional abuse. Same for the abuse from her father. Did he slap her when he was angry? Hit her as a so-called form of punishment? If you’re going to accuse someone of abusive behavior, then say what you mean or keep your mouth shut on national television!

    1. She said the abuse she experienced by Meri wasn’t physical so it was obviously mental…what’s left to explain Laura?

      1. Yes I did see where she said Meri’s abuse was emotional and verbal, but my point was that she doesn’t say in what way. If she’s going to publicly accuse her of this, then she should be more forthcoming about what happened instead of being evasive. I’m not saying that I don’t believe her claims because I do believe her. But if she chooses to make these claims public and in interviews, she should make herself more clear about her facts.

        1. What part of verbal/emotional abuse is difficult to understand though?

          Verbal/emotional abuse is vocal aka through words.

          How could she have been clearer?

          1. It’s been my experience that the abused party thinks “the less said the better” because once they are out of the physical and/or mental or emotional grips of the abuser they don’t want to have to relive the past in order to spell it out for those that don’t understand.

          2. Yes, I can see where the abused party would think that the less said the better. But then why bring it up at all? Her brother did the same thing by saying in his interview that Robin probably saved their lives by telling Meri to stop being abusive. He didn’t elaborate and I get that, but making a statement like that leaves a person to think “What in the hell happened???” It becomes easy to maybe draw the wrong conclusions on the part of the readers who hear him say “probably saved our lives” That’s a pretty strong statement. But then again, I’m sure each of the siblings that were abused by Meri have their own story and different feelings about it than this sister or that brother.

          3. “Why bring it up?”…probably so that if there’s people out there that think Meri is a perfect little angel they’ll realize she’s not…idk but I realized early on that there was something off about the woman, so I didn’t need to be told of abuse because it was obvious to me.

            Exactly, each abused person has their own story of what happened and it should up to them how much of that story is told.

            It’s not important to me to need to know what exactly happened, it’s bad enough to know it happened at all.

    2. She did explain both of them. She said the abuse from Meri was mental and emotional. And Kody would “pop them, like in the face”, i.e. physical.

  8. Myself is an attention seeker.What she said a d did when Christine was leaving made things so akward.Her mother was in tearsI think Mykelti was selfserving.

    1. Christine didn’t cry until she thanked everyone for coming. Sure she was uncomfortable but goodbyes are always uncomfortable.

      But Mykelti knows her mom as well as any of the kids (probably better because I think she’s the oldest), she knew that if her mom didn’t say goodbye or do something to release her emotions then she’d regret it and become bitter.

      She didn’t force the meeting, she asked Christine straight out, “do you want to get everyone together for a meal, are you gonna have something outdoors, do you wanna drive by and drop toilets on their lawn, what do you want to do?” Christine is the one that chose the meeting.

      And I’m sure she’ll think back and realize it was the mature, adult thing to do and she will appreciate that Mykelti was looking out for her.

      1. I’m selfish and Christina is a better person than me. Because I wouldn’t have wanted Robyn in the delivery room

  9. Reality TV has been a curse to society. Now people thinks it normal to work out family issues publicly and for money and social media views of course. Go to counseling without a camera and work on your family or don’t just shaddup about it.

    1. They wouldn’t have learned to air out dirty laundry on live television if we weren’t consuming it.

      We all watch it. Hence, we all enable it. It will only stop when we ALL stop participating.

  10. It’s really sad to see her making excuses for abuse. And glaring at an abuser does not stop them. Aging out of easily controlled children will sometimes stop it and the abuser moves on to someone younger. You didn’t stop anything, Gwen, you got too old for him to control. And if you feel like you have to “compete” for a parent’s love, that isn’t love. She’s trying to portray herself as someone who is independent and in control but than says things that make it very clear she’s still competing for daddy’s love and Meri’s favor. Very sad. I hope she gets the help she obviously needs. Isn’t she engaged? She should really work on herself before marriage. The way she makes excuses for people makes me worried she wouldn’t even know how to be an equal partner because that’s never been modeled for her. She could very easily end up under her spouse’s thumb and think it’s normal.

  11. “I glared at him so he stopped doing it.”…girl? Are you ok? No…no your not ok.
    If glares from his children fixed things we all wouldn’t be watching the train wreck.

  12. When they run out of stoylines, Kody will be looking for a new wife. There is NO WAY Curly Clown would work a real 9-5 job.

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