‘Sister Wives’ Star Leon Brown Posts TikTok Revealing That They Have Undergone Gender-Affirming Top Surgery

Leon Brown, the only child of Sister Wives stars (and former couple) Meri and Kody Brown, revealed over the weekend that they have undergone (and healed from) gender-affirming top surgery. 

In a TikTok posted on Sunday, Leon–- who shared on social media in June 2022 that they are transgender and their pronouns are they/them–- shared their morning routine with fans while shirtless, showing off the results of the procedure. 


finding divinity in the mundane #queer #trans #yoga #denver

♬ original sound – leon b

Leon had not previously mentioned that they underwent gender-affirming top surgery, though their fiance, Audrey Kriss (who is also transgender), confirmed in May that they had undergone the procedure. 

“Crazy what some self love and time to yourself can do sometimes,” Audrey captioned a post comparing where they were in 2020 to where they are today. “These past few years have been hard but I have been fortunate to have had some amazing moments of growth and joy along the way.”  

Audrey posted again in June about undergoing gender-affirming top surgery when they shared a photo from a Pride event. 

“Open shirt at Pride this year was big time gender euphoria,” they wrote. 

Since coming out at the end of 2021, Audrey has been very open on social media about their transition journey, whereas Leon has not shared very many updates online. When coming out as transgender last year, Leon said they were sharing this part of themself to “let folks in, and also to set some boundaries.” 

“If you choose not to use my correct name or pronouns, then you do not need to speak to or about me,” they added. “My name is Leo or Leon, and my pronouns are they/them. Please only refer to me in that way.” 

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(Photos: Instagram; TikTok)


  1. I find that they or them a little bit ridiculous because they or them refers to more than one and you are only one person you identify as one gender

  2. Did I just read Pearl is gone? Permanently?! What happened? Aside from our many pleas, were they finally heard?! I can’t find the old articles where we all just had enough and kept posting Ashley to moderate/monitor her comments. Did she delete them??

    1. Hello ! Yes, have not heard from Pearl in a while . But be aware, someone on here is VERY sensitive, and gets upset if you mention her name. Weird huh?? Welcome back .

      1. I see some articles have been deleted as well. I wonder why… been looking through some articles and reading comments and omg what a difference without Pearl!!! No one is screaming at each other or offending one another. I truly hope it stays this way.

  3. I’m just gonna say it. Mariah is mentally weak just like her mom. At what point in her life did she ever feel like a man? She was the only on wanting to be a sister wife and now all the sudden first she’s gay now she’s a man? She’s easy to brainwash with whatever bs is going around right now. Very sad tbh

    1. You are exactly right.

      And I’d be willing to bet Mariah decided to be a man because Meri told her as she was growing up that she really wanted a boy.

      I was told that growing up. I’m the 3rd of 3 girls, my dad wanted a son and he made qualms about telling me that either. It killed my soul because I never felt like I was good enough in his eyes, but there’s no way on God’s green earth that I would ever oblige him.

      God made a girl for a reason and I’m 100% happy in my own skin.

    2. I don’t get sensitive, I just wanna move on from the way she made things and it’s kinda hard when she keeps getting brought up.

  4. Regardless of what gender is, Leon seems exactly like any other annoying ass hipster that moves to the mountains to be trendy and holy shit are those people fucking miserable to be around.

  5. You know what is *interesting* to me… the same people that say they believe in science… don’t. They are the same people that support gender changing. Now, whether you want to bring God into it or not, Gender IS scientific. Literally. Science meant it to be a certain way- male or female. It wasn’t meant for us to change it to whatever we want. And you know, in some situations I can see that gender changing was for the right reasons. Others/most, like “Leon”, I just don’t buy it. I think “Leon” didn’t get enough attention as a child (or as an adult) and is still struggling with that need as an adult. Only now, because she knows Kodi is repulsed and Meri is just bat shit crazy and doesn’t really care about anything except… well, Meri- Leon is now seeking attention from the public. You know what they say- any attention, even bad, is attention. I’m really irritated that people that clearly look like boys, want to be referred to as she/hers, or visa versa- and they get offended. As if we are just supposed to know. Then you have others like Demi Lovato who WAS they.their and now is a she/hers again… Make up your mind.

    1. Actually, God created man and woman, not science, so gender is God not science.

      Its the evolution of science that has made this world the craphole it is today.

        1. Thank you.

          People can try to talk into lots of things, but my faith is something I will NEVER get talk out of.

          They can try until they’re blue in the face but God is 100% the driving force of who I am today and I will NEVER turn back on Him!!

          1. Amen, me too! If it wasn’t for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I wouldn’t be here today!

    1. Yup. Between Pearl being allowed to run amok for far longer than she should have been and the crap in this thread (and others like it) I’ve decided to peace out. There’s too much bullshit here.

      1. What makes you any better than pearl? opinions differ from yours and now it’s a problem. Just like it was with her.
        Not everyone believes in what Mariah has done. They have that right to not believe in it and to believe that it’s not right to try and “change” your gender.
        So we don’t have conform to what society tells us is supposed to be okay and “normal” and that makes us “ignorant” ones???
        I’ll take being the ignorant one any day than thinking this garbage that SHE has done is okay. I will never conform to what our society has shoved down our throats to believe is okay and normal.
        Give me a break. Bye Felicia.

      2. What makes you any better than pearl? opinions differ from yours and now it’s a problem. Just like it was with her. Not everyone believes in what Mariah has done. They have that right to not believe in it and to believe that it’s not right to try and “change” your gender. So we don’t have conform to what society tells us is supposed to be okay and “normal” and that makes us “ignorant” ones??? I’ll take being the ignorant one any day than thinking this garbage that SHE has done is okay. I will never conform to what our society has shoved down our throats to believe is okay and normal. Give me a break. Bye Felicia.

        1. The difference is that im not mean about my difference of opinion. But I have a right to have a different opinion than others, just like others have a right to have a different opinion than mine.

          We all have a right to voice how we think also. Like we are doing here. Nobody’s being mean.

          It’s a civilized debate.

          If people wanna agree with what SHE has done then that’s fine but I don’t agree with it and I’m gonna say so.

      3. “T” is totally Pearl. Her behavior on this forum is SO identical, on every comment minus the offensive cursing and “I am right and always will be” demeanor. especially with how sensitive they are to the comments about Pearl. The “ugh I cant stand hearing about them”, the “lets move on from it” attitude is totally Pearl trying to act like all of us who had an issue. I have never seen “T” here until Pearl was removed, and theyre coming in too strong. I wouldnt be surprised if Pearl has multiple accounts she uses to comment, she had ALL the time in the world. Wouldnt put it past me.

        1. I told you, I’m not sensitive about her name, im just tired of hearing it.

          And I told you why I never commented before, it’s because I was waiting for her to be gone. I didn’t want her attacking me too.

          1. Correct me if I’m wrong Frontdoor but in order for a person to be “SO identical”, shouldn’t they be exactly the same with no differences?

            I think the word you’re looking for for I’d fraternal not identical.

          2. I have wayyy too much on my plate than to run multiple accts on a forum site. You seem to have tons of time LIKE Pearl to respond to every single comment, LIKE Pearl. Girl i don’t have the time you have to do that. I work a FT job from home, while taking care of my 2 yr old, while also caring for my two older children in school AND I clean my house and make dinner. Im hardly ever on here and could care less to be here lately. I only respond when I see I have a new comment that’s all. So no, I am not anyone you named and honestly don’t think I’ve ever responded to their comments so idk why you would think it was me having a conversation with myself. That’s wild. Have a good day though. This site has lost its cool vibes and you new people ruin it.

        2. If you read the posts, Pearl said she had 2 people on here that like her, logical, and BS. They have the same writing style. When she posts, 1 or both of them respond. It is obvious she makes posts, then responds using different user names. Hhhhmmmm. Weird…

          1. If Logical or BS was Pearl, why did Logical disagree once with how she treated people?

            Hhhhmmmm weird.

          2. And while we’re on the subject of multiple accounts, I suspect FRONTDOORMOM is you because when talking to them you reply and not them, I think Peanut Gallery is you, I think Crusty is you, i think Teddy is you, and there was someone by the name of Garybel something, I can’t remember the full name because they only posted like three times.

            Heck, you’re probably running the biggest part of these people, there’s only a select few that I don’t suspect are you.

    1. The change of gender has nothing to do with who they want to have sex with or their sexuality. That’s a separate issue. People change genders because they feel one way on the inside but their outside body is the opposite. If their brain/soul and everything on the inside feels one way and their outside body is different, they may choose to change the outside so they feel comfortable in their own body.

      As far as still being attracted to each other, they are in love with each other as humans, not because the other one looks like a female or a male. So it doesn’t matter that before they looked more like typical women and now they don’t.

      Hope that helps.

  6. Daisy, If I told you there was a pink elephant in the room, would you blindly follow along and treat my mental illness as, it’s cool, be crazy. Or would you encourage me to seek help?

    Just because someone feels like they are a women, or a man, I don’t have to play along with their mental illness. I’m not threatened, I just live in reality, where facts & science matter more than an opinion.

    1. Perfectly said!!! It IS a mental illness when you want to permanently mutilate your body so much you’re unrecognizable. It’s like some mental patient that wants to cut off a leg or a a “feeder” that wants to get so fat they’re dependent on someone. They need mental help, not big Pharma making millions off them.

  7. This human (and I say human because I really dont know what else to say) has always been spoiled and mean. I do however really want to know what this person think of Kody, Robyn and all the drama thats going on ..

    But if this makes this human happy, Well good for them I guess. To me it just seems forced, like they dont really know what they want or who they really are. I just have a hard time taking it serious with this exact person..

    1. Very simple, you just refer to “Leon” and “they/them”. I see your writing skills are on a nice enough level to be able to change your reply a bit. Simple, no need for fuss and you can move on with your day.

    1. My thoughts exactly. It’s like being gay wasn’t enough for her, she felt left out when her partner transitioned.

    1. Why do you have issues with something that happens everywhere in nature? Nature is not perfect.
      ☘ clover 🍀 “happy clover” (other DNA).
      Not all clovers are built the same. Would “happy” clovers have a developed brain and emotions, they might request surgery to remove one leaf to feel better and what they feel they should be. They would correct nature’s error too.
      Would you tell people with ears that are sticking out they need to see a psychologist too and not a surgeon?
      Prosthetics should be banned too (when nature gives you only one leg, see a psychologist, not a doctor)?

      What is your issue, what scares you, why do you feel threatened?

      1. Why not feel happy with the way God made you?

        Why do people feel the need have to selfishly change their appearance? It’s attention plain and simple.

        I have no problem with a person being gay, that’s between them and God. But why can’t people just be happy the way they are?

        God made you the way you are for a reason. A reason that only He knows. Stop changing what God created!!!

        1. God did make Audrey and Leon the way they are. God made them genderfluid and trans. He loves them just like you and me.

          He sends people to us that are born with an extra chromosome or other DNA or genes that are “out of the ordinary”.

          You would be shocked to learn but there’s a really large chance you are not 100% the gender you think you are either. People and animals that get closer to the 50/ 50 struggle more. They always have, throughout history. This is not a new trend.

          God also send Jesus to us to teach us how God likes us to treat all his other children.
          A pretty large part of the bible is about Jesus’s teachings but they are forgotten.
          Would Jesus be so condescending and mean to people?

          1. Wrong…he made Audrey and MARIAH the way they are…the way they should stay. They were born girls they need to be girls, it’s the same with guys…you were born a guy SO BE A FREAKING GUY!!

            Lady, I was born a girl, God don’t make mistakes. So don’t tell me I wasn’t born the gender I was meant to be!

            And I do love everybody just as he wants, but it don’t mean I gotta AGREE with what they do. He doesn’t agree with everything others do either.

            And your whole prosthetic comment is bullcrap…prosthetics are a means of CONVIENANCE for those born with one leg or one arm. It’s naturally easier to navigate life with all four limbs but people do choose to go through life with the difficulties their lives lead because…guess why…they realize God created them that way. They are fearfully and wonderfully made, no changes needed. But there is nothing wrong with PHYSICALLY wanting to make your life easier.

            But cosmetic surgeries such as a tummy tuck, eye lift, face lift, botox, cheek fillers, breast enhancements, butt injections, butt lifts, sex change surgeries, etc…all of that is nothing but vanity…its selfish…it does NOTHING but draw attention to themselves.

          2. LOL WRONG!
            There isn’t a large chance that we aren’t the gender we were born… the IS however, a larger chance we ARE the gender we were born as. Look up the gender fluid or trans population in comparison with the entire population. Now, while your 50/50 claim MAY sort of resonate with many, I think it’s more so that women may have interests that men are traditionally known for having and men might have interests in things women traditionally like. Or that women like women, which traditionally used to be only a gender men liked sexually and men like men which traditionally used to be only a gender women liked and used to be morally and socially unacceptable. I know MANY women and MANY men that are homosexual that very much still feel like their gender so your claim is very… strange and has no credence really.

          3. It’s people like you who twist what the Bible says. It’s sickening.
            Look up Romans 3. God calls men who lay with men and women who lay with women- reprobates.
            He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of their sin and the homosexuality that was running rampant. I mean the men of Sodom tried to rape the angels that came to visit Lot before God destroyed it.
            God made man and woman. Adam and Eve. He made no mistake. What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. Although we are to love everyone- we are to hate the sin. And this, what Mariah did and her lifestyle, is a sin. And that’s according to the Bible. What you said is ignorant. If you have a vagina you’re a woman and if you have a penis you’re a man. It’s plain and simple. It’s black and white. And a lot of homosexuals wouldn’t even agree with you.

          4. God did not make any of them. God created earth, animals, and mankind during creation but free will has reigned since then. Life is a test. God didn’t cause a car accident, crash, kids born with terrible diseases, and etc. It’s free will.
            God created biological sex where the sex chromosome produces physical and structural differences in the body and brain from a wider pelvis for child birth to different cheek bones to a different thought process (men and women do think differently).

            For 99.7% of people brain chemistry matches biological sex. Due to dyes, nuclear testing, viruses, corrupted food supply, and etc some are born with Down syndrome, transgender, or etc because environmental factors caused changes or genetic mutations.

            People born gay or transgender were not made that way by God. They were made that way by some genetic or environmental factor either in the womb or during the first few years of development. You can’t turn people gay or trans. What you can do is confuse vulnerable young minds. 5-10 year old kids are susceptible to being misled. Then Teens who are undergoing normal teenage hormonal changes being told they are or could be transgender can confuse those going through turmoil. Teens already face higher risks of depression, suicide, and etc just like menopausal women experience changes as hormonal levels adjust. It’s not healthy for 2nd grade teachers or institutions to be pushing transgenderism because 99.7% of people aren’t transgender and seeding vulnerable kids with ideas is dangerous. It’s best to let parents deal with that and not push sexual orientation and gender changing institutionally.

          5. The video is embarrassing and strange. The poetic voice is nice, so maybe just some audio. I don’t need to look a paunchy person making coffee… got enough of that at home.

          6. John- People are not born gay or trans, it a personal choice!! And if you are a true follower of God, you will know that it’s a bad choice, a choice that is between them and God. But he will judge them as He sees fit.

            Our job is to love everybody but we don’t have to agree and to try our best to steer those people in the right direction…away from their sin.

            And God created Adam and Eve, we are all descendants of those two.

            And if you read your Bible you will realize that sin began in the Garden of Eden when Eve ate the apple.

            Yes we have free will but we need to choose to use that free will wisely.

            In my opinion, all this science vs God stuff is bullcrap!!!

            God is my #1, will always be my #1 and I hope and pray he’s #1 too anyone that wholeheartedly seeks Him out!!!

        1. You know that’s not what I said.
          A “male” same sex penguin couple behaved like females for years. They gave them an orphan egg and they took great care of it and are now proud parents.
          Those penguins are gay and at least one is queer.
          The penguin couple is no exception in the animal world. Animals can be LGBTQIA too, nobody told or taught them. It’s just how they were born. Just like people are born that way.

      2. Yeah a prosthetic leg or arm is the same as mutilating their body bc of some ideation made up in their head. Your comments are, well, just plain stupid.

  8. My heart breaks for the young bLeon who in a past life thought it was necessary to embrace the lifestyle of their parents. To see them embracing the changes they have gone through is amazing. You and Audrey keep doing you! You are both strong and amazing.

  9. I think it is great that Leon Brown is being open about their gender identity and transition journey. It is important for people to be able to be open and honest about who they are and to receive the support that they need. I applaud Leon for their courage and hope that others can find strength in their story.

  10. literally looks like a woman who’s missing her breasts 🤷🏻‍♀️ stop normalizing and glorifying body mutilation.

    1. Would you tell that to the millions of women who get boob jobs and nose jobs and brazilian butt lifts every day? I didn’t think so.

  11. That was the first time I ever tried to read something that’s loaded with these stupid pronouns. I will never attempt it again. I’m not even sure which one is a dude now or if they both are and I don’t care anymore.

  12. Congratulations, Leon! So happy that you are finding peace in your new body. Much love to you and Audrey through your gender affirming journeys!

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