‘Sister Wives’ Star Gwendlyn Brown Says Robyn “Doesn’t Trust” Kody’s Other Children To Be Alone with Her Kids; Addresses Robyn’s Kids’ Rudeness

“Their attitudes are as bad as my dad’s hair!”

Gwendlyn Brown is giving Sister Wives fans an idea of just how segregated Kody Brown‘s family has become.

In a YouTube video posted several days ago, Gwendlyn watched and reacted to the fifth episode of ‘Sister Wives’ Season 17, which featured a family party thrown for Gwen’s sister Ysabel. Gwendlyn revealed that, after the party– which took place in June 2021 before Gwen’s mom Christine left the family and moved to Utah–she and many family members didn’t see Kody’s wife Robyn or her kids for “years.”

She also revealed that Robyn doesn’t trust Kody’s other children to be alone her own kids.

“It’s weird to think about, that [party] was the last time I saw them in a couple of years,” she said of Robyn and her kids. “It was so much fun to see our siblings, but then not see them forever since then [was sad].”

“Sorry, kids. Be sure to look me up when you’re 18 or you ditch Mommy Dearest!”

As ‘Sister Wives’ fans know, Robyn is the only one of Kody’s four wives who is still with him. His other wives— Christine, Meri and Janellehave all left him since the party episode was filmed. Gwen stated that, while most of the family had a good time celebrating Ysabel, there were “tense” moments. 

“Certain family members avoided certain family members. I know I avoided some people,” Gwen said.

In the past, Gwen has stated that she doesn’t like Robyn, and it appears that the feeling may be mutual. According to Gwen, Robyn’s younger kids, Solomon and Ariella, are “obsessed” with her, but Robyn doesn’t allow them to be alone with Gwen and their siblings from the other mothers. 

“There was a point where Solomon and I were hanging out in my room and Robyn refused to let him be alone with me,” she said. “That might just have been because there were weapons in there. I collect swords…but it felt like she doesn’t trust the other moms’ kids. I don’t know if that’s just me speculating but at the moment that’s what it felt like.” 

“He would just rather be with his Mommy. Right Solomon? Tell.THEM.”

She noted that her oldest brother Logan‘s October 2022 wedding was the first time most of the Browns had seen Robyn’s side of the family since June 2021. (As The Ashley previously reported, Kody and Robyn sat away from Janelle, Christine and most of the other Browns at the wedding.)

Later in the video, Gwen shared some of her feelings on Robyn’s oldest daughters, Aurora and Breanna, who were criticized by ‘Sister Wives’ fans for making rude comments about Janelle’s RV during one Season 17 episode.

Some people were pretty rude about it,” Gwen said. Maybe that’s just how they were feeling about it, maybe they weren’t having a good day or maybe they weren’t excited to see other people [from the family]. I’m sure there were plenty of reasons that they were being rude.

“I haven’t seen them in a long time,” she said, adding that she feels those comments are something that she would expect from her 18-year-old sister Breanna.

“Us, rude? NEVER!”

“It’s not terribly far off for Breanna to speak that way to people. But I haven’t seen them in a long time and I can’t really speak to whether they’re like that or not anymore,” Gwen said.

Gwendlyn clarified that, aside from Robyn’s kids, she’s kept in touch with a lot of her other siblings. (We can assume that she is not including her estranged brother Paedon, though, whom she recently called “the most awful person I’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing.”) 

“A lot of us are still in touch,” she said. 

As for her relationship with her father Kody, Gwen stated that she hasn’t seen her dad in “several months.”

“I left my water bottle in [my Dad’s truck] the last time my Dad and I hung out and I haven’t seen it in several months,” she said. “It makes me cry. I miss it so much.” 

That face you make when your daughter cries about missing her water bottle, but not about missing you…

You can watch Gwen’s full Episode 5 reaction video below.

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(Photos: TLC; YouTube)


  1. Robyn’s oldest daughters, Aurora and Breanna are just like her. The attitude in the air is very apparent in many episodes. They really need to get away from their mother (by now they should be over 18) and just like Kody did with HIS older children they should be told they need to move out. By doing this Robyn would not need such a big house which means Robyn and Kody could move into a camper (like he forced upon Janelle by using all the family money to support Robyn) so that Coyote Pass could not be paid off.

  2. Curious what TLC is going to do with all these kids coming out with information.
    They either feel it’s great free publicity for the show or they are pulling their hairs out because the adult kids are not under contract with them (yet).
    Could that play a role? TLC didn’t offer them enough money to make it worth while for them so now Paedon, Gwen and Mykelti are monetizing their story themselves.
    Not saying they are greedy, they are probably right that monetizing their story on their terms without TLC editing is better for them on the long term.

      1. I was assuming she was talking about an incident years ago, possibly when they were in Vegas because the family didn’t go into each other’s houses over the past three years during COVID. But maybe it was early Flagstaff days, which would have made him 7 or 8, which you’re right – it isn’t toddler age.

    1. Well if this was June 2021, Solomon would have been almost 10 years old, not a toddler. Old enough to know better I would say.

    2. I can see why you would assume he’s a toddler since that’s how Robyn and Kody act about their kids, but he is very much not a toddler.

  3. So Sobyn Robyn cries the blues about having the BIG family she always wanted “taken away” from her while she snubs the largest part of the family – the kids. Doesn’t surprise me in the least. She and King Kody are 2 narcissists in a pod.

    1. You are so right. Always wants to blame others and play the victim for a situation she wanted and created.

      It’s all to save face.

      Kudos to Gwen for revealing the truth.

    2. If I had to watch her and them caterpillars on her face scrunch, heave and dry sob about how HER DREAMS HAVE BEEN TAKEN AWAY I was going to cut a B. FFS lady choose a lane and don’t wear chokers, necks aren’t supposed to have love handles.

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