Ysabel & Mykelti Brown Talk About Their Parents’ Divorce In Clip From Upcoming ‘Sister Wives’ Episode; Kody Brown Says He’s “In A Funk” & Lonely

“Darn, we forgot to wear our #TeamChristine shirts.”

Sister Wives siblings Ysabel and Mykelti Brown say they weren’t surprised to find out their parents, Kody and Christine Brown, were getting divorced. In fact, the sisters say they were relieved to hear the news.

In a clip from Sunday’s episode shared by Today, Ysabel and Mykelti talk about their mom and dad splitting after more than 25 years of marriage, with Ysabel revealing she’s happy her mom will be able to move on and find someone who makes her happy.

“…isn’t my dad.”

“I think with my mom and dad getting a divorce, if I’m honest, I did see it coming,” the 19-year-old says in the clip. “But of course, I’m sad about it. I mean, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. And I’m happy that my mom will be able to find somebody who she’s really, really, really happy with.”

As fans of ’Sister Wives’ may remember, Christine and Kody announced in November 2021 that they were ending their marriage. The announcement came after viewers watched the two face marital issues during the previous seasons of the family’s TLC show. The moments leading up to–- and now, immediately following–-Christine and Kody’s split are playing out on the current season of ‘Sister wives.’

As for Kody and Christine’s 26-year-old daughter Mykelti, she admits on Sunday’s episode that her parents were unhappy together.

“…I realized that my mom had finally come to her senses.”

“I was honestly relieved when I heard my mom was leaving my dad,” she says. “They’re not happy, they’re not in love.” 

Even Mykelti’s husband, Tony Padron, says he knew his in-laws were headed for divorce. 

I thought it was a little inevitable,” Tony says in the clip. “I can’t imagine any man being perfect enough to be able to handle four wives.”

Also inevitable: Tony showing up to film in a busted t-shirt and gym shorts.

As the episode goes on, the Browns unite for a birthday/graudation party for Ysabel, which leads Kody to lament on the “very strained relationships” he has “with a bunch of the kids.” 

“I’m not in a good place with everybody and it’s not that I’m trying to be angry or trying to hold them accountable in this moment or anything like that,” Kody says. “I don’t feel like I’ve got the respect that I should have.” 

Kody adds that he’s “in a funk” and dealing with “loneliness combined with a bitterness with the entire family.” 

No Kody, you ARE a funk.

As the clip from Sunday’s episode continues, Kody asks Ysabel if she’s “sweet 17,” to which Ysabel reveals she’s actually “almost sweet 18.” Kody says this title–- which Ysabel got by not wasting “her kisses on any stupid boys”–- has earned his daughter a new car. 

Truely lurking in the background while shooting daggers at Kody is a whole mood.

“A sweet 16 birthday party is a birthday party where the girl hasn’t been kissed,” Kody tells viewers.

A: No it’s not. B: Your daughter is 18, not 16.

Kody claims he has “no idea where this term came from,” before immediately admitting it was something he heard about in high school.   

I’d bet one box of Meri’s buttery soft leggings that girls told Kody this in high school just so he’d leave them alone.

Kody then launches into a PSA on the importance of young women and young men protecting themselves and finding trust before being “driven mad with sexuality.” 

“…or married to a bunch of wives, only one of whom you actually like.”

‘Sister Wives’ airs Sunday on TLC. Watch a clip from the upcoming episode below. 

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(Photos: TLC; YouTube)



  1. Kody is gross. Tony’s beard is gross. Tony’s hair is gross. Tony’s skin is gross. Tony needs to lose 100 pounds and is only in his 20’s. Maybe those street tacos need to need to be eliminated from his diet. Christine’s daughters have beautiful hair.

  2. Just my two cents – Christine and Janelle are the smartest of the 4 “wives,” despite the fact that they actually entered into this insane experiment of a life choice. I’m assuming they were brain-washed growing up and thought sharing a man was a good idea? Nonetheless, I guess having built-in baby sitters and help around the house isn’t a bad thing. It is simply not normal, however, for women to NOT become jealous and filled with resentment over 3 other women having sex with and vying for their man’s attention, etc. As for the other 2 wives, Meri and Robyn are kind of pathetic. They each cry at the drop of a hat and don’t seem that smart. Perhaps that’s why King Kody married them, even though he isn’t that bright himself. I realize they are human, so I hate to disparage them (and I am not condemning their religion) and their life choices, but they put themselves on national tv. They probably did it to be able to afford to sustain this lifestyle.

    1. Klody just needs to come out and say that Robot is the only one he wants. Meri is just hanging on so that she can get her tiny sliver of land. When she divorced him she lost ALL of her power and financial security. The family and money she helped to create is all Robots now and Meri is at her mercy.

  3. If he is so lonely he needs to go to Robyn’s house. Didn’t he keep her kids out of school so he could see them. Now he is trying to buy ysabel a car for her 17th birthday? Oops nope dad it’s my 18th. I bet christine is paying for half that car.

  4. I’m so glad that Christine left Kody. He is such a douche. But let’s stop calling it a divorce. They weren’t legally married but I digress.

    Also , Tony looks like he hasn’t bathed since 93. He looks like he smells like Marlboro reds , mildew and swamp ass.

  5. I despise this human. I will not call him a man because he is not a man!! Somebody needs to buy him a couple of gifts. One a calendar with all the kids birth dates on it because he obviously has no idea and the dictionary so he can look up the term respect. Maybe learn to give it before you expect it back you jerk!

  6. Meri seems to get the short end of the stick even afyer divorcing Kodi so he could marry Robin for the security of her children! Meri is such a very special person but seems like she goes unapreciated most of the time!!

  7. So much advice, coming from a man with 4 wives.
    Who doesn’t sleep with 3 of them and barely has contact with 3 of them.
    So will Robyn’s kids get a house built on Coyote Pass for them?

  8. Real question.

    If man treated any of Kody’s daughters the way Kody treats Christine, do you think he would punch his son-in-law in the face or shake his hand?

      1. Yeah, that’s probably the closest to the truth.

        Unless its one of Robin’s kids then he wouldn’t be okay with, but all of Robin’s kids are younger, so who knows by that time, he may have lost interest.

        You know that young kids are Kody’s favorite, because they can’t see through the bs yet.

  9. In the last episode, he’s screaming that Christine can’t take Truely from him, and he NEEDS 50/50 custody.

    And Christine is like okay, you haven’t seen your kids in months, but now you want 50/50.

    Here he is proving that even before the “divorce” he’s attending his daughter’s birthday party, and doesn’t know she’s 18.

    Like, couldn’t bother to even look it up or ask Robin before the party.

    1. This made me think of the Family Guy episode where no one knows how old Meg is.

      Peter freaking Griffin is the closest I can get with this. 🤦🏻‍♀️

      Bonus points if any of his kids have a severe allergy he’s completely unaware of.

      1. Thank God I never had a dad like him. He definitely isn’t a father to most of his kids. Really only 2 from Robin plus the ones he adopted from her. The rest of them are treated like all he was is a sperm donor. A true father wants to always be there for his children whether he likes their mother or not. He is Disgusting

    2. Didn’t she say something like out of the 850 days we have lived here he came over for Truely 3 times?
      She is the one I’m the most sad for. You know she doesn’t understand all of this, she just knows her dad is with the other kids.
      He was on a date with Robyn when Christine was in labor with Truely.That says it all.

  10. Ew??? The idea of a “sweet” birthday party is disturbing. Do the boys have “sweet” birthdays as well??? I think I know the answer.

  11. There is a certain level of respect that is expected of children to parents (and before anyone comes at me, it’s reciprocal!) but beyond that, respect is earned.

    From what we’ve seen (and from what they’ve voluntarily shown to us) Kody hasn’t done squat to earn anyone’s respect).

  12. To get divorced, you have to actually be married, Christine, was never ever married to kootie, no matter what spiritual shit they( kootie) spouts.

    1. What is also disgusting on so many levels is Robyn pretending she doesn’t know what is going on with Kody & Christine marriage.
      Common sense tells you he never leaves your house and their is 3 more wives.
      Doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure it out.
      I also realized Robyn has always had a Nanny, in Vegas it was Mkeltie

  13. Why is Cody the only person sitting down while they all circle around him to sing happy birthday to Ysabel??
    Such a weird and miserable family.

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