‘Sister Wives’ Fans Slam Kody & Other Brown Family Members For Not Going With Meri To See Her Dying Mother

“Kody couldn’t go with me because Robyn needed him. He told me it was the day they rearrange their spice rack.”

Meri Brown‘s fans are slamming her husband Kody and the rest of her super-sized family after this week’s episode of Sister Wives showed a heartbroken Meri driving alone to be at her dying mother’s bedside. While Meri is married to Kody, and had three sister wives– RobynJanelle and Christine— at the time of her mother Bonnie‘s passing in March 2021, Meri had no family with her during the heartbreaking drive.

“I called Kody, he had known [my mom] was in the hospital and that she was not doing well,” Meri said during Sunday’s episode of ‘Sister Wives.’ On the episode, Kody talked about how much he loved Bonnie and stated that he was “brokenhearted” by her passing. (He did not say why he didn’t accompany Meri on her trip to see Bonnie, though.)

Meri addressed the situation in an Instagram post, writing that she got the call that her mother had died while she was driving alone in her car. Fans saw Meri struggle to hold back her tears in order to continue driving.

“Sure would have been nice to have someone there to take the wheel. Just sayin’…”

“This week’s episode documented the day my sweet mom passed away last year,” Meri wrote, adding, “Being alone in my car and on the way to her, praying I would get there before it was too late, was hard enough as it was, but then to get the call that she had passed was truly heartbreaking.”

In the comment section of Meri’s post, ‘Sister Wives’ fans expressed their shock and anger that no one in Meri’s family—particularly her husband Kody— went with Meri on the trip and instead made her endure the tragic events alone.


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“I’m am so sorry for your loss. And I was heartbroken that nobody in the family went with you. You should not have had to drive to your mom alone…. And Your mom loved everyone and I felt the family failed you and Mariah,” someone else commented.

“Broke my heart she [was] driving and trying soooo hard not to sob and where was her sister wives where was Kody grrrrr?” one person wrote.

“I thought that was the whole point of having sister wives and not just sharing a man, plus all those adult kids and no one thought to go with her?” someone else wrote.

“Where the $&@! was Kody? Such an inconsiderate jerk!” another person commented. “I understand why no wives with her as they aren’t close, except Robin.. Used to like Kody, but after seeing this.. don’t blame Christine at all for leaving! What an arse!” another person wrote.


Meri has yet to address why Kody and her other family members didn’t go with her on the tragic trip.

Meri and Kody have had a strained relationship for years, but Meri has maintained a close friendship with her sister wife Robyn, whom many fans felt should have accompanied Meri on her trip.

“What shocked me the most was your ride or die sister wife, Robyn couldn’t even make the sacrifice of going with you. NOT COOL,” one of Meri’s followers wrote.

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28 Responses

  1. He’s really just out of excuses with this one. He has meri’s house to quarantine in with her for the required time but he can’t stay away from Robin long enough to go to a beloved family members funeral services? This whole sister wives experiment is unraveling with america watching. Furthermore I am so sick of watching Robin sniffling, she has had business to send her idiot husband out to his other wives houses to do some damage control and repair broken relationships. Robin claims to only want a part time husband anyway. As far as I am concerned, after listening to him arguing with Christine and desperately trying to spin everything as everyone else’s fault, he’s not much of anything to anyone but a disappointment.

  2. Could this family be imploding any more horribly or publicly? Why would anyone want to be part of this lifestyle? Everyone is miserable except the one who left! More telling, non of the second generation is practicing.

  3. When I first heard about “sister” wives, I was intrigued, I watched the first couple of episodes to learn about the lifestyle. Boy was I wrong. I “assumed” the family lived in one house together, wives cooked cleaned and took care of the kids together while the father went out and worked a JOB. Boy was I wrong. What a dysfunctional “family” And King Cody, what a farce excuse for a man not even saying a father.

  4. Meri lost her shine when Kody wanted a divorce to marry Robin, it seems like she never really recovered from that. Happy and content people don’t get catfished, happy and content people are doing the things that bring them happiness and contentment.
    Covid presented a challenge for everyone but for Kody it presented something else, it presented the knowledge that it is far simpler to have and maintain one household, I think he grew comfortable and complacent with that and continued to use Covid as an excuse to keep things that way, especially considering he really has no romantic feelings for any of the other wives. Covid made it easy for him to not have to live up to his obligation as a husband and a father to all of the other wives and kids and even better was that he got to blame them for his failure because they weren’t “following protocol”.

  5. Cody has become a self absorbed jerk and her sister wives have shown their selves to be the same. Meri needs to live her life without them. I was heartbroken that she did the drive alone. ?

  6. It’s getting harder to feel bad for Meri when she continues to stay and put up with this. Kody and Robyn string her along, but keep her on the outside no matter what she does. They claimed that the family couldn’t all get together because they weren’t following COVID rules, but Meri was following the rules and they still wouldn’t let her visit Robyn’s kids. She was isolated for months hoping that they would let her see the kids and they wouldn’t. It was cruel and even the kids were upset about it.

    I think Meri’s self-esteem is so tanked that she feels like her only option is to stay. I think Leon also put a ton of pressure on her to stay and basically threatened to cut her off for betraying Kody (as if it wasn’t actually the other way around). I hope Leon has apologized and see what a POS her dad is.

    1. Meri has allowed Robot to separate her from the family while Robot smiles in her face and acts like her friend. Meri should’ve taken half in the divorce but now she’s disposable and worthless to them.Robot wants Klody all to herself and the only one standing in her way now is Janelle. So, she’ll find a way to turn KLODY away from Janelle. That RV will be a huge point of contention and guess who will be stirring the pot?????

  7. I feel like Meri was 100% ready to leave Kody when she was being catfished. but after everyone found out she groveled sooo hard and I feel like now she’s stuck. It’s like she feels like she has to Martyr herself and take the crap Kody is dishing out because the catfish situation made her feel like no one would want her. It’s so awful seeing Meri now. All of her spunk is gone and she just seems sad and lonely. I hope she knows that Kody isn’t her only option.

  8. People treat you the way you let them. Hopefully she will see her worth and move on to a healthier, happier life like Christine did.

  9. She went alone because she decided to spend her life alone. It’s on her. He’s an ass but that is her fault. It would only be his if he lied and said he loved her despite all of his actions proving otherwise. But he didn’t. He told her he has no feelings for her and she’s still there, like a piece of gum stuck to his shoe. Her fault.

    1. I completely agree. I don’t understand the big “team meri” thing people have. Kody is an ass and deserves to be left by his wives, but meri threw the first stone when she started hunting around online. Yeah she ended up getting catfished, but she’s the one who opened the door to that possibility even happening. She has taken no responsibility for that.

      What’s so interesting? Kody and Meri are probably the most alike. Both are perpetual victims, blame everyone else for their missteps, and throw tantrums when they don’t get their way (ie the wet bar…)

  10. I wish Meri would wake up and realize they are only keeping her around for the financial contributions she brings to the “family”, especially since Robyn doesn’t work. Heaven forbid she pull her own weight. They don’t include her or communicate with her in any way. They don’t even treat her like a distant family member. She is ignored. There are no benefits for her to remain in that toxic environment. Get out Meri! They are using you! They always have been!

  11. Not cool Kody not cool at all you should have been with meri regardless of you relationship woes get off your high horse and see this woman for who she is a kind and loving woman I think she has bent over backwards for your family she granted you a divorce so you could leagally marry Robyn and all you can do is toss her aside for making 1 mistake she never actually cheated on you she just thought about it because you were not giving her any attention at all and again you toss her aside her mum was sick enough for Meri to get a call to come to the hospital you Kody should of dropped everything to go with her so she didn’t have to get that news alone on the road.i am disgusted that Meri had to get that news the way she did.so sorry for your loss Meri I know what it’s like to lose your mum.

  12. Until Meri starts respecting and seeing the value in herself, this will continue to happen. It’s obvious no one cares about her enough anymore, and she’s too insecure in herself to do something about it. She doesn’t need that lump of a log to survive.

    1. I think she is scared to be cut off from the children, her family.
      There’s something between her and Solomon, she adores that child.

      1. I also think Meri should leave Kody . He treats her really badly. And to me Robin is not all that she is just the only one that kisses his but , wake-up Meri and make a good life for yourself

  13. This most likely had to do with Kody’s stance on the virus, I’m sure. It makes zero sense. It’s one thing to try to stay as safe as you can, but there are times when you have to drop all of that. My mother-in-love died in August 2020. We were back and forth across the country to take care of her and my father-in-love. We stayed as safe as we could, but it was more important to be there with her in her final days.
    Shame on Kody.

  14. Kody showed who he is by not going with daughter to surgery where she could of died or been paralyzed says all u need to know bout this little man

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