‘Sister Wives’ Stars Kody & Meri Brown Announce They’re “Permanently Terminating” Their Marriage; Meri Insists She Has “No Animosity” Toward Kody

“It sure took a long time to unload ya, Mer.”

It’s (officially) over for Kody and Meri Brown.

The Sister Wives couple took to social media on Tuesday to jointly announce their decision to “permanently terminate” their marriage of more than 33 years. The couple stressed that this should serve as the official, authorized announcement of their split, stating that People magazine incorrectly quoted Meri last month as saying their marriage was over, using  a clip from the “One on One” finale special that aired in December.

Kody— who has not posted to social media at all since his announcement that he was splitting with third wife Christine in 2021— also seemed to reference the People article jumping the gun on the announcement, calling it an “unauthorized press release.”

(Regardless, ‘Sister Wives’ fans have known that Meri and Kody’s marriage has been over for years. Meri seemed determined to hold on, though, despite Kody making it very clear that he didn’t consider himself married to Meri anymore and even encouraged her to find another man to be with. Kody and Meri were legally married from 1990 until 2014, when Meri divorced Kody so he could marry his fourth wife, Robyn.)

“We feel compelled to share our own truth, in our own way, and in our own timing,” the couple’s statement reads. “After more than a decade of working on our relationship in our own unique ways, we have made the decision to permanently terminate our marriage relationship.”

“I knew it was really over when I made him Rice Krispies treats and he didn’t even care.”

Kody and Meri made it clear that their split would be amicable (unlike Kody’s split with Christine, which has been a barrage of rants about kidney stabbings and Kody saying cruel things about Christine on-camera since she dumped him).

“During this process, we are committed to kindness and respect toward each other, and to all members of our family,” Meri and Kody’s statement continued. 

“Members of our family” that they’re referring to…probably…

“We are also committed to the continued healing of any and all relationships within the family so that we can move forward with forgiveness, grace and love. In kindness, Meri and Kody.” 

In the caption of her Instagram post, Meri added her own comments, asking her fans to refrain from congratulating her for finally leaving Kody. She also scolded People for taking her words from the “One on One” interview out of context.


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“Today I reclaim my power. Last month’s article by the ‘reputable’ People Magazine quoting me as saying that I had ‘confirmed’ that Kody and I had separated was a complete lie,” she wrote. “The information, content, and timing was inaccurate and was based on a highly edited version of events that had been filmed months prior.”

Meri stated that she and Kody made the decision to officially end their marriage (or whatever you call their relationship) after the “One on One” interviews were filmed.

“In the months since the taping of those interviews, Kody and I have had many open and honest discussions that have led to our announcement today,” Meri wrote. “There is so much more to be told about this story, and I assure you, my truth will be told.

“But for now, know that there is peace in my heart, and I hold no animosity toward Kody. I am not, and pray that I never will be, in a place where I will enjoy making, or seeing you make, rude and demeaning comments about him.”

“Good luck with that, Mer. Wait until he starts blaming you for everything from his bad marriages to his bad hairline!”

Meri asked that her followers not make mean comments about Kody, either.

“Please be considerate of the fact that we are real people, with real lives, and real emotions. Please try to refrain from congratulating me at the break up of my marriage,” Meri wrote. “I value the relationship I had, and look forward to stepping into 2023 and my future with grace, kindness and power.”

As The Ashley has previously reported, Kody– who once once married to four women– is now down to just one wife, Robyn. In addition to his splits with Christine and Meri, Kody is currently separated from his second wife, Janelle (who made it clear during her “One on One” interview that she is very happy living a Kody-free life). 

Kody and Meri share one adult child, Leon Brown, who has yet to comment on their official split announcement. 

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24 Responses

  1. When Robyn said that Christine had to ask the “church” for a divorce from Kody. According to Robyn, Kody and Christine had to go through counseling and ask for and be granted a divorce. Janelle basically said that Christine had left the church and no longer held the same beliefs. During an exchange with someone, Robyn said that the marriage between Kody and Christine would be over when she slept with someone new. Kody is very OCD about his reputation as Paedon has stated. My summation; Kody could then claim that Christine was an adulterer. Therefore…. not on Kody’s record.

  2. CODY n Robin probably wanted Meri to help pay off their land lol well now Cody an Robin have all 5 lots ? ? ? they can have 2an a half each,oh but they have to pay it off first,Meri please stick with us as Robin asked than Cody Meri will you help pay off the land please ? ?

  3. May your new year be blessed with kindness, love, and prosperity. May you find the peace that you so very need, and happiness for the rest of your life.

  4. Kody has been saying he’s done with her for years. Their marriage has been “permanently terminated” for a long time now. I’m glad she’s finally accepted it. And now, Kody can stop pretending that he’s a polygamist.

    1. He was quoted in another story saying, “it was all ego. I WAS a polygamist.” I thought that was most telling.

  5. What you forgot:
    Meri: I don’t know what Kody means when he says that.
    Robyn: I think there’s a chance you could reconcile.
    Meri: Kody? Kody please!
    Kody: yeah, okay, Robyn says I have to talk to you.

    Months later
    Meri: Okay, I get it now, we ARE divorced.

  6. I think Meri has been sad ever since she had to divorce Kody so that he could marry Robyn. She wanted more children but had problems and things have really piled up on her

    The lack of love and husbandly care from Kody caused her to try and find love on the computer and that also failed. I am sure all wives could report bad times being in this crazy marriage. Maybe this type of religion failed Kody and his concept of it. Women look so sad in this type of marriage they are more like slaves and baby makers.

  7. I was married to a narcissist for 18 years, 12 of those years was a loveless marriage, hurtful things said after he found another, I was totally blindsided and dumped for the new love bomb. Narcissist will always be out for their own pleasure and power over others. I’m not being mean Kody, they don’t realize and will never admit their a narcissist, look it up, it’s an actual personality defeat, we all have some sort of defect, but a narcissist Cabrera even be healed through therapy, ask Dr. Phil for one, he’s done an entire picture. I stayed without true love or affection and allowed it. Live your life happy, you only have one, the first year I struggled with all the emotions, lost weight ect, but allow that hurt, speak your peace between yourselves, it’s your business and life. I do believe in Karma, and all things happen for a reason. God knows our pain, but if you look up narcissist, they’ll always trade you in for a new model even in a regular marriage., it’s always about their happiness, if others around them get discarded
    we’ll they should still love and admire him, what a joke, but a hurtful reality.

  8. She is such a needy, pathetic and weak woman. She doesn’t need to be given a platform because it’s not entertaining to watch someone stuck in cult mentality.

  9. From the first time I ever saw this show, it was clear the end goal for Kody, was to marry Robyn and eventually shake off the others in a way where it didn’t appear to be his fault or intention. Period. Kody is getting exactly what he’s wanted the entire time. It’s sad how long people will hold on or ask someone to hold on just to preserve the facade they present to the public. I’m super proud of Janelle and Christine. They had enough and left without saying they’d continue to stick around. While Meri, has Kody legally divorce her to marry Robyn (that should have been a HUGE red flag and indication to get TF out), he tells her he doesn’t want to be with her and she sticks around still like this sad little puppy dog. It’s embarrassing.

  10. She still has hope of reconciliation which is why she spouted this bullshit. He still has control over her. It is quite sad.

    1. Robyn is a Michel Duggar with a different weight and eyebrows ?.
      She’s spewing that “a wife should be happily available” rapey bs now too.
      Sins against a couple of commandments meanwhile but sure.

  11. “During this process, we are committed to kindness and respect toward each other, and to all members of our family (*except for Christine)”

    Side note, I wish people would stop using the phrase “taking back my power” or “standing in my power.” It’s literally meaningless. Although it makes sense since meri has probably been using the Lularoe book of platitudes.

    1. What you forgot:
      Meri: I don’t know what Kody means when he says that.
      Robyn: I think there’s a chance you could reconcile.
      Meri: Kody? Kody please!
      Kody: yeah, okay, Robyn says I have to talk to you.

      Months later
      Meri: Okay, I get it now, we ARE divorced.

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