‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown Admits He Only Married Christine Because Of Her Status In Their Church: “I Was a Polygamist. It’s All Ego, Baby”

“You really think you could have pulled THIS stud if you were from a regular family!?”

Kody Brown has stated before that he was not attracted to his (now ex) wife Christine before (or after) they got married, but on Sunday’s Part 2 of the Sister Wives “One-on-One” special, Kody opened up even more about what was really behind his decision to let Christine enter his family: ego.

Kody told host Sukanya Krishnan that Christine “basically asked to be in [my] family,” and that he only agreed because he felt obligated to because of her status in their church, the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB).

“I felt a lot of pressure. Christine was part of, she was basically royalty in our church,” Kody explained. “It’s not fair, but I look back and it was not fair for me to go, ‘Oh, this will make me look cool in our church.”

When Sukanya suggested that it was a decision motivated by Kody’s ego, he agreed.

“Oh, I was a polygamist. It’s all ego, baby,” he replied. 

The, um, “happy” couple on their wedding day in March 1994…

Earlier this season, Kody admitted that he was never actually in love with Christine, and for the last half of their 27-year marriage he was being affectionate with her only because he felt he had to be. (He did, however, manage to make six kids with Christine during that time.)

“I just feel like, for the past 14 years, I’ve been sucking it up with her,” Kody said during an episode that aired in November. “In our marriage, I was putting in so much effort. I was holding her hand, I was kissing her. I wasn’t in love. I was doing it as my duty as a husband.”

As The Ashley has previously reported, Christine is part of both the Allred family and the Labaron family, both of which are very prominent in the AUB. Christine’s grandfather, Rulon Allred was the leader of the AUB before his murder in 1977. 

Despite her once-powerful position in the church, Christine left the religion years ago. On a recent episode of the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast, Christine opened up about why she chose to leave the AUB.

“I’m over manic mop-top men AND this religious cult. Thanks.”

“I just said I’m done. I couldn’t be a member of the church anymore,” Christine said. “I feel like it’s too controlling for women and I am a goddess and it’s time to step up and be that person. And I just said it wasn’t for me anymore.”

Christine went on to say that she began looking at the religion as a whole as extremely fear-based, admitting that until that point, “I didn’t realize I was living in fear.” She added that while the AUB doesn’t try to be judgement, she “felt it was a little bit judgmental.” 

Part 3 of the ‘Sister Wives’ “One on One” special airs Sunday on TLC. 

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(Photos: TLC)


  1. There’s a good chance Kody is going to completely pivot and turn the whole situation into how he was the poor brainwashed victim of religious indoctrination

  2. Christine deserves a medal for not only having to put up with that loser for so long; but also for putting her energy into raising 6 pretty awesome and surprisingly well adjusted kids

  3. All of these demeaning comments Kody is making about Christine are all to save face. She dumped him and his ego can’t handle it. Therefore he has to retaliate and say these awful things. He doesn’t realize (or maybe he does) that he’s saying these nasty things about his children’s mother. What a way to drive an even bigger wedge between him and his kids. It’s just utterly despicable. The commenter who said that his children now know they weren’t born out of love, nailed it. I hope his kids see what an even bigger asshole he is to say these things, and publicly no less.

  4. Could this guy BE more of a douchecanoe?? Lord, we’ve canceled people fir MUCH less. Can ee sat BYE KODY now??

  5. Being driven by ego is the opposite of spirituality. So he could admit that but not that Robyn is the wife that he trusts the most?

  6. “I was doing it as my duty as a husband” Then what does him neglecting husband duties look like?

    This all just makes Christine look more empowering than she already is, recognizing she deserves better than what she’s been told she’s “supposed” to do.

  7. I have always thought that is why Kody married Christine but to admit it, out loud, on television is not only incredibly cruel to Christine and their children. Even though Christine has left him that has to hurt so badly. She was the glue that held that family together for years. She raised the children, did most of the cooking for the family, and planned thoughtful gifts and experiences for holidays and birthdays. He refuses to give her credit for any of it. It is disguisting!

  8. Thanks for sharing Kody. Forgot you got kids, again?
    The younger kids now know for sure they were not made out of love but obligation to a religion the whole family doesn’t believe in anymore! Nice things to know.

    All ego baby, I need an ego fix cause Christine dared to criticize and leave me. Let’s bash her, try to get under her skin. Let’s get at least two more seasons out of this so my wife and kids are set financially.

  9. The subscription of “convenient theories for you”, is seriously abused by Kody and Robyn.

    At first I thought they diabolical and conniving but now I know they are just really, really stupid. Like so dumb they honestly believe their own lies and don’t seem to understand that we can see them.

    Remember kids if the emperor is not wearing any clothes, the emperor is naked; truth and a lie are not sort of the same thing.

  10. He WAS a polygamist? Does that mean he no longer is? I don’t follow the show that closely but him no longer being a polygamist kind of defeats the purpose of the show. Unless he and Robyn plan to add a new (sister) wife?

    1. He no longer is. He’s only in a relationship with Robyn now and does not want to take on any more wives. But the show will definitely continue because these last 2 seasons have been extremely popular and interesting.

      1. I wonder how that affects their relationship with their religion. It seemed like being a polygamist was kind of a big deal for them.

    2. You can’t be a plyg if two of your wives leave you and you tell the other one your marriage is over, so I guess I’m his mind he “was”? One of the few times he was right.

  11. FINALLY! He admitted its all about his huge ego. What a tool! The things he says are so delusional. And for Sobbin Robin to say the other wives “gave” him to her. They had no choice. He was already at Sobbins house 24-7. And PLEASE! Get rid of that ridiculous hair that is not disguising your near baldness Kodylocks!!!

  12. I do believe that, but I feel he’s so open about saying these things is because Christine left HIM and not other way around. We all saw how he treated her. Kody is all ego. Why he married them to begin with.
    It cracks me up that Kody really thinks he won it all when he got Robin into the family. Lol
    This cracks me up. I’m sure this hurt Christine, but I hope she saw thru this BS too and didn’t affect her none.

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