‘Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown Explains Why She Left the Family’s Fundamentalist Religion: “It’s Too Controlling For Women”

“I’m done with men with bad hair and bad attitudes controlling my life!” 

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is opening up about the decision she made years ago to leave the Brown family’s fundamentalist religion– the Apostolic United Brethren– after realizing “she didn’t believe in their faith anymore.” 

The mom of six, who split from husband Kody Brown in November 2021 after more than 25 years together, discussed the topic on a recent episode of the podcast Reality Life with Kate Casey, revealing that years ago she admitted to Kody and her then-sister wives Meri, Janelle and Robyn that she was no longer a believer of their church.

As ‘Sister Wives’ fans know, the Browns were previously members of the AUB, a Mormon fundamentalist group that practices (and endorses) polygamy, which the church commonly refer to as “plural marriage.” 

Christine stated that her religious beliefs began to change when she realized the lack of freedom that women have within the AUB. 

“I just said I’m done. I couldn’t be a member of the church anymore,” Christine said. “I feel like it’s too controlling for women and I am a goddess and it’s time to step up and be that person. And I just said it wasn’t for me anymore. 

“That’s right Kody, A GODDESS.”

On the podcast episode, Christine opened up about a conversation that took place between Kody and the four wives a few years back, where everyone discussed their religious beliefs.  

“[Kody and the other wives] were all in a different place [spiritually],” she said. “It’s not like we all left [the AUB] at the same time. I don’t even know if Kody or Robyn-– maybe they would even go back to the church.” 

Often referred to as “The Work” by insiders– or “The Allred Group” by outsiders– the AUB only recognizes marriages within their religion that are conducted within a Mormon temple and the marriages must be “sealed for eternity” by a male church elder who has “the priesthood.” According to the church doctrine, the AUB members believe that marriage is an eternal commitment that follows them to the afterlife. 

Me, when I remember there are at least two women who are willing to spend their afterlife with this clown.

Christine is part of both the Allred family and the Labaron family, both of which are very prominent in the AUB. Christine’s grandfather, Rulon Allred was the leader of the AUB before his murder in 1977. Kody has stated in the past that Christine’s bloodline makes her “polygamy royalty” in a sense.

Christine went on to say that she began looking at the religion as a whole as extremely fear-based, admitting that until that point, “I didn’t realize I was living in fear.” She added that while the AUB doesn’t try to be judgement, she “felt it was a little bit judgmental.” 

“Basically I just knew that polygamy wasn’t right for me anymore,” she added. 

Later in the podcast, Christine explained that she was “raised with fear,” calling it “a constant thing” in her life. 

“We were afraid of the whole outside world and I didn’t even realize it until I was 38 years old,” she said. “I was raised in fear, and I was raising my kids in fear. So two months into COVID, I realized I was just being fear-based and I was just afraid. And I was like, ‘You know, I’m just not going to be afraid of this. I’m going to do everything that I can to stay smart and stay safe, but we’re gonna still live our life,’” she continued. “So we did.” 

Yeah, mop head…we know.

Christine also spoke about a particular day back when she was still living in Flagstaff, Arizona, that she realized she wasn’t happy and found herself asking God what to do. 

“I figured that He was a parent like me and, really, I just want my kids to be happy and I figured He just wanted me to be happy,” she said. “It was like, ‘Dude, I’m not happy anymore. This isn’t working for me. Do I really have to keep living polygamy?’ And he’s like, ‘No, I just want you to be happy. That’s all there is to it.’ I almost feel like He’s gonna treat me how I treat my kids.” 


Christine called the moment a great one. 

“ … sitting out there on that balcony just absorbing God’s love for my next chapter,” she recalled.  

You can listen to Christine’s full interview on the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast below! 

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  1. I have discovery plus and the Sunday episodes release early Sunday morning. I just watched the last episode of the season and yes, on the “coming next week” portion at the end, which is a one-on-one tell-all, they did say they are separated. I cheered very loudly. Go Christine and go Janelle. I have watched in shock this whole season how both kody and sobbing Robyn have behaved, with my jaw on the floor.
    At this point I don’t even care if Mary leaves. She is a giant enabler.

  2. At first it didn’t seem to me that polygamy was always a bad thing for all parties involved. It was obvious to me Kody was not the man for it however.
    Many of them are not and a lot of those men are just nasty toxic narcs or creating a toxic plural marriage because they just can’t handle it.

    That Brady guy can’t handle it.
    Others I have seen are just toxic disturbed men.

    The Browns once met this other plural family that from what you saw seemed to have things together much better.
    The husband was a leader and was allowed to touch, hug and kiss his wives on their day. Much healthier for the wives and husband. But everyone needs to be on board for that.

  3. Christine You Go Girl
    I’m glad that you left that narracistic POS kody.Janelle should leave also because Kodi doesn’t love anyone but that ugly,fat robyn.I hope one day that Meri get’s it and leaves him too.

    1. Janelle separated from Kody! That’s official!
      Someone posted a sneak peak from an upcoming episode on Reddit where Kody and Janelle both say it! I have seen it too, it’s real.
      Way to go Janelle! Stand up for yourself.

      The poster was somehow able to see the preview perhaps too early.

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