Teen Mom’ News Pile: Leah Messer Recovers From Heartbreak Over Failed Engagement; Briana DeJesus’ Baby Daddies Both Accomplish Something

“I don’t need no ding-dang man!”

From getting over heartbreak to getting out of rehab, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the Teen Mom franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last few days…

Leah Messer’s Friend Reveals How Heartbroken Leah Was After Her Breakup with Jaylan Mobley

“It just ain’t fair!”

Leah may be trading Twitter jabs with her ex-fiancé Jaylan these days but, according to her pal Nicole Stegall, the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star was devastated by the sudden breakup of her relationship, and took a while to recover from it. (As The Ashley previously reported, Leah and Jaylan ended their relationship, just months after getting engaged.)

“I think Leah really put her all into this relationship and it was heartbreaking,” Nicole recently told In Touch Weekly, adding that Leah received plenty of online backlash for the failed relationship. “It hurts me for her to get anything negative from social media, etc.”

“It took her a minute [to recover], but her family and friends have been really supportive through all of this,” Nicole told the magazine.

“I’ma tell you this. You hurt my kid and I’m gonna come for you. Yes, sir.”

While Leah and Jaylan have remained silent on what caused them to suddenly split, The Ashley recently revealed more details about the breakup, including that Jaylan made Leah sign an NDA promising not to speak on what ended their relationship, in exchange for her being allowed to stay in the home they were living in together. Jaylan and Leah have not confirmed or denied the circulating rumors that the split was caused by Jaylan’s infidelity. 

Nicole said that Leah is now living her best “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” life.

“She’s definitely bounced back though. She’s planning events, working on future projects and focusing on her and her daughters,” she said. 

One thing Nicole says that Leah won’t be doing is discussing the reason behind the breakup.

“I’m not fixin’ to get sued, y’all!”

“Leah will speak on anything but not what ultimately ended the relationship,” she said.

(While Leah may not be willing to talk, it appears that Leah’s sister Victoria Messer and a few of Leah’s friends are basically foaming at the mouth to spill details.) 

Nicole confirmed that Leah is not thinking about dating again right now, but when she does, she will probably not put her relationship on the show like she has done with her past relationships.

“I think the right one will come along and when he does just KNOW she deserves it,” she said. “You just may never see him on TV.”

Briana DeJesus’ Baby Daddy Luis Hernandez Actually Did Something Productive

“Not only am I fly, but I now can also help people fly!”

In between DJing at ‘da club,’ doling out STDs and dodging the DeJesus coven, Luis has managed to achieve a major career accomplishment!

Luis— who is the father of Briana’s second daughter Stella— announced on Instagram this week that he graduated from the Aviation Institute of Maintenance. He posted a photo of himself holding his diploma, as well as a message on Instagram Stories announcing that he had completed his schooling.

Congrats, Big Lu!

“I ain’t one to pay myself on the ba[c]k or cheery myself on…but I’m definitely gonna pat myself for this…I officially finished A+P school,” he wrote. 

(“A&P” most likely stands for Airframe & Powerplant, which is training to become an airplane mechanic.)

This is not the first transportation-related schooling Luis has started, but it is the first one he has finished. Back in 2019, ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans watched Briana “loan” Luis money to go to trucking school. However, it doesn’t appear that Luis completed his classes for that.

Devoin Austin Confirms He Went to Rehab For His Gambling Addiction

“Yay me!”

Luis isn’t the only one of Bri’s baby daddies investing in his future. Earlier this week, Briana’s first baby daddy, Devoin, confirmed that he recently went to rehab in Texas to kick his gambling addiction, something he first told fans about this past summer.

Devoin went on Instagram Live this week, stating that his rehab journey will be part of the next season of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.’ He also commented on a post about himself on the @TeenMomFanz Instagram page, revealing that another ‘Teen Mom’ dad— Sean Austin— encouraged him to get help for his addiction. (The Ashley is almost sure we will see that conversation on next season, by the way.)

“Small thing to a giant y’all. S**t is real and can happen faster than you can blink,” Devoin wrote about his addiction and rehab journey. “I feel stronger tho and healthier s/o @sean.luc.austin for giving me the advice and courage to actually go.”

(As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Sean also went to rehab for his substance abuse issues and is now about 18 months sober.) 

Bar Smith— another “Teen Mom’ dad who recently spent some time in rehab— commended Devoin for getting help.

“YESSIRRRRR MY MF DAWGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @devoinaustin the world proud of you…” he wrote. 


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Back in July, Devoin posted a few alarming messages to Instagram Stories, confessing that he had an issue with gambling and that he needed help.

“I am a gambling addict,” he wrote at the time. “I finally lost more than I can cope with to the casino. I am screaming for help. I don’t know what to do…I just got to admit that to y’all. Sorry I let you guys down.

“It’s my 30th birthday tonight and I’m the saddest n****a in Orlando,” he wrote in a second Story. Ion thing I’m gonna recover from this one.”

Devoin commented on his post this week.

“Those posts were the day before my bday too lol wow. What a rough time,” he wrote this week.

Josh McKee’s New Girlfriend Involved in Wild ‘Wild Wings’ Brawl One Month Before Getting With Josh

“The chicken wings ain’t the only thing that gets all spicy over here!”

While this is not really something we should care about, The Ashley sure does love a fast food establishment brawl, so she’s going to go ahead and include this.

According to The Sun, Josh’s new girlfriend, Halie Lowery, was arrested in September— just a month or so becoming “official” with Josh— for fighting in public, after she and a bunch of her gal pals were involved in Buffalo Wild Wings beatdown. (Don’t ya hate it when that happens?) 

Josh’s girlfriend Halie was officially charged with “peace disturbance” before being hauled off to the slammer. In addition to Halie, five others were arrested in what was surely a sauce-covered rumble. 

“There was buffalo sauce, hair extensions and dignity flyin’ everywhere! I hope there’s footage…”

The Sun reports that Halie accepted a deal and entered a guilty plea on November 29. She has been ordered to pay a $150 fine.

“Do you know how many gosh dern buffalo wings we could have bought with that money? Damn.”

Last month, Josh’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Mackenzie McKee, spoke out about Josh and Halie going public with their relationship. She stated on TikTok that she is totally fine with Josh having a new girlfriend, adding that she hopes Josh is able find happiness with Halie or someone else. 

“And you know what the first thing I did was, after that was all lifted from me? I got on my hands and knees and prayed for [Josh] because I’m a believer in people and that they can all change. And I prayed for him and his future spouse, that she can love my children, she can respect our co-parenting situation, and that they can be happy together,” Mackenzie stated.

“Say what you want about me, but I never got arrested at the Wild Wings!”


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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 




  1. I was hoping Leah would say something about not introducing future guys to the girlses so quickly, but of course she just says she won’t film it in the future.

  2. Really proud of Briana’s baby daddies. Maybe she can learn from them and actually be a better person.
    Josh’s new girl is trash. Only trashy people would get involved in a fast food brawl

  3. Jaylan cheated with at least one married military member…that’s why he wanted the NDA signed.

    Fact: Jaylan wasn’t married to Leah, if he cheats on her it doesn’t matter to his career at all. Also, being gay isn’t prohibited. ‘Don’t ask don’t tell’ was repealed over a decade ago…I’m not speculating on Jaylan’s sexuality, just that he cheated with at least one married military member. And/or there is specific raunchy information that could affect his reputation (trans or a fetish?)

  4. And we all could see the trash that is Josh’s new girlfriend when she immediately began bashing Mackenzie. Just screams insecurity & jealousy. Some people are pretty enough to get away with being ugly. Not her.

  5. Okay but you can’t be angry at any viewers being skeptic about Leah’s track record of saying slow down then rushing in faster than the last one.

    So both Briana’s baby daddies doing more than Briana. That said, I can only hope Luis is good at his maintenance work since his ain’t putting effort and work to being Stella’s dad. Cos Devoin can manage to co-parent for Nova and towards Stella and work to get help on his addiction.

    1. But how is is that both of her baby daddies are doing more than Briana? So one of them got outta rehab and on is trying to get a job. She already has a job for a long time and doesn’t need to go to rehab. How are they doin better I don’t get it?? 🤔😂

      1. What jobs? None of these cast are affording multiple houses, party celebrations, surgeries, trips, petty gifts, and how many free day hours to film doing nothing with any possible side work income they might have outside the show.

        Briana’s a damn mess without needing any kind of addiction for rehab. Though one can argue she seems addicted to fighting and following in Kail’s footsteps just one chapter behind. She seeks getting into fights, then runs away when it gets heated, blames others for her problems, didn’t listen to Nova when she expressed not liking filming, hooks up around and if one sticks jump into a relationship, everything that happened regarding security guard Bobby. Her mom and sister are the reasons and backbone for her daughters’ parenting being functional (and her picking fights). That’s not doing more. If she wished to better things for herself like her baby dads she would need to be able to hold personal accountability in the first place.

        1. No argument on the fact that she’s a messy skank. However, she is there all day every damn day for her girls. She said last week that Devoin hasn’t been around in 3 months. 3 months!?!? And Luis has done virtually nothing. I like Devoin but I see nothing redeeming in Luis. Devoin at least tries. But I can’t give any credit to 2 dudes that dip in and out of their kid’s lives. Just NO. And I’m not saying her job is paying for everything…just that she does work and I think she deserves credit for that.

  6. But Leah didnt air that TR Dues dude and that didnt pan out.. so MAYBE, and this is just a maybe, just throwing this out there, ofc– maybe the problem is HER?

    Hailey Lowery? Kail Lowry?

    Good for Devoin. And whatever for Luis.

  7. My brother in law was sentenced to 8 years in prison for breaking into houses he was contracted to work at and stealing shit to feed his gambling addiction. That doesn’t even cover for all the stuff he stole and hocked from family – gold coins, WWII stuff, old pocket watches, etc.

    He only did 9 months because his family didn’t want to see him get tossed in prison like the pretty boy he is.

    Grow up boys. Support your kids.

  8. I need to know which airline Luis is working for lol. I wouldn’t trust him to fix a piece of tape to a piece of paper.

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