EXCLUSIVE! More Details About the Breakup of Leah Messer & Jaylan Mobley; Plus How She Was Able to Stay In The Home They Once Shared

“Keep it quiet or call the U-haul!”

More information is trickling in about the very sudden (and very surprising) split of engaged Teen Mom couple Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley— and The Ashley has new details!

As The Ashley previously reported, Leah and Jaylan announced last month that they were ending their relationship, just months after getting engaged. The exes posted matching breakup statements to social media but did not give any details on why they suddenly broke up. 

Now, someone close to Jaylan has come forward with more information on what went on after the breakup and how Leah was able to stay in the house she had shared with Jaylan— despite Jaylan’s name being the only name on the deed.

The source— who tells The Ashley that they feel bad “about how [the breakup] went down and what happened to Leah”– confirmed The Sun‘s report that Leah did, indeed, discover that Jaylan had been unfaithful to her. However, the source says that there is “definitely more to it” than just the discovery that Jaylan had cheated once. 

All of us right now…

“But Jaylan does not want the full story getting out there,” the source said. “He did everything he could to keep Leah from going public with the story.”

In fact, according to the source, Jaylan made Leah sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), forbidding her from publicly revealing the reason behind their breakup. 

“She filmed a few times about the breakup, once with a friend and once with Jaylan, but the only thing Leah was allowed to say on-camera was that she signed an NDA and couldn’t really discuss it,” the source said. 

“You’re killing me here!”

(The Ashley’s production sources confirmed that Leah did, in fact, mention the NDA on-camera while filming recently.) 

The source also revealed that Leah had a very good reason for agreeing to sign the NDA: it would allow her to keep the West Virginia home they had once shared

“He agreed to sign the house over, on the condition that Leah sign an NDA and not discuss the reason behind their breakup,” the source tells The Ashley. “As long as Leah agrees to keep it quiet, legally everything will move forward to her having the house in her name only.”

“You’ve got a deal. I can’t go back to bathing my babies in a basement tub!”

As The Ashley previously reported, Jaylan and Leah made a big fuss on social media about Jaylan “surprising” Leah with the house this past spring. However, TMZ reported last month that it was Leah– not Jaylan— who had put money toward the house, something the source confirmed to The Ashley. 

There’s no word on who got custody of the cheesy signs…

“He did ‘surprise’ her by finding and choosing that house, but the way he presented it [on social media] made it sound like he bought the house for her, and that’s not really what happened,” the source said. “The money came from Leah.”

Still, though, Jaylan’s name was on the deed without Leah’s, which the source also explained.

“Leah wouldn’t have been able to get the loan due to her tax issues,” the source said. (As The Ashley previously reported, Leah currently owes more than $450,000 in federal and state taxes.) 

“That’s why it was just in Jaylan’s name,” the source said.


After the breakup, the source said that Leah wanted to stay in the house with her three daughters, so Jaylan agreed to sign the ownership over to Leah— as long as Leah signed the NDA he wanted her to.

“His name will still be on the deed until she can refinance the house in her name only, but she has to take care of her tax debt before she can do that,” the source said. “Once she does that, she can take his name off. This was all part of the agreement they made and it was done legally though an attorney.”

The source said that Leah is not making mortgage payments to Jaylan and instead is able to pay the financial institution directly. 

The source tells The Ashley that, although they are still close to Jaylan, they feel bad that people have been speculating that the breakup was because of something Leah did. 

T”I done told y’all. Robbie Kidd ain’t had nothing to do with this one!”

“She really had no fault in this one,” the source said. “She truly thought she had found ‘The One’ with Jaylan and was heartbroken.”

UPDATE! Soon after The Ashley’s story broke, Jaylan posted a message to his social media accounts.

“THERAPY WINS!! LOVE WINS!! FORGIVENESS WINS!! FAITH WINS!! ACCOUNTABILITY WINS!! All of which I chose.. Just know, you will only get positive response from me and people around me. Everyday we see how negativity and conflict ends.. Life is too short.. FIND PEACE!” he wrote.

It is unknown if this statement is related to The Ashley’s story.

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  1. I would assume that this is more than just cheating.i think Jaylan maay have sexual orientation conflicts that ultimately caused the divide.

  2. So he just hooked up with her to build his Instagram following. He seems gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but that he probably was lying to her all this time. I am sure he was cheating with LOTS of people. He’s a classic opportunist/narcissist. She could do much better. As nutty as she is, she seems like a decent mom and the girlses seem like great kids.

  3. Oh man this just paints him in such a horrible picture. She doesn’t need to say anything for the world to see how sketchy he is 😶

  4. I’m thinking it was either Bri or Kail. He probably doesn’t want the bad press that would follow him right away, so he pulls this NDA crap to keep Leah from telling MTV & him getting blasted. 🤷

  5. Just when I had a little hope restored in Leah she puts a man she barely knows on the deed to a home she paid for 🤣

  6. Emotional abuse is , sign the NDA or loose your house, hes opportunistic and just blackmailed her. This guy needs to be exposed!

    1. Absolutely. What does he have to hide that he needs an NDA..hmmmm. He gaslit her bad, You don’t do this to a single parent whos child has a disability. There’s more to his story than meets the eye

  7. He’s lucky she was a bonehead with her taxes and other financial decisions so he could leverage the house to keep her quiet.
    Hey maybe that’s why he picked her, wouldn’t be the first.

  8. I think anyone can require an NDA, however I doubt Jaylen has enough money to sue Leigh if she spills. We can only speculate the reason for the NDA but we all find out soon enough from a ‘close source’.
    It makes sense that Leigh could not get a mortgage though. Would it not be easier just to sell and eat the costs, but no, Only Leigh would have an ex that requires an NDA instead.

  9. Leah makes one stupid decision after the other, it’s remarkable. I feel sorry for her because I think she’s a good person but she’s beyond stupid

  10. So she didn’t buy a house, she put a down payment on one, and he was going to make the payments. It’s not that stupid a plan really, considering the facts. I wonder how much $ she put up

  11. She was nutts to even give him money for house without having ownership. See she hasn’t learned anything NEVER trust a man with your money period. She lucky he’s even letting her keep it, he could of kicked her to the curb and not a damn thing she could do.

  12. My guess is that it’s something along the lines that he cheated with someone (male or female) who’s married in the military and got NDA to protect his job and the other persons job and family. Or she had also discovered he was absolutely using her for money and fame.

    His post about only positivity is a classic narcissistic behavior to try to get people to ignore or look past their shtty behavior without having to apologize or take any accountability for their actions.

    1. The military doesn’t care if you cheat, that’s a very popular myth. Coming from a former military brat & spouse.

      1. They don’t care if no one complains to them but if a spouse complains they can and do punish them

        Maximum Punishment Under UCMJ Article 134 for Extramarital Sexual Conduct

        The maximum punishment for Adultery/Extramarital Sexual Conduct is a dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for up to 1 year.

        If you are under investigation or have been charged with Extramarital Sexual Conduct, you may be subject to discipline by one of the following:

        Administrative Disciplinary Action and/or Administrative Separation
        Court-Martial, with possible brig time, reduction in rank, forfeitures of pay and a punitive discharge.

    1. I’m wondering if the NDA is because he was with a man or other men in the military, possibly even a higher up position holder..maybe that’s why he wanted the NDA, to protect the other male/s in the military. The military doesn’t exactly lovingly embrace gay ppl, so maybe that’s where this fear of outing what happened comes from. Just an idea..you never know… but because he works in military, I thought maybe military is involved somehow and he wants to keep it completely under wraps. It’s the only thing that makes sense to me, if he was a child molester or she found child porn or something, she definitely has a good enough heart and would have turned him in. And if he was just cheating with another female, why would NDA be necessary..only thing that makes sense is that he’s Bi or gay trying to live a straight life for public appearance.
      The gay thing makes the most sense too, if you look at her friend Nicole’s tweets from Halloween that Leah retweeted. That reference was absolutely about him(other friend posts reply gif of black make with a tooth necklace, and Jaylan was wearing a similar necklace on Halloween in his Instagram. They reference creating “a fake life”..seems pretty obvious it was about him.

  13. It’s got to have been either with a man/multiple men, or someone underage. If it’s the former, he must still be too scared to out himself. If it’s the latter, he might not want to open himself to prosecution.

    I can’t think of any other reason for him to give up a house that easily.

  14. Yeah, when they met by him sliding into her DMs I thought he was just after her to grab a little bit of fame and money. But I’m sad for her that it didn’t work out.

  15. Yeah, definitely has to be a guy or guys. Who ever heard of going to these lengths with an NDA and essentially giving up a free house in your name. Definitely has to be the DL.

    Seems weird that the source, who presumably did not sign an NDA, would give this much info but not the whole thing. Come on Source, you’re killing us over here!

  16. Leah is the epitome of wealth doesn’t equal brains.

    1. She buys a house, but gets her boyfriend only on the deed.
    2. Makes every payment, but he’s the one on the deed.
    3. After she brakes up, she signs an NDA to keep a house, which if she was smart in the first place he would never have claimed to. Because you know she bought it.
    4. Then gets her friend to do an interview about how she can’t talk about the cheating because he LET her keep her house.

    Honestly, I’m more surprised that Leah hasn’t been conned by other men before.

    Leah is to Jaylan, as Amber is to Matt.

  17. *insert Ali’s deadpan expression*

    Clearly I know nothing about how NDAs start out because I thought there had to have kind of power held with the person/brand/business (for lack of better description) that would need to keep something hidden, protected, or temporarily under wraps in order for an NDA to be involved. Jaylan has no power or weight to himself so how would he have any weight to have a NDA made to make Leah, who has the [MTV expensed] fame and money to her name, stay quiet? Who drafted it for him?

    And, kids this is why you shouldn’t try to evade paying taxes.

    1. All an NDA is a non-disclosure agreement. It can be person to person, company to person, company to company, government to person, etc. It’s just you are not allowed to publicly talk about a specific thing, and if you do I could come after you for damages. So like if I told a competitor something that could lose the company money, they could sue me personally for the damages to the business.

      There are many reasons people sign but the biggest one is money. Like I signed an NDA with every company I worked for before I started.

      Donald Trump had a bunch of woman sign NDAs. So did Harvey Weinstein.

      Pepsi and Coke make people sign NDA.

      I just don’t see why Jaylan would care. Who is he, some wanna be reality star. Like no one is going to care if he cheats. Its not going to affect his job, or employment potential. Like it wouldn’t really matter. He’s just photoshopping himself next private planes, and on fake magazine covers. Like who cares.

      1. Disney has a NDA included in new hire paperwork that is completed by all new employees. The policies and NDA is reinforced yearly by continuing education and agreement/consent. This must be completed by all, as a yearly job requirement. This applies to all from a custodial person cleaning bathrooms up to and including the corporate executives.

      2. Not that I want to defend him, he’s always creeped me out (so does Leah, really, for totally different reasons, though) but there are some very valid reasons for NDA that have nothing to do with one party or the other being some kind of celebrity or even thinking they are.

        What Leah says, depending on the real reason for the breakup, could, very well, cost him (or anyone else involved) their job, livelihood, everything, really. You’d be surprised the damage someone running their mouth (truthful or not) can do in some industries, or to some people. For example, as others stated, if he is actually gay and hasn’t yet come out. That can still, in this day and age, negatively affect one’s life in all sorts of ways-regardless of what any laws might say to the contrary. Protected classes mean eff all in the court of public opinion, which has a perpetual snowball effect and can easily negatively impact every aspect of someone’s life.

        Again, not excusing whatever he did, him being unfaithful, or even defending him as a person. Just saying people don’t need to be celebrities or even sit in a position of power or importance for something said by another to have a horrid, and very real, effect on their entire life.

  18. So, chances are slim she will be able to pay her tax debt. What will happen if she can’t finance it in her name?

  19. This is why you don’t speed run into relationships, Leah! Look at the mess left for you to fix!

    Love that the unknown requested an NDA like he’s a big deal 🙄

  20. It’s got to be cheating with a guy if he’ll go to these lengths to cover it up. That or something really kinky with a woman.

    Lol at the non reality “star” member of the couple wanting an NDA to protect his reputation.

  21. “Leah wouldn’t have been able to get the loan due to her tax issues”

    This is what I suspected! No way was she going to get a decent loan, or any loan, with that kind of debt.

  22. That is called Karma, Leah. You cheated with Robbie right before your wedding with Corey. I only feel sorry for the kids.

    1. – he had another GF the whole time
      – he had multiple ladies the whole time
      – he had a boyfriend
      – underaged girlfriend.
      – he visits addict prostitutes.
      – it was all fake, to him, for fame and she found proof of it.
      – he abused her physically.
      – he abused one of the girls or crossed a line.
      – he’s an SM swinger and went to parties without her.
      – he dresses up as something and has sex with people. An animal, a baby, an elf, a princess, something.
      – it was Bri again.

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