‘Teen Mom’ Star Leah Messer Allegedly Broke Offer Her Engagement to Jaylan Mobley After Discovering He Was Cheating

“Really, Jaylan…cheating?! Who would do such a thing?! Oh, wait… “

Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley’s recent split may not have been as amicable as fans were originally led to believe. 

On Monday, The Sun reported that the reason Leah broke off her engagement with Jaylan so suddenly was that she allegedly discovered what she believed to be evidence that Jaylan was cheating on her. (While The Ashley cannot 100 percent confirm this claim, her behind-the-scenes sources are telling her a very similar story, just FYI.) 

As The Ashley previously reported, Jaylan and Leah released matching Instagram statements last week, revealing they were suddenly breaking up, seemingly out of nowhere. They did not, however, reveal why they were splitting.

“…and the universe must agree!”

According to The Sun, though, Leah made a shocking discovery about Jaylan before teh split. 

“Leah saw material suggesting he was unfaithful,” a source told the outlet, noting that the breakup has been “hard” on the mom of three. 

(Leah confirmed as much last week when she took to Instagram Live hours after announcing her split, drunkenly admitting that she was “going through a lot right now.”)

“Are you sure we don’t need to do a post-breakup photoshoot in a month or two? It’s what the people want.”

Days later, Jaylan was photographed moving out of the West Virginia home he and Leah have shared since April. The 25-year-old is reportedly relocating to an apartment approximately 45 minutes away, while Leah and her three daughters will remain living in the home. 

Addie, begging Leah to let her keep Jaylan’s 36 ring lights and discarded photo props…

While Jaylan made it seem on social media that he had purchased the home for Leah as a surprise, Leah actually paid for the $515k home herself; However, In Touch Weekly discovered in April that Jaylan was the only person listed as the “owner” of the home on its deed– something she addressed on an episode of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.’ 

“I was excited. I didn’t think twice about whose name was on this, whose name was on that,” she said. “If I really wanted to be on the loan, I could just say, hey, let’s meet with an attorney and let’s handle this out. But I feel confident in our relationship.” 

(The Ashley will have more info on the situation with the house…stay tuned.) 

Anyway, Jaylan has not confirmed (or denied) The Sun‘s story. When asked for comment on it, Jaylan’s rep told The Sun that “Jaylan has no additional comment beyond the joint statement provided last week.”

Interestingly, both Leah and Jaylan have deleted their breakup announcement from their Instagram feeds. 

“I can’t have all that negative stuff clogging up my feed space! I need it to advertise my man bags and rented luxury cars!”

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

36 Responses

  1. Leah I have watched you since day one. You hv always been my favorite. I am so sorry this happened to you you’re such a great young lady and people are mean don’t listen to all the negativity that’s going on. The one thing I love about you is your kids always come first no matter what. U hold your head up be strong don’t let this break you,You have been through so much and you made it.Just remember he is a cheater not worth it also a lier You will find the one baby girl and Brianna is drama always starting shit idk why thay keep her on the show back stabbing drama always got to b n the middle of everything no class at all has a different man every other week

  2. Well if that’s true that Leah paid for the house then you’re dumb Leah why would you put his name on it You should have took the 515,000 paid your taxes with it number one and number two you shouldn’t have acted like it on the program that he bought the house and surprised you with it That’s how it seemed and you didn’t have longevity that you have you so you shouldn’t have had him put his name on anything this was a poor choice

  3. I was hoping this was the one for her. However, if this is exactly what ended the relationship she now knows how it feels to be cheated on. Cheating on not just her first husband and her second I guess Karma does come around.

  4. KNEW it! I figured he had to have cheated… Anywho- I cannot BELIEVE she put the house in his name only… WTF was she thinking? Oh wait- she wasn’t. I do feel bad- she did seem happy and honestly, I had pegged her as cheating first so I am surprised but I just got vibes he was the one that did.

  5. Leah is an adult (chronologically speaking). She can do what she likes. I just wish ALL these men traveling women would stop introducing their children to the flavor of the fiscal quarter before they have memorized their phone number.

    1. Check out her Halloween Twitter post(retweet of her friend Nicole’s tweet about masks/fake ppl). Interesting…if you look at her friend’s original tweet post, another person posted a gif of a black guy with tooth necklace(I assume from some movie). Then look at Jaylan’s Instagram pic from yesterday..wearing similar tooth necklace…hmmm… Their references to ppl wearing masks & pretending to be ppl they aren’t…just made me think maybe he was living a double life(or was having long term relationships elsewhere). I feel for Leah, but I hope she *actually* takes her time getting to fully know someone next time before introducing them to the kids. It’s hard on kids when partners keep changing so frequently & moving so often too. I do wish the best for her, hopefully she focuses on herself & her kids for a long while.

  6. Wasn’t she supposed to be a realtor?? Why on earth would she just sign her name on something and not read it. You never sign a CONTRACT without reading it. Especially not when a sneaky fame whore like Jaylan is telling you to sign it. Does she not remember what happened to Teresa Giudice from RHONY?? Husband had her blindly signing all these contracts, and SHE wound up in jail.

    Sucks he cheated (not surprising though), but what is wrong with these girls? So many of them are so financially careless. When the show stops, which lets be real, the show is on its last leg, they’re all going to have blown through ALL that money…as long as they’ve been on TV you know they’ve made money in the 7 figures range, and none of them are going to have anything to show for it. Such a waste.

  7. So it sounds like Leah – who supposedly studied to become a realtor – didn’t realize there is a difference between being on the LOAN and being on the DEED. Her quote about being excited and thinking she can get on the ‘loan’ later tells me that she didn’t know the difference. That is terrifying.

    She needs to find an educated, experienced, trusted, smart person to help her with her finances or she’s going to find herself right back where she started.

  8. It would behoove Leah to stop being so careless with her money because the signs are on the wall that Teen Mom is winding down. They already put all the cast together on a show that is paying less. Once the series is completely canceled she will have no income.

  9. As I said- Every Single Time….

    Anyone with a brain saw this coming. Can she just pick a decent man? Prolly not. Her next relationship will be with a woman. Just because.

      1. Corey had them live in a mouldy trailer and would rather buy a truck than a new home for his family. He’d also rather watch porn than be intimate with his fiancée. I wouldn’t call him decent.

        1. Exactly, and Jeremy can’t get a job close to home so he can there for Addie, he’d rather travel for work and miss out on stuff that he should be around for, all 3 (Corey, Jeremy and Jaylan) were all around losers!!!

  10. I doubt it was the cheating that caused her to break thing off. I suspect she could handle that (since she’s also guilty of it too). But rather WHO he cheated with (it may have been with Farrah).

    I mean all Matt did was make a pass at her and Amber kicked him to the curb (but good riddance to him, he was 40 something years old and still immature af)!!!

      1. Jenelle? Ewwwww

        Thats almost as bad as Farrah, imagine sticking your thing in the same place as David aka Lurch (or as I like to call him Mr Swamp Thang).

  11. Never ever pay for a house and have someone else on the deed especially when you have kids. Relationships come and go even if you hope they’re forever. Your kids are the ones to put your belief in to. Wouldn’t be surprised if there comes to be a huge issue with this house arrangement. At least it seems a bit promising that there wont be any problems since he seemed to go without issue. And then drinking and making videos…. Come on Leah you have kids. Put down the damn drinks and step up. Yes breaking up sucks but handling it through drinking isn’t setting a good example for your girls.

    1. Whatever happened to Robbie? He was integral to her 16&P episode and the first couple of seasons of Teen Mom 2, but I can’t find anything recent. ?

  12. So many questions! The first and more important,why does Jaylan have a ‘rep’? Who is he? I think he just got his “celebrity” status that he wanted and then … That was it. Why did she pay for the house? In my state, the house is owned by the person who pays for it… And then what was up with that stupid ass acted video where “he bought the house for her? I can’t decide who’s more stupid, but I’m leaning towards Leah, which I hate to say. I’m sure she’s capable of doing better but she’s busy trying to make some type of image for herself that doesn’t suite her whatsoever! Last but not least, she should have just stayed completely quiet. She looks dumber than a bag of rocks hinting she broke up with him because he cheated. Is it only acceptable for her to cheat, and no one cheat on her? Have a seat woman.

  13. Such a bummer. I’m glad she found out before they got married.
    Just a little FYI. Ladies anytime you’re buying property your name goes on that deed!!!! Don’t just assume everything will work out! If you’re the one who has more assets or if you’re the one who’s going to take time out of your career to help raise up children.
    You need a prenup! You need to cover in that in the prenup! Who gets what and why and if I were going to put my career on hold. I would have a cheaters claws in my prenup so that if this occurred. I’d be walking out with bank baby. In my opinion it’s a whole lot easier to get over heartache when you can wipe your tears with hundred dollar bills!!!

  14. So she actually confirmed he is the only one listed as the owner of a house SHE PAID FOR? Please I can’t believe that level of stupidity. I think she’s an overall good person (aside from the fact that she’s a serial cheater) but she’s beyond stupid. Like gaga stupid to do something like that

    1. Leah is a moron. She paid for the house, but allowed him to put his name on the deed. She is a fool.

      Like if he really wanted to, he could sell it and keep everything.

      Just another proof that having money doesn’t actually mean you are smart.

  15. What’s Leah going to do about the house? I hope she consults with an attorney. I mean, even though Leah and the girlsies live there, it’s only under Jaylan’s name. She might have lost over $500k with this relationship.

  16. Well this isn’t a shocker. I knew when they suddenly announced the split up that there was something major going on. Now let’s hope he signs that hoke over since he didn’t pay a penny on it. He could totally take that home legally. Hope she never does something so stupid again. SMH. Sad that she got cheated on but she best thank all the God’s he didn’t snatch that 500k home since she paid for it and he was the only person on the deed. SMH. I feel sorry for her girls…they watch her pick the wrong guys time and time again. I do hope Leah finds her happily ever after.. gets a good guy one day. Leah is a great Mom and does deserve to be with her prince charming.

    1. Not to be THAT person…..but how many times did she cheat? Not that I think it’s right what he did, but karma ya know?

      1. But it wasn’t her fault, she was trying to keep her first family together, while also starting second family.

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