‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Buys New Home with Boyfriend Jaylan Mobley: Get All the Info On Their House– Sauna, Game Room & More! (Exclusive Details)

“We bought a house! And there’s even a room for our live-in photographer to stay in!”

Leah Messer has come a long way from homes she lived in when we first saw her on Teen Mom 2

On Friday, Leah and her boyfriend Jaylan Mobley announced that they purchased a home together in West Virginia. In an Instagram post, Jaylan made it seem like he actually bought the home for Leah without her knowledge as a surprise.

(Naturally The Ashley had to snoop and get all the details about Leah and Jaylan’s new love nest.)

“Proud to be a First Time Home Owner!” he wrote. “I am so thankful and blessed and still speechless to own this home. Surprise! @leahmesser. I’m proud of you for selling your first home and so I wanted to surprise you with a new home, our home. We deserve this! You deserve this! I can’t wait to build, grow, and create generational wealth, legacy, and opportunities for us and our families. This is to the next chapter and really leveling up!


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“For most people, these are special moments you remember the most—and as a black young man from Charlotte, this is a dream come true.”

The large, two-story house also comes with a nice amount of land. (Not to be confused with “The Land,” of course.)  

“It don’t have wheels under it or nuthin’? I don’t trust it.”

The Ashley did some digging and found out that Leah and Jaylan’s new pad was purchased for just under $499,900. The brick house features five bedrooms and four bathrooms and is over 6,000 square feet. The home sits on .37 acres of land.

The home—which was built in 1994— boasts an open floor plan with a formal living room, as well as a full basement that features a family room, bedroom, bathroom, game room and sauna! 

The new sauna can be used for fun, health or steaming midnight raviolis…

The house features one bedroom/den on the lower level and four upstairs, so each of the girls(eseses) can have their own bedroom, with Leah and Jaylan in the master. The entire house has a natural gas generator. 

Other features include a large outdoor deck, laundry room and a two-car attached garage.

Did we mention the sauna?!

What may happen in the sauna…

After announcing the new house, Jaylan and Leah received plenty of congratulatory messages from their ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars.

“Congrats big dawg!” Teen Mom OG dad Zach Davis wrote in the comment section of the post.

“Yaaaaasss!” wrote Briana DeJesus.

“Her man gave her a whole house? And all mine gave me was an STD and a kid he didn’t take care of? That ain’t right.”

“Nice! Congrats y’all,” commented Jade Cline.

Devoin Austin was impressed with the size of the home.

“Dudes bought the White House? Bet,” he joked.

Although Leah has stated on ‘Teen Mom 2’ that she wanted to take her relationship with Jaylan “slow,” the couple has been on the fast track since getting together last summer. (They became official while on the trip to Costa Rica they discussed in the most-recent episode of ‘Teen Mom 2.’) 

“When Jaylan started checking all the boxes and characteristics that I had been looking for in a partner, I won’t even lie, I was taken aback,” Leah said during an interview in September 2021. “He’s so compassionate, caring, patient, kind, thoughtful, has a great sense of humor, is adventurous, and LOVES kids. I swore he wasn’t real!”

“We met through a project Jaylan did with ESPN and the Army that was filmed and captured by one of my [production assistants] in September 2020,” Leah said. “In growing my network, I followed Jaylan, and in February of this year, we connected through DMs and he asked me on a date.

Leah’s romance with Jaylan apparently began when he “slid into her DMs,” as the kiddies said. On their first date, Jaylan wowed Leah with a fancy dinner. (She’s come a long way from microwaved canned raviolis, y’all!) He then took her to a Wiz Khalifa concert.

“You had me at ‘you can get an appetizer too!'”

Last month, Leah admitted that she would be open to getting married for the third time.

“We talk about what we want out of the future. Of course, Jaylan’s never been married,” Leah said. “He wants that experience and I would never take that away from him. At the same time, for me, I don’t feel like marriage should change anything. I want to keep what we have now …  I don’t want it to change our love for each other, but I don’t think it’s going to either. I’m open to it.

“I just want to love him and get to know him even more before we add anymore kids to the picture,” she added.

“Not gonna lie. You buying a house is kinda lightin’ a fire in the ol’ baby chute!”

In the caption for his post, Jaylan mentions that Leah sold her first home. Back in May 2021, Leah announced that she had taken courses to become a real estate agent and was planning to take her state exams to get her real estate license.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Zillow)


  1. All I can think about is the housing market and how $500k gets you a mansion in WV 😭

  2. This guy is supposed to be so smart yet he purchases a half a million dollar home with some chick that’s been married twice, dumb as a box of rocks, and he isn’t married to. Oh this should be fun to watch when the divorce comes or some other calamity and they have a house……. In the eyes of the courts without marriage you are just roommates.

  3. They haven’t even been together for a YEAR. This just seems incredibly fast. I hope this is sincere. Leah deserves it, she has done a lot of work on herself over the years. And the girls for sure deserve stability in their lives. Something in my gut is just wiggling away, though, that something just isn’t right.

    1. Unless I am reading it wrong they have been together for over a year. She started following him on SM in 2020. Then they started dating in February 2021. She was interviewed about him in September 2021. It is now April 2022

      1. They got together last summer. Coming up on a year maybe, but not a year yet. To me, that’s too soon. But everybody moves at their own pace and when you know, you know. Something just doesn’t feel right to me, but it could just be that he’s not comfortable being surrounded by cameras and answering personal questions.

  4. I feel you are soul mates.i wish you the best.i hope you make it all the way.i am an elderly granny and enjoy seeing you have such a good life . makes me wish I was young again it’s fun to dream. I will keep watching.bless you all it’s so good to see your success.Laura Long

  5. Uggh, I was so sad when I saw Ali having to climb a full set of stairs to get to the bedrooms in their last new house; especially when funds aren’t an issue, why the hell wouldn’t you make your home as accessible and accommodating to your child as possible?

    Yes, she’s an ambulatory chair user, but she qualified for a pretty damn top-of-the-line chair; it’s designed to give her as much freedom and *support* to use it as much as possible. If she can comfortably and safely walk around in her own bedroom or whatever, hey, great, but it sucks that she’s going to have to plan out her trips from the bedrooms to the main floor/outside, because she *doesn’t* have the level of mobility that lets her run up and down the stairs countless times an evening as a kid without mobility impairments does.

    Every time I think Leah has made so much progress in adulting in general and specifically in parenting children with a variety of needs, she again gives off such mixed messages to this child about accepting disability.

    Most people who aren’t currently disabled have the privilege of not considering, “Just because I’m fully able physically to do x right now doesn’t mean I’ll maintain that forever, or even the next week,” but, even if Leah somehow believes it’s currently appropriate for her child to have to deal with a flight of stairs to get to her living space, she *knows* that her disability is progressive even if unpredictable. Ali may currently be capable of getting up and down the stairs–even if it seems like an unnecessary and possibly harmful burden–but she doesn’t know if or when that may not be an option, and it sucks that she continues to ignore that.

    This was an active decision she made *again* recently, and it’s irresponsible and disappointing.

    1. I wouldn’t assume Leah is planning on Ali’s bedroom being upstairs. Also, she can afford to put in a lift to accommodate Ali. Anyone with a handicapped family member would account for these things. Assuming she’s a terrible person over a real estate description is a little bit of a stretch, give this woman some credit.

    2. You can always add the things you need to a house. You’re probably not going to find a house premade for your specific handicap, but you can always make those adjustments later. And I’m sure that’s Leah’s plan. She’s always taken Ali’s situation seriously.

  6. Something is off about this guy. His IG is impersonal and all for advertising himself. I’m not sold. I hope it’s genuine. But I’m not sure.

    1. I get it! Even this post, i feel like hes trying to sell me a time share or a weight loss program.

      Its disingenuous. Its phony, like hes playing a role.

  7. So did Leah buy that house?

    It seems like he did, so why is she in the picture? Like he accomplished that on his own without Leah, he has a good job and is in the military, and just got into a PHd program, which is in Georgia, so why did he buy a house in West Virginia?

    Also, they are moving waaaay to fast.

    He’s really young, and doesn’t have kids. Is in a really good place in his career. And now is he planning on being step-daddy to all three of Leah’s children? Also, Leah has said she’s done with having more kids. So is he okay with never having kids? How do you build generational wealth without kids?

    1. “Generational wealth” in the context he’s saying is internet buzzwords. Lots of catch phrases and hashtags. Its phony.

      He’s advertising, just like LMH said above. I get it now what she means.

  8. So happy for Leah and her girls. She has a legit career now and Jaylan seems a good man with a career of his own

  9. I’m Soo super proud of you Leah!!You did it girl!You got everything you’ve ever wanted and more!

  10. Hope things work out but something just doesn’t feel right in the whole relationship. Sort of like someone is using someone

  11. Lol this whole thing is a joke.

    Lol that BFE WV is an upgrade from Charlotte and that Charlotte is such a struggle lol. Dream on.

    Lol that he bought this house and not MTV money and lol that they’ll still have it or be together 5 years from now.

    Lol that Leah is some sort of come up for this guy. He must have never watched the show.

  12. Wow, they’re definitely on the fast track!
    As long as Leah and the girlseses are happy & he treats them right & won’t make a grab for the MTV $$$.

    My first thought – a two storey house for a child with muscle issues?

        1. Does she need 24/7 supervision? I don’t think so. Also perhaps she shares a bedroom with her twin and she won’t be alone

  13. Awesome, I like Jaylan!!!

    Now maybe she’ll get some help taking care of the girls, because the daddies sure ain’t helpin’!!!

    Man they are LOSERS!!! Looks like she FINALLY picked a winner!!!!

    1. Leah doesn’t even have the twins 3days a week or primary care Corey does and Jeremy pays major child support! Jeremy or his family take Addie every weekend! Leah is a terrible parent! A loser!😂😂😂

      1. EVERYONE can see Leah is a WONDERFUL Mom, maybe the stairs were Ali’s request. She’s always wanting to be independent like her sisters.

        We haven’t seen the inside of of Corey’s house. He probably has stairs too.

        All we see is him picking the girls up after “work”, he probably takes them to his parents so he doesn’t have to deal with them and then either picks them up or has them dropped off for “camera time” so it looks like he’s some Godsent parent. And 3 days a week don’t make you a parent. Who takes them (Ali especially) to the drs??…Leah does NOT Corey. I’ve seen Leah have to pick Ali up from Corey’s to take her to the Dr because Corey “can’t” take off “work”. And by work, it’s more than likely “dozing off on the couch in front of the TV, remote in hand and snoring like he’s actually done something while his wife Miranda does it all”.

        And as far as Addie goes, shit for brains Jeremy has partial custody(not his parents), they don’t have a dog in this fight. If I were them I’d be taking their son that they raised to be so loving but is actually WORTHLESS to court to take HIS custody away. Any father worth ANYTHING would get a job closer to home so he doesn’t have to travel all the time. But no, he CLAIMS there aren’t any other jobs out there.

        I think he just doesn’t want to deal with daughter and uses “work” as an excuse. I’m sure just like Corey that the word work is code for something else because I still truly seen either of them do ANYTHING.

        1. Corey has a job that he can’t just take off from all the time. That’s how the real world works. Not saying that Leah isn’t a good mom, but I’m pretty sure her & Corey have shared custody so they have equal parenting time. They have shown Corey’s house before & there aren’t any stairs on the inside of it. And she knew how much Jeremy was gone for work before she married & had a kid with him so that’s on her.

          1. I’ve seen his house from the outside and yes it has a second story so obviously it has stairs so unless he has wings, which I doubt but he’ll probably say he does because he’s STUPID I don’t think even he could get up there!!

            And yes he could take off (it’s called sick leave, personal days, etc) if he wanted, but NO!!! God forbid he ever did that, I’d fall over dead.

            And Jeremy had a 9 to 5 job when they got together, it wasn’t until AFTER she was knocked up with Addie that he quit it and SUPPOSEDLY started this job because it paid more, then he started accusing her of cheating because as he said he wasn’t home to “keep tabs” on his wife, when all along it was him that cheated.

      1. Corey who fought for more custody. Corey who pays the twins insurance. Corey who has ALWAYS been a provider. Is a deadbeat? LMFAO it’s like people don’t pay attention AT ALL to who has ACTUALLY been caring for the girls

        1. Jesus God, it’s Mimi’s bitch ass AGAIN!!! In the words of Jenelle (whom I absolutely HATE btw) “GOOOOOOO AWAAAAAAY!!!!

          1. Corey fought for custody because of Miranda (who was a bitch at first but now I see as a saint because she does EVERYTHING while Corey does NOTHING).

            Corey didn’t want the girls full-time.

          2. Still wasn’t commenting to you, you psycho! You must be like the girls on this show and not understand what a J-O-B is. You CAN’T take off of work for every appointment. Which is why it is so imperative to have a good support system around you to make sure THE CHILD doesn’t miss an appointment. If Corey can’t make it, his dad/step-mom/wife MAKE SURE THEY’RE THERE FOR ALI and of course leaning on Leah WHO DOESN’T FUCKING WORK. Corey has been at EVERY SINGLE important appointment for Ali. But having A JOB makes that difficult. I understand that that concept is difficult to understand for people like you, but it’s a real thing that people have to have to pay bills LIKE INSURANCE ON THREE CHILDREN. You ignorant fucking psycho. Maybe you should try and get a job and you’d understand a little better.

          3. I made a comment about Corey’s LACK of parenting, STEEETS FULL OF UPPERCUT replied in disagreement with me, then you replied to them, so YOU PYSCHO…in a round about you replied to me…do the math.

            I understand what a J-O-B is, but I also know what a F-A-T-H-E-R SHOULD BE, and if you have the days to take off and you have a sick child you damn sure better be there. It’s HIS sperm that fertilized the eggs, NOT his father, stepmama or his wife…HIM and only HIM!!!

            EVERY SINGLE IMPORTANT APPT…BULLSHIT…when your child has a life altering disability…they are ALL important.

            And bitch, I pay my way, don’t nobody do it for me but me!!! But I’ll tell you this, if I had a kid that needed me, I’d be there in a fucking heartbeat!!! Idc, if that meant walking out of a job and getting fired…my child would come FIRST!!!! Jobs are a dime a dozen, but your kid is your kid…thats BLOOD!!!!

        2. MIMI I agree with you 100%
          Corey is a good Dad, and provides the health insurance. W/O the insurance Ali would not have a great doctor. Even MTV money runs out when you are paying for that kind of medical care.

          1. How do you know Corey pays for health insurance, maybe Leah has it through MTV, or maybe Corey’s Daddy Dearest pays for insurance since they (Corey and Leah) were 16 and 17 when she got pregnant and he just never stopped? Or maybe Leah’s mom Dawn put the girls on her insurance and she just never stopped?

            That’s my point, yeah Leah’s immature, no she doesn’t have a job other than MTV, but she excels in her motherly duties whereas the daddies fail MISERABLY!!!

          2. @ComeOnPeople

            Leah has openly said that she does not have insurance (MTV doesn’t provide insurance) and that the girls are on their fathers insurance.

            Just a little fact check for you.

          3. Here’s a little fact check for you Sara, Corey is on his Daddy’s insurance, so maybe the girls are too and Leah’s just giving Corey the credit to make him look good?

            Also, there’s more to being a Daddy than financial support, there’s also something called physical support. HE needs to actually BE THERE to be considered a daddy in my book. Otherwise he’s just a sperm donor.

            Corey ain’t nothing and he ain’t never gonna be nothing!! MTV is just spinning things to make him look good (same with Jeremy). It’s called editing.

            That’s what’s wrong with young men today, they lay down and get there pickle tickled, make these babies and then want to claim how wonderful they are like “Hey, look at me. Y’all see me all of 5 minutes so I must be perfect.”

            The ONLY good father on these shows is Gary. He was absolutely wonderful.

          4. COP.
            You can not put a grown kid on your health insurance
            Sit down & let the grown ups speak

          5. He’s (Corey’s) been on his Daddy’s insurance since he was a child but okay Mimi I mean MissLucy. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

            Age don’t make a grown up, and that’s ALL that’s grown on that dumb jackass. Act grown, don’t just look it and sound it Corey.

    2. Corey is an amazing dad to the twins. Jeremy works a lot. But both dads at least are in the picture.

  14. So much for Leah vowing to “take things slow”.🤷‍♀️

    He seems to be a good guy, I hope for the girlses sake that he actually is.

  15. He seems sweet, and the house looks nice, but DAYM his shirts are TIGHT. no babies if he keeps on doing that to his two friends in there

  16. I’m happy for them. Leah has come a long way and Jaylan seems like a good man with honest intentions. I wish them the best.

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