Planning For Life After ‘Teen Mom 2?’ Leah Messer Says She’s Finished Classes To Become a Real Estate Agent

“Y’all ready for me to sell you some house homes?”

Leah Messer appears to be making plans for her life after Teen Mom 2…if the show ever ends, that is…

The MTV star revealed on Thursday that she has completed the required courses needed to become a real estate agent, and is now preparing to take her state exams to get her real estate license. In a photo posted to Instagram (in which Leah did a professional photoshoot with her briefcase to show everyone she means business!), Leah revealed that she is nervous to take the tests.

“Finished & It’s almost Friday!” she wrote in the photo caption.


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“Finally finished the final for my real estate courses. On to preparing for the final state exams. Does anyone have any study tips they want to pass along!? I’m just a little bit anxious.”

Leah has started a lot of careers over the past 10 years. From being a motivational speaker, to trying her hand at dental assisting, to being a podcaster, to attempting to bring magic lipstick and Mary Kay cosmetics to another generation of Peaches-n-Cream-cheeked West Virginians, Leah has started and quit many jobs.

Leah also started cosmetology school, as well as college and nursing school, but failed to complete the course for any of those career options. This time, however, it appears that she’s focused on getting the classes done.

Leah first revealed her aspirations to become a real estate agent back in November, when she posted a photo of a real estate book she was reading to Instagram Stories. 

“Y’all got outhouses for sale? I’m fixin’ to get me a new s**tter for the backyard!”

In March, she told Heavy that she was considering linking up with her brother (Isaac Messer) once she gets her license.

“I’m halfway through my real estate courses,” she said at the time. “I’m so excited and trying to support my brother and his contractor’s business… I’m exploring my options with that career path. I guess we’ll see. I don’t know where I’m gonna take it yet.”

If Leah does become a real estate agent, she can ask her ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star Vee Torres for advice, as Vee is a realtor in Delaware.

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23 Responses

  1. Not to be mean but… EVERYONE is trying or tries or wants to try the real estate agent thing ?

  2. I think this starting and stopping careers is common amongst the teen moms because they start the real work and then fall back into the mindset that they don’t really NEED the income at that time because the show pays all their bills and more…but once the gig is up, they’ll all have to learn skills and work hard at them like the rest of us, even when it’s not easy or fun.
    Good on the ones that use this opportunity to develop a career for after the show. Or even keep working a normal job during the show just to stay grounded, keep their foot in the door, and give their kids some normalcy and a good example. One good thing I could always say about Brianna.

  3. Good on her for trying to get her future in order. She’s not perfect, but she has come a LONNNNNNNNNNNNG way from the days of her slurring on about putting the dye in the babies head. I’ll give it to Leah, at least she tries, and has done more to get herself together than the other 80% in the franchise who are probably going to go off into oblivion once the show ends. At least she’s got a back up plan. Better to have the license than not.

  4. Everyone and their mother are getting real estate licenses now…so the job market is fierce and competitive….

    just saying…

  5. Wow, I’m actually surprised and happy for Leah. Of course she has to pass her test to get her real estate license, but she’s put in 6 months or more of studying for an actual career. This is more than she’s accomplished academically wise in the past.

    1. You are giving her way too much credit. The real estate course can be taken on line and can be finished in 2 weeks…it’s only 90 hours in WV!! Leah has come a long way, but a 90 hour course is nothing. Let’s see what she does with it and then I;ll give her props.

      1. I hope Leah sticks with real estate too. It’s better than trying to live off clickbait articles and mlm after the show ends. I have no idea how long education requirements are in each state for licensure but doing something productive is better than nothing.

  6. Her track record isn’t great, but this endeavor required her to put in the work to study and train. I hope she makes it and applaud her efforts!

  7. Yea, Right……. A dingbat that is covered with tattoos from shoulders to toes is the real estate agent I would hire. NOT

    1. I can’t think of a single job where tattoos affect ones ability to do a job properly. Is she the smartest person? No, but if she’s able to pass the course and exams then good for her. And at least she’s doing something and preparing for the future.

    2. The house buying process is pretty much the same across the board. Cant see how tattoos make any difference.

  8. Planning a way to pay the bills that isn’t click bait on IG. I can’t fault her for that. Good on her.

  9. Good luck to her..

    I don’t imagine rill estate in the state with the highest population drop will be that lucrative, but, hey, whatever.

    So who has had more aspiration machinations? Leah or Caitlyn?

    1. probably brianas baby daddy luis who wanted to be a welder or a cop while he’s also a dj, trucker, and construction worker ?

    2. Jenelle. She’s told us so many things that she is or is going to do for a career over the years. Exactly zero of them have panned out.

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