‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Is Starting a “Life Transformational” Podcast; Says It’s Nothing Like Kail Lowry’s Podcast

“If I can change my life, anyone can! I mean…look how clean my car is now!”

Leah Messer is the latest reality TV star to jump on the Podcast Wagon!

In an interview with Us Weekly, the Teen Mom 2 star announced that she is launching Life Reboot, a podcast about transforming your life.

“Of course it’s fun … but it’s also inspirational, aspirational and motivational,” Leah told the magazine last week.

Leah’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star Kail Lowry has found great success with her Coffee Convos podcast, but Leah insists that her podcast will be very different than the podcast Kail hosts with Lindsie Chrisley.

“Kail’s is day-to-day conversational and ours is more about transforming your life and learning how to become the best version of yourself,” Leah said. “Even though they’re different, we love to support one another.”

Leah was a guest on Kail’s podcast earlier this year, and Leah says that Kail recently returned the podcast appearance favor.

“I was on Kail’s and she was just on ours … the third episode I think,” Leah said.

Leah confirmed that, like Kail, she will have her fellow ‘Teen Mom’ franchise co-stars appear on the podcast.

“See? There ain’t no hard feelings!”

“We have an exciting lineup of guests for the next couple of months,” she told Us Weekly.

Leah has been really into the “life transformational” stuff in the years since she went to rehab after her life went down the crapper. As you’ll remember, back in 2014, Leah (allegedly) battled a drug problem, went through a divorce with her second husband Jeremy Calvert and was often in the news for her behind-the-scenes hijinks.

After returning from rehab, Leah began to follow her friend Lindsay Reilly‘s “Live Your Standard” life coaching curriculum, which she has credited with helping her turn her life around. Leah told Us Weekly that the “Live Your Standard” program will be part of the new podcast.

“It will be talking about my experiences with it and what I’m doing in my life and my goals,” Leah said. “I definitely feel like I was in need of knowing myself more and knowing that and truly loving who I was … and, you know, knowing where I wanted to go and it took … a lot of transformation in my life…

“That’s my role in the podcast… It’s to share what I have [gone] through and what I’ve learned as I’ve [gone] through it and every high and low in my life, and that’s what I’m most excited to share and truly help others,” Leah added.

The Life Reboot podcast will post new episodes every Wednesday. According to Podcast One, the first episode of Leah’s podcast is coming soon.

In the trailer, Leah tells potential listeners, “We want you to learn to live your best life by engaging, empowering and entertaining you.”

Currently, Leah, Kail and Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee all have their own podcasts, but we may see even more ‘Teen Mom’ stars entering the podcast arena soon. Tyler Baltierra recently asked his Instagram followers if they would listen if he and his wife Catelynn Lowell started a podcast. (For the record, more people responded “no” than “yes.”)

Also…’member when Farrah Abraham had a weird, short-lived podcast? That was…fun.

Anyway, to subscribe to Leah’s Life Reboot podcast, click here!

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27 Responses

  1. I wish Leah would go a different route other than the inevitable ones: books, podcast, clothing lines, and Instagram product promotion. Though I guess anything is better than taking pills or sitting on the couch all day. And she’s obviously doing better parenting.

  2. Leah’s grammar is horrible! How in the world can she do a podcast? I’m proud of her I’m returning her life around, but I won’t be listening.

  3. Do these girls not understand they aren’t inspirational at all? They have a safety net “job” where they sit on couches for $500k+ and can’t get fired for drugs or whatever else they do. Kail has a degree she admitted on her podcast was useless and keeps having babies with a new guy every season while bragging about being “white trash” while she buys new houses and Mercedes. I doubt Leah will divulge any new info on her drug use or anything we don’t already know about.
    Ya know what a good podcast would be? Leah’s girls interviewing the other teen mom kids unedited. Now that I would listen to!

  4. I do not understand why Leah is trying to be a motivational speaker. She has three children by two dads. She has been divorced twice. Dropped out of college. I mean I applaud her for getting off pills, but she really hasn’t done anything.

  5. From what we’ve seen of her public speaking on the show….she’s not that good at it
    However, she did manage to somehow turn her life right side up again relatively quickly after falling asleep with a baby in her lap on the show so…maybe she could help someone.

  6. I can’t knock her for trying…I’m actually rooting for her. Girl was a HOT drugged out mess, and has seemed to have gotten it together unlike a lot of her other cast mates….as far as Catelynn and Tyler having a podcast….Please spare us.

  7. My biggest suggestion to all of these girls would be to get a real 9 to 5 job and that may give you an idea of how most of us deal with the daily challenges of raising family, working full time, paying bills, grocery shopping, etc. My bet is none of them would do that because they think they are above that and are entitled to a six figure income because they became mothers at 16.

  8. All you gotta do to be successful is get pregnant at 16/15/17, win the lottery and get picked for an incredibly successful TV show, then not squander your riches on Mary Kay and pills. Why arent you guys where I am? Come on guys, it’s not that hard!

  9. how about live your best life in quiet and leave the rest of us alone

    also get a normal job and stop this podcast/writing dumb books/preaching nonsense

  10. Just feel like it would be unfair to listen to Leah’s when I don’t listen to kails

    I just really don’t want to listen ?

  11. Why do these people think they have so much knowledge and wisdom that they should pass down to us peasants so that we too can finally “live our best lives” like the stars of teen mom. Y’all aren’t that special and I don’t need any guidance from anyone else on how to fuck up my life. I can do that all on my own.

    1. The entitlement is really strange….writing memoirs before age 30, accomplishing nothing in terms of a career or education, and then deciding to play Tony Robbins just bc you’ve gone a year or so without doing drugs or getting pregnant lol? I wish one of them would do an honest podcast like “I’m rich bitch!” and talk about their life thanks to the show, not pretend they did something for it lol.

  12. Oh boy, another podcast from someone who got pregnant as a teen. I’m sure we can learn a lot as she has accomplished so much! It’s getting ridiculous now!

    1. I found it awesome to hear that Taylor (the youngest girl ever on ’16 & Pregnant’, turned 15 during filming) had actually finshed a bachelor’s degree in nursing at 22 (I think she’s the only girl to finish a bachelor’s degree right out of high school). Also that she was like “If I have any more kids they’ll be at least ten years apart and that’s fine”. Like, girl, why don’t *you* get more publicity?!

      1. Ooh! I don’t remember this one… But that’s awesome!! Nursing degrees are definitely not easy to achieve! Props to her!

  13. But I thought she was a Mary Kay sales rep. No, wait…a Lipsense sales rep. No, wait…a motivational speaker. No, wait…..

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