‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer is Planning to Launch Empowerment Brand & Podcast: Get Details on “Go Higher With Purpose”

“I’m ready to motivate y’all…and stuff…”

Slap on your Mary Kay lipstick and get ready to stand in your power, y’all, because Leah Messer is apparently going into business to motivate the women of the world!

Back in January, the Teen Mom 2 star filed to trademark the phrase “Go Higher With Purpose.” The Sun broke the news of Leah’s filing on Monday. According to online filing document located by The Ashley, Leah’s brand will include “personal coaching services in the field of healthy living and health education, women’s interest topics, empowerment, lifestyle, wellness, personal development, entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency.”


“This is gonna be bigger than my stash of canned ravioli, y’all!”

Leah— who used to co-host a “life transformational” podcast and has had some of her empowerment “speakings” filmed for ‘Teen Mom 2’— wrote that she plans to provide education courses, write online journals and blogs, and “video and audio recordings and instructor assistance” all in the name of helping women stand in their power!

She states that she will also be providing video and audio podcasts about healthy living, women’s topics, empowerment, etc. Her brand will include a website about those topics, as well as “self-sufficiency, self-reliance, preparedness, sustainability and survival training.”

“Lemme know if you need help with that. I don’t want to brag but I DID survive almost half a day in the jungle!”

In addition, Leah— who is currently working to become a real estate agent— will offer “real estate brokerage services” through her brand.

The Sun reports that, back in December, Leah filed for a business license for “Leah Messer LLC,” a for-profit company registered in Bomont, West Virginia. 

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Leah has started a lot of careers over the past 10 years. From being a motivational speaker, to trying her hand at dental assisting, to being a podcaster, to attempting to bring magic lipstick and Mary Kay cosmetics to another generation of Peaches-n-Cream-cheeked West Virginians, Leah has started and quit many jobs.

“Because this time, I’m in whole hog!”

Leah also started cosmetology school, as well as college and nursing school, but failed to complete the course for any of those career options. This time, however, it appears that she’s focused on getting the real estate classes done and getting herself set up for life after ‘Teen Mom 2.’ (This is probably a smart idea, given how bad the show’s ratings are currently!) 

Leah has yet to announce her podcast/website/brand/thing; however, she has hinted recently that she has a lot of projects in the works.


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27 Responses

  1. I guess it’s good that she’s thinking about the future but this all seems like the kind of gibberish pyramid-scheme speak that people turn to when they have little education, no talent in any particular area, and they really really don’t want to have to get a proper job after being on reality tv.

  2. Health advice? from someone who didn’t understand the importance of having health insurance? That sounds like a fool when discussing her own health issues? Or discussing menstruation with her daughters? She has no clue.

  3. Ashley, I’m hoping you’ll replace TM write ups with MAFS (both the US and the Australian versions). Much more fun!

  4. The dental assistant seems like the safest bet for her, imo. It’s a job that should be expected to last, isn’t subject to cultural trends and it requires no ingenuity.

  5. As silly as I think it is that anyone would take advice on anything from Leah, I can’t hate on her for trying to create a career that is not solely being on a reality show (that is hopefully on the edge of cancelation). I hope she is successful.

  6. I guess having a podcast is the new having a clothing line? Good for her though, she needs something to fall back on cause the show isn’t looking like it will last much longer!

  7. What has she done that’s empowering? Drop out of college, not pay her taxes, bring random men in her children’s lives,getting divorced twice, faking a miscarriage? Leah is trailer trash.

  8. Can’t even knock her for trying to find another form of revenue. Stevie Wonder can see the end is near for TM2 (I wish it weren’t though…just to spite Jenelle…just like TMOG stayed on the air for YEARS after Farrah swore they would be nothing without her), time for the girls to start getting their financial affairs in order.

  9. Does she offer waxing or micro-blading? Any lessons on how she paints on that heavy coat of make up everyday? Looks like she’s 30 years older!

    1. YES! I’m so distracted by her make-up, I don’t even hear half of what she says. Maybe that’s a good thing ???? it ages her so much. It’s so dark like looking.

  10. No matter how hard Leah tries, she will never be able to unring the bell of 2015, all documented for our viewing pleasure. If she is truly interested in trying to convince everyone that she should be heard, she might want to try speaking on things that she has actual experience with. The dangers of parenting while having a substance use disorder, advocating against driving under the influence, the dark side of teen pregnancy. I could respect that, especially if she were to funnel some money towards MADD and/or other foundations that help to educate others on the risky behaviors that Leah once practiced. This whole “stand in your power” shit is vapid and void of any real substance. You have a bullhorn to the world grrrl, use it for something that actually matters.

    1. That’s actually a really good idea for her, talking about being a young mom with a drug problem raising twins, losing custody, she could do a segment on divorce…she’d reach a much broader audience if she would talk about that as opposed to that woman empowerment stuff. I saw through recaps that she has finally admitted to being an addict, and she apparently didnt use that word in past tense, I really respected that. You’re right, she should stand in her power that way instead of trying to empower women.

    2. I feel so bad for the “girlses” as all the other TM kids. They didn’t choose to be filmed so their parents could rake it in, but they’ll have to suffer the consequences of their parents bad decisions for years to come! I have a lot of respect for Chelsea saying enough was enough with her kids.

  11. She has no education pertaining to any of the topics she wants to discuss. She’s such a fool and doesn’t even realize it.

  12. I am cracking up on healthy living. Does healthy living include eating icing, lunchables, cheetos off the dirty floor and unheated can soup?

  13. Unless she can teach me her ways of making 6 figures while sitting on her couch, I am not interested.

  14. Well bless her heart!

    I applaud her for trying to look to the Teen-Mom-less future, really I do. But how is she going to generate an income??? She can’t seem to motivate herself to stick to any plan.

  15. I get sick of listening to her PSA’s while simultaneously humiliating her daughters in every episode. Wonder if her “brand” includes information from the cult that she is in?

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