EXCLUSIVE! Well-Known ‘Teen Mom 2’ Producers Fired After Show Ratings Sink to New Low; Network Feels “Producers Have Allowed the Girls to Call the Shots”

“I finally got out of the swamp and now this happens! I can’t win!” 

Teen Mom 2 keeps losing viewers— but now its losing its long-time producers, too!

The Ashley can exclusively report that the network higher-ups have fired some of the most-recognizable producers from ‘Teen Mom 2,’ due to how low the show’s ratings have sunk. The Ashley’s production sources tell her that the shake-up has caused several producers to be axed, due to the fact that MTV feels they’re not doing their jobs– which is to get authentic stories from the girls on the show!

“The production company recently got in a lot of trouble because the ratings of the show are so bad,” one production source tells The Ashley.

The ratings for the episode that aired on Tuesday, July 1 were positively dismal compared to the numbers the show used to bring in. That episode barely cracked 400,000 viewers. The numbers for ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 10B— which is the first without Chelsea Houska, have been low since the season premiere. 

When you hear that your show is approaching ‘Teen Mom: Young Moms Club’ levels….

Last month, The Ashley gathered up the ratings from 10B so far and things are “not well” in ‘Teen Mom’ Ratings Land. The episodes that aired in May and June were the lowest-rated in the series’ history.

The June 1 episode brought in a sad 500,000 viewers. (Again, this is a show that, even two years ago, was bringing in an average of 900,000 viewers an episode.) The other most-recent episodes barely creeped above the 500k mark, with the episode that aired on May 25 (which, as you may remember, featured riveting storylines, such as Kail’s son helping her pick out kitchen tile), coming in at just 520,000 viewers.

Things actually got worse in June, with the June 22 episode bringing in only 470,000 viewers. (This marked the first time an episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ had under 500,000 viewers.) 

“When will you realize that what ya really need is a little Babs on ya damn show?!”

The network is putting the blame for the poor ratings on the production company, The Ashley’s sources tell her.

“The network feels that the producers have allowed the girls to call the shots on what they want to film and what they don’t, and the result is an incredibly boring and inauthentic show. Fans watch all the drama go down on social media, but most of the real stuff never makes it on the show.”

“How much more real can I get?!”

As The Ashley previously reported, ‘Teen Mom 2’ was renewed for another season, despite how bad its ratings currently are. However, the network higher-ups are demanding changes be made.

“The network is really hammering down on how filming is done and the level of access,” the source said. (Just FYI– by “access,” the source means what the stars of the show ‘allow’ the cameras to film and the show to cover.)

“The producers have been told that they are failing to get the full story from the girls, and not pushing to capture what is actually going on in the lives of the girls,” the source said. “They feel like the producers have allowed the girls to walk all over them. If the girls don’t want something covered on the show, the producers don’t press them to film it. The network wants the girls to put their life events on the show, not just the things that make them look good.”

“There may be more producers cut if things don’t improve,” the source added. 

Where would be a good place to start filming the ‘good stuff?’

Last month, Briana DeJesus accused Kail Lowry of refusing to film the juicy stuff happening in her life and instead, filming about redoing her house.

“Like Kail is sitting on the show legitimately filming about a wallpaper color choice when she could be filming about a domestic abuse situation with Chris that I was told she was trying to hide,” Briana told Celebuzz in June.

On Thursday, news broke that Kail has filed a lawsuit against Briana for the statements she made in that interview and during an Instagram Live session shortly after. 

One of the most-recognizable producers that The Ashley hears was let go was Kristen Schylinski. ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know her as the former producer of Jenelle Evans. After Jenelle was fired from the show in 2019, though, Kristen stayed on as a producer who overlooked all of the girls’ story in the field.

“I put up with Jenelle and David for years and this is the thanks I get?!”

The Ashley can confirm that the show’s other recognizable producer, Larry Musnik, is still with the show, however. The Ashley can’t 100 percent confirm the other producer(s) who were axed, but she will update this story when more info is available.

UPDATE! After The Ashley’s story was posted, Briana tweeted— and then deleted— a comment, along with a link to the article. She implied that the producer of her nemesis, Kail, was also axed.

“Wonder which girl won’t have their favorite producer anymore. #BriWasRight,” she wrote.

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. This show, these narcissistic women who are actually terrible mothers, all the boob jobs, but lifts hair extensions all need to GO!

  2. The show is called “Teen Mom” once they are out of their teens they should no longer be on the show and living off that wage. If they land another reality show so be it. Bring on new girls because teen pregnancy still has high numbers. New teen mom’s are the ones struggling and having a hard time not girls doing this for numerous years making such a high wage. Then later on down the road they could do a where are they now special with previous teen moms

  3. Yeah, those producers are soft as hell. Ever since they broke the 4th wall, the show hasn’t been the same. I don’t know how many articles about dismal ratings need to be written for MTV to let go of this caca fiesta. No one cares about these heifers buying mansions and getting plastic surgery. That’s what the E! Channel is for.

  4. I absolutely LOVE the idea of a “Where are they now?” Program!!
    Or even a show with Tyler and Cate helping people with adoption!
    I love those two and how they are there for each other!
    I personally think they deserve a show. They aren’t as whiny as the others and they seem to have their heads screwed on the correct way!

    1. Catelynn & Tyler are 2 of the laziest people on the show. They owe Uncle Sam like $800k in unpaid taxes, and for all the going on and on about what they were gonna do when ‘they grew up,’ they haven’t done shit. Neither have gone to college or taken any classes, and Cate has changed her mind on what she wants to do at least 5 times. She better get that figured out, cause those taxes aren’t gonna pay themselves, and both franchises are on their last legs.

    2. The last people that should be giving adoption counseling if Cate and Tyler. They have no respect for boundaries, they completely disregard the parent’s wishes in regards to THEIR child, and act as if Carly’s parents owe them some kind of debt for placing her with them.

    3. Have you and I watched the same show? Cate and Ty are completely dysfunctional, they are no example to anyone on adoption or anything else for that matter.

  5. I would really prefer a whole season of Where are they now from the old 16 and pregnant girls to the boring, lazy and rich TeenMom Girls.

    1. Exactly. And a follow-up show would paint a realistic picture of what happens to teen moms. Many of the 16&P girls who didn’t make it onto the TM franchise have struggled. It is nice to read about the occasional success story like Taylor graduating from nursing school. But her journey to become an RN was probably much harder than someone who wasn’t a teen parent.

      1. The whole show is boring but whoever put Ashley and Bar’s story on it should be fired for sure.

        1. They are THE worst!
          I change the channel whenever they are on!
          They are both so fake I think I’d like to check to see where their battery packs are! Fake in every meaning of the word!!

  6. It’s giving these people all that money that has ruined this show. The money should have been put in a trust until the show was over.

    It makes it totally NOT reality. The moms all sit around doing nothing all day. Where’s the ‘struggle’? That’s what I used to watch. And yes, the girls do set the tone of what they want filmed. We just saw that with Jade. I would have liked to see the interaction with her loser mother while she was recouping.

    The fact that these women can go on lavish vacations, have full body make overs, rent AirBnBs, etc. just makes it fake. The producers don’t make it fake. MTV makes it fake.

    1. Yeap, totally agree. I’ve always thought the money should have been split up so that the girls got a small amount for filming and the bulk went into a trust for after the show. There are other reality shows that pay small amounts per episode(like Drag Race only pays $500 an episode, the main money comes from the prizes and exposure) so Teen Mom could have done the same thing. Enough to pay for the extra utilities or such that the film crew adds to the bills but not enough to make filming their “job”. The first season of both Teen Mom series was good because everyone was still struggling. Once the salaries doubled or quadrupled, it stopped by about the struggle and became as Nathan said “Rednecks winning the lottery”.


  8. MTV opening their eyes to low ratings is just the first step towards the end of the TM franchise. I think they’re focused on the wrong people, though, but I remind myself that getting rid of producers is just the first step. They’ll very quickly realize it’s the cast they need to get rid of instead.
    The show concept may have made sense in the beginning, but it’s outlived any usefulness it may have ever had with the cast aging out, becoming unrelatable, and simply boring. I give the TM shows 2 more seasons and then sayonara TM.

  9. I can safely say I have not been watching this season. I think I made it 2 episodes, and called it quits….I get updated on the drama through here or The Grace Report…The storylines this season SUCK. Then they brought on all those Y&P girls…nothing against Ashley and Jade but if I wanted to watch the Y&P girls, then I would watch Y&P. MTV just shoved those 2 down our throats when they could have chosen anyone from the more recent 16&P season, or even an outsider like they did Bristol and Cheyenne….those 2 were surprisingly really good additions to TMOG IMO.

  10. It’s a freaking shit show! Find yourself a better endeavor! It’s not the producers fault!!

  11. This show jumped the shark years ago. And it finally died when Bri and the coven came on.

    And the OG show … Axe it. That shit died before TM2 did.

    1. Nope. It’s the commie virtual signaling and normalizing/glamorizing dysfunction that resulted in the disastrous ratings. I haven’t watched since they added Brianne. They were already at max pig factor with Kail alone.

  12. I haven’t watched in years. The ladies are 10+ years removed from being teen moms and the show has made them rich. So what’s the appeal? I don’t need to watch 30 year old rich adults have baby daddy drama. Grow up.

    Three best solution would be to change the cash entirely and keep rotating them out every year, or every 3-4 years

  13. I often wondered if I was the only person who’d sometimes forget when this show was on. Now I see I wasn’t alone.

    It’s old. It’s dated. It needs to be put out of its misery.

    MTV, come up with a fresher, newer concept with fresher, newer faces and story lines — and please just let this one GO.

    You’re welcome.

  14. The actual solutions are either cancel the show because these women are just boring or bring back Jenelle. Everyone got all holier than thou that she had to go but really she is the one that brought the drama and the ratings. Some fights between her and David and her and Barbara will fix the problem. I don’t watch anymore because I may as well watch house hunters or a sitcom for how exciting TM2 currently is.

    1. Jenelle and particularly Babs were a big reason I used to tune in, but I stopped watching even before she was fired. The early days of those two made for some trash-tastic TV with many memorable quotes (“high, high!”, “your booooyfriend”, “but it’s Kesha” to name a few). However, that spark is long gone. Eventually Jenelle’s story line became her and David being disgusting and getting away with all sorts of crimes because she had money for good lawyers.

      There’s no point to the show anymore – they all live well and are entitled. They’re no longer teens and they’re certainly not struggling. Most of them haven’t learned from their mistakes and continue to make piss poor choices that negatively impact their children. The one that did wise up (Chelsea) left when the money was no longer worth the loss of privacy.

      I’d tune in if they all suddenly became broke, had to get real jobs and struggle. That’s what made the show compelling in the early days. It wasn’t fair that the teen moms were paid a lot less than the Jersey Shore cast, but giving them cushy lifestyles ruined the show and that’s why ratings are low. The best producer in the world can’t fix that.

    2. can y’all understand that bringing jenelle back won’t fix anything. they fired jenelle because mtv couldn’t film in her state because of david and she didn’t wanna travel to film and mtv won’t hire david back either because he refuses to lock up his guns and they can’t put the crew members at risk, and ratings were already going downhill before jenelle got fired.

  15. I have read speculation that MTV is waiting for one of the kids to become pregnant and I’m beginning to think that’s so. Why else are they keeping this embarrassment on TV?

    1. That’s still a few years off. There’s no way the show can even hang on for two more seasons. I’m sure The Ashley will keep us posted when that happens. Will be interesting to see which one of the ladies becomes a grandma first. My guess is Leah with Addie even though she’s a few years younger than the original kids.

      1. You realize you’re talking about a child right? Probably 11 years old or so? Is it really appropriate for you to speculate on her being pregnant. You’re a pig

  16. And now the end is here
    And so I face that final curtain
    My friend I’ll make it clear
    I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain
    I’ve lived a life that’s full
    I traveled each and every highway

    stay lit

  17. Donna,
    Those clothes were her uniform she wore when she was younger,
    Because they were required for cheer.
    The makeup is so they can stand out under her lights FYI.

  18. It is pretty sad that the “girls” push around the producers and the producers bend over and take it right up the bum!!!
    These “girls” should have NO say in anything!
    If they want to be on the show then they do what they’re told, PERIOD!
    This isn’t the life according to what they want you to see!
    Fire them all and get some new young ladies who are ACTUALLY struggling with being a teen parent!

    1. This is such a good point!
      These EMPLOYEES are paid literally $millions to have THEIR LIVES FILMED – the good, the bad and the ugly!
      In what job do you get to pick and choose what TASKS OF THE JOB you do?
      I can’t think of even one… can anyone else??

      They get paid that much bc of the hard stuff!
      Not that this is an appropriate comparison but I always say that doctors get paid the big bucks not because of their day-to-day tasks but for when💩hits the fan! Making a show that exposes an edited version of the cast is analogous to the day-to-day tasks that are worth minimum wage. Exposing the TRUTH is what gains ratings and EARNS the cast their “big bucks”! (Albeit still way over paid IMO)
      The show has simply become a marketing gimmick for the girls image and other/future endeavours which is why it’s so boring…among other reasons of course. It has simply run its course…long ago! Social Media is more entertaining, easily and consistently accessible and EXPOSES THE TRUTH!

      Can we also just pause for a moment to have a smirk at how ratings dropped when Chelsea left but didn’t budge when JE was FIRED!😁 That fact makes my whole week!!

      1. The fact that the Easons are thinking they will get back on now and are loving this!! Really pisses me off!!
        Sadly I can’t believe Briana was right!


  20. Cancel the show in general, Kail’s story line is extremely unrealistic, and MTV did create a monster out of Kail, I am evil and personal want to see her down fall, her hair line is a bust( the Instagram for the brand looks like it buys followers), she only like has one podcast left(which probably only makes peanuts compared want see makes on teen mom.) I can imagine kail being on every single z-list celebrity reality tv show out there after teen mom 2 ends.

      1. Lol why did this remind me of that episode of Friends with Jennifer Coolidge faking her British accent 😂😂

  21. I think it’s funny that this comes out after Kail dropped a hint on her podcast about possibly becoming a producer so she could have more control over her storyline. Welp, I guess she got her answer!

  22. Fire everyone you want, MTV, you’re just trying to polish a turd at this point. Nothing will save this except for a total cast change. New (TEEN!) moms with new stories! And don’t keep them around for a decade! But this right here is a LOST CAUSE.

    1. I agree. Everyone is sick of these same storylines and no one gives a hoot about Jade, Briana, and Ashley’s segments. I don’t know that I want to Watch a show about a bunch of teenagers, but this show has ran its course and there isn’t anything that’s going to save it at this point. 🤷🏻‍♀️


  23. I loved this show and teen mom og, but it is the same thing every season. Nothing has changed for either show. Same problem different outfit and b00bs. MTV needs to bring back road rules.

  24. These girls with their Glam Squads, multi-year vacations to exotic islands, PFA’s, NDA’s, BBL’s….
    It’s over.

    We have said it before so many times on here in the past. This show got boring as soon as these girls started acting like this show was a platform for them to get rich on and control their narrative.

    MTV needs to use this as a great example of what happens when teen pregnancy turns into millennium assholery.

    Get back to basics, and get a fresh crop, including Dr. Drew. And dont make Kristen the producer the scapegoat. Hell, she had to wrangle Jenelle! She deserves hazard pay!!

  25. I have an idea: make the girls film everything! They get paid, after all. My boss can tell me what to do.

  26. Once again Briana is “stirring up the pot” aka causing trouble before it even was announced!!! Someone seriously needs to put a big fat muzzle on her lips and you think that this pending lawsuit against from Kali has not shut her mouth up!!! I hope that the judge and producers will see who is the REAL BULLY here!!! #firetheDeJesus family

    1. Are you trying to say bri is a bully but Kail isn’t? Gtfo, they’re cut from the same exact cloth

      Also, that lawsuit from Kail was stupid. There’s a police report with witnesses attesting to her beating Chris. She has reasonable reasons to believe it was true; that’s all she needs to prove with Kail being a public figure

  27. now that mtv is somewhat getting things right can we start pushing them to stop airing ridiculousness and the other stupid spin offs 24/7?

  28. Maybe MTV could cancel this crap show and spend that money putting something interesting and new on tv. This show is someone kicking a horse that’s been dead for 10 years

    1. I miss shows like True Life. They have all this boring crap. MTV used to be interesting at one point.

      1. This, 100%! I don’t even know what else is on MTV these days, besides hours and hours of Ridiculousness!

  29. ….or maybe it’s because these not so “teen moms” anymore are boring and everyone is sick of them.🤔

    Leah – PSA on every episode of positivity and doing her best to embarrass her girlses
    Briana – Same shit, different day with the Dejesus’ coven of chaos
    Kail – Dropping off, picking up her boys with multiple fathers, discussing boring things involving multiple fathers, bitching about everything
    Ashley – Has brought nothing to the show other than Bar getting his ankle monitor removed

  30. MTV execs only have it half right. People are just tired of the same girls after nearly a decade. Especially when they are making nearly half a million a season. They need to axe TMOG and TM2 and start fresh with new or semi-new faces at a drastically lower but still worthwhile pay. Plus, didn’t the higher ups cater to Maci’s demand to have Ryan & Co removed from the show? They are just as guilty as the producers at giving into demands.

    It will be interesting to see how Maci & Kail will take this though. It’s seems they are the biggest culprits.

    1. Exactly. They make too much money and are not relatable at all. If I have to watch ONE MORE ‘teen’ mom buy a 500k house, I’ll lose my mind.

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