Season 6 of ‘Unexpected’ Premieres Next Month on TLC: Watch the Full Trailer & Meet the (New & Returning) Couples

“…and according to this test, a baby.”

Ready or not, TLC is delivering another season of Unexpected.

According to Us Weekly, Season 6 of the TLC series will follow five couples– two returning and three new– as they tackle pregnancy, early parenthood, promise rings, preeclampsia and more. 

Meet the Season 6 couples below! 

Lilly (22) & Lawrence (21)

“We’re older, wiser and NOT expecting another baby…at least not at the moment, anyway.”

Returning for another season are Lilly and Lawrence– parents of 16-month-old LJ. (Lilly is also a mom to four-year-old daughter Aliyah, from a previous relationship.) This season, viewers will watch as the young couple attempt to plan their dream wedding in just three months, despite their lack of funds. 

“This is where you come in, TLC.”

“Three months is crazy, I really don’t know,” Lawrence tells Lilly upon hearing the wedding date she’s selected for the two of them. “Unless we sell a body part, I don’t know how we’re going to come up with the money in that time frame.” 

Jenna (19) & JJ (20) 

When teen pregnancy is so nice, you decide to do it twice.

Also returning this season is Jenna, whom fans may remember from Season 4, on which she appeared with then-boyfriend Aiden. (Longtime fans will remember Jenna as the girl who got knocked up by her high school boyfriend, who had assured her that a girl can’t get pregnant unless the guy was “ogulating.” No…seriously.)

Jenna, now several years older and (hopefully) wiser, shares her four-year-old son Luca with Aiden; however, the teen mom has since moved on with boyfriend JJ. 

Despite Jenna claiming that she isn’t ready for Baby No. 2, JJ reveals in the Season 6 trailer that he and Jenna aren’t using protection. (Click here to find out how that worked out for the couple.) 

“But Jenna was telling me about this thing called ogulating that guys need to be doing to get a girl pregnant, so I think we’re fine…and stuff.”

Later in the trailer, we see Jenna stress over the possibility of having two different baby daddies in two different states, before going on to take a pregnancy test in what appears to be a public bathroom. 

Emalee (18) & Nate (16) 

Something tells us these two are snot not ready for parenthood.

Making their ‘Unexpected’ debut this season is self-proclaimed cougar Emalee and her underage boo/baby daddy Nate. While this will be Emalee’s first child, she already has some experience under her belt, telling viewers in the Season 6 trailer that she has to “mother” her younger boyfriend. (OK…is it, um…legal for us to be watching this? I feel…icky.)

You’ve officially taken it too far, Emalee.

Despite her trial run in parenting, Emalee admits that getting knocked up before graduation isn’t for everyone. 

“I don’t recommend getting pregnant in high school,” she says in the trailer. “It’s not for the weak.” 

Kayleigh (15) & Graham (15)

Kayleigh and Graham, representing the “parents with driving permits” demographic.

Also making their ‘Unexpected’ debut are Kayleigh and Graham–- two non-driving teens who live 30 minutes apart from each other and are preparing to be parents. 

In addition to being 15, expecting a baby and being in a long-distance relationship, Kayleigh and Graham must also deal with the naysayers in their lives. (Go figure…)

“The positive pregnancy test and TLC camera crew in my home determined THAT was a lie.”

“I don’t foresee it being a very good relationship for either of them,” Kayleigh’s mom, Mandy, says in the trailer. 

Aniyah (17) & Dakwon (17) 

Did Dakwon JUST realize that he’s going to be a teen parent…?

Rounding out the Season 6 cast are Aniyah and Dakwon–- armed with a baby on the way, a promise ring and the idea that they will be “together forever.” 

“Together forever” or, based on Aniyah’s caption in that video, until a second baby-mama comes along.

This season, viewers will watch as Aniyah fearfully navigate a preeclampsia diagnosis and, like Kayleigh and Graham, some doubtful family members. 

“I’ve had promise rings and promises were not kept,” Aniyah’s mom, Ashley, says in the trailer.

‘Unexpected’ returns to TLC June 3. Watch the Season 6 trailer below.

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(Photos: TLC; YouTube) 

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  1. I saw a picture of Emmalee’s son on Starcasm and… that does NOT look like Nate’s baby…
    I could be wrong but if anyone else has seen the baby, let me know what you think…

  2. I’m so excited! I missed Unexpected. It’s so much more interesting than anything from the Teen Mom franchise.

  3. I can’t believe that Lily and Lawrence are still together. Lily seems to think that “money grows on trees” and Lawrence has a much different parenting style than Lily.

    1. Wasn’t she planning the wedding on the last season we watched?
      Also Lily & Jenna are like Jade to me. I would rather watch paint dry.

  4. What happened to Kylen and that overbearing boyfriend whatever his name was? Hopefully he treats her right. Would have liked to see them!

    1. Overbearing is accurate but a wild understatement. Controlling, emotional abusive, gaslighting are all more precise. They seem to still be together and it is deeply concerning. He did not treat her right and seems unlikely he has the intellect or emotional bandwidth to ever do so.

  5. Those 15-year olds look like babies…I just can’t see how these two are ready to be parents. It might fall on her mom’s shoulders anyway.

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