A&E Announces New Seasons of ‘Inmate to Roommate’ & “60 Days In” Premiering This Month: Get Details!

“…and because I’ve always wanted to be on TV.”

A&E’s hit series Inmate to Roommate returns this month with a new season and a new group of newly-released inmates looking for a place to live after getting out of the clink.

As in the first season, Season 2 will follow along as the former inmates re-enter society and move in with individuals who have welcomed them into their homes, despite them never meeting before. 

“America has one of the world’s highest recidivism rates with approximately 76 percent of released prisoners being re-arrested after 5 years,” A&E states in the description for ‘Inmate to Roommate.’ “One of the most significant factors in reducing recidivism rates is access to housing. 


“Both the former inmates and their respective roommates will enter this new living arrangement with their own baggage,” the network adds. 

In the trailer for the upcoming season, viewers get a sneak peek of some of that “baggage,” as some of the inmate-roommate duos struggle to co-exist in their unique living situation, with what appears to be two of the pairs coming to blows. 

Things might go from ‘Inmate to Roommate’ to ‘Inmate to Roommate Back to Inmate’ real quick…

Viewers will also watch as the inmates face challenges such as strict house rules, sobriety, parole constraints and more. 

“I didn’t sign up for this. Oh, wait…”

“I feel like I’m still in jail,” one former inmate says in the Season 2 trailer. “When am I going to be free?”

A&E has also announced the return of 60 Days In–- the series that follows seven participants as they voluntarily go behind bars, unbeknownst to their fellow “inmates.” 

The upcoming season will see the volunteers locked up in the Utah County Jail in Spanish Fork, Utah, where they will “shed light on an influx of drugs, contraband and gang activity to help the Sheriff identify issues and create positive change for both inmates and staff,” A&E states in its Season 9 announcement. 

Judging by this graphic, it looks like the volunteers may also be dropping an album.

According to Starcasm, prior to entering the facility this season, the participants will be introduced to one another, which will allow them to work as a team to complete their missions once they are behind bars. There will also be a new rule enacted for participants this season that will see them pulled out of the program after giving the distress signal.

“With no time for second chances or moments of weakness, the fearless participants, each with their own personal motives, make a pact not to quit the program early and to do whatever it takes to expose the flaws in the system,” A&E says of Season 9. 

The new season of “60 Days In” premieres May 30 on A&E. Click here to watch the Season 9 trailer. The Season 2 premiere of ‘Inmate to Roommate’ will immediately follow. Check out the trailer below. 

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(Photos: A&E; YouTube) 

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