Battle For the Boat: Jenelle Evans Unable to Legally Keep Estranged Husband David Eason From Living On Their Broken Yacht

“Stay away from my lil slice of seaman’s heaven!”

David Eason has been living on the broken-down boat belonging to him and his estranged wife Jenelle Evans for the past three months, and it appears that his days as a mooching mariner will continue for the foreseeable future!

In a new report from The Sun, a source close to Jenelle (who is definitely, absolutely not Jenelle…at all), revealed why Jenelle is unable to boot David from his barnacle-covered “boater-home.” 

According to The Sun‘s source, Jenelle– who filed for legal separation from David in February– can’t legally evict David from the boat, at least not until their divorce has been reviewed in court.

(As The Ashley previously reported, the state of North Carolina– where Jenelle and David live— requires couples to live apart for one full year before a divorce can happen.) 

“It gets a little bit more complicated when there’s a divorce action that’s been filed,” the site’s source stated, adding that David still has rights to the boat– which the couple purchased one year ago while still together.

A photo of Jenelle and David in their love-nest bedroom on the boat… and, yes, I can smell this photo from here.

“So, everything that happened with the boat and any other personal belongings acquired during their marriage will have to be disposed of with the court’s permission,” the source stated.

“At this time, there’s not really any legal avenue for Jenelle to evict David off the boat, even though it’s a separate property,” the source continued. “She’s going to let the court case play out before taking any sort of steps like that.”

As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle and David were in court last week, with Jenelle attempting to get a restraining order granted to protect her from David. At Tuesday’s hearing (which was continued for a second time), David admitted he can’t afford to get an attorney. (He later retreated to his boater-home and begged for money on TikTok…as you do.) 

In the paperwork filed to request her protective order (which was obtained by The Ashley), Jenelle wrote that, on March 9, David went on TikTok Live and spoke about how he would love “to take someone on a date while living on Jenelle’s yacht and refuses to give Jenelle the keys.”

“You want the keys? Yer gonna have to pry them out of my girthy swamp-paw!”

In the same protective order filing, Jenelle claimed that, back on February 22, David came to the couple’s home on The Land (where he is not allowed to be while Jenelle’s oldest son Jace is present), and took the keys to the broken-down boat (which Jenelle claimed in the documents is valued at $70,000), along with several guns and the keys to Jenelle’s car.

“David also took Jenelle’s BMW and Bayliner Yacht boat keys,” Jenelle stated. 

@jenellelevans Part 2 – #BoatTour ♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

(Interestingly, Jenelle did not request possession of the boat in her filing; she did however ask for two vehicles.) 

The boat— a 1988 Bayliner— features a bedroom (which Jenelle’s OnlyFans subscribers will surely recognize from her photos) and two bathrooms (which, during a “Boat Tour” posted to TikTok, Jenelle excitedly proclaimed the extra bathroom is “so the kids don’t bother me!”)

The “yacht” also features the original microwave, coffee maker and stove from the late 1980s.

“We don’t throw stuff away around here just because it’s old and damp, OK? For instance…look at me.” 

David has been living the barnacle life in the boat for over three months now, and has even spoken about his love for his boat on TikTok. 

“This is my home; it’s my house where I live. It’s my sanctuary,” he claimed.

Jenelle and David will next meet in court on May 16, where it will be determined if the protective order Jenelle is requesting will be granted. 

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(Photos: TikTok; Instagram)

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  1. If both their names were on assets, with no prenup, they both have equal rights. Jenelle has a sinking house and 2 cars, David has a broken boat and 1 car.

  2. The Ashley can you find out from Jenelles rep if she has a new boo?
    I’m hoping it’s a troll 😬

  3. i don’t ever wish bad on someone but omfg i wish someone caused damages to that boat to make it unlivable for that sorry excuse of a man

  4. Well, the source was articulate so…her lawyer du jour? As for the rest, she must be running out of moola if she’s selling stories to *The Sun* for some pocket money and click bait coinage.

    “At this time, there’s not really any legal avenue for Jenelle to evict David off the boat, even though it’s a separate property,” the source continued. “She’s going to let the court case play out before taking any sort of steps like that.”

    Not exactly swamp speak, far too coherent, contextual and grammatically correct.

  5. Jenelle…..DUDE, if he is on the boat, he isnt in the house. Be glad for small favors!

  6. What sad, sad lives these 2 have. I don’t know how either of them could ever feel proud, smart or accomplished.

      1. Don’t forget about passing cpr class lol. It’s literally a 3 hour long class a 3rd grader could pass.

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