David Eason Shows Off His New Galpal; Plus An Update on His Divorce From ‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans (Exclusive Details!)

“The ladies are all over me! Like flies on a turd pile, I tell ya!”

David Eason got a break from court earlier this week, leaving the fired Teen Mom 2 dad more time to court his new boo!

As Teen Mom fans know, David and Jenelle Evans-— once the swampwater “Romeo and Juliet” of our generation— split up earlier this year, and now both are auditioning new prospects to become their next soulmates!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Jenelle and David were scheduled to come face-to-face in court on Monday to discuss a variety of topics related to their impending divorce. (Jenelle legally separated from David back in February but isn’t able to file for divorce until she’s lived apart from David for one year.)

Among the topics that were due to be discussed on Monday were custody of their daughter Ensley, child support, the distribution of assets (presumably who would get The Land and their boat—which, like David, doesn’t work— in the divorce); who would pay court costs; and the status of the psychological evaluation that Jenelle requested David undergo.

The court hearing was continued, however, at the judge’s request, and will be heard later this summer.

Jenelle has been seeing her manager-turned-apparent-heir-to-the-Soulmate-Throne, August Keen, for a few months now, even mentioning him several times on ‘Next Chapter’ and basically moving to Las Vegas to be close to him.

Recently, David also made it clear that he has moved on— by showing off his latest squeeze, a girl named Kenleigh.

“Well ya know what they say– there’s a lid for every pot. Speakin’ of pot– Kenleigh, ya gotta be HIGH! HIGH! to want to date David!”

David— who had previously been shacking up on the couple’s broken-down boat— has posted several videos to social media showing himself inside Kenleigh’s house, even making himself at home in the kitchen frying up some roadkill cooking for two. In more-recent posts, however, Kenleigh and David have been shown together— jet-skiing, sluggin’ drinks at the bar and even singing for the TikTok.

More of her TikTok’s with David 😂
byu/AyexAlanna inteenmom

Unlike David, Kenleigh appears to have a job (and seemingly does photography and graphic design stuff on the side.) She bought herself land in North Carolina in 2023 (isn’t it ironic…) and now lives on the land in a manufactured home (…don’t ya think?) She enjoys hunting, boating, and her Doberman (who has been seen in photos posted by David to social media recently.) 

At 25, Kenleigh is much younger than 36-year-old David. She lives relatively close to Wilmington, North Carolina, which is where David parks his Boaterhome. It does not appear that Kenleigh has any children.

Jenelle has yet to comment publicly on David’s new sugar mama girlfriend; however, plenty of people have pointed out that Kenleigh certainly bears a resemblance to Jenelle.

“Feelin’ jealous…might chase after David’s truck in green sweatpants later…”

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(Photos: TikTok; Instagram; MTV)

46 Responses

  1. Where’s PETA?? Somebody needs to protect that dog! When David decides to pop Kenleighs collar bone, I don’t want to hear her complaining. David is a well documented piece of shit, and anyone who gets into a relationship with him knows what they’re signing up for!!

    1. Hopefully this girl thinks about all of the different types of VD that David and Jenelle have probably passed back and forth!! I mean, LOOK at him!! She must see that he’s a scum. And Jenelle? A walking advertisement for “social”disease!!

  2. All I could think, once I saw her sweet dobie dog, is “OMG RUN little guy, RUN!”. I too, am very confused as to how people don’t google anyone they date… Before I go on any dates with anyone, I get their last name and try to find out what they do for a living and then, before I meet them in person, I start digging online and social media for said person. I also check my county and several surrounding counties criminal and a few other divisions court records to make sure I am not meeting with someone with a history of DV, or worse… and if I see anything in family court records that is a red flag, I have and will, call off the date completely. I have three boys and even IF I really liked a man I dated, they wouldn’t be meeting him until at least after a year- I want to be as careful as possible. Right now, I’m not even dating, period and haven’t really been for almost 6 years because my boys deserve my attention and I don’t want to shake up their lives whatsoever. And If I googled Lurch’s name and saw that he killed a dog- I would NOT be having my dog around him at all either. She needs to be more careful- PERIOD

  3. Reason #4029 I love The Ashley: “their boat—which, like David, doesn’t work”

  4. If this woman needs to get her dog a bullet proof vest. As for the rest, there is an ass for seat.

  5. Anyone else notice that she looks like an old Victorian painting in that pic? I don’t know if it’s her skin tone or what. Am I the only weirdo who thought this? Lol

    1. I really don’t believe there’s any way that these people who claim they’ve never seen the show or heard of these people are lying.

      1. Agreed. I haven’t been on the dating scene in forever, but I thought these days everyone would Google someone they’re dating, especially if they’re in the public eye. Gary 2.0 might not have, but his family sure did and told him to run! And apparently he listened. Maybe Kenny’s family will do the same if she’s too naive to see Lurch for the evil, useless swamp monster that he is.

        Almost all of the people dating a TM’er or baby parent cashes in at some point, even if they’re hesitant at first.

        1. Yeah. If the girl is 26. I would think maybe her mom or sister or someone in the family has seen the show. My son is 21 and he knows all about them.

  6. Has anyone considered that David uses Jenelles defence of him to “prove” all those bad things are lyes? And then twists the reason for the divorce as further lyes just to leave?

    People go for younger people because they have less life experience and easy to manipulate. She seems to have her shit together and potentially doesn’t have bad shit life experience.

    Just a thought.

  7. If you want a real treat, go to August’s LinkedIn

    “Complete go-getter, self sufficient, a reliable enthusiast whom sees no limits in Business in regards to completing a task while using supreme imagination to achieve the GREATEST of goals.”

    He sounds dramastic, just like Jenelle.

    Kenleigh, RUN!! UBT is going to be punching holes in your wall, spending all your money, and hurting you and your dog soon. This is an easy Google search.

  8. i’m not trying to be mean but she by far has the worst name i’ve heard THIS YEAR 😭 and also she’s 25, my age, and she thinks it’s a good idea to date a guy who’s 10 years older than her, his divorce isn’t even final, and has 3 kids with different baby mamas??? and this isn’t even me mentioning his current and past issues or the fact he’s unemployed???

    1. My parents were 10 years apart, so that one to me isn’t that big of a red flag. As long as both parties are consenting adults, I mind the business that pays me. Now the rest of that shit!?! BIG ASS RED FLAGS! 3 kids w/ 3 different women. You can’t even legally be around one of them. His divorce isn’t final. He’s 36 and unemployed. Not to mention, all it takes is a quick google search for her to see her new boo online along with his hefty track record. She is legit doing this for clout, and that’s 1) stupid and 2) scary. How mental do you have to be to put yourself and your animal in harms way for a little online attention? She’s a big ass walking red flag too!

  9. lol likely hoping he gets a hefty chunk of Jenelles money from the divorce or just for that 5 seconds of fame since he is known because of Jenelle 😂

  10. I’m just glad Janelle got away from him. It’s quite possible to be an abuser and a victim like Janelle.

  11. The fact that she’s only 25 to his 36 is the most disturbing part of this story. Girl you have a house, why are you dragging yourself down with this dumpster fire of a human?! He brings NOTHING to the table, NOTHING.

  12. I’m sure she could do better. The only motivation I can think of to tolerate that disgusting flea nest called David is because she wants some kind of “fame”

    1. Can you imagine being so fake hungry that you have to do the horizontal mambo with Dirty David?🤢🤮

  13. Then Kenleigh is another idiot that David got. I’m quite sure she googled his name. He murders pets yet she lets him around her dog. He abuses children but I’m sure she will pop out a few for good ole David. He doesn’t work yet she will probably be content paying all of his bills. I truly don’t get it. If David is her dream guy who the hell is she turning down?😳

    1. I really can’t say I “know” David. The thing that screams psychopath to me, is that they live extremely parasitic lives. They can stay under the radar as far as having a family. Although David has shown very poor character as a human being. I sincerely hope he never feels that someone is truly getting in his “way.” That’s when these people snap. I sincerely hope I’m wrong, but psychopaths are narcissistic also. It’s just a thought.

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