‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Jenelle Evans Slams People Who Take Weight Loss Drugs; Kail Lowry Complains of Lack of “Good Press” She Gets & More

“Dude, I would never inject anything into myself. Oh…wait…”

From giving their opinions on drugs, to giving the media hell for not writing enough “good” stories about them, it’s been a busy week for the stars/former stars of the Teen Mom franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest 16 and PregnantTeen Mom and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last week or so…

Jenelle Evans Gets Slammed Online After Criticizing People For Using Weight Loss Drugs; Claims She’s Been “Sober For Years”

Jenelle, reviewing her notes from “medical school” before sharing her opinion on social media…

Self-proclaimed “medical school graduate” Jenelle Evans received a heavy dose of reality on Wednesday after sharing her professional opinion on those who turn to semaglutide injections (such as Ozempic and Wegovy) to lose weight. 

“I cannot believe this trend of celebs using Ozempic … first of all it’s for Diabetes if you didn’t know,” Jenelle spouted off on X. “Second… before you do any drugs you should be looking at longterm effects rather than instant results…


“Third… look at everyone around you doing it… do you not see the skeleton results,” she continued. “It looks sickly not sexy. This is going to be the next huge problem in America sitting right next to the opioid crisis.” 

“…but I’ve never let that stop me before!”

While Dr. Jenelle insisted that these medications are used solely for individuals with diabetes, the Mayo Clinic– and presumably a group of professionals who actually DID attend medical school– state that they are used to treat Type 2 diabetes, as well as “used together with diet and exercise to help lose weight and keep the weight off in patients with at least one weight-related medical condition.” 

Jenelle’s anti-Ozempic diatribe– which she took the time to express on multiple social media platforms– was met with many comments from people accusing Jenelle of being uneducated and, quite frankly, completely unqualified to speak on the matter. 

“It’s a great medication,” one person commented on Facebook. “I get you’re probably just trying to get people to comment on your post because you’re obviously uneducated about this medication.” 

Jenelle responded to the comment by insisting that the individual hadn’t “seen the horrible trend going around” and again, arguing that the injections should only be used by diabetics. 

Others savagely pointed out the irony of Jenelle doling out health tips, given her HIGH! HIGH! highly controversial past with illegal substances. 

“Didn’t you do heroin?” one person asked, with another adding, “Not you acting like you didn’t shoot heroin.. you are the last one that should be speaking up about this.” 

In response, Jenelle claimed she has been “sober for years” and has since been schooled in all things health. 

“ … that was 10+ years ago and yes I have admitted to that multiple times,” she wrote. “All medication isn’t safe when it comes down to it. Why do you think I’ve been sober for years? I hope people learn from my mistake. I was young and didn’t know anything about health.”

Kail Lowry Complains About Her Good Deeds Not Being Recognized By the Media

Kail, reflecting on her own many charitable efforts…

Kail Lowry has lots of kiddos, but what she really wants is some kudos. 

The former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star took to TikTok this week– while promoting a product, natch– to complain about not being recognized publicly for the many good deeds she does. 

Kail kicked off her video by reminding people that she’s been in the public eye for well over a decade and fully understands that “drama sells,” however, she claims that since being in the spotlight, no one has ever bothered to acknowledge “the give back” that she or her companies do. 


Our annual clear the list giveback with @BMNDpodcast is live #bloompartner @Bloom Nutrition #kailandthechaos #babymamasnodramapodcast #babymamas #clearthelist

♬ original sound – Kailyn Lowry

“ … and that’s so frustrating,” Kail said, before casually mentioning that this is the “fourth or fifth year” that her podcast Baby Mamas No Drama has done a “clear the list” giveback for teachers. “ … and not a single article will be written or has been written about this.

…except this time.

“I don’t need a pat on the back for what I’m doing, right? Like, I know that,” Kail continued. “But it would be nice to highlight some of the good that I’ve done and not just focus on all of the bad that I’ve done.” 

Kail added that by “highlighting” HER good deeds, it would ultimately benefit the people/organizations she helps because it would “get more eyes on them.” 

Kail wrapped up her video by telling people where to go to get involved in the giveback for teachers she and her podcasts are currently doing, before giving herself another proverbial round of applause for being so philanthropic.

“ … I just wanted to put that on people’s radar that like, yeah, I’ve f**ked up and I’ve done a lot of sh**yy things in my life, but I feel like I try to help as many people as I can,” she said.

Javi, wondering if Kail is referring to him as one of the “sh**ty things” she’s done….

While many of Kail’s fans were quick to jump in the comment section to give her the praise she was looking for, a few side-eyed the mom of seven for admitting she wanted to be acknowledged for her good deeds. 

“Matthew 6,” one person wrote, referring to the Bible verse that states (in part), “Don’t do your good deeds publicly, to be admired by others, for you will lose the reward from your Father in heaven.” 

“‘I don’t need a pat on the back’ while complaining about not getting a pat on the back,” another wrote. “Make that make sense.” 

“‘I give back so much! Here’s a sponsored video from Bloom,’” one person commented. “Girl bffr.” 

“So you do want a pat on the back,” another added. “People that do things like this do it quietly.” 

“16 & Pregnant” Star Selena Gutierrez Announces Third Pregnancy, Three Months After Death of Her First Baby Daddy

“Here comes another one!”

Selena Gutierrez announced some big news on Thursday: the “16 and Pregnant” Season 6B revealed she is pregnant…again.

The pregnancy announcement comes just three months after the death of Sean Garinger, the father of Selena’s two older children– daughters Dareli (who was born on “16 and Pregnant”) and Esmeralda. (As The Ashley previously reported, Sean was killed tragically in February when an ATV he was attempting to move in front of his North Carolina home flipped over and landed on top of him. Sean and Selena were not together at the time of Sean’s death.)


On Thursday, Selena posted a photo of her sonogram, along with the caption, “I’m so blessed. Mommy loves you so much already we’re all so excited for you. #baby2025”

On Instagram Stories, Selena did a poll to see if her followers thought she was having a boy or girl. She also posted the caption, “Can’t wait for my lil baby. Already is loved so much.” 

An hour after she posted the news, though, Selena took to Instagram Stories again to express her disgust with people who aren’t happy about her pregnancy.

“I literally keep my life private for this reason,” Selena wrote. “People are sick. What a sad world. Just ’cause I don’t post certain things, it’s for a reason. People are cruel and sick. I could never be that down bad to literally go out my way and post about people’s personal life. I went my own way to better myself. I was tired of living in a dark hole. I had to watch everything I said 0r posted or even did….and for that reason I do not post things.

“My life is so much better being private,” she continued. “I’m at peace. And for all my haters that have something to say, I do not care. You guys do not affect me in any way, shape or form. And, for a fact, know nothing about me and my life. Bruh, wish y’all the best of luck…”

Selena has not yet revealed who the baby’s father is or when she is due. 

Fans of “16 and Pregnant” will best remember Selena for getting pregnant at age 16 while living in her parents’ house– which, at the time, housed a total of 18 people. Six days after Selena had Dareli, Selena’s sister– was also pregnant– gave birth to a baby girl she named Yareli. (Check out the clip from her episode below.)

Josh McKee Says He Was Suicidal; Is Now Doing Body-Building Competitions

Mackenzie McKee is currently appearing on ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter,’ showcasing her new life in Florida with her kids and fiancé Khesanio Hall. While Mack frequently mentions her ex-husband, Josh, his mug has yet to appear on the show. 

This week, Josh gave fans an update on his life, via a post to Instagram. Josh revealed that he has found peace through his religion, but at one time he was suicidal. 

“The Lord lifted me up when I was ready to end it all, for that I am forever grateful for his mercy and grace,” Josh wrote in the caption of a video showing him sitting down and then on-stage at a recent body-building competition. “Through Jesus I have found true meaning of life and peace.

“If you think for one second that you are unlovable, unworthy or a nobody…. you are wrong!” he continued. “We are all human, we are all imperfect and we were all created in the image of God!”


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Josh McKee (@joshmckee28)

As The Ashley previously reported, Josh has been a less-than-active father to the three kids he shares with Mackenzie. In April, Mackenzie stated that, at the time, Josh was only communicating with their oldest son, Gannon (likely because Gannon is old enough to initiate conversations with Josh.)

“He doesn’t talk to the other two,” Mackenzie said at the time, with “the other two” referring to her and Josh’s youngest children, daughter Jaxie and son Broncs. 

During the same Instagram Live, Mack told fans that she and Josh do not have a custody agreement and that Josh doesn’t pay child support. She also stated that Josh is fine with Mack’s fiancé, Khesanio, being a father figure to his kids. 

In his Instagram post this week, Josh told his followers that they can overcome whatever they’ve done.

“YOU ARE NOT YOUR PAST, just take the Lord’s hand and let him direct you!” he wrote. “I would be lying if I said that following Jesus is easy, it’s not. But through every struggle and every obstacle that tries to break you there is a sense of peace because you know you are not alone.”


To catch up on more ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


21 Responses

  1. Lotsa fun this week! Jenelle just needs to stfu giving people any kind of life advice. So far her choices have all been bad and she continues to make poor choices for herself and kids so she can make money doing porn.

    Kail is as stupid as always! Listen, lady, if you do nice things then great! It is its own reward. If you are waiting for kudos and a cookie for doing nice things then you are missing the point. I help my senior neighbor daily, run a makeshift animal rehab, and do weekly trash walks at the park and in my neighborhood. Has anyone ever said thanks or offered any kind of help? Fuck no! They yell things at me while I pick up trash. park their cars in front of the wheelchair ramp, and steal her delivered meals andor medication. I do it because the person is nice and I try to imagine my life at that age in a world that only cares about stealing the remainder of my money either directly or thru third party companies all taking their 30 cents per transaction for doing absolutely nothing so that their douchebro founders can sexually assault women while high fiving their I-banker bros.
    So, Kail, people that put no time into things that throw weed shampoo and bracelet money at what is essentially a tax shelter and refund account, seem pretty shitty and shallow and still part of the problem. Maybe if the media had even one picture of you doing anything for or with these so called charities, then you might get some good attention. But so far all you have done is have kids out of wedlock that you dont even raise yourself and merely have for click money, hawked dumb chinese garbage to people that honestly do not have a lot of extra money, and repeatedly speak out of pocket about your baby daddies and their lives for more click money. You are a crap goblin and a bad person on top of that. If you had learned anything other than how to maximize revenue streams during this whole lifetime, then folks would go easier on you. It is like the tv ad where the soulless zoomer is “practicing gratitude and manifesting bountifulness”. If you have to think about it and position it as such, then you aren’t really thankful. Even worse, the point of this exercise is to actually receive something because you were nice. It is demented and backwards logic. Sometimes good things happen and people tell you thanks but most times they are wounded animals, already hurt by the world, and will just snatch what you are giving them and run off. So, try mowing your own yard, taking care of your kids yourself, stop being a crapgoblin gossip that will do anything for clicks. Stop thinking you should be rewarded for good or bad behavior. Finally, I would encourage you to actually go do work at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. It usually only takes about an hour before you hear someone’s life story very similar to yours with a twist and you think “There but for the grace of God goes me” and you get it. Life is pretty fragile and you have been INCREDIBLY lucky so far. Well, at least other than that face. You bought that and your stupid diaper wearing looking ass and skull sleeve tattoos because you wanted them and didn’t feel like doing exercise to accomplish those goals. You instead spent time on Bumble and Tinder trying to find baby daddys and stirring up drama on your podcast to get listeners to tune in on what is a tired and done story. Now that people are visibly tired of your stupid ass, you try to open up this relationship with your mom avenue. You have no hobbies other than being what amounts to an eighth grade girl. Start sweeping your own porch.
    I am definitely not a perfect person, but I would hope Kail and Jenelle start learning about life real fast. It would be amazing to have that kind of network of people paid to give a shit about you and still somehow ignore everything people are telling you. Maybe start listening to your PR folks when not in crisis mode? I hope this is a turning point for both.

  2. Remember when Jenelle switched from drinking beer all day to drinking wine all day because it’s healthier?

  3. Ah this was a good one…
    Jenelle: So, You didn’t know heroin was bad because you “Didn’t know anything about health”? My 11 year olds know heroin is a drug and one of the worst at that. How do you use that as an excuse to justify shooting up? Woooooow. I cannot right now LOL.

    Kail: People that do nice things for others, don’t need to be praised for it. Otherwise you are doing things only for the recognition which is a bad reason to do nice things. You should do them without expectations of anything except to help.

    Josh: “You are not your past”… Well, clearly Josh. You aren’t being a father to the THREE children you had… in the past. You have time to devote to body-building but you can’t take the tie to be a dad? Any girl that dates this guy needs to re-evaluate. I could never date a man that wasn’t a dad to his children. Says a lot about a person.

  4. I get why Kail would be frustrated. Every time she googles her name it’s nothing but (well deserved) negativity. But the point of a good deed is to DO the good deed, not get rewarded for it. Kail is the kind of person to take a selfie of herself giving a homeless man a sandwich so she can post it online.

    I wonder. Now that Josh is happy and healthy and full of Christ’s love, does that mean he’ll start being an actual father to his children?

  5. I actually semi agree with Janelle and that’s odd to say, my main complaint is I’m on one for diabetes and can’t get it as often as I’m supposed to due to it being used so freely right now. And it’s the only medication that consistently has helped me in the last several years!

  6. Its funny that jenelle says she’s sobe, but didn’t she recently test positive for barbiturates or admit to taking them while in court against David?
    They are prescribed, but come one girl. You’ve had no therapy or way to heal that addiction. Guarantee you’re justifying your addiction now because prescribed.
    Many addicts do it.
    You had to Dr shop for years, even go to NY because your state wouldn’t give you narcotics. Tf?
    That gives no sober vibes or taking medicine responsible.

    I’m so curious to know ow what kail would look like today without all that plastic surgery. It gives uncanny valley vibes, or just unreal looking, plastic, fake.

  7. Wow Kail, you are so humble! (Is this what she wants?!) Like what the hell, she thinks she deserves a pat on the back because she did something good…like woman, humblebragging IS a thing and it isn’t pretty…if you really want people to stop talking about your negative things, maybe stop…being so negative!

  8. Just because Jenelle took a medical terminology class (OMG it was one time!) she believes she understands the complexities of medicine.
    Eyes on your own paper, Jenelle.

  9. Kail (or anyone with this platform tbh) all you have to do is post links to animal shelter Amazon wishlists, teacher classroom wishlists, info about donating blankets or hats and gloves to shelters.. I think it goes without saying that it’s tasteless to ramble about your own good deeds. Just use your platform for good and be happy you can make such a significant contribution.

    Also Jenelle girl lol you just stay on the land where you belong. Yap away to your animals or equally as classless friends. Worry about yourself.

  10. i can’t have compassion for josh when part of his healthy path doesn’t involve all of his kids and when he was the one who told mackenzie to kill herself when she was suicidal

  11. Kail always looking for a pat on the back.
    Does she know, like really know, how awful she is. Yeah she says it out loud, but that’s just lip service.
    She wants us to say “oh no, Kail, you’re a great person. An exemplary human.”

    I don’t think there’s anything she could ever do to change anyone’s perception of her.
    Just like Jenelle. Amber. C&T. Farrah.
    No one is ever going to say that they’ve changed for the better bc they dont know how to.

    1. I didn’t see the lie.
      Ppl in Hollyweird are abusing Ozempic. It’s obvious to see who.
      So much to the point there was a shortage for the ppl who needed it.

      Idk if it will outweigh the opioid crisis, but it shouldn’t be taken so lightly.

  12. It’s not the first medication used for serious medical conditions being misused by the general public. Honestly the way it’s being played out is a fad/trend and it’s a shame. Especially when many of the celebs using it don’t have any medical reason to be using it and have other means of losing weight they can think of instead of reducing the amount of medication on the market for people who honestly suffer from diabetes which doesn’t go away.

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