Former ‘Ridiculousness’ Co-Host Chanel West Coast Set to Return to MTV With New Docuseries ‘The West Coast Hustle’: Watch the First Trailer

Raise your hand if you’re already warming up your vocal cords…

Chanel West Coast– and her infamous laugh– are returning to MTV. 

In a new docuseries titled The West Coast Hustle, viewers will follow along as the 35-year-old former Ridiculousness co-host juggles life as a mom, girlfriend and performer, according to People. 

“By day I’m a mom, by night I’m an artist. But I’m also an amazing girlfriend,” Chanel— who is obviously lacking a bit in the ‘humble’ department— tells viewers. 

As fans may remember, Chanel and boyfriend Dom Fenison welcomed daughter Bowie Breeze in November 2022. Both Dom and Bowie are set to appear alongside Chanel in the upcoming docuseries. 

Chanel and her co-stars family…

“‘The West Coast Hustle’ chronicles Chanel’s life, capturing all its exciting and memorable moments,” the show’s synopsis reads. “Fans get an intimate look at her journey as she navigates the challenges of her new favorite full-time gig–- motherhood–- while simultaneously pursuing her music career. Juggling a personal life with her boyfriend Dom, a high-pressure career and maintaining friendships– Chanel is determined to hustle and have it all.” 

As The Ashley previously told you, Chanel said goodbye to ‘Ridiculousness’– the severely overplayed MTV clip show hosted by Rob Dyrdek on MTV– in 2023 after 30 seasons and more than 1,000 episodes. 

At the time, it was announced that Chanel had signed a deal with Paramount Media Network to be the executive producer, creator and star of her own unscripted series. The deal also noted that Chanel would be developing scripted and unscripted projects under MTV Entertainment Studios. 

“I plan to bring some of my wildest ideas and dreams to life through amazing film and television projects, build my teams, and work with other creatives paving the way on the screen,” Chanel told Variety last year. “I’m also very excited for the world to see me beyond ‘the laugh’ and for once, see the real me.” 

‘The West Coast Hustle’ premieres July 18 with back-to-back episodes on MTV. Watch the official trailer below. 

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13 Responses

  1. Goof grief, what does she need to hear before she realizes she is never going to be Beyonce ?
    It’s tiring at this point.
    And who watches this stuff anymore?

  2. WTF no one will watch this and if they do they need to re-evaluate their life LOL. Chanel thinks she is Gods gift. She is the most annoying person ever and while Ridiculousness won’t last long (IMO) leaving to do this will be a big mistake. No one cares enough to watch this, MTV. Kind of like Teen mom- we just like Ashley’s recaps

  3. Yeah… I will absolutely not be watching this. She 1.5yr’s insta bio says “model, influencer”. Seriously?

  4. Yes. It’s all been done before.

    Scripted is too expensive takes too much time, energy and money. Plus MTV hasn’t been a trendy network in decades. No one is checking for MTV shows, not when Netflix and streaming exist.

    Reality is their go- to. It’s cheap and most concepts work. I imagine they can get certain personalities for dirt cheap, too. Anyone signing on to do an MTV reality show in 2024 has nothing else real going on, career- wise.

    Their best days are behind them. There is no new concept. No new show ideas. It’s all been done before. There is no new direction. It’s just easier to continue to recycle shows with old network stars. It’s not innovative, it’s lazy.

  5. She is one of the most annoying, attention seeking and entitled chicks I have ever seen. She literally threw a fit at a nightclub like a child. Screaming “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” Over and over again to the cops, bouncers, bystanders anyone that would pay attention to her. She was arrested and taken to jail for 3 hours. Then when she got out she made a video saying that she was being “extra on purpose” because she knew it would make the news and “who doesn’t like attention?” Then she called the cops and bouncers idiots and talked about how hot and famous she was and that was why she was discriminated against. I can’t imagine one second of tuning in to watching her histrionics.

    1. I’m trying to convince my daughter to name her daughter Gemma. It’s such a big name! Obviously, I won’t tell her where I got it from 🙄♥️

  6. As long as we don’t have to listen to the dolphin laugh 🐬🐬

    Does she really sound like that, or was it for the show?

    1. I disagree, I feel like this is just more of the same from MTV and shows that they’re not going to try to go any sort of new direction with programming

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