Jenelle Evans Demands Husband David Eason Get Psych Test Before Visiting Their Daughter; Asks Court to Make David Get a Job & Pay Child Support

“Judge, we all know he can rake! Can you make him seek employment as a swamp raker!?”

Jenelle Evans wants a judge to make her estranged husband David Eason (finally) go to work so he can help support their daughter!

In paperwork filed in court last week to legally separate from her swampy soulmate, the fired Teen Mom 2 star asked that David pay her child support for their daughter Ensley, despite the fact that David has been voluntarily unemployed for years. Jenelle is also asking the judge to require David to undergo a mental health evaluation before he’s allowed to visit Ensley. 

The Sun broke down the court paperwork filed by Jenelle in late February, in which The Lady ‘o’ The Land applauded her own parenting skills while calling out David for being negligent of his fatherly duties.

Jenelle declared herself to be a “fit and proper person to have primary physical custody of [Ensley].”

“I mean…I haven’t shot a dog, so there’s that.”

“It is in the best interest of [Ensley] that [Jenelle] be granted primary physical custody of [Ensley] and that [David’s] visitation and or custodial time be predicated on a mental health assessment to ensure his fitness and ability to care for the minor child.”

Jenelle went on to say that she is the parent who primarily took care of Ensley.

“[Jenelle] has always been, and continues to be an engaged parent who devotes her time, energy, effort and resources to her family,” the court paperwork reads. “At nearly all times, [Jenelle] has been responsible for [Ensley’s] daily needs and has been the only parent who researched, evaluated, selected and followed through with [Ensley’s] doctor’s treatment providers, extracurricular and enrichment activities.”

“Now that just ain’t true. I taught that youngin how to fry up roadkill, and how to make a playhouse out of beer cans! What more can I do as a parent?!”

Jenelle noted that David has a “history of erratic behavior” and “substance abuse,” which she believes may make him an unfit parent for Ensley. She added that David also has an anger problem, which has made their home on The Land an uncomfortable place to raise children.

“Um…ya think!?”

“[David’s] excessive alcohol use and his short temper create a negative environment for [Ensley], and as a family, [Jenelle] feels as though they have to walk on eggshells around [David], as his mood swings are unpredictable and vary in their intensity,” Jenelle wrote.

Because of this, Jenelle is asking the judge to order David to get a mental health evaluation before he’s allowed to visit with Ensley. She asked the court to force David to submit to a psychological evaluation to determine if he is a fit parent. (Jenelle also wants Davey to pay for this test.) 

Speaking of money, Jenelle is asking the court to demand David start working— something he hasn’t done for years, despite being physically able to work. 

“Despite [David’s] lengthy history of unstable employment, [David] has skills and trades which would allow him to earn an income sufficient to contribute to the support of [Ensley]” Jenelle wrote of her husband’s history of being chronically unemployed.

“I like to think of myself as ‘Employment-Challenged,’ OK?!”

She stated that she and David have a duty to support Ensley, and that they are both “healthy, able-bodied persons capable of earning income.”

“[David] is capable of providing child support for [Ensley] sufficient to meet her reasonable needs,” Jenelle wrote, adding that she would like David to contribute to Ensley’s out-of-pocket medical insurance costs, as well as her counseling and tutoring expenses.

Jenelle demands child support from David, writing that she is “entitled to child support from [David] commensurate with [Ensley’s] needs and the style of living she’s accustomed to.”

“Those trips to the Swamp Olympics ain’t gonna pay for themselves, ya know?”

As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle is also asking the judge to award her the family home on The Land. She also wants her and David’s shared property to be distributed “in the form of an unequal distribution of assets in” her favor.

David has yet to respond in court to Jenelle’s filing. However, on Tuesday he took to his Facebook page to threaten to air out Jenelle’s “dirty laundry.” (The post was quickly deleted, though.) 

“Y’all want to see more of Jenelle’s dirty laundry,” David wrote. “It’s all about to be aired out! But WARNING she hasn’t done laundry in 7 months or more!” 

Before deleting the post, David took a shot at Jenelle’s parenting skills in the comment section.

“She’s still your daughter’s mother,” one person wrote of Jenelle.

“I wouldn’t call her a mother,” David responded. 

Jenelle responded by posting a video to TikTok applauding herself for filing for separation from David. 

@jenellelevansNew Chapter Unlocked 🔓✨♬ Originalton – ˚₊‧ 🎧 ‧₊˚

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  1. Any of these mtv dudes who just sit at home with their wives and don’t work are total trash. I would be so embarrassed. Men work regardless. If they don’t they have no moral character and are using you

  2. Remember when Jenelle defended him in court when he said he can’t work because of his vitiligo, and the judge was like that’s not a reason.

    And they said that Jenelle’s income would count towards his child support.

    Yeah, that might be biting her in the ass now.

  3. Should have gotten the effing psych test before you had kids with them and introduced him to your home.

  4. the last time the broke up and gor back together i told a friend i bet david is holding something over her and thats why she keeps going back. but it will be something so dumb that we all know ans wont matter but she thinks will. ao i cant wait till he drops his totally irrelevant gossip. im not a fan of janelle but i reallt hope she sticks with this filling stays single for her kids and get help shea been in abusive relationships her entire life (and im including dear old babs in this) and needs to learn that this isnt normal and being reactive isnt normal either.

  5. This is surreal. A few days ago she was defending him and telling everybody what a great father and husband he is and now suddenly he’s a lazy bum, a violent drunk that’s incapable of being around her children?

  6. I’m hoping this is for real this time. All the other times, there was nothing stopping UBT from finding Jenelle and threatening her or the kids. I really do think she was abused and afraid of him. This time, there’s an order that he can’t come to the swamp if Jace is there. By keeping Jace with her, if UBT shows up she can call the cops and have him removed. I think (hope?) maybe this layer of protection has given her the guts to finally do something. I really hope I’m not wrong, those poor kids.

  7. With what happened to Garrison Brown yesterday, I really don’t think anybody cares about Jenelle. Bye Felicia!

  8. So that Ensley can live in the manner to which she is accustomed to… so you don’t need child support then. I couldn’t help but laugh at that. It’s all a joke. It’s not going to change who Janelle is. It’s not going to all of a sudden make her a great mother nor will her kids be any safer from her than the were with lurch.

    1. Exactly.
      And I love that she’s calling out his unemployed ass……hello! Pot meet kettle!!
      Ensley is a youngin’ and already needs tutoring and counselling? These kids are unfortunately doomed.

  9. UBT abuses Jace, Chinelle: Everything is fine, David loves him and is the best father in the world!

    UBT fails to contact or support Ensley in any way, Chinelle: Bad father, erratic behavior, agressieve drunk, mooching of off me!

  10. I’m so glad she’s leaving him and I hope she follows through. As much as I dislike Jenelle, this is the right move and should have happened years ago. I exhibit no surprise that he responds by threatening her.

    1. I’m not buying that it’s not just to get CPS fully off her back. She did this before & went right back to him. Or even if she does end up divorcing him, can you imagine the next guy she brings home? He might even be worse!

      1. CPS has dropped the case and maybe it’s mandatory that she not have any guy around Jace until he’s 18 years old
        Because she could lose him. Permanently. As far as child support she won’t get it if he’s in jail for a long time.

  11. *Me holding my nose and naively praying that she has realized that this guy traumatized her children*

    I wonder if this came about because of what happened with Jace?

    Because this separation feels planned in advance. Men like David don’t just let their women leave. She must have known it would be difficult to get out.

    I think she has mental health issues that have deeply affected her ability to parent, and ironically probably drove her to be with men like David. No one deserves to be in an abusive relationship, I am referring to her and indirectly these kids that got dragged along for the ride.

    1. My hope is that the no contact order and him being away from the house somehow made her realize, she and the children are much better off and somewhat safe. I wouldn’t turn my back on that monster for one minute.

  12. Huh? Okay, is guess revisionist history is alive and well in the swamps of North Carolina. Isn’t this the same unemployed woman who went on social media defending this man and asserting he did not assault her son? Of course until the gag order was put in place. Isn’t this the same woman who defended this lazy bum for not working? I am sure his bargain basement attorneys are scouring the internet to compile every video the Mistress of the Swamp ever posted in the Swamp Thing’s defense. This is going to turn into a white trash divorce palooza.

  13. Jenelle also has a history of erratic behavior and drug use. I would say that they are both unstable and those poor kids drew shitty straws in terms of parenting. Jenelle will get back with him even if this is real which I doubt.

    Played out the exact same way last time. She left, supposedly was getting a divorce. Moved to Tennessee and sited the murder of Nugget as the catalyst. David got on social media and talked about her horribly. She did the same. Everyone gave her a pat on the back for leaving and she reveled in the attention. Until……someone caught Jenelle & David bar hopping and holding hands in Tennessee during the supposed separation.

    Then she got back with him and tried to rewrite history as usual. “David is a wonderful husband and father” “Everyone is so mean to my husband and he is the greatest” and of course “David was protecting Ensley from Nugget”.🙄

    I can’t with her dumb ass.

    1. You got it.
      Rinse, repeat.
      Trash UBT, get back with UBT.

      Like someone said on here before, I’ll believe it when they’ve been divorced 5+ years.

  14. Part of me wants this to be real, that she is actually seeing things the way they need to be. But…she needs to follow through with this, get a real job, put her kids first, and stay off SM.

    THEN comes the final move: stop putting dick above the above. Quit fucking paying internet soulmates above the above. I would root for Jenelle if she did the above.

  15. She stated that she and David have a duty to support Ensley, and that they are both “healthy, able-bodied persons capable of earning income.”

    This sounds contradictory to Jenelle doctor shopping and complaining of severe pain, while twerking on tiktok.

    Jenelle and David should both work.

  16. Good luck with that child support, Jenelle. My David-like ex-husband is almost $50,000 behind because he won’t work and no judge has made him get a job yet. Scum like that always manages to get by in life without gainful employment. They do under-the-table work to buy dope (or whatever their vices are), sleep wherever somebody will let them, and lie and steal to fill in the gaps.

    That said, I can’t wait to watch this play out. The shit throwing from both directions is going to be pretty entertaining.

    Keeping those kids in my prayers, though. It’s great David is out of the house and that Maryssa has escaped the land, but Jenelle is probably being more of a bitch than usual and the sheer embarrassment they’re going to face during all of this is going to be rough.

    1. Honest question here, what happens to people like your ex? Thousands behind in support? The kids and moms are just expected to suffer? The ex runs away free? Isn’t there a legal penalty for people like your ex? And I hate to even ask but, I would hope the state or some program helps you with your children financially since your ex does not.

      1. In my case, they’re now trying to find him to “enforce payment” but up until now, they’ve basically just sent him letters saying he needs to pay (that he ignores), have intercepted the tax refund (that he won’t file/get), have made it so he can’t get a passport (he’s not going to flee the country, so this one is pointless), and I they could suspend his license, but it’s already been suspended for not paying court fees for some felony charges, and driving without a license doesn’t bother him anyway.

        They threatened to send him to jail once (a little over a year ago) so he got a job and paid for five months before quitting and disappearing.

        I was just having to support them on my own before my husband came along and we had our twins. Now I stay home and my husband (the older three’s stepdad) provides for them and plans to adopt them, but we have to find my ex to have him served the papers first.

        It’s all a big mess and Jenelle is even more delusional than we thought if she thinks it’s going to be easy.

        I’m in Florida, though, so maybe North Carolina may be different.

    2. Let’s not forget that Jenelle has gone well out of her way since they married to ensure that Olivia gets little to no child support to raise her kid. They have been playing number games with his income for years so Kaden gets basically nothing.
      However now that Jenelle is pretending to be in Olivia’s situation (but not even remotely close! Olivia has morals, is an amazing mother and is smokin hot!) and demanding CS of her own she is seeing the other side of the wooden coin! Jenelle doesn’t deserve a cent for CS just based on what she has done to Olivia and the torment they have put her through. The only thing she deserves is KARMA!

  17. Janelle has been a victim to David’s abuse for many years. It’s good to see her finally get the courage to leave him. I often wonder how many “dudes” Barbara brought into Janelle’s life growing up? I know everyone loves to hate on her though.

    1. She also perpetrates abuse. She’s no better than David. She let a man abuse her kids for years and did absolutely nothing about it. Do you think she isn’t psychologically abusive to those kids? We have all seen it. I hope they both get f*cked. Also, she isn’t gonna leave him. Trash loves trash

  18. It doesn’t make sense for her saying he needs to pay for the life she’s accustomed to after she said he hasn’t worked in years. That means she was paying for the life she was accustomed to.

  19. I’m also here for the “UBT work excuse”. Last time it was vitiligo.

    What will it be this time? I bet he comes up with something amazing.

    I have faith in his ability to avoid gainful employment.

    1. If he doesn’t pay his child support for his son, (I doubt Jenelle will anymore) and Marissa, (he isn’t supporting her in anyway as she isn’t at the swamp anymore) and now possibly Ensley, they will take his driver’s license and lock him up. He is already facing jail time for his assault on Jace. He is dangerous and hopefully not armed.

      1. If he goes to jail for what he did to Jace then Janelle gets no child support and that racks up depending on her state laws with child support. And in alot of states they don’t put the parents in jail for back child support. They don’t in my state and my ex is $50,000.00 in back pay in just 5 years of non payment. And he works he just gets money under the table.

    2. Well we have to admit that he does have one excuse for not being able to work – he has had to babysit Jenelle since they met! She would never let him go to work and the one job he had a few years ago she took all the kids to sit in the customers boat as David cleaned it! No wonder he never got a repeat customer!
      She couldn’t be left with her kids for a couple hours much less 8h every day! She is incapable and far too lazy / needy/ codependent / jealous.

      Plus can you imagine if David had his own money? She would lose all control over him and we know how she needs control. She says she wants her soulmates to work but has proven time and time again that’s not true. She has no clue about the real world – yet!

      1. Omg. No she didn’t!! Omg. I never heard this story!! I wouldn’t have him come back, either!

        Wow.. yeah, they babysit each other.
        She knows he’ll cheat plus she can’t handle 3 kids.

        And she isn’t allowed to speak where he can’t hear what she’s saying. So, yeah.

  20. What about the land that owned by David only? I think it is next to their swamp property. It would be amazing if he got a JOB! Who is funding his lifestyle right now? His take out and booze and drugs and bar tabs? I know he is living on the broken boat but does it have a bathroom/shower? I doubt he bathes much but……

  21. Eh, I’m here for it.

    David knows Jenelle. I’m sure he has plenty of dirt, most we’re aware of, for the most part.

    We know she does drugs. Yeah, we know. We know she’s incredibly lazy. Is she “Amber lazy”? Probably. We know she does pernography. Yeah, we know she almost got a Vivid contract. We’ve seen her lie, cheat and steal, saw it on TV decades ago, bruh.

    But if he has something new, I’ll be here to read about it.

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