Farrah Abraham Claims She Has A New Reality Show About Her OnlyFans & “Women Empowerment” Coming to A&E in 2024

Farrah, telling people she’s coming to A&E, but not revealing which face she’ll be wearing when/ if she does…

Farrah Abraham’s MTV days are behind her, but the fired Teen Mom star continues to profit off her D-list fame and even claims that she’s making a return to reality TV in 2024. 

Farrah recently told The Messenger that in the four years she’s been active on OnlyFans, she’s managed to rake in “millions of dollars” on the subscription-based site, noting that she keeps her content “very legal and clean.” 

In fact, Farrah is so proud of…whatever the hell she does over on OnlyFans…that she says the A&E network is giving her a reality show to discuss it.

In her interview with The Messenger, the self-proclaimed law expert gave herself credit–- via Farrah Speak, natch–- for finding a way to capitalize off of her ‘Teen Mom’ fame, as well as the “unfortunate situations” she’s found herself in along the way.  

“As a business person, which many people know that I am … I really took unfortunate situations and being empowered by my femininity and just scaling that,” she word vomited said. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I think that’s adding value to a woman.” 


The Backdoor Teen Mom said she is so empowered by the success she’s had on OnlyFans that she plans to give people a behind-the-scenes look at her OnlyFans operations in her upcoming reality series. According to Farrah, the series is about “women empowerment, talking about sexuality and self-worth and values,” and is set to premiere on A&E in 2024. 

“I have nothing to hide about it. I don’t really think it’s right to brag or boast about how much money I make,” Farrah said before going on to brag and boast about how much money she (supposedly) makes.

“But I am definitely gifted for being a celebrity and making millions of dollars off of [OnlyFans],” she said. “I definitely believe in multiple streams of income and that’s why I’m a business entrepreneur at the end of the day.” 

“Yay, me!”

While Farrah may not “think it’s right to brag or boast,” that didn’t stop her from hyping up her allegedly upcoming A&E series. 

“They have a lot of celebrities that came in for that,” she claims. “I’m super excited for A&E next year.” 

Farrah has yet to provide any additional details about her supposed A&E reality series and A&E has yet to announce a premiere date or confirm that the series exists. 

The Ashley has reached out to the network for confirmation that it is, indeed, working with Farrah and that a show about her is coming in 2024. The network has yet to respond to The Ashley’s comment request.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; YouTube) 


  1. It’s probably a new season of intervention. They DO lie to get people on intervention after all…

  2. IF such a series exists, I suspect it will be more of an Only Fans exposé, and any footage of Farrah that may get used most certainly *won’t* be about her “being empowered by [her] femininity,” being an entrepreneur, or “women empowerment.” (Maybe they include a quote on her “multiple streams”?).

    This isn’t TLC. A&E has done quite a few multi-episodic investigative journalism pieces into intuitions like Playboy and Miss America over the past few years, and, while they’ve carefully shown that women’s experiences with these organizations can run the gamut from the beneficial to the benign to the utterly devastating and horrifying, they certainly aren’t crafting a message of how being a cog in that machine is “adding value to a woman.”

    They’re also not singularly focusing on one woman’s experience, much less one who struggles to communicate with earthlings in general, nevermind their prime audience of English-speakers.

    My gut instinct was to assume this was yet another reality show in the subgenre of “Farrah’s and/or Jenelle’s fantasies, delusions, and lies,” but I actually *can* seen A&E doing a mini-series on OF. And I can see Farrah somehow slithering her way into an interview for it. She can’t give good talking head, so I’m doubtful she’d actually be able to be used, but, if she is, I don’t anticipate it to be in the way she’s imagining.

    On the positive side, if such a series exists and any of Farrah’s interviews survive the cutting room floor, we can look forward to dozens of outraged posts in Farrah-speak about how the show was misrepresented to her, the edit was deceptive, this was all Woman Abuse, and she’s currently suing the production with whom she was tricked into signing a contract. Per law.

    All while leaving 1-star Yelp reviews for everything and everyone connected in any way to the series.

    Oh, PLEASE, let this be real!

  3. So being a whore is now enpowering? I hate todays world.

    Also, it is funny how she talks about her “femininity” while looking like a drag quuen. I even saw some disturbed man on libsoftiktok today and first thought it was Farrah.

  4. Poor, poor Sophia. Debz OG, you are a shitty mother, and you created a shitty mother in Farrah. I feel awful for Sophia. And who in the Sam Hell wants to watch somebody poop?!?!

    1. I instantly thought of Sophia. She can get online and see this.. menu .. and it’s a really embarrassing and debasing, degrading list.

      I’m sorry but in order to keep this facade of a lifestyle, I wouldn’t want my mother doing this. Get a job somewhere that elicits some pride and self worth ffs Farrah.

  5. Doesn’t she owe hundreds of thousands of dollars for her various failed business ventures? Or she paid that already?

    1. Yeah she owes something like $700,000 give or take on back rent and associated fees (including court costs) for her two shops (not including the froyo shop which also failed and closed).

      Her landlord won the lawsuit in 2021, and it took 3 years to get that judgment, but I don’t think she’s paid any of it yet. It was a huge ordeal they couldn’t even serve her the papers because she moved house so frequently she didn’t have an actual address long enough. They had to use her instagram account to find her ass.

      Her lawyer said she “has no intentions on making any further payments”.

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