EXCLUSIVE! Gag Order Issued to Prevent Jenelle Evans, David Eason & Others From Talking About Jenelle’s Son Jace & His CPS Case

“Shut it, Ma!”

Jenelle Evans‘ days of running her mouth online about her son Jace are over.

The Sun broke the news (and The Ashley can confirm) that a judge in the ongoing CPS custody case for Jace was set to sign off on a gag order at the Monday’s court hearing that would forbid the fired Teen Mom 2 star (as well as her husband David Eason) from discussing Jace’s custody case— or anything relating to it— online or in interviews.

The Ashley can confirm that the gag order was first brought up during last week’s CPS court hearing, which was attended by Jenelle, David and Jenelle’s mom Barbara Evans. (For those wondering, David was allowed to attend the hearing because Jace was not present. As The Ashley previously told you, David is not allowed to be near Jace or have any communication with him, due to his pending child abuse charge for his alleged assault on Jace.)

The Sun reports that the gag order was put in place because Jace was “emotionally distressed” after seeing Jenelle’s frequent posts on social media. As fans know, Jenelle has posted about Jace, CPS, her mom Barbara and other aspects of the case over the last few months. She has also made numerous posts in defense of David, something The Sun claims has also disturbed Jace.

“Don’t listen to the kid! David’s a model father, husband, citizen and stepfather!” 

“Her son Jace, 14, was upset at her public comments siding with her husband David Eason, who stands accused of child abuse,” The Sun reported.

The Ashley can exclusively confirm that Jenelle’s mom Barbara is also under the gag order, meaning that she can’t publicly discuss the case in interviews or on social media. (To date, Barb has only spoken about Jace twice in interviews, with one being in August when she was asked by TMZ to comment about Jace’s first attempt at running away from Jenelle’s.) 

Jace’s long-lost father, Andrew Lewis, confirmed to The Sun that he, too, is under the gag order…. and The Ashley knows why!

“Can’t talk about it. Period. It’s been officially gagged sorry,” Andrew said when The Sun contacted him for comment.

“But if you’d like to ask me why I always dress like I went to Criss Angel’s yard sale, I’m open to discussing that!”

The Ashley can also confirm that Andrew is now involved in the CPS custody case with Jace and has been for several weeks.

The CPS court hearing on Monday was likely going to cover how much (if any) part Andrew will have in determining what happens to Jace. (As The Ashley previously told you, Jace is not currently living with Barbara and has not spoken to Jenelle since the alleged assault in late September. And, despite some fans’ theories, Jace has not gone to live with his dad Andrew.)

“Andrew was part of the hearing last week,” The Ashley’s source said. “Jenelle wasn’t aware until that point that Andrew was going to be included in the case and was really surprised.”

“Surprise SURPRISE!”

The Ashley’s source tells her that Jace is currently “thrilled” to be having a relationship with his dad.

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Andrew has had little to no communication with Jace for most of his life. While Andrew did pay Barbara— and then Jenelle— child support, he did not interact with Jace. Earlier this year, Andrew did several interviews stating he would like a relationship with his son.

While Jace is interested in keeping in touch with Andrew, The Ashley’s source tells her that he has no interest whatsoever in talking to Jenelle. (Currently, Jace is able to decide who he wants to communicate with.) 

“And nothing for Jenelle Eason…”

Because Andrew is now involved in the case, he has to follow the gag order. 

(For those who are unaware, according to MTSU’s Freedom Speech Center, “judges issue injunctions barring trial participants — including attorneys, litigants, and witnesses — from discussing trial-related material outside the courtroom.”)

Because a gag order is now in place, it almost certainly means that anyone who is part of the custody case is also forbidden from discussing the custody case/situation with Jace as well. The gag order would also forbid any court worker, law enforcement agent or CPS employee from talking about the case or discussing it with Jace.

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. What happens if they break the gag order? Cos we know jenelle and lurch won’t be able to keep their mouths shut. Hope it’s a serious consequence cos they deserve to get punished FINALLY

  2. It’s got to be hard on that kid seeing all of this blasted publicly. Now that his family has to be quiet, maybe these news sites will as well.

  3. Good to see SOMEONE is trying to protect this child. When your own mom fails to defend you, it’s just sad. I have no doubt his feelings are hurt from her constantly using him for content. I hope Andrew does the right thing and stays consistent in his life.

  4. I wish that gag order would include a ban on her corny TikToks and social media posts where she defends her delusions and that racist, bigot, child abusing THING she calls a husband.

    1. I mean a gag order on her ENTIRE TikTok, not just what she says about Jace. She consistently pushes a false narrative on social media and needs to be stopped.

  5. Ugh not a great feeling about Andrew’s involvement. Since foster care placement is the absolute last resort for the courts, they will let any distant relative take Jace before placing him. With lack of relatives, I highly suspect Andrew is being looked and seen if he could be temp placement for Jace. I’m sorry but that guy was violent as well and has yet to do an update interview where he doesn’t look like he’s coming off a bender. With the lack of accountability he takes in his or Jaces life just seems like another let down for Jace.

      1. She does but she doesn’t like her much cause sis calls her out for her shit.

        I don’t think A will pass the house visit and evaluation.

        Jenelle would absolutely hate it however so I hope CPS brings her name up and tries.

      2. Jenelle’s sister, Ashleigh, has lost custody of all of her own children. Her brother, Colin, has severe mental health issues. I don’t know about Andrew’s siblings or mother, but I heard that his father had passed away.

    1. When was he violent? I need a refresher. She seems like the type of mother who would say anything to keep him from his child.

    2. They legally have to contact him, he is Jace’s legal father and has been paying support his whole life too. But that doesn’t mean he’ll be placed with him. In fact, it’s highly unlikely that he would be considered for permanent placement. He can be a point of contact for Jace though, which is not a bad thing for Jace.

      As often as CPS does place kinship with an unknown (to the child) relative, there are far more cases where they don’t. Only two of my children have been kinship placements, all others have been placed with me despite kinship being available. It’s not nearly as black and white as people think, or even as it once was. Kinship (and that doesn’t just mean blood relative) placements are always preferred, but they do take other factors into consideration-when they do their jobs right anyway.

      It’s no secret that I have a certain level of scrutiny, disdain even, when it comes to CPS, especially in NC. I’m far from their greatest supporter, lol, but I do believe at least in this case, they’re finally taking the steps they’re supposed to take (which they should’ve done back when Ensley was born as well, but, I digress…).

  6. Everytime I see that photo of Jenelle saying David “doesn’t do anything wrong as a husband” I swear it looks like she’s reading it off of her hand.

    Hopefully Andrew has changed and can be a positive influence for Jace. I’ve never really seen anything good from him but he can’t be worse than Jenelle and David…..right?

  7. Long overdue. Can you imagine poor Jace? He is a kid that was thrust in front of TV not by his choice. His psychotic mother taunts Jace online with her posts. Purposely to inflict hurt and pain. Yet she defends the asshat she is married to. Sadly I think that Jenelle will continue to take sly jabs at Jace that he knows is meant for him and then she will bat her eyelashes and pretend she has no clue in court.

    I don’t know what to think about Andrew. Honestly if I didn’t have custody of my son I would fight tooth and nail in court especially if I knew he was in a bad situation. I hope that Andrew has his shit straight and actually is a good person for Jace to have in his corner. But going by Andrew’s actions (or inactions) the past 14 years I’m not holding out much hope.

  8. Maybe we should not discuss it here too. You ever think Jace potentially reads what all people say about his parents and grandmother on here and how we are all up in his business. Maybe we should do him a favor, one that his mom never would do.

  9. I’m really glad at least some things are going positively in Jace’s favor. The court is essentially saying that he, and only he, gets full control over who he has contact with-and any specifics surrounding it, including what (and to whom) others are allowed to say. They’re also doing more to protect him, and allow him to have more involvement with how things are directed moving forward. That will speak volumes to him and, hopefully, help him as he navigates the issues he’s dealing with. That kind of autonomy ought to be a basic human right, but it isn’t.

    This might sound like common sense to most of us, but honestly, it’s not usually how things go-even in states that do a better job of protecting kids. Typically, children get little to no (more no) say in any of it.

    Andrew being part of the case is par for the course, that’s expected (only somewhat unexpected that NC is doing it, lmao). They’re legally required to make every reasonable effort to contact immediate/any living family when placement is of concern. This is how things are supposed to go anyway, but especially in a case where, despite no contact his entire life, child support has been paid.

    Say what we will about Andrew, his life and his choices, he did pay the child support and no one ever even bothered trying to give him a TPR. That’s not me putting Andrew on some weird pedestal, it’s just a fact. He’s got plenty of his own issues that would, and do, make him a bad parent. Though it is sad that the one who expelled him from her innards is STILL more horrible as a person, and parent, than the one who chose to leave his life entirely.

    One more tiny step in Jace’s favor, I’m all for it. Now let us hope the remaining steps keep moving forward, for him AND his siblings. None of those kids deserve the people they’ve been saddled with as parents.

  10. Imagine being a mother and having to be FORCED to stop talking about your children’s CPS case online to millions of strangers….
    I am happy that Andrew is involved because if anything, jace can form a friendship with him now after all the years.
    The poor kid is just begging for love (not that Barbara doesn’t love him, bc she’s the only one). But from either of his parents.. horrible.

    1. Jenelle should have given that child up for adoption long ago. Makes me respect Catelynn and Tyler’s decision even more considering Carly ended up with her amazing adoptive parents. Jace may have had a similar outcome had Jenelle not been such a selfish immature asshole.

      The fact that Jace having a relationship with Andrew being a “good thing” is wild to me considering he didn’t want to have anything to do with Jace for years. Shows how truly sad this entire situation is, when Andrew is lookin like the better option for a parent proves Jace has been failed by all adults involved…at least Barbara tried though.

  11. Good! Finally someone is acting in the best interests of this child. It’s long over due. It’s sad it took a gag order to shut them all up. Maybe now this poor child can find some peace.

  12. Time for Nathan get his shir together and Kaiser too. Manni would LOVE to see jenells reaction after she lost her boys cuz she chose her man over them. Talks abujtr being a good mom

    Yes Andrew could’ve done a lot more to get jace in the past, but honestly there’s nothing other than just talk crap about it and just see who he to Jace because Jace needs somebody. Andrew didn’t look too good or healthy at the time, but tou never know someone’s health etc. Going to give benefit of doubt.

    Does Andrew have any other kids?

    1. Andrew has another son, Jacob, who was born not long after Jace’s first birthday so he’s 13 now. I know the woman’s name is Cindy but idk anything about their relationship, except for some reason I feel like I heard before that they were married at one point but idk if that was ever true or how long they were together. Idk whether he’s in Jacob’s life either.

      1. That’s a story Jenelle sold and some say Jacob/ Jake and Cindy never existed.
        Jenelle later claimed Andrew wasn’t allowed to see Jake.
        That’s weird when Jake doesn’t exist.

        I believe a recent interview with Andrew said Jace was his only son.

        Either Jake doesn’t exist or Andrew was not the father?

  13. Thank God!!! About time someone made her shut her mouth!! Question is though… Will she follow it or how long til she fucks up?

  14. Clearly it’s another unfair way preventing Jenelle from showing her side- aka the truth. *sarcasm* but I find this both hilarious and sad. Poor Jace.

  15. You really need to be a 💩 “mother” for a judge to forbid you from discussing your minor child mental health issues publicly.
    Also I’m sure Jenelle is going insane from the fact that Andrew got involved in this custody case lol

  16. Andrew popping in like the “Surprise surprise” lady 😂 I don’t think he should be trusted with something as big as custody but it would be really cool if he’s actually made progress and can be involved in Jace’s life. I think that would help Jace’s anger to have a relationship with his dad, provided Andrew is consistent.

  17. All that shit Jenelle was talking and it clearly just made things so much worse for herself 😂 can’t wait to see her messy, cryptic subposts in the next couple weeks

  18. Huh.

    Good that Andrew and Jace are talking to each other. That missing piece did affect Jace’s life immensely.
    I don’t have faith that Andrew is capable of keeping a rock alive and don’t expect him to do very much but a phone call here and there.. sure. Well, maybe.
    I bet Jenelle is pissed about this Andrew development. Good.

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