Jenelle Evans Says She’s Cut Off Mom Barbara Again After Barbara Claims Jenelle Stopped Giving Son Jace His ADHD Meds & Therapy Sessions After She Regained Custody

“Well Juh-nelle, I see our truce didn’t last that long!”

Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara, are once again at odds after attempting to get along in the months after Barb allowed Jenelle to regain custody of her son, Jace.

After Barbara spoke to TMZ on Thursday about her fears for Jace— who has been living on Jenelle’s lil piece of swampy heaven, The Land, since March— Jenelle hit The Interwebs to let her followers know that has “cut off” her mom once again.

In her interview with TMZ on Thursday, Barbara claimed that, since Jace went to live with Jenelle, the fired Teen Mom 2 star has stopped giving the 14-year-old the ADHD medication he’s been on for the past seven years. Barb also stated that Jace is no longer seeing his behavior specialist.

Barbara said she believes that Jace’s recent attempt to run away from his school was due to him being off his medication and without his behaviorist. 

“Barbara says Jenelle’s not talking to her, so she doesn’t have any more info about why her grandson ran off — but she squarely blames his issues at school on the lack of medication and therapy,” TMZ reported. 

Barbara also confirmed The Ashley‘s previous report that the real reason she gave custody of Jace back to Jenelle was because he had become too much for her to handle. (Jenelle claimed that she and her mother decided together that Jenelle was in a good place to regain custody.) 

“Barbara says she isn’t looking to regain custody of Jace, as she’s getting older and his behavior is too much for her to handle…she just wants to make sure what happened Tuesday doesn’t happen again,” the site reported.

“He’s all yours, Juh-nelle! Try to do betta, though!” 

TMZ also contacted Jenelle for the story, and The Lady of The Land denied Babs’ claim that Jace hasn’t seen his behavior therapist. 

“Barbara has not been in contact with Jace since Monday. I have cut off contact with her as of 3 weeks ago. Barbara doesn’t have any idea what is going on inside my home. Jace had a therapist appointment today on Zoom at 10:30am … she hasn’t even attempted to speak to Jace directly,” Jenelle said. 

TMZ pointed out that it’s unclear if Jace had the appointment already, or if Jenelle scheduled one ASAP due to what’s been happening this week. 

(It’s also important to note that Jenelle didn’t actually deny Barbara’s claims that Jace is no longer on his medication or seeing his therapist regularly.) 

From there, Jenelle took to her social media accounts to further blast her mother. In her post, Jenelle encouraged fans not to believe Barbara.

“Cut my own mother off again, and she has to keep going with the articles. Doesn’t call to check up, doesn’t ask me how he is, but talks to TMZ to give updates she knows nothing about,” Jenelle wrote. “Please do not believe anything my mother is saying to the media at this time. The truth will prevail and I’ll soon tell you when the time is right.”

“We’re all ova here waitin’ with baited breath, Juh-nelle.”

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25 Responses

  1. Jesus. UBT actually shot and killed a poor defenseless animal. Her mother says a few sentences that she doesn’t like, yet her mom is the one that’s cut off.

    Y’all just don’t know, my moms literally soo mean… Omg. Like honestly, You don’t understand, she’s just SoOOo awful ok.

    Ok Jenelle. Aren’t you 30 now? GTFU.


  2. So she is punishing both Jace and Barbara by severing contact between them. Stellar parenting, Jenelle and UBT are straight up trash.

  3. Ah yes cuz that makes complete sense, let’s cut off grandmas contact cuz she claims Jace isnt being given his meds or going to therapy since going back with Janelle. Because that doesn’t make you look suspicious af Janelle ?

  4. This is really sad. This poor kid has never had a moment of privacy. His “mother” constantly airs his dirty laundry and his personal medical information. He’s struggling enough and she just makes everything worse so she can have attention. STOP TALKING JANELLE! SHUT UP!

    This also applies to Maci!!

  5. Jenelle always claims the truth will come out when she’s ready but we’ve seen Jenelle lie over and over and over again. We all saw Jenelle pull a gun in front of Jace and then when Jace told the truth, Jenelle straight up called him a liar. Jenelle has always been a POS and she’ll always be a POS.

  6. Jenelle stop with the Facebook venting!!!!!! Your son is having a hard life because of YOU being a selfish, entitled horrible mother. Surely you don’t need to further complicate his life by announcing to Facebook (hahahahaha) that you cut off your own mother. ? as if we haven’t heard that one before. Stop with the drama, you are embarrassing yourself.

  7. It’s not hard to believe Jenelle would’ve taken Jace off his meds. When she was on TM2, she admitted to not giving Jace his ADHD medication when he was with her claiming he didn’t need it because he was “acting fine”
    And Jenelle wouldn’t know the truth if it bit her in the ass. She has repeatedly lied time and time again, even after getting caught in the lie. Its just sad CPS isn’t watching her household more closely. I get Jace may be too much for Barbara at this point but he shouldn’t be with his mother.

  8. Jenelle can’t be bothered to take him to his appointments and manage his meds properly. They think David yelling at him and acting all tough guy is enough to get him in line. Works really well.

  9. She’s always going to tell when the time is right. The school most likely setup the therapy appointment and the meds, they went down her throat. This past weekend’s meltdown was probably the result of said meds withdrawal effects.

  10. I can’t stand jenelle or Barbara. I know jenelle owes Barbara a lot for her parenting Jace all those years. If Jace is so hard to handle that Barbara finally gave in and gave jenelle custody, it had to be pretty bad. I’m sure he fought her about taking his meds or going to the therapist but she’s acting like it’s all jenelle’s fault. Jace ran away from Barbara’s as well. I just don’t think Barbara should be talking to tabloids about any of it but especially about things she couldn’t control as well. They won’t mend any relationship as long as they sell stories to the media about each other.

  11. I definitely believe anything Barb says over Jenelle. But how is Barb supposed to ask about Jace if Jenelle cut her off 3 weeks ago? He probably is off his meds…hard to split them 3 ways. And saying that he had a zoom meeting appointment that day doesn’t mean that he’s been having them regularly. Also I feel like him running away had nothing to do with his behavior and everything to do with Jenelle and David.

    1. Zoom meeting with Jenelle and David both standing right off screen eagle eyeing everything he says.

      Yeah that’s mental health care. Smh.

  12. Her mother stepped up and raised her son when she was completely incapable of doing so. She needs to be kinder and recognize that the relationship Jace and Barbara have is important. Neither of them should be talking to the tabloids about these matters because it is against the best interests of Jace. Jenelle needs to suck it up and keep Barbara in her life in the interest of her son. This is a coparenting relationship whether she likes it or not. Barbara had him for 13 years. She will only have him for 4 before he is legally an adult. Jenelle, do better.

    1. Those four years are a time when a child grows exponentially away from their parent(s) – which is normal. Jenelle is ‘taking care of him’ at a time when he’s supposed to seek autonomy. She’s got the easy part of raising Jace.

  13. So Barbara gave Jenelle custody of Jace and yet Jenelle is still treating Barbara the same exact way.

    Jenelle is a sniveling selfish brat!! It was always about Jenelle being entitled. It’s literally insane that every time Barbara says something that Jenelle doesn’t like, she cuts her off completely. But Jenelle can say the meanest most hurtful lies and she thinks it’s fine. Barbara literally said she didn’t know the specifics of what happened!

    Also, Janelle had custody for less than 6 months and has already taken him off medication he has been taking for 7 years and stopped his behavior therapy?? That’s a huge red flag! People who have ADD have a neurodivergent brain and knees help to function in a neurotypical environment like school. Good grief.

  14. It’s hard to believe a word that comes out of Jenelle’s mouth unless it’s about David being a POS.

    Like yesterday, claiming the snapchat thing was just rumor.. Maybe Babs does try to contact Jace, and maybe she can’t right now because they take his phone away (and you know, Jenelle won’t accept her calls).

  15. We need a interview with her sister Ashley. I have some messages I came across recently from YT about the situation in the swamp. And this was before Jace ran away this time.

  16. We already knew Barbara gave up Jace because he’s a handful like most teenagers and it’s not her responsibility, she did more than enough for the past 14 years. And it’s obvious Jenelle scheduled an appointment with the therapist ASAP. IT’S OBVIOUS JENELLE LIES 24/7.
    I feel very sorry for all the children under her “care”, I really believe they don’t stand a chance at life

  17. Can these imbeciles grow the fuck up and put the kids first for once!? This is all so embarrassing and those kids are the ones that suffer.

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