Jenelle Evans’ Son Jace Found Safe After Being Reported As a Missing Runaway; Jenelle Says Jace Didn’t Leave Due to Her & David Eason’s Fighting (Latest Updates)

Jace with Jenelle on his 14th birthday last week…

UPDATE: Jace has been found safe!

Jenelle Evans‘ 14-year-old son Jace has been reported missing.

Jace— who grew up on Teen Mom 2— was listed as a runaway on Tuesday. The Brunswick County, North Carolina, Sherriff’s Office put out an alert out on its social media pages, urging anyone who sees Jace to call 911.

“BCSO Deputies Searching for Runaway Juvenile, Jace Evans,” a post on the BCSO Facebook page reads, adding that Jace was last seen leaving his school in Leland, North Carolina, around 2:45 p.m. EST on Tuesday.

TMZ broke the story, adding that they had contacted Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans for more information. As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle finally regained custody of Jace from Barbara in March. Barbara had raised the boy since he was born, but after a years-long custody battle with Jenelle, agreed to give her custody of Jace. (As The Ashley previously reported, though, the decision was mainly due to the fact that Barbara could no longer handle Jace, according to The Ashley’s sources.)

TMZ reported that Barbara said she spoke to Jace on Monday night, and all appeared to be OK. (As The Ashley told you, things on The Land have been pretty terrible over the last week or so, with Jenelle and her husband David Eason fighting and taking their battle to social media.) 

Barb also claimed that she called Jenelle on Tuesday (before Jace was reported missing), but Jenelle didn’t want to talk to her.

How I picture that phone convo between Jenelle and Barb going…

In a statement to TMZ, Jenelle said that Jace only ran away because he got in trouble.

“As a boy mom, kids can act up and rebel as I’m sure the majority of us all once did as kids too. Jace, got in trouble at school, we decided to take his phone away and that’s when he decided to run off,” she told the site. “Jace is a good kid and we’re not dealing with anything that most families don’t deal with while raising children.

She also insisted that Jace taking off wasn’t due to her and David fighting on The Land in front of him.

“This has absolutely nothing to do with my situation with David, we do not argue in front of our children or fight in front of our kids,” Jenelle said.

“Sure, Juh-nelle. Whateva ya say!”

“This is a teenage boy being a teenager mad that we decided to take his phone away.”

After Jace was located, David took to social media to insist that he did try to find the lad.

“Jace is fine, he has been found, everyone needs to calm down!” David wrote. “I was the first one looking for him so get off my case!” 

The Ashley’s sources tell her that this is not the first time Jace has left since moving in with Jenelle. There was at least one more instance, as well as several when he lived with Barbara.

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. Stay tuned. 

UPDATE! David just posted a rant to Instagram regarding Jace.

You want to come on here assuming all kinds of S**t about Jace… I’ve been out here running through the f**king woods for two-and-a-half hours trying to find him… I almost had a f**king heat stroke trying to find this kid. You know what they told me? ‘Go home, we have drones, we have helicopters, we have dogs, we have ATVs, dirt bikes, we’re gonna find him.’ They told me to go home and make sure he doesn’t walk in the door…

“My man braids got all tangled and everything!”

“I’m the first one that ran after his ass to try to find him…Don’t come on here trying to tell me what the f**k you think is going on. Please. I do all the f**king work around here, I take care of everything around here, and if you think I don’t just because of something someone might tell you when they’re mad, you’re f**king WRONG.

“And if you think you can assume some shit just because an article you seen because Barbara goes on the Internet saying something. She don’t even know what the f**k she’s talking about,” David added. “You can’t f**king take Barbara’s word for it, she’s selling articles for money. Gotta pay for your retirement somehow.” 

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(Photos: Facebook; MTV; Instagram)

58 Responses

  1. you guys teen boys are all over the place at that age. they run off and scare the crap out of their Mommas! David and Janelle don’t need all this negative crap about their beautiful family. raise your own families. Geez!!!!!

  2. But we’re supposed to believe the D knows what he’s talking about right ?
    Why was D looking in the woods if he was last seen at school………….. geez I’m glad D didn’t get an actual heatstroke ???????

  3. As a parent of small children this terrifies me. Janelle was never a parent to Jace, he’s never gone through establishing boundaries with her. It would be extremely difficult to parent a teen when you never even raised them. It’s hard enough just being a parent at all. I fear for the blowups to come.

  4. Jace has a better shot at life as a runaway IMO. The genetics of Janelle and Andrew are not in his favor and it’s not like the environment he lives in is healthy. Sad he has never had a stable, sane father figure. Total load of crap that Janelle and UBT don’t fight in front of him.

  5. Is Jace’s school near the woods? If not, it seems strange that UBT would be running around the woods for hours looking for him like a lost dog instead of driving around town to look for his teenage human stepson. ??‍♀️ I also doubt the cops were sending out helicopters and hounds to look for a fourteen-year-old runaway that was presumably safe. He not a dangerous fugitive or a kidnapped toddler, David.

    I know that’s not the point, but it was just such a dumb comment/rant.

    1. Not defending UBT in the slightest but the school actually is surrounded by several acres of woods. There’s a couple fast food joints nearby he could have walked to and a neighborhood not far away but the biggest concern in my mind would be the major highway it’s near.

  6. Welp, we all saw this coming. I wonder if Andrew will now try to be again like “Hey, remember me? Can I get custody?” (lol, it rhymes) Jace is screwed.

  7. She’s praised because had Barbara not taken Jace when she did and got custody, he no doubt would’ve gone into foster care due to Jenelle prioritizing men and drugs over her kid for YEARS. Personally if I was Barbara, I would’ve gone for Jenelle’s parenting rights to be terminated when she was caught strung out on drugs with “Kieffah”. You say “everyone could see” that Barbara couldn’t handle Jace long term… like Jenelle could’ve?
    I’m not seeing I agree with some of Barbara’s tactics, her taking in part in yelling and screaming with Jenelle was no good and both she and Jenelle would guilt the poor boy about who he wanted to stay with but again.. the alternative was for Jace to either live with a mother who thought parenting was a part time job or to have gone into the system.

  8. How long have they been together now? I am shocked their marriage has lasted this long. Before him a new guy would last a few months tops.

    1. She was clear she can’t leave him even if she wanted to, that’s why they’re still together. He probably has some big dirt on her or he plainly threatened her life

      1. They have a kid together so she never gets to be 100% done with him.
        As long as he’s alive…start making him lots of high fat and sodium meals three times a day, see where that goes. ??‍♀️

  9. The police dropped so much personal information trying to find Jace, is that normal in the US? Like, now everyone knows his school, that’s scary

  10. Jenelle and David are fighting in front of their kids since they fight on the internet for the whole world(including their kids and their kids friends) to see. Idiots.

  11. CPS… CPS… where are you!!?!?!

    I know Babs, is tired and can’t do it anymore, but really how is the best alternative? I can’t imagine what a Jenelle/UBT fight looks like. I would run too.

  12. I fucking hate David so much. What a backwoods POS. Jenelle is no better.

    My heart breaks for those kids. They absolutely fight in front of the kids, they kill animals in front of the kids. Am I supposed to believe that when Jenelle and David fight they wait until the kids are in bed and then talk like adults? Never.

    Poor Jace. Think about all of the times we have seen him from a very young age be manipulated by everyone. He probably has gone back and watched that shit. Who in their right mind would want to go home to Uncle Bad Touch and Hypochondriac tik tok Queen?

    1. Let’s not forget that Jenelle pulled a gun out in front of Jace! And David has no room to talk about Barbara. She may not be the best parent, but at least she had her kids. I really hope these kids are taken to a better situation. My heart breaks for the kids only!

      1. Yes! And then basically called him a liar to Barb! That is so damaging. Bless his little heart he actually pulled out a NERF gun during this to “protect” his mom. She is a horrible mother!

  13. I’m supposed to believe that David will torture and kill Nugget in front of his toddler but he never argues with Jenelle in front of the kids????

  14. Barbara did a poor job raising Jace. Many forget that Barbara raised Janelle. Barbara chased that MTV money just as much as any of the teen moms.

    1. Amen! It drives me nuts when people praise her. She also was constantly using Jace as a pawn dangling custody and visitation in front of Jenelle and then taking it away as soon as they had a fight. Jace should have been with her from the beginning. Everyone could see she wasn’t going to be able to handle him long-term and keeping him from his mother was preventing the bond that is normally formed during those sweet early years that you have to rely on when the teenage years hit.

      1. Are you joking? Jenelle didn’t want to parent her kid! She wanted to go out & party. She choose men over her baby many times. She complained about having to make bottles for him for daycare. Barbara is no saint at all, but at least she was there. If Jace had been left to Jenelle as a baby, I don’t know if he would have survived or he would have ended up in foster care if Barbara hadn’t stepped up.

  15. What does anyone bet this was just Jenelle gaslighting Jace again (like when she pulled a gun with him in the front seat and tried to the Barb and the police that never happened)???

    He probably didn’t get in trouble in school – David and Jenelle probably took his phone during the fighting to keep him from calling for help or taking any pictures/video of what was happening.

    It’s way past time these kids were removed permanently.

  16. I don’t doubt that David is the one that does the absolute bare minimum there. Jenelle is a blob and useless even to herself. When people say Jenelles changes I want you to reread David and Jenelle statement. How essentially their main goal was to “politely” blame Jace whilst mostly trying to clear themselves.

    Not one person assumed anything about Jace. Most assume that your constant bickering, jenelle’s half ass attempts at OF may embarrass (as the best feeling he could have about it) her teenage son, Jenelles inability to function like a 32 yr old mother instead of a moody lovestruck teenager and both of your obsession (w. Time and focus) on social media may have effected how Jace is able to handle his own shit in an environment I don’t doubt is either woefully unhelpful on its best days to thick with tension on other days.

  17. In my town you run away you spend a minimum of 24 hours in juvenile jail and have to go to court before you can go home and you get counselors and a court appointed monitor to watch over you for awhile to make sure everything at home is okay! It’s a whole ordeal no matter what age the child is.

    Hopefully authorities will atleast make sure he has access to counseling if needed. I could see him running away over a phone, he has had a very up and down life so I can only imagine how he is handling the emotions and all!

    Just glad he is safe!!

    Confused David said he was running thru the woods to find him but he was last seen at his school?

  18. “This has absolutely nothing to do with my situation with David, we do not argue in front of our children or fight in front of our kids,” Jenelle said.

    NO dipshit, you fight on SM instead and Jace probably had to endure his classmates reaction to what low life fools you both are.

  19. He most likely was humiliated by her posting for the world to see. That’s probably why they took the phone-there now you don’t have to see it! Such a dysfunctional home. Poor kids.

  20. Jenelle you are ignorant as fuck if you think fighting on social media, whether for attention or for real, isn’t considered fighting in front of your kids. It is. Get a clue dipshit.

    David- you & Jenelle sell your ‘stories’ all the time to whatever outlet will bite & you have the audacity to talk shit about Babs? You’ll never be half the man she is so fuck all the way off.

    When is CPS gonna step in and REMOVE THESE KIDS. For fuck’s sake.

  21. Umm… Does Jenelle not realize that kids feel tension in the house??.. or you know, the fact she airs their dirty laundry on social media for anyone, including the kids, to see??

    Also, David isn’t someone that I would willingly want to live with. If I were Jace, I wouldn’t feel safe in that house without a phone on me 24/7.

  22. David, fuck you. At least Barbara worked to have a retirement! Wtf are you planning to do in your old age? You haven’t worked to even acquire social security. You’re a government sucker and you always will be.

  23. Selling stories? TMZ contacted her and she said nothing bad. It was a pretty diplomatic response, honestly. David doesn’t have room to talk when he has no job and his wife pays for everything by selling p0rn. And I bet that has already imploded like all of Jenelle’s other “business ventures”.

    Also, anyone else notice he decided to shade Jenelle during his rant?

  24. I can’t imagine the things that poor kid has witnessed Janelle. David, Barb, and the other terrible men that have been in Janelle’s life. I hope he’s found safely and somehow able to get some help for the things he’s obviously dealing with. Well-adjusted kids aren’t running away because of a cell phone being taken away.

    1. Also came here to say kids running away isn’t some ‘normal’ occurrence she’d like it to be. Good lord, Jenelle’s idiocy has no boundary whatsoever.

  25. ‘we do not argue in front of our children or fight in front of our kids’ yeah cause you guys matured overnight. Totally believable.

    ‘Gotta pay for your retirement somehow’ F you David. You know where her retirement money is? She spent it on raising Jace. You know, food, clothes, therapy to deal with his absent mom and because he was terrified of you.

    These two deserve each other. Poor kids deserve better. My heart breaks for them.

  26. I feel so bad for jace. Bio mom gave him up to party and do drugs. Grandma gave him up. Bio mom keeps choosing loser men over him. You’d be messed up too. I hope he gets the hell out of there as soon as he can and is okay but I honestly don’t see how he could be.

  27. “You can’t f**king take Barbara’s word for it, she’s selling articles for money. Gotta pay for your retirement somehow.”

    At least she has an income or two

  28. “We do not argue in front of our children or fight in front of our kids”….but you’ll blast each other on social media for your kids to see?? This girl does nothing but gaslight and LIE.

    Glad he’s safe…Babs tried to tell Jenelle Jace was a handful, but Jenelle tried her hardest to say that Babs was the problem. Karma seems to ALWAYS come back for Jenelle.

      1. It’s like just when you thought she couldn’t choose anyone worse than the previous soul mate, she proves you wrong. It’s scary to think what’s about to come after David.

  29. Getting in trouble at school already?
    What is it like the second day?

    Jaces next few years/ decade is gonna make Jenelles look like a cake walk.

    1. I agree with you. I hate to say it, but if he’s anything like his mother, or even worse that sperm donor who was too “qualified” to get a job, Jace is not going to be an easy kid to raise. It’s sad.

    1. No, they just argue in front of all of us. Smh.

      If he can’t physically hear them argue, he still has internet access.

      Jenelle is so dumb.

    1. If (IF) it’s true they don’t fight in front of the kids. And IF somehow Jace didn’t see the FB wars over the weekend. Can you imagine how it would have been for him walking into school the next day. I’m certain at least one kid saw all of it and the whole school was probably talking. If that’s how he found out about all this, that’s 100% worse than hearing your mom and stepdad fight.

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