Lisa Vanderpump Reveals Rachel Leviss’ Season 10 Salary After ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Claimed She Hadn’t “Seen a Penny”; Katie Maloney Reacts to Rachel’s Interview

“Do yourself a favor, Rach…”

Lisa Vanderpump is setting the record straight after (presumably former) Vanderpump Rules star Rachel Leviss claimed this week that she didn’t earn “a penny” for her role in the infamous–– and ultimately, ratings-boosting–– Scandoval.

Rachel– formerly known as Raquel– commented on her alleged salary shortcomings during an episode of the Just B with Bethenny Frankel podcast– Part 1 of which was released on Wednesday. Rachel told the former Real Housewives of New York star that despite Bravo “running to the bank with this scandal,” she hadn’t “seen a penny” from the network.

Bethenny then claimed that Rachel made less than her interns–- a comment that seemed to either surprise or confuse Rachel. 

Our money is on the latter.

Following the release of Rachel’s interview, TMZ spoke to Lisa to get her opinion on the comments made by her former employee. Lisa admitted that she hadn’t yet listened to the episode; however, she also made it clear that she was made aware of some of Rachel’s comments of her lack of earnings.

“ … I’m going to work,” Lisa said while walking off on Wednesday. “And guess what? I get paid more than an intern– I heard about that.”


Lisa was also asked if she believed Rachel deserved to make more money than other cast members due to her role in Scandoval. In response, Lisa said she believed Rachel had been “very well paid,” claiming the former pageant queen earned approximately $361k for Season 10.

“Do you realize the amount of flared pants and platform sneakers that would buy you?”

According to TMZ, Rachel raked in more than $350k for Season 10 of ‘VPR,’ earning nearly $20k an episode for a total of 19 episodes. 

Lisa wasn’t the only ‘VPR’ cast member to speak out about Rachel’s interview with Bethenny. Katie Maloney took to the comment section of Bethenny’s Instagram post promoting the episode to share her input, as well. 

“What in the hot garbage is this?” Katie commented. 

Katie later took to her Instagram Story to seemingly shade Rachel’s interview further.

“Ya know that trending sound–- or song, whatever–- that was like, ‘Why the f**k you lyin?’” Katie said in the video. “Anyways, that’s been stuck in my head like, all morning…for some reason.” 

Click here to read The Ashley’s recap of Part 1 of Rachel’s interview. Part 2 is currently available and Part 3 is set to drop on Friday.  

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  1. Let me tell you, her salary was based on 2022 season 10! What does she expect, to get paid while for 2023. She isn’t in 2023 season. You can’t expect to get paid double. She tried to negotiate with Bravo, but why should she make as much as the rest of the cast. They’ve been there for 10 years, & her ass wouldn’t have been on if, she hadn’t dated James. And, now I think she used him to get on the show. She’s a little conniving witch. She finally got her own contract & now wants more money. So, now she gets nothing!

  2. It seems like she thought she’d get a bonus for doing something horrific that stirred up ratings. She really is dumb as shit to be on reality TV for this many years and still have zero clue how ANY of it works.

  3. Nothing says Slut Pig more than wanting to be paid MORE money for having an affair with your friends boyfriend for seven months!

    And an honorable mention to money hungry Bethenny for having more ads in her podcast than even Dateline. She is making bank on this pig while acting like she is on her side.


  4. So I guess she thinks she needs to be paid a little extra for creating such drama. Little whore. She went balls to the wall (or mouth) to work for that money. I have yet to really see her take any responsibility for this shit storm. I think the therapists convinced her that she’s done nothing wrong and it’s all Tom and everyone else. She says she understands what she did but then she starts blaming others for her being in this position. As if Tom took advantage of the little innocent girl. I know she went to college but shes clearly not that bright. Is she even using her degree? Or does she just think it’s something pretty to frame and hang on the wall? It’s time for her to move on. She can’t even take care of a dog. ?

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