Police Report Reveals Jace Evans Was Found Due To Snapchat Location On His Phone, Despite ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Claiming Jace Ran Away Because She Took His Phone

“Me? Lie? Never!”

Jenelle Evans‘ teenage son Jace is home after running away from his school on Tuesday, but new details coming in from the police incident report state that authorities were able to find the 14-year-old thanks to the Snapchat location on his phone being turned on.

This, of course, directly contradicts the explanation the fired Teen Mom 2 star gave TMZ on Tuesday regarding Jace running away. As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle claimed that “Jace got in trouble at school and we decided to take his phone away and that’s when he decided to run off…This is a teenage boy being a teenager mad that we decided to take his phone away.”

However, according to the police incident report, it appears that Jace had his phone on him when he bolted from his middle school.

“During the report, as the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Dept. was gathering information, one 911 caller stated that their child, who is friends with Jace, followed him on Snapchat,” The Sun reported on Wednesday. “Police were able to determine the former ‘Teen Mom’ star’s son was hiding behind his school in the trees due to his Snapchat location.”

Jace reportedly ran from his school on foot after his stepdad David Eason arrived to pick him up. He disappeared into the woods near the school, causing his principal to call 911. Eventually, search dogs were sent out to look for him. 

Despite how it appears, this is NOT one of the search dogs sent out to look for Jace…

In a rant posted to Instagram on Tuesday after Jace was found, David claimed he nearly got “heat stroke” from looking for Jace for hours in the woods. The police incident report obtained by The Sun confirmed that David had, indeed, been looking for Jace in his SUV.

In his Instagram rant, David claimed that he and the principal were the first people to go looking for Jace.

“I’m the first one that ran after his ass to try to find him…Don’t come on here trying to tell me what the f**k you think is going on. Please. I do all the f**king work around here, I take care of everything around here, and if you think I don’t just because of something someone might tell you when they’re mad, you’re f**king WRONG.”

Jenelle and David have been having “marital issues” for the last week or so, with Jenelle even recently accusing David of stealing her debit cards. However, in her statement to TMZ on Tuesday, Jenelle insisted that Jace running away had “absolutely nothing” to do with their fighting.

“He just had the sudden need to go for a run! Like all teenagers, he cares about his physical fitness!”

“We do not argue in front of our children or fight in front of our kids,” Jenelle said.

UPDATE! On Wednesday, Jenelle took to Instagram to deny the claim made in the police report.

“My son was not found ‘because of Snapchat,'” Jenelle wrote. “There are lots of rumors going around about what happened. I would like to take this time to give my son privacy and appreciate if the public would do the same. Thank you.” 

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  1. Because jenelle speaks English as a third language and after almost 15 years I can usually cut through so here’s what happened (just a hypothesis of course)

    Jace got in trouble in school. The principal told David , David said give me the phone and Jace said fuck it and hid (not ran away as hid is mentioned more than once).

    It would explain her weird statement, the incident report and David’s even more agro than usual video.

    All the adults rushing to defend themselves (even Barb is a POS in this). Not one person in Jaces family seeing that all he’s ever witnessed with authority and confrontation is the loudest screaming I’ve ever heard, passive aggressive silence or adults self indulging in their own pity. Then you take away his medication and the professional trying to instill what these adults haven’t.

    Jace start writing the book now and publish it on your 18th birthday and never look back. You have the goodwill of so many people.

    1. Jace has been on Adderall (or a similar type of amphetamine) since he was a young child. I can’t imagine what’s like to go from fully medicated to no medication.

      Also, those meds normally need to be tapered. you can’t just go cold turkey on them.

      Jace and his siblings are truly the victims of these incompetent adults.

      1. As a recently pregnant ADHDer, that was very well-managed with meds, it is rough. I at least had some say in it and have adult coping skills but it still shook me. My routine is effed, my emotions are dysregulated, my confidence shattered by doing all the socially problematic things like being distracted or interrupting. Everyone I know is aware of the situation and very understanding but Jace is in high school and kids are not known for their compassion. If true, this is so messed up.

  2. Yeah Jenelle, he probably needs some privacy to heal from the ass whooping David gave him! We all know David went after him to beat him and that’s why Jace ran. Spin it how you want. You know better.

  3. “I’m the first one that ran after his ass to try to find him…Don’t come on here trying to tell me what the f**k you think is going on.

    HEY DUMB_DUMB- he was running from you!!!

    Get these away from these people!!!

  4. Well now they made public how they found him. Next time he will know to turn his location off. Really smart… not

  5. Rrrighht jenelle.. the police report is falsely documented bc these officers have something against you and lied about locating Jace via his phone… oh ok we get it now… ??
    She is the definition of a narcissist.. she’s always the victim.
    Poor Jace. She doesn’t know what she’s doing.. like someone on here said.. she didn’t raise him and just now got him back…7 months ago?! .. how can she raise a teenager when she’s still has the mentality of one?.
    And we all watched you fight with EVERYONE in front Jace all of his life.. That just all of a sudden stopped happening? Stop it.

  6. Am I the only one who is interpreting this like- jace got in trouble at school & probably had to sit with the principal while they called home, Jenelle said that she was going to take his phone away, & since jace didn’t want his phone to be taken away when he got home later, he ran away. That’s totally how I read it BUT I am too naive. Jenelle is absolutely a chronic liar so I guess I need to stop giving ppl the benefit of the doubt!

    1. Literally took it as Jace knew his phone was going to be taken and therefore he ran ot climbed eather, as to avoid going home and having his phone taken.

    2. It could be. Jace could have gotten into trouble because he’s constantly being bullied for Jenelle’s naked pics, drama, David’s general mental state, you name it. The principal could have called Jenelle and Uncle Bad Touch, and David could have said something like ‘Imma whoop your ass when we get back home son’ or something like that. And Jace knows damn well what he is capable of. This ape shot their dog, Kaiser told his grandma that David punched him, had visible marks, even Nathan said that David doesn’t hit Kaiser anymore (which means that he used to) and let’s not forget that chilling 911 call when Jenelle was crying histerically that David cracked her collarbone or when she was hiding and David was smashing the doors. Jace knew what was coming and that UBT is not joking with punishment. He must be terrified and feel so alone. My god, that poor kid.

      1. She’s not a narcissist. Farrah is…Janelle is Borderline…is very obvious if you watched the show from the beginning. She said at one point she was diagnosed Bipolar which is confused with Borderline all the time due to the mood swings Borderline get due to their fear of abandonment and minimal control of their emotions

  7. Now she wants to “give her son privacy?” Jace is probably terrified of David. Jenelle treats Jace like a kid brother not like a son. Jenelle has proven that she will have David’s back before her children.

    I knew she was lying about the phone because that’s all she knows how to do. Manipulate, lie and exaggerate.

    I think that Jenelle and David told Jace to act up when he was with Barb so she would allow Jace to move with them. I’m sure they took him on vacations, got him dirt bikes and bribed him to think it would be great. Jenelle didn’t want Jace back because she loved him and wanted to parent him. She wanted Jace back as a final Fuck You to Barb for “taking” Jace. Never mind the fact that she willingly signed him over because multiple dicks and drugs were more important.

    Not much has changed.

  8. Not to downplay the situation, because this is serious behavior. Jace has been in JE and Uncle Bad Touch’s custody for how long? And HOURS? Dude, Jace was missing for an hour — or am I reading this all wrong? How did UBT get “HOURS”

  9. 1. So we are supposed to believe YOU, Delujenelle Evans, instead of the police report? Lol
    2. We are supposed to believe YOU, who said Jace was mad because you took his phone away, and he was found BECAUSE HE HAD HIS FREAKIN PHONE WITH HIM? LOLOLOLOL
    3. So David was kinda telling the truth when he said he went into the woods to look for him? That makes sense if there are woods behind the school. For once, it appears that he said something close to the truth. Shocker!

  10. Jenelle asking for privacy for Jace yet she blasts every single detail regarding Jace on social media.

    Jenelle- fuck off & take your own advice.

  11. Once a liar, always a liar. Did we really expect UBT or Jenelley to tell the truth about any of this?! ?

  12. Running away at the sight of David is exactly what every sane person would do. Poor Jace, he must hate living with these lunatics. This constant yelling, fighting and tension is traumatizing for children, and this has already been through a lot.

    1. Can you imagine the treatment he gets from classmates who know who he and his parents are? I’m sure they’re the talk of the town. Poor kids.

      1. Not to mention his mom’s OnlyFans pics got leaked all over the internet last week – I’m sure half the kids at school have seen them.

        1. How sad for the kids. I don’t understand any parent doing anything to compromise their kids in this way. Taking naked pics for the internet and risking your children seeing or getting teased for it. How awful that she values, well everything, over her kids.

  13. Jan: “we told him we were going to take the phone away, so he ran. We hadn’t actually taken it yet.”
    Everyone: “…sure Jan.”

  14. so for how long was jace actually ‘missing’? couldn’t have been very long at all ~ surprised (impressed) that the police took such quick action w/SM posts, etc.
    as for jenelle lying re: the phone ~ is anyone surprised? anyone? bueller?

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