EXCLUSIVE! David Eason Lawyers Up To Fight His Child Abuse Charge: Here’s What Happened At His Court Hearing

“I take CARE of my man and get him a lawyer!”

David Eason is fighting back against his child abuse charge.

The Ashley can exclusively confirm that the fired Teen Mom 2 star had his first court hearing to answer to the charge on Wednesday; however David has recently lawyered-up and did not have to appear. (Obviously, because David wasn’t there, his trusty wife, Jenelle Evans, was also not in attendance.) 

Days ago, The Ashley reported that David did not have a lawyer, and according to what was said in court on Wednesday, that was true– up until Tuesday.

“It was said in court that David retained his attorney yesterday,” The Ashley’s source said.

“I wrangled me one of them attorneys to do the talkin’ words for me just in the nick of time!”

William Gore, a lawyer from David’s attorney’s law firm appeared on David’s behalf, telling the judge that David’s actual attorney, Tara Gore, is on maternity leave until January 1  and that they would like to continue the case until then. 

The judge— who, as The Ashley told you previously, has long been an advocate for kids in child abuse cases— agreed to the continuance.

The District Attorney agreed as well; however, the DA declined David’s attorney’s request to combine two court dates in one next time.

“The judge said multiple times during the court hearing that he likes to give each [defendant] one continuance and that’s all,” The Ashley’s court source told her.

If the name William Gore sounds familiar to longtime followers of the swampy saga that is David and Jenelle’s life, that’s because he has represented David in several court cases in the past. Most notable, William was David’s attorney during David and Jenelle’s 2019 custody fight to get their kids back. William also represented David when he caught criminal charges for allegedly pistol-whipping and threatening the life of James Spivey, a former friend of Jenelle, back in 2020.

David is next due back in court on January 18. 

As The Ashley previously reported, David was notified when he received his official court summons that, if he failed to show up for the court date on Wednesday, an order of arrest may be issued and he can be held in contempt of court. Because he now has a lawyer, it is legal for his attorney to appear on David’s behalf instead.

David’s official court summons— issued in late October— claims that David “willingly” harmed Jace in late September.

“[David] unlawfully and willingly did, being the parents of Jace V Evans, who was a child, less than 16 years of age, inflict physical injury on that child,” the court document states. “The physical injury inflicted caused marks on [Jace’s] right arm, and left and right side of the neck, and was inflicted by other than accidental means.” 

According to North Carolina law, misdemeanor child abuse– Class A1— is described as the following: “Any parent of a child less than 16 years of age, or any other person providing care to or supervision of such child, who inflicts physical injury, or who allows physical injury to be inflicted, or who creates or allows to be created a substantial risk of physical injury, upon or to such child by other than accidental means.” 

Jenelle has not been charged with any crime in relation to the alleged assault on Jace. 

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available…

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  1. This is that attorney who kicked ass on Jenelles custody case, even successfully removing the presiding judge at the time. Oh, this sucks so much. The attorney will have this whole case dismissed or a one day probation to serve with records dismissed after completion of the sentence. lol

  2. I’m pretty sure David’s license is suspended. Yet this bitch is always recording him driving. She should be in trouble for it too.

  3. I would bet you anything that David does not see a moments worth of time for this. He does not do any kind of probation. They will probably send him to an anger management class at the most possibly a court line and that’s only if he’s actually found guilty, which I doubt he will probably get a no contest and this will be shuffled off like everything else. Janelle and David have done at this point a normal person would’ve been in prison, but not them their A-OK to whip guns out in traffic and pistol, whip people, and just get away with it consistently way to go, North Carolina.

  4. Wtaf giving them more time to post more s**t and cause Jace more stress. These monster physically, verbally and mentally abused him, caused him to be bullied at school, kept him from any help that he needed. They don’t deserve any second chances he should’ve faced the judge and had the heaviest book thrown at his smug face.

  5. Not sure why people are are surprised, this is obviously why we’ve seen so much from these two when most people would lie low.

    Jenelle ramped up all of her posting.. all over the internet. She obviously did this to get money for those clicks and it worked.

    If people would stop giving these 2 the time of day, their funds would dry up and they couldn’t afford to pay for legal defense… or much of anything else.

    Stop clicking her bait. Don’t look at her social media. Don’t sub to her OF so you can give details of her spicy dumps for that sweet Reddit karma. Stop giving them the attention they need to financially stay afloat.

    1. The attention on them also holds them accountable, though. Obviously, I’m not saying anyone should be subscribing to her OF, and may God help those poor souls who do, but the reason Jenelle loses brand deals is because people monitor her social media and report on all the garbage she does.

      1. I hear you, and you’re right, though I think accountability can be achieved without everyone flocking to her SM/OF accounts regularly.

        Advertisers/brands don’t wanna hire someone who has no following except that of the local police and CPS (Child Protective Services). 🤣

        Everyone should drop these 2 like the bad habits they are.

        1. The only site she’s actually making any money off, is OF (and anyone can do that if they want). OF is full of desperate thots of every gender and every kind. OF is a weird place full of people who will pay for the dumbest shit ever. But even then, she doesn’t have the amount of subscribers people thinks she does.

          She can’t monetize most of what she posts on social media, because that’s not how it works, at least, not anymore. She doesn’t get paid per every look at her page(s). She gets paid by click thru traffic. She can, sometimes, get paid by views (but it takes a hell of a lot) for certain videos but they require specific amount of watch time for a specific number of individual and non-artificially inflated views, and she hasn’t met that in a while. She’s had far less views recently than ever. This is mostly due to the fact that people reup her shit elsewhere, so less and les people even look at any of her pages, much less click through.

          This is why she has a website that is totally ran by her staff and not her and UDV, of course. She posts “exclusive” and totally not typed up by her articles with “exclusive” and totally not made up sources close to her that are totally not her, because she can monetize the click thru traffic on a website she owns. Well, she could, if she knew how it worked. Unfortunately for her, the click thru traffic is next to nil, because all it takes is ONE click from ONE person and the entire internet knows what’s there.

          She really doesn’t get the traffic people thinks she gets. It’s part of why she goes haywire with the clickbait and in the weird way that she does it (because she doesn’t understand how it works). She thinks any and all views of any of her posts will equal an eventual paycheck. It doesn’t work that way now. She’s not using the best methods for monetization, she’s just floundering around like a whale in a desert hoping to find a puddle. She’s getting more and more desperate with it, like today’s whole “the pap are following me OMG” bullshit she pulled, because she’s actually losing money hand over fist right now.

  6. I can’t get over Jenelle making a video about the paparazzi following her and stalking her when they left court and when she turned the camera to show us, she couldn’t find them. 😂

    1. The pap are made of molecules, she can only sometimes see them, like, when they’re trying to kill her, dude.

  7. I said it before and I ‘ll say it again. How can they have custody of some kids but other kids get taken away? It makes no sense. Maryssa looks miserable. I guess noone is fighting for Kaiser. Ensley definitely has noone. At least Kaiser gets away from them sometimes. David and Jenelle is a match made in hell.

    They need to investigate how they are getting money. How do you have a lawyer and not have a job? Make it make sense. They also take vavcations. What are they vacationing from? Make it make sense.

    1. Apparently from OnlyFans. but I don’t know what kind of disgusting humans are paying for Jenelle’s “content”. Shame on them.

  8. This right here, is exactly why we know this whole “this judge stands for children’s rights and advocates for children” is a load of horse shit smoke being blown up everyone’s ass. The judge has less than two years experience actually advocating for children, and very little real evidence that he’s done a whole lot more than talk about it. A lot of people say they advocate for children, few actually do a whole lot to back up the talk.

    A judge who really advocates for children, would not allow a continuance. To use a Farrah phrase, per law, he doesn’t have to, nor should he. Given the circumstances and everything else surrounding and including UDV and fivehead (especially everything Jace has been through recently), no continuances should be allowed at all. No child advocate would push for a continuance.

    It’s a stall tactic, because they know it’s one they can use. “Oh she’s on maternity leave, she can’t properly represent him until she comes back” makes for a great excuse because it comes with the “everyone will think you’re a douche if you don’t take her maternity leave into consideration” caveat. In other words, this judge, like many, is likely more worried about his own image should he man up and tell UDV to use the lawyer(s) currently available to represent him. He’ll look like “the bad guy” if he uses the balls god graced him with and sacks up.

    I have little faith that anything moving forward will be in Jace’s best interest, let alone the other children’s. I had a smidgen of hope, after seeing which judge would be overseeing this case. That smidgen was smashed by this, man’s, lack of a sack. Child advocate my ass.

    1. No matter what crime you commit, you still have rights that the court has to abide by. This does not mean the judge does not stand for children. He is following the law as well. If had not allowed it, then the lawyer could ask for a new judge.

      1. No one has the right to a continuation based on these grounds-the judge has sole discretion to decide whether or not to grant it.

        He has a right to representation, of course, as we all do. The firm he hired (and named last minute) has available representation, including the lawyer he normally uses from that firm. He’s the one who went on his behalf and asked for a continuation. The judge could have used that as a grounds for denial.

        The judge did not have to grant the continuation. He could have simply said “your lawyer is right here, you have representation, continuation denied”. The judge has every right to do exactly that, and call the stall tactic out for being exactly what it was. I have been in courtrooms where judges have decided to stop the dog and pony show and get down to business. Judges that do really advocate for and work to protect children don’t allow dog and pony shows, it only serves to escalate the harm to the child(ren). I have met quite a few myself who don’t put up with stupid stall tactics like this. They call a spade a spade and get on with the matter at hand.

        It would be different if UDV had made the claim that he has no representation and needed time to get some. Then a continuation would have to be granted regardless. But that’s not what happened, so there’s no right to protect here.

    1. Based on my unfortunate experience dealing with the court system (civil, not criminal), lawyers LOVE stall tactics and what better tactic than to “assign” David to the lawyer who is conveniently on leave. Very frustrating when the scum in the wrong play these games, but not at all unusual.

    2. Because if they say his lawyer is on maternity leave, the judge won’t turn down a continuance. Very convenient of them.

  9. Same attorneys that have gotten them out of everything else. I don’t see this ending in Jaces favor, unfortunately.

  10. And the finessing begins.

    Spoiler.. the strategy is to keep putting this off until it eventually just “drops off the docket”.

    1. Yep, I have a friend who was up on criminal charges and her lawyer played that game until the case was dropped (COVID-related delays helped too). My friend’s actions even made the local news for a few days at the time it occurred. But her actions were due to mental health issues which she was able to prove to the court she was effectively treating which might have also been a factor in her case being dropped. Hopefully David won’t fake improving his mental health and I REALLY hope the judge is serious about only allowing one delay.

      How does David’s scum legal team sleep at night defending him. THAT is why people hate lawyers.

    2. I kinda figured that’s how it’s going to go. Or maybe if she signs her rights off he’ll not serve any jail time. Because if she’s got control over his medical decisions along with his medication. There’s no helping her kid. And he’ll probably in up in juvenile detonation. Then nobody wins. Because they had said foster care was next and if he does anything bad he’s off to juvenile detonation.

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