EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans’ Husband David Eason To Face Stern Judge With Long History of Being Advocate For Kids In Child Abuse Cases: Details

“Don’t come in here tryin’ to impress me none with your talking words, Judge! Just because you have a job and stuff don’t mean you’re better than me, boy!”

David Eason is set to head to court later this week to answer to a charge of child abuse he received in October for allegedly assaulting his stepson, Jace

While going to court is certainly nothing new for the fired Teen Mom 2 dad and his wife Jenelle Evans, this time may be a little different, as David will be facing a judge known for being an advocate for kids in child abuse cases.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that David will face Judge Bryan Wilson when he heads to court on Wednesday to answer to the misdemeanor child abuse charge against him. (He has not yet entered a plea, but will likely do so on Wednesday in court.) Judge Wilson is a new judge who was just sworn into the bench in January. Before becoming a District 13 judge in North Carolina, Judge Wilson worked tirelessly for kids involved in abuse, neglect and similar types of cases.

“As I’ve said before, the kids are fine! Jace, Ensley and…that blond boy… are doing great!”

“As a District Guardian Ad Litem Attorney Advocate….I represent nearly every child in DSS custody across our three counties,” Judge Wilson wrote on his campaign Facebook page last year. “It has truly been an honor being their voice and serving to protect their best interest throughout the most difficult times in their young lives as their families navigate our court proceedings.” 

(In his role as GAL Attorney Advocate, Judge Wilson would help the volunteers appointed to be kids’ Guardian Ad Litems to testify on the child’s behalf. He would also work to monitor kids involved in these types of cases.) 

“I have served our communities as the Guardian Ad Litem Attorney for the district for nearly two years ensuring our children’s voices are heard in the courtroom. It has truly been my honor to serve in this capacity,” Judge Wilson told Star News Online in October 2022.

While David will almost certainly have his trusty wife, Jenelle, by his side when he faces the judge, it appears that he won’t have an attorney.

David trying to juggle his court case, unfriending and re-friending Jenelle on Facebook and his raking all at once…

The Columbus County Clerk of Courts told The Ashley on Monday that, currently, there is no attorney listed for David for his child abuse case. The court docket for the case confirms this as well. (Obviously, that can change if he hires one between now and then; and it is possible that he recently hired one and the county’s system hasn’t been updated.) 

However, as of press time, David is preparing to face the judge while representing himself. 

As The Ashley previously reported, David was notified when he received his official court summons that, if he fails to show up for the court date on Wednesday, an order of arrest may be issued and he can be held in contempt of court.

The official court summons issued in late October claims that David “willingly” harmed Jace during the alleged September incident.

“I ain’t done nuthin’! Them are just talkin’ words!”

“[David] unlawfully and willingly did, being the parents of Jace V Evans, who was a child, less than 16 years of age, inflict physical injury on that child,” the court document states. “The physical injury inflicted caused marks on [Jace’s] right arm, and left and right side of the neck, and was inflicted by other than accidental means.” 

According to North Carolina law, misdemeanor child abuse– Class A1— is described as the following: “Any parent of a child less than 16 years of age, or any other person providing care to or supervision of such child, who inflicts physical injury, or who allows physical injury to be inflicted, or who creates or allows to be created a substantial risk of physical injury, upon or to such child by other than accidental means.” 

Jenelle has not been charged with any crime in relation to the alleged assault on Jace. However, she will likely be in court one day before David, for a hearing regarding the custody situation for Jace. 

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  1. I really just want to give Janelle a good, swift kick in her baby maker. HOW do you still manage to defend & stand by the person that left marks on your child?!? It’s disgusting!

  2. Is this one of those instances where the judge cannot look at a past record? I would hope the judge is aware of each and every instance and accusation! I can only imagine the sadness for Jace when he sees his egg donor standing by the man that abused him because of “mental issues”.

  3. I will believe that this Judge is different than all of the others if and when he actually makes David face real consequences. He has murdered animals, abused children, pistol whipped someone helping Jenelle escape what she claimed (and of course later recanted) was David’s repeated abuse. He has been arrested numerous times but never gets a real consequence. Jenelle is the same. She does her fake tears with her whiny voice, gets on the stand and lies her ass off. I’m always shocked that anyone ever believes her because she doesn’t even lie well! She is a walking contradiction. Neither should have children or animals in their custody.

  4. Let me add to all the other comments. I pray Jace gets justice and David is held accountable for his abuse. I sincerely hope jeanelle gets off the land and gets away from his hillbilly ass.

  5. Well this is sweet that king of the swamp is going not going to have it easy with this judge.
    After all it’s not jenelle and her wonder lawyer Dustin, who got her literally out of every crime she committed.

    I hope that the creep gets locked up for a substantial amount of time, but he won’t
    That said I hope that he has a ton of money for his fines that he has to pay. We all know where that money’s coming from not from his job lol (pimping out his wife) and well the Stink Queen Jenelle herself of course

  6. Good !! This is some of the best news that I’ve heard. So instead of it being jenelle with Dustin covering her ass all of the time, never serving any time for all of her misdemeanors and other charges against she’s had against her.

    I love knowing that he doesn’t have representation in this case, yet anyway.
    I’d love to know that he was his own personal representative!!!

    I hope that he gets locked up (which won’t happen) but it’d be nice to see him in prison garb if not it’d be nice to see how much money that jenelle is going to cough up.

  7. Really hope the judge is what they he is amd Jace gets the justice he deserves
    I hope they all arrest the she monster as she just stood and watched.

  8. I want so badly to believe that this judge will rule in favor of Jace and truly do what’s best for him. But in all honesty, these kids have been let down so many times, it’s hard to imagine that it’ll actually work out this time.

  9. I still don’t understand how she’s not being charged. “or who allows physical injury to be inflicted” – this would imply she should’ve been charged as well. It baffles me she gets away with everything.

    1. I think it might be coming. She’s been court ordered to therapy and drug testing. She has to willingly submit and pass to keep the kids.

    2. I believe that they are waiting till after his trial. If he is convicted, then they can charge her. Can’t charge her for allowing a crime to occur, till that crime is proven. Hopefully that is the case. I want nothing more than the 2 of them to serve time, and all children and animals removed from their care.

  10. What a pair of scumbags. Can’t stand either one of them. Those beautiful innocent children are screwed for life. Not to mention the animals on The Land…😬

  11. If the judge finds David guilty, will he serve time in jail? How much? Could the other kids be removed from their custody? That’s what I want to know

      1. Thank you for the information. Since this is David’s first charge, it looks like a 1 to 60 day sentence if found guilty.

      2. It doesn’t appear to be more than a booklet—regardless, I hope he’s punished to the full extent of the law, such as it is.

        I don’t understand why the penalties aren’t stronger. Children aren’t given much protection under the law, are they? So sad.

    1. Most likely if the kids weren’t removed by now they most likely won’t be and she’s probably not getting charged if she was just ordered to do drug tests and therapy. He probably will either get a month in jail or probation.

    2. Unfortunately, I’m almost sure that they will not lose custody of the kids. The court would’ve removed them immediately after interviewing them if they were going to remove them at all. Even if David is found guilty, he won’t go to jail. He’ll just have to take “anger management” and “parenting classes”
      David and Jenelle happen to live in a state that is notorious for being lax about child protection. In other words, it’s a backwoods, hillbilly-trash, inbred state that doesn’t have a clue about the long term damage that these kids are going to carry with them. We have all watched this shit-show for way too long and these two monsters ALWAYS manage to walk away unscathed.

  12. I really hope this judge does his job and finally there is some justice for these poor kids who’s mother would rather have a man around regardless of how he treats her kids.

    1. Take his guns away! Chronically Unemployed Eason is a KNOWN abuser (sworn out on RO by his loving wife🙄) looking for victims.

  13. Ensley kind of makes me think of Eponine from Les Mis. They dote on her while she’s little and cute and obedient but one day when she starts seeing who they really are and disagreeing with the things they do (and ask her to do), they’re going to turn on her and give her a life of guilt and manipulation. I’m honestly as sad for her as I am for the other kids.

  14. Obviously the North Carolina justice and court system are very weak and allow David and Janelle to get away with all kinds of crimes with little to no punishment. Hopefully Karma is catching up and this judge will do the right thing. Poor Jace. A life of pain and heartache.

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