Jenelle Evans Responds After Her Husband David Eason Is Charged with Child Abuse For Incident Regarding Jenelle’s Son Jace (Updated)

“Well…crap…and stuff…”

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David Eason has officially been charged with child abuse, according to TMZ.

TMZ broke the news on Tuesday that the husband of fired Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is receiving a misdemeanor charge of child abuse stemming from an incident in September in which Jenelle’s teen son Jace told authorities that he was allegedly assaulted by David.

“Our law enforcement sources tell us while Jenelle hasn’t yet been charged, there’s a possibility she could eventually face charges as well,” law enforcement reportedly told TMZ.

As The Ashley has previously stated, Jace was hospitalized and then moved to a facility for a few weeks while his care situation was figured out. He has not been back to Jenelle and David’s home on The Land and is currently in the care of his grandma, Barbara. However, he is officially in the custody of CPS at this time.

At a CPS court hearing on October 12, The Ashley’s source told her that Jace spoke to the court regarding the alleged assault by David, “as well as other [alleged] abuse of the other kids.” The incident between Jace and David was recorded on a neighbor’s Ring camera and that footage was turned over to authorities almost immediately. (Jenelle and David have continued to deny any abuse took place, and say no Ring camera footage exists.) 

As The Ashley told you, Jenelle was present during the incident between Jace and David but did not intervene, according to The Ashley’s sources.

“I was over there crying my eyes out at the top of my lungs and no one cared!”

At the October 12 court hearing, the detective who was at the hospital when Jace arrived was asking for documentation and other items related to the alleged abuse of Jace and any possible abuse of his siblings, which include stepsister Maryssa, and half siblings Ensley and Kaiser. 

“The investigation [into the alleged assault on Jace and other alleged abuse] is ongoing and is ramping up,” The Ashley’s source told her on October 12. 

The Ashley can exclusively confirm that Jenelle and Barbara will go head-to-head in court on Wednesday, where CPS will do a check-in with Jace regarding his current living situation. David is not allowed at the hearing.

Jenelle has continued to stand by David, and deny that there were any charges coming his way.

“Other than this stuff, I mean…”

“I want to give my husband the most support and props that a man can ever have!” Jenelle told her followers in a video. “Because he has the most patience I’ve ever seen out of any human being right now…It just makes me really sad for David. Because David is just, like, taking all these punches, rollin’ with it. Not saying s**t.”

Jenelle told her followers earlier this month that she and David are not going to be charged with anything.

“No matter how bad you want us charged, I want to tell you right now, I have done everything as a parent, and I have crossed by T’s and dotted my I’s,” Jenelle said. “So if you want to try to catch me slippin’, you’re not going to. You’re not gonna scare me.”

UPDATE! The Ashley has learned that David’s charge was officially filed on Tuesday. As of press time, David has not been taken into custody.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that, as of press time, Ensley and Kaiser are still in the Easons’ care. 

UPDATE #2! Jenelle has responded to the news of David being charged. In a message posted to Instagram Stories, Jenelle called the investigation “one sided” and states she was wrong to “trust” the cops. Her message had no trace of the smugness she had portrayed on social media over the past few weeks.

“You would think police wouldn’t make a one-sided police investigation,” Jenelle wrote. “They didn’t conduct interviews. Didn’t ask any information from the parents. This seems like a very bias situation like everytime before.

“I trusted that detective with all of my heart,” she continued. “Forgot you can’t trust cops…silly me. I do not trust anyone around me. Going MIA for a while.” 

“See ya in an hour, Juh-nelle!”

She then blamed Columbus County Sheriff’s Department for creating a “smearing campaign” against David. (And, no, that’s not a typo. It’s genuine “Jenelle Speak.”)

“Columbus County Sheriff’s Department I believe is the one doing the smearing campaign against my husband and needs to be held responsible. Literally they told details to the media about a minor and gave no f**ks. Have the emails to prove it. An open investigation is suppose to be kept private under all circumstances especially when it involves kids.

“Let’s go to court. I’ve been waiting on our day. I feel so violated by the system. Wait until the day you hear the truth. .. you will be begging me not to sue you.” 

Although she stated she was going “MIA,” Jenelle continued to post about being “betrayed” by the cops.

She claimed the detective told her, “I would never think that of you two, you guys are both great parents,” in regard to the child abuse allegations. She then explained why she was so sure that no charges were coming, stating that the detective reportedly told her, “Don’t believe the media. I’m telling you myself everything is OK on my end.”

She then wrote that, when she accused the detective and his office of “leaking everything” to the media, the detective told him, “It’s not our office. I promise it’s not coming from us…but your mom on the other hand…all she kept talking about was MTV this and MTV that.”

“So now you understand my frustration,” Jenelle wrote. “Now you understand where I get my information. I was being lied to this entire time. Proper protocol was not followed…

“I’m being fed all these different stories from different people,” she continued. “People trying to get on my good side …to then again betray me over and over. The media won’t give me time to breath. I know the truth and so does God.”

Barbara reading these statements…probably…


The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. Stay tuned…

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

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      1. Exactly … I was thinking I bet they did sooth her and tell her everything was great and find and lovely…. so she would keep opening her mouth and inserting her foot!

  2. Lol the police are allowed to lie and pretend to be all buddy buddy to elicit a confession. Looks like that’s exactly what happened here (if what Jenelle said is even sort of true). The detective was playing good cop and Jenelle was too stupid to see it. Literally no one thinks you’re great parents, Jenelle. Certainly not the detective investigating you for f*cking child abuse. Jenelle and David are so damn stupid. I hope she gets charged as well.

    1. The girl needs to watch an episode of The First 48 or something. Making “friends” with the suspect is How to be a Cop 101!!!

  3. “like every time before” But you’ve never had to face serious consequences. There is a difference between not liking something and it being wrong, and right now she doesn’t LIKE that someone is essentially telling her what to do. She will always be this way, she will always blame someone else and never make the connection that she is the one that has worked so hard to have her life this way, why complain now?

  4. Jenelle is the typical Narcissist, it’s never her fault, she’s always the victim. I hope she never gets Jace back and hopefully the other kids in their care are also taking away for safety reason. David is a sick animal and Jenelle is a POS

  5. Going MIA probably means they’re getting the hell out of Dodge before the cops can find them and properly charge David. She doesn’t care about Jace. She never has. She just wanted that “power” back from Barb. It wasn’t about having Jace. She is not capable of being a loving parent. She cares more about her husband than she she her own flesh and blood. ☹️ She has a proven track record. She just doesn’t seem to fully understand that her lies are falling on deaf ears. No one believes her no matter how loud she speaks.

  6. I think the one feeding all these stories and lies is Jenelle. Not law enforcement. How the fuck would that detective know that “she’s a good parent?” I don’t think anyone with even an ounce of knowledge about her would even say that! ??

  7. Dear Columbus County Sheriff’s Department please charge Jenelle too. Child abuse should be an automatic felony. Please save the other 2 kiddos too. Thank you for your hard work.
    Jenelle I really hope that husband of yours is truly worth it. You lost a lot already but now you truly may loose your kids.

  8. David isn’t a minor, therefore they can discuss his charges. They haven’t detailed the abuse allegations against Jace, because he’s a minor-is Well Jenelle that stupid? It’s time to stop blaming Barbara and own up to the fact she lets her husband abuse her kids. I hope to GOD she’s charged with neglect and the other kids are removed.

  9. Jenelle told her followers in a video. “Because he has the most patience I’ve ever seen out of any human being right now…It just makes me really sad for David. Because David is just, like, taking all these punches, rollin’ with it. Not saying s**t.”

    “””Ermmm “”” you mean the kids are taking the punches, and have no option but to roll with it!!!!
    Lets hope Jace, can open pandoras box, and the others speak out about life with the phsycos ….,

    1. You win ? “ you mean the kids are taking the punches, and have no option but to roll with it!!!!”

  10. She did the same thing after every criminal situation she’s found herself in because of her husband she goes MIA & comes back in full victim mode. I wonder how her mom is to blame this time? That’s the go to excuse right. It’s always Barb’s fault somehow.

    I wonder how anyone could sit back & watch their children be abused by someone. The worst part is he’ll do the same to Kaiser because he isn’t his he’s another man’s. If Nathan had any sense (long shot I know) or his family they’d fight tooth and nail to get Kaiser out of there.

  11. I am relieved neither of them read this blog because the story has already made it’s way to the on line version of a UK paper technically making it “international news”. Oh wait, I bet they search for themselves on line all the time to determine the ability to monetize click bait, their main source of income so maybe they know.

    1. @shady ~ not sure if the swampsters ?‍♀️?‍♂️ read here (not sure if they can read, period) ~ but they’re definitely aware of theashley. swamp queen ?‍♀️ has namechecked this site more then once!

      1. I loved the pic the chose. Her nibs with her hair piled one top of her head looking like she just rolled out of bed.?

      2. She definitely reads the Ashley, that’s what accounts for the one or two down votes. She’s too stupid to read the room, you are not liked you were not respected, much like the way you feel about your son. Dumb ass bitch

  12. A misdemeanour? Seriously?
    What a joke.

    Poor Jace.

    And Jenelle you psycho. Who stands by the man who assaults their children? You deserve everything you get from your land monster.

  13. I gotta hand it to her…..girl is not afraid to lie, lie, lie, lie, lie even when there is absolute, uncontestable, concrete proof that she is lying. She just apparently does not get embarrassed about people knowing that she is lying. I’ve never seen anything like it.

    And when people confront her with the proof, she just replies about a completely different issue and talks in circles. Followed by the usual ol’ “You have no idea what you’re talking about, you’re just an idiot who believes what you hear online, you don’t know the real story, everyone is framing us, you’ll see when the truth comes out, etc. etc.” Lather, rinse, repeat.

    If it didn’t involve innocent children, it would be kinda comical to watch her drown in her own lies.

    1. Just like Farrah Abraham, always blaming everyone else. Never taking accountability for her/their own actions.

      I also agree 100% with what Leah’s METH Pipe said, “A Misdemeanor Charge is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS”.

  14. Jenelle is stupid. David is psycho. Bad combo for any dependents on their shithole “Land”.

    These poor kids. Can somebody please grow a set and get them out?!?!

    Marissa, if you read this: we feel for you. Get out, grab Kaiser, and write a tell-all. We are all behind you!!!

  15. Wow. So this is real. Maybe this will finally get him put behind bars and his probation will be not to be around minors.

    This might give his kids a fighting chance of safety. And if Jenelle refuses to prevent him for seeing the kids, she might lose custody too.

  16. Maybe he needs to re-take that online bullshit anger management class he did last time they lost the kids, obviously it didn’t work.

  17. So glad Ring video exists of it and the neighbor turned it over so Jace can be believed and the boneheads can get charged

  18. So let’s see now: she blamed CPS, then barb, now it’s the cops and Jace. It’s a hard thing to look in the mirror when they are ugly in every way they can be.

  19. I don’t understand how her comments are all about defending David. Nothing about her kids. Nothing about “I’m so sick that my son is going through this”.

  20. First of all, privacy hasn’t mattered to her dumb fuck ass at all. Period.

    Second, I doubt anybody is gonna be begging her not to sue them, but more like begging for her to shut the fuck up.

    Jenelle. You’re garbage. Fuck off. Glad you finally get what’s coming to you.

  21. It’s kind of incredible that after all the trouble with the law she’s had over the years, no one has taught Jenelle to shut the fk up

  22. She’s going MIA? Well, this seems like the time to use a colourful turn of phrase I learned from a lovely lady in Florida on one of my trips to the States, “Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.”

  23. I feel so bad for Maryssa, Kaiser, and Ensley. D & J are probably going crazy in that house as we speak. ?

    Also, did she not say just last week that it was Babs feeding info to the media? Oh, now it’s the sheriff’s department? Girl please, if you gotta lie every time you open your mouth then keep track of what you previously said.

  24. Let’s get a few things straight here…

    Jenelle has never been violated by the system, ever, in her entire life.

    The children she expelled from her womb have been violated by a shitty, corrupt, incompetent system since the day they were expelled from her womb. Those children are the ONLY victims in any of this. I include them being put on MTV and placed before an international spotlight in that as well (because they can’t legally consent to such and I hate people that exploit kids).

    Jenelle has violated those children too. Her violations began the moment she conceived them. She was violating, all of them (except Maryssa, who she obviously did not conceive), by choice, even before she expelled them from her womb. She has continued to violate them on a daily basis, and has not stopped, even through all of this.

    She is not a mother. She was merely an incubator, and a faulty one at that. She should’ve been sent back to the factory for repair and reprogramming, and if that didn’t work, recycling. She has never been a mother and she will never be a mother. She is incapable of that.

    She is a POS who thinks with her crotch and wallet, not the god given gray matter between her ears. We all know that gray matter is heavily damaged, caused by self-infliction of course. So her not using any of it to function as a normal human being ought to, is simply a waste. SHE is a waste. Her comments on this *everything, really) proves that not once have those children ever been on the forefront of her mind. Her mind doesn’t have room for them, it doesn’t have room for her, or much of anything. Her mind never grew beyond a monkey clapping one broken cymbal against his half gone broken plastic arm. He doesn’t even have two cymbals man!

    Get all four of those children away from these monsters before the next story we hear about involves even worse harm. There are a TON of foster parents ready and waiting in that county. Plenty of calls have been made. Plenty of letters have been written. Plenty of contact has been made. I know this, for a fact. Someone needs to step the hell in already and do what’s right.


    (the system pisses me off, people like her piss me off too, you’re all well aware, I’m sure)

  25. They don’t need to interview you, or your child abusing husbannnnd, Duhnelle. They have video and marks on your son’s body. Not to mention, neither of you know how to tell the truth. Can’t wait till you lose them all.

  26. Jenelle- when you have allowed video footage of your entire life and we have watched you since you were 16, it’s pretty bold to continue to defend your actions and your spouse. If this situation doesn’t make you question reality, it’s truly the end of the road for you and quite sad because YOU are the common dominator for the issues. I recall a video of how you and David need to “act normal for cameras”, honey we aren’t fools. There are lots of people watching who are educated/have been through abuse/are mandatory reporter/have general common sense – we have watched your life unfold- you are NOT fooling anyone. The fact the you “wanted Jace” …. You never wanted him, you wanted to hurt others by obtaining Jace. You barely got to “parent” him and allowed your spouse to hurt him. Girl- he was crying for help by running away and you defend your spouse NOT your child?!? SHAME ON YOU JENELLE. I’m more stressed about this situation than you. Karma is a real B!

  27. What was she hoping for? That they would be interviewed, say Jace is lying or his mental health issues are to blame, and that would be the end of of it? Sorry Delujenelle, there’s no “two sides of the story” when we’re talking about child abuse. And if she wants to keep blaming it on his mental health issues, well let’s consider that you allegedly took him off his medication and took him out of therapy! Regardless, there is no excuse.

    1. Also even if he has mental health issues she medically neglected him when she quit getting him his meds and therapy she’s such a pig loser

  28. Most murders start off with animal abuse this monster killed a dog, beat women and kids.
    When is the law gonna learn he’s a danger to society and take him off the streets for good.
    And the she monster as never in her life took responsibility for any of her actions so clearly don’t know right from wrong and therefore another danger to society and needs to be taken off the streets.
    No monsters like these should have ever been allowed to raise children, the children should’ve been took off them the second they were born and be given to families that would love and protect them.
    I’m sick of seeing all the stories of innocent life’s destroyed or ended cause of laws mess up. #justicefortheinnocent #justiceforthechildren #justiceforthepets

  29. I don’t understand this. He assaulted a child and left bruises, the cops have had video evidence of it since that day and he’s just now being charged with only a misdemeanor? Three weeks later? NC criminal justice system must be swell.

  30. First of all, I wish he’d have been charged with more than a misdemeanor because not only is David a menace to society, he is a tyrant who abuses things smaller than him (but at least he got charged with something I guess)…2ndly, Jenelle is still out here trying to gaslight! She’s like I trusted the cops, and they betrayed me. POOR MEEEEEEEEE!!!!! It’s like GIRL! SHUT UP!!! You are not a victim!! You are a willing participant in Davids reign of terror! I hope they lose custody of all their kids.

    Poor Marissa tried to tell authorities years ago that David was insane, and they didn’t listen. Glad they listened to Jace.

  31. I would love to see her sue over public information and get buried under legal fees! You have emails, Jen? You also said you were buddy-buddy with the detective and David said he was friends with the sheriff and look what happened. Grasping at anything to avoid accountability!

  32. Just once, one single time, I would love for her to acknowledge she has made mistakes and take responsibility for it. Always the victim! Snap out of it girl! This is on YOU!

  33. This makes me think of Jenelle and Kieffer complaining that their landlord is evicting them for paying rent. “Why didn’t he knock on the door and ask for the rent?”

  34. Nah dude, it’s not true, David is innocent. He’s been taking all these punches, not giving them. I’m gonna tell the truth very soon. Any day now. It’s just that I’m very busy with work… Wait no… With the kids… Hmm… with my tik tok dances, yeah that’s it! Don’t believe my dramastic mom, I’m a wonderful mom. Like, I never yell and stuff, dude.

  35. Baa haaaaaa!!! David I hope this turns your life upside down. Jace I am sorry that Neanderthal put his hands on you. I’d love to have a few moments with him. Someone can teach him to keep his hands to himself. Prisoners do not like child abusers!

  36. What was it that Justin said? “What goes around, goes around, comes all the way back around” right? Karmas a bitch, and looks like you’re getting bitch slapped.

      Go MIA Bitch, do us all that favor!
      Now go dot some more I,s and cross some more T,s.
      I got a feeling they are coming for
      You’re lying ass next.
      And have fun in court tomorrow,
      We will all be waiting for the Ashley,s report.
      How does it feel to be the most hated mother next to Casey Anthony?

    1. David will get the charges bargained down & he’ll pay a $15 fine, period. How many times has he walked free? He didn’t even face jail time for damaging that man’s pick up and I don’t think he ever paid the restitution either. He pistol whipped Jenelle’s friend & never faced charges. He shot the dog & didn’t face charges. Now there’s proof that he physically abused Jace and he gets the equivalent of a parking ticket? That’s why they live where they do. They can act like total asshole renegades & never face consequences.


  37. Charges are great but what we need to see is an actual conviction. These people never face real consequences and they need to

  38. Glorious that you referenced the quote she gave about dotting her Is and crossing her Ts. weee should send her screenshots of that on all her social media platforms

  39. We all remember how Jenelle accused Jace of lying about the road rage incident in which she pulled out a firearm. She is a truly awful mother.

    1. The road rage incident was literally documented on camera and she still lied! Thank goodness there is ring cam footage of this incident with Jace or who knows how long this shit would have went on

  40. Come on cps! Y’all are so close to getting this right. Please don’t fuck it up again. Save those babies!!

  41. I thought it was Barbaras fault. All the kids need to be taken away. Why did they let this go on for this long? David abused his first child and fiance. He also beat Kaiser and left bruises. Nathan posted pics. Marisa also testified aganist him. Now he beats up Jace. David needs to be locked up. Doesnt matter if Jenelle leaves him or not. She will end up with someone just as bad or worse. Lets hope justice will be done this time. #justice4jace

    1. Why only a misdemeanor charge?! I think any assault from a known psycho dog murderer should be an instant felony charge. Jenelle, your ass is next you scumbag shitty excuse of a mother.

      1. Yeah, I don’t know what that’s about but honestly, I care more about those kids being in a safe environment than David being charged with a felony. I just hope CPS comes through and makes sure all those kids are permanently taken away from that monster.

  42. I’m so freakin happy about this! Now they need to remove all the children from their care. They can’t be charged with child abuse for one kid and keep the other kids, it’s ridiculous

    1. Please may someone explain why it’s ‘only a misdemeanor’? I live in the UK and i am alittle confused with your charges.

      Many thanks

      1. Because NC sucks, and like at least some other states, thinks very little of the most innocent (children) in the state. They’d rather do the least amount of work possible, while pretending to do something. And when they can’t, they’ll blame it on being overworked, underpaid and not having enough resources (like everywhere else in the world that drops the ball)

        I’m jaded though, after dealing with the court system there for so many years. They are not the only state like that. They just happen to be one that I know, for certain, puts the welfare of children on the backburner more often than not.

        There are states that don’t behave this way. But you’d be surprised what people get away with, even over there in the UK. You’d like to think they don’t, and if you never read/hear about it, it would seem reasonable that child welfare is important. I assure you, it’s not as important (worldwide) as it should be!

    2. Totally agree! I have no idea why they are allowed to have ANY weapons, ANY children, and ANY animals in their home. Praying something finally happens to keep those kids safe forever!


    3. Ftr, it’s not just their county where this is only a misdemeanor. In most states they have the option to charge as misdemeanor or felony, but the vast majority of cases, it’s a misdemeanor (sometimes with other charges).

      He is likely getting an A1, which is the most serious one can get, but still pointless in the grand scheme. He should be getting charged with a B2 felony, but without the “serious harm” part, they can’t and won’t charge it as that. Serious harm means something entirely different there than you’re likely thinking (my child had to be hospitalized, his attacker got an A1, no jail, probation, fines and loss of custody, eventually)

      Although an A1 can still mean jail (max time is 151 days, and that’s rarely given), it often doesn’t unless other charges are also tacked on. More often than not it’s fines, probation, and treatment/rehabilitation (ie. parenting and anger management classes), and loss of custody-sometimes only temporarily. They often consider child abuse “corporal punishment”, which is allowed by NC law. The severity of injury is most often the defining bit that determines the charge. In my experience in NC, every case has been determined by current injury severity alone, and nothing else is taken into consideration.

      IF Jenelle also gets charged, it would be an A1 too, moat likely.

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