Jenelle Evans Responds to Reports of Alleged Impending Child Abuse/Neglect Charges By Praising Husband David Eason: “I Want To Give My Husband the Most Support & Props”

“No one is applauding David and it’s no fair, dude.”

Jenelle Evans is responding to recent claims that she and her husband David Eason are under investigation for child neglect and abuse— by praising David and asking fans to have sympathy for him.

As The Ashley has previously reported, Jenelle faced off with her mother Barbara Evans in court on Wednesday, where care of Jenelle’s son Jace was officially transferred to Barbara. (At press time, he remains in CPS custody, though). The Ashley reported that David– whom Jace allegedly accused of assaulting him in late September— was not allowed to stay in the courtroom during the hearing. In a new video posted to social media, Jenelle denied some of The Ashley’s statements— as well as new claims made by TMZ on Saturday.

In addition, Jenelle heaped on the praise for David for his “patience” and commended him for his handling of everything that’s going on.

“I want to give my husband the most support and props that a man can ever have!” Jenelle told her followers in the video released Saturday. “Because he has the most patience I’ve ever seen out of any human being right now.”

“This man deserves to win ‘Employment-Challenged Husband of the Year’ if you ask me!”

“He’s bein’ accused of some horrible, horrible s**t that is not true,” Jenelle said of David.

The fired Teen Mom 2 star did admit that there was, indeed, an incident and that she was present (just as The Ashley told you); however, she says that “you guys have no idea about the details” of what happened.

“It just makes me really sad for David,” Jenelle said later in the video. “Because David is just, like, taking all these punches, rollin’ with it. Not saying s**t.”

(As fans know, David has been on social media constantly discussing the situation and slamming Barbara, as well as people who have brought up the situation with Jace.)

David “rollin’ with it and not sayin’ s**t”….

She went on to praise David’s parenting.

“I feel really bad for him because my kids adore that man. My kids love that man so much,” Jenelle said. “And no matter what you guys say, it’s not going to change how my children are treated at home, which are treated [no, that’s not a typo] with the most love and passionate care that they could ever get. So don’t come at me for my parenting, because, let me tell you, my kids are fine.”

“It’s fine! Everything is fine!”

On Saturday, TMZ released a story stating that, according to the site’s law enforcement sources, the investigation into Jenelle and David’s parenting and situation with Jace is going to be wrapped up “very soon.” The site confirmed The Ashley’s report that Jace was interviewed by CPS on Wednesday.

“Our sources say at this point, it appears charges will be filed for both neglect and assault.

“What hasn’t yet been determined, we’re told, is whether both Jenelle and David will get hit with charges … or if only one of them will face legal repercussions,” the site claims.

Jenelle addressed the possibility of her and David being charged, and praised their parenting of their kids.

“No matter how bad you want us charged, I want to tell you right now, I have done everything as a parent, and I have crossed by T’s and dotted my I’s,” Jenelle said. “So if you want to try to catch me slippin’, you’re not going to. You’re not gonna scare me. My mother’s tactics are not gonna scare me.  And my son is gonna get the help that he deserves.”

(As fans know, Jenelle and David are currently not allowed to contact Jace or speak to him.)

“He doesn’t need the attention, whether it’s good or bad attention. He doesn’t need no attention right now!” Jenelle added.

“Except from my videos, of course.”

She then states that the thing that is “more crazier” (again, not a typo), is that everyone is talking about Jace’s mental health.

(As The Ashley previously told you, in court documents obtained by The Ashley, it is Jenelle who brings up Jace’s mental health, stating that the reason Jace went to the hospital after the alleged assault in September was due to his mental health and “self harm.”)

Jenelle– who admitted to being in a “constant state of anxiety”— stated that she is the only one with court papers, other than her mom, insinuating that all stories regarding the situation are stemming from Barbara.  (Jenelle and Barb’s custody case is sealed and has been since 2021, so that is true. However, court docs from other related cases are not sealed and The Ashley has obtained them.) 

Jenelle then called the articles about the court hearing on Wednesday “very outlandish, one-sided and definitely all mean about me.”

She also denied that anyone “got kicked out” of court, as The Ashley wrote. (To be fair, The Ashley stated that David was removed from court.)

She claims that she and David are trying to keep the case “as private as possible.”

At the end of the video, Jenelle claims that “our family is actually being protected right now from my son’s mental health.”

It is unknown if this is just “Jenelle Speak” and her getting her words “dramastically” mixed up, or if she is insinuating that her and David are being kept from Jace because he’s a danger to them.

You can watch Jenelle’s full video below. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; TikTok) 

71 Responses

  1. You know what; GOOD. I hopes she continues to stand by her man so that when the kids get removed the home (and hopefully charges are pressed and they get convicted), they escape being “parented” by David AND Jenelle! They’re almost as bad off with her as an involved mother than with David. I just feel like something tragic is going to happen soon. They’re escalating.

  2. She’s the one sending shyt in to the tabloids. She’s so broke b/c Sasquatch wont work. What I find funny is in the next 3yrs they will be divorced and you will hear Jeanelle say squatch was manipulating the family and she had to run!!!

  3. ‘Our family is being protected from my son’s mental health.’ Sounds like she doesn’t consider her son ‘family’.

    1. This morning David was on his telling a woman she looks like a man and to send him her dog so he can chop it up for Chinese food.

      This afternoon they were photographed at a gun show – David, Jenelle, Kaiser, Ensley. Not sure about Marissa or where she is.

      1. Thank you, I don’t follow any of their shit, but I appreciate your update.
        I can’t believe the gull of these two sick ass people.
        And what a weird sick comment for him to post about the dog, especially at this time.
        I am sure CPS and the courts will take his comments into consideration at his upcoming trial!
        Please continue to share as things come up. I would love to here the latest.

  4. Hmmm wasn’t it just last month that she told us how he was abusive, controlling, wouldn’t get a job, used all her money, put her down verbally, and that she was stuck there? And posted several crying/dramatic music/feel bad for me Tik Toks?

    So now we’re supposed to forget all that and believe her that David is just a stand up guy and Barb is the bad one. Got it.

    Meanwhile this morning he’s over there telling a woman she looks like a man and to send him her dog so he can chop it up for Chinese food. Real role model for his kids, just like Jenelle told us.

    1. Not defending Jenelle as she’s made some awful choices and decisions all on her own, however, I am actually wondering if David has/is threatening her and/or Kaiser if she doesn’t publicly support him?
      For all we know he’s standing opposite her waving a weapon menacingly to make sure she says all this stuff. ?

  5. Yes, I’m sure those kids adore that man as he yanks Ensley up off the ground by her arm and swats her behind as hard as he can. YouTuber Elle Bee talked with her “source” recently (I’m assuming that’s Roux, the same source that The Ashley uses) and was told that this is how David punishes his daughter. If that’s what he does to his favorite golden child, what the hell is he doing to Kaiser, who he can’t stand? Jenelle is mentally ill, just like David. They’re both narcissists who wouldn’t know the truth if it punched them square in the face. Let’s hope CPS and the court order hair follicle tests on those two, because this time they’ll get hair from David. No way will he shave his Pippi Longstocking braided pigtails or his beard to avoid the test this time. His rap career relies on him looking like a scruffy, dirty he-she.

  6. What’s “more crazier” is that she actually believes everything she says and thinks that everyone else will believe it to. It’s disturbing how quickly she wrote off Jace. She couldn’t care less that she lost her trophy kid and is right back to blaming Barbara and playing the victim again. A mother with any shred of decency would be supportive of their child not their abusive husband. For her to say they are being protected for Jace’s mental health is disgusting.

  7. “My kids adore David”.
    Jace adores David each time he runs away from him?
    Kaiser adores David each time he calls him “little b*tch” or spanks him?
    Maryssa adores David while she testifies against him in court?
    Kayden adores David when he doesn’t even want to see him?
    Even his own kids doesn’t “adore” David, you delusional POS. I hope you both finally go to jail.

  8. If she has nothing to worry about and nothing is going to happen why is she in a state of constant anxiety ?

  9. our family is actually being protected right now from my son’s mental health

    Way to trow your kid under the bus Jenelle


  10. I don’t know if I should cry or laugh over her statements. How delusional do you have to be?! Don’t forget Jenelle, you attacked and talked sh*t about him yourself just months ago, you fought online like a bunch of teens and I think at one point you even considered divorce. Like how can you go from finally seeing the light to now praising him for his “parenting”(so hitting Jace and Kaiser is good parenting for you…okay). If he does something to you, don’t think we haven’t told you so. This guy deserves to be locked up, he is a danger to society!

  11. I hope 1 day jace, and or Maryssa, write a tell all book, id buy it for sure.

    Jace we are rooting for you, and your siblings too, stay strong Jace and i pray your birthing person and the swampthug get whats coming, dont drop the soap DieVid.

    1. So sad that we can’t get enough of Jace’s fucked up life on tv since birth, now we need a tell-all book.

      Stop monetizing these tortured kids.

      If Janelle was a decent mother she’d go straight-up Chelsea and take her fucking children off tv, off social media, and grow some initiative to do something other than show her cooter online for money.

  12. Let’s hope Jace has also given evidence to support the removal of the other children from the swamp! She will always choose David over her kids.

  13. Does she really think that anyone believes her? Every time she opens her mouth another lie spills out. Her kids do not “adore” her husband. The only one that adores him is Jenelle.

    “We are trying to keep this case off social media”. As she and UBT continue to post repeatedly.

    And I call bullshit. CPS does NOT tell people (especially people that are abusers) ANYTHING regarding who called and who didn’t.

    I have never hated two people more. I hope her running her mouth comes and bites her in the ass in court.

  14. Jenelle- please check yourself into a facility to help you get back to reality. It’s becoming wildly upsetting to continue to follow this case.

  15. Jenelle has accused him of these things in the past. She’s the one of the people who has accused him.

    I love how she is like we need to protect our family from Babs due to Mental Health, yeah but the PHYSICAL HEALTH is what David is being accused of.

  16. From the second her first child was born, she has always chosen drugs, men, Ke$ha, and everything else over her kids.

    That will NEVER change.

  17. Someone please explain what on earth this narcissist means by this —> “our family is actually being protected right now from my son’s mental health.” … Yet that thing keeps on talking about his mental health on every flippin platform of theirs…smh

  18. Does she every pass up the opportunity to demonstrate she puts staying in the good graces of whatever”man” she’s afraid to lose before the welfare and best interests of her children and family? No one is surprised by her shenanigans and defense of the indefensible.

    I pity the teachers and social workers that have to deal these two. They’re so narcissistic they’ve convinced themselves believe the nonsense they spout off in their unique swamp speak The truth will come out it always does.

  19. The smugness of her taking this grubs side over her own son astounds me.
    Good on you Jace for speaking up and hopefully helping gain protection for the three children left behind.
    Wake up Jenelle.

    1. All the other kids should be removed, while this investigation is going on, so these swamp creatures cant coach them in to lying to protect this evil man, and to keep the kids safe, at least jace said the other kids were being abused too.
      It only takes one to speak up and save them all.
      Just look at the Turpin‘s she saved herself and her siblings, lets hope jace has saved his, and lets pray its not that idiot judge who allowed the kids to be returned last time, who has the final say ????

  20. If Jace was a danger to them and having mental health issues then why wasn’t Jenelle giving Jace his medication.

    This POS and her swamp creature are a joke and I hope they lose custody of all the kids, for the kids sake.

    1. Jenelle couldn’t give Jace his medication because she needed it for David. Her and that ugly swamp scum were getting high off Jace’s medication and that’s why Barbara stopped sending his meds with him on weekends when Jenelle had him visiting. Remember that when they were still filming? Jenelle is an addict. If she was really recovering she wouldn’t be drinking alcohol or smoking pot. She’s just substituted other substances for the heroin.

  21. “My kids adore that man. My kids love that man so much.”

    So she no longer counts Jace as her child? Now that’s a great way to get him back….

  22. “He doesn’t need attention right now” “My family and I are being protected from my son’s mental health”.

    Was all of that serious? Or just word vomit because she doesn’t think before she speaks? By the way that all sounded, shame on her! That THING you live with and his image matter more than your son’s mental health? That is all that matters to her, that the public believes that they do no wrong and she’s mad about Jace exposing them. She really wants the public to believe what a monster her mom is and that’s not going her way either. Barb didn’t force him to put hands on Jace.

    People that support her and pray for her are so messed up. Forget how the kids are doing because as long as Jenelle is babied, praised, and feels good about herself, that’s really all that matters to you weirdos?

    1. And CPS telling her who is leaking information to the tabloids was a laugh too. Delujenelle, does CPS know that for a fact? Are they taking time to call up TMZ and ask who their source is? Keep lying to yourself, babe.

  23. This she monster don’t wear rose coloured glasses she wears dark glasses and walks with a white stick when it come to that he monster. This she monster is that deluded her picture must be next to the word in the dictionary.

  24. I just pray that every kid in their home is removed ASAP. She has never and will never be a good mom. I hope she gets help.

  25. I suppose this answers whether she’ll choose her children over UBT, then?

    I see that Jace was interviewed Weds, what about the others?

    Yes, Jenelle. We want to see charges, and we want to see them stick.

  26. Jace is your kid, does HE adore David?
    Stupid bitch, Jace doesn’t even want to be in the same room as the two of you!
    You gave up on Jace when he was a baby, now HE is giving up on you!
    Can not wait to see your future play out bitch.

  27. All the other kids know is David & Jenelle. They’re young and have been conditioned, so honestly probably don’t know if their being abused. We all saw that call yrs ago when Marissa was scared to death and David gaslit her after she had told the court she didn’t want to live with him.I suspect J has been trying to silence Babs & sever their relationship the last few months cuz he tells her what’s going on,on the land. Jace will be 18yrs old sooner than later and I suspect he will tell his story and WELL JENELLE will gaslight him, blame Babs and call him crazy, all the while playing victim.Justice for Jace and Nugget…

  28. f*ck this b*tch, for real. what a completely delusional as*hole.
    and it goes without saying that her ass is jealous of the sh*t ? that constantly spews out of her disgusting mouth. ??
    hey swamp queen ?‍♀️ ~ F*CK YOU!!! ????

  29. She had over a decade to get her shit together for Jace and she didn’t. She absolutely failed him. And what gets me about this whole thing is that Jace had marks THREE DAYS AFTER he left The Land. Wtf did UBT do to him to cause marks to still be visible days later?? And trying to insinuate that Jace is the problem just sounds A.) completely insane and B.) like she’s more than happy to send Jace back to her mom to avoid any more “drama”. I hope they both face charges and are both actually held accountable. We’ve seen enough of Jenelle snaking her way out of accountability over the years. Those kids deserve justice.

  30. Ok, so now she is going to blame everything on Jace instead of admitting her huzban is a serial abuser??? What a piece of shit she is!! The older you get the wiser you become…except for her. She needs to be locked up along with UBT and maybe all those children will have a chance at a life!

  31. I guarantee this is David telling her she needs to release a statement defending him and she’s complying out of fear

    1. I don’t think she’s that fearful of him. I mean, I believe she has moments that she is afraid, but what I heard was an abuser trying to discredit their target of abuse so they seem like an unreliable source of information. Also, the comment about her son not needing any kind of attention right now makes her sound like a shitty older sibling, not a mother that is concerned about their child’s well-being.

    2. Nah, not complying out of fear. She’s just a piece of shit who got pregnant multiple times & refuses to put her children first.

    1. Thats her excuse.

      She had every chance to speak up loud and clear last time she left him, yet she went back, she is as bad as cnutling, because she allows him to abuse no only her but those innocent kids too, if shes ok with being abused thats on her, but the kids too, thats unforgivable.

      Look on utube for emma kenny and the Arthur Labinjo-Hughes also starr hobbson story.
      How can a parent be such a bastard.

  32. I hate how constantly smug she is. Please just charge her and David with child neglect already! We’re sick of seeing her get away with shit time and time again.

  33. What a cold hearted bitch! Not one world of love or compassion for Jace!
    Just wants sympathy for that Neanderthal piece of shit!,
    Actually insinuating it’s Jace,s fault he was attacked.
    I swear to god she is as bad as Casey Anthony!,,,I hate this bitch and UBT so damn much!,
    Please dear god let them both rot in jail!

    1. Here’s the thing. She’s defending David & will stand by him even if the state removes the kids permanently–and I hope they do. But David is a rageaholic. He’s an angry, violent man who isn’t going to change. So if the kids are gone and he can’t take out his rage on them, he’ll turn his attention to Jenelle. She’ll be the one with marks on her 3 days later and then what? Everyone will be expected to feel sorry for her? I won’t. It will be just what she deserves for singing that old Tammy Wynette song.

  34. You’re really only trying to convince yourself how great things are. You’re clearly afraid of him too! It’s called Stockholm Syndrome. Sorry. You’re not going to convince anyone that all is well on the land. You don’t even know the truth anymore. David doesn’t “take” the punches, he GIVES the punches. Hopefully your other children will soon be in CPS custody as well. I’m sure they’re jealous that the older one escaped.

  35. Un fucking real. Jenelle needs psychiatric help immediately if she believes the shit coming out of her mouth. The more this broad opens her trap, the worse danger I realize those children are in.

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