Jenelle Evans & David Eason Go On Social Media Tirade Denying Claims That David Assaulted Jenelle’s Son; Jenelle Insists David Loves Jace (Recap of Events)

“It’s just business as usual here on Ye Olde Lande!”

Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason are hitting The Interwebs to try to clear their names!

The fired Teen Mom 2 couple spent a lot of time on social media on Tuesday and Wednesday, denying that David assaulted Jenelle’s 14-year-old son Jace last week and that the alleged assault was caught on a Ring camera. Jenelle continues to stand my her man, insisting that her mom Barbara filed false police reports regarding what happened between David and Jace, and stating that David loves Jace “as his own.”

On Wednesday, TMZ reported that Jenelle and David are currently under investigation for child neglect. TMZ‘s story also confirmed details already reported by The Ashley and other media outlets.

“Of course, if there’s any evidence of physical abuse … the current investigation could lead to serious charges. For the time being, though, it’s just an investigation for child neglect,” TMZ reported

TMZ Live Footage and Uncle Bad Touch is gonna sue!
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Let’s break it down what’s been said in the last 24 hours, shall we?

As The Ashley previously reported, Mr. and Mrs. Jenelle Evans are under the investigation of multiple agencies currently. Jenelle and David maintain that they still have Jace with them, although The Ashley’s sources tell her Jace has not been back to their home on The Land since Thursday and is not currently in the care of Jenelle and David

After David posted on Tuesday that “our kids are in our custody,” Jenelle wrote on TikTok that David “loves my son as his own no matter what any one of you think. You’re basing this all of[f] my mom’s words. Think about that.”

She then posted a slideshow of pics showing Jace and David having a “la-dee-dah time” together.

Later, Jenelle posted a video to TikTok denying the media’s claims.

“You’re really, really gullible,” she said. “If you want to believe something that maybe you read off The Sun, or The Ashley, or clickbait, you’re wrong. You have no idea what you’re commenting on. You don’t know about any details of the situation, yet all you guys want to sit here and continually-leslly(?) harass all my accounts.”

“I’m over here being contiually-lessly harassed and no one cares, dude!”

“My son was never taken from my custody. My son is still in my custody,” Jenelle continued. “I still have primary custody. I don’t know where there’s rumors are circulating…they’ve done this to me my entire life…I am not commenting on my son’s whereabouts because it’s no one’s business where my children are. 

“It’s no one’s business of my children’s location,” she added in her signature “Jenelle Speak” fashion.

@jenellelevans Replying to @Maddie ♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

“You’re not the family member. You have nothing to do with my children. Yeah, I agreed to film them and have them on MTV for a long time in their life, but it’s over. It’s done.”

Jenelle stated that now she is in charge of what content is put out to the public, it’s going to be “happy content.” 

“That being said, does anyone want to see my jellyfish?”

In the comment section of the post, a person told Jenelle to “choose your kids over a man every day. [Their] safety is paramount.” 

“Idk why you’re commenting about safety when everyone is safe in my home,” Jenelle replied. “Did you know anything about what [goes] on inside my home? Didn’t think so…”

In other comments, Jenelle denied that a video exists of the alleged incident between David and Jace.

“There’s no Ring video,” she wrote. “IDK why you keep saying that. Again…gullible AF believing the media’s lies…there’s no video anywhere so keep searching.

“They can look until their face is blue, there’s no video and never was,” Jenelle wrote in another comment. “This is all hearsay and the public is running wild with it.” 

“It’s not about my spouse no matter how hard you want to believe that,” Jenelle told someone else, before claiming that the only “bad times” they’ve had with Jace are “when cell phones get taken and people are grounded.” 

David was much-less composed in his rebuttal of the reports of the assault and them no longer having Jace. In a series of social media posts and comments, David claimed that “someone got false information from the Sheriff’s Department. This should be interesting..”

David also denied the existence of any Ring camera footage.

“There is no footage of any footage of anything,” David wrote on Facebook. “Y’all got s**t for brains!” 

Jenelle and David have yet to comment on TMZ‘s report that they’re currently under investigation for child neglect. However, on Wednesday afternoon, David also posted some “happy family” photos of him and Jace

“They don’t understand our relationship but that’s fine, they don’t need to!” he captioned the post.

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(Photos: YouTube; MTV; Instagram)

64 Responses

  1. One thing I do NOT believe is that David “loves Jace as his own”. David has put his hands on Kaiser so it tracks that he’d assault Jace. Jenelle is pathetic-but the kids need to be away from that hell hole and David for good.

    Kids don’t run away 3 times in 2 months over cell phones. Jenelle can blame Barbara all day but have made the accusation, not Barb, and Jenelle was so paranoid that Barbara had Jace she called 911 only to be proven wrong.

  2. So you want us to all stop talking about you and David?
    Ain’t gonna happen till the kids are safe. You should stay of social media
    And go see Jace.
    Oh you aren’t allowed?. Hhhhmmmm

      1. I really think they’re on meth. They’ve become extremely delusional. The Sun just put out an article saying that Jenelle called 911 on Wednesday night October 5 saying she believes her mom is hiding Jace: even though she KNOWS Jace has been in the hospital since last Friday. (And this is a separate call from the 911 call she placed last week saying the same thing).

        Who does that? Someone who’s delusional and crazy.

      2. Damn, right, my friend! The kids were taken before and give them back. We owe it to them to try to make sure that does not happen again. I encourage everybody please keep posting if you care about these children. I think it’s important to keep public attention on this case. The kids are in danger and need protected. If nothing else or post or putting pressure on Jenelle and David. Please continue to show your support by posting and uploading the comments you agree with

  3. This Bitch wants us to believe her?
    She still has not admitted to pulling a gun in front of Jace during a road rage incident,
    and there was video!!!!
    She called him a liar that time too!
    Can not wait till this ring camera video is released.
    She has a bad case of liaria !!!
    Hope David and Duhnelle get everything they deserve.
    Abusive assholes!!!

  4. Look, I dislike David as much as the rest of you however It’s not exactly illegal for David to “get physical” with Jace. As scary as it sounds, he’s legally a parent to jade at the moment and if he wanted to spank Jace or physically punish him that’s allowed to an extent of course but this story isn’t exactly clear enough.

        1. Did you read The articles before posting that? Because I think it’s really inappropriate to say that he has a right To use physical harm on the children when the article clearly states he had bruises around his neck.

        2. Physical punishment like A spanking on the butt is not the same as having marks on his neck and arms that were still there over 24 hours from when the incident happened. That’s physical abuse… that’s not punishment. They are two different things.

  5. You’d think that the innocent would just keep their mouths shut and cooperate with the investigation. Also I am sick of her supporters with their “praying for you mama” comments. Any of them praying for Jace?

  6. Jace seemed to start running away from the land when Janelle was trying to keep barb away from him.
    So that makes me think Jace talked to barb and maybe she confronted Janelle and said she was going to the cops or CPS and that’s the real reason why Janelle tried getting a restraining order against her. The fear of not seeing barb and being kept away from the person who brought him up and probably the only person he can trust makes him run away.
    I understand the law as to get all evidence and so does the CPS before they can remove all the kids, also send the poor excuses for humans down. I’m just hoping and praying it’s all sorted before one of the children looses their life due to a “accident” on the land.

  7. I don’t believe their lies. But why hasn’t David been arrested for child abuse since he left bruises on Jace and there is video of it? Is this just small town police who don’t care or what?

  8. The fact that she stated the other kids (excluding Jace) want her to be happy says it all for me. David comes first and anyone who crosses David becomes the enemy. Just wait until Kaiser is a teen.

    1. My mother used to date a guy who sucked, I don’t remember EVER thinking “Gee I’m ok with this jerk being in our lives, because I just want my mom to be happy.” HELL NO! I wanted him gone so she and I could be happy without him. Janelle is either delusional or trying make herself feel better by believing that crap.

  9. Why do they think people are stupid enough to believe them? We all know that “I’m not telling you where Jace is because it is none of your business” is code for “Jace was taken by CPS.” They think they’re clever. Meanwhile, I hope that law enforcement and CPS are taking notes on their conduct.

    1. See how she’s omitting some of the truth? She says that she still has custody, which isn’t a lie, she still “legally” has it, but she hasn’t said that Jace is at the swamp playing with his brother and sisters, or in his room, cuz Jace isn’t really with her right now. The girl thinks she’s so smart and a wizard with words, and that may be true in her house considering what she’s married to, but those lies and gaslights won’t work on anyone with an iota of common sense.

  10. I wonder what makes them think the video does not exist? Because we all know they bend the truth when they don’t outright lie. Barbara only told the police what Jace told her. She hasn’t spoken to the media and it is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS to me that Jenelle continues to make this about Barbara. CPS did not take your kid based on what Barbara said Jace told her. They interviewed HIM! HE told them David assaulted him. And guess what?! Even that isn’t enough to remove the child without proof. He either has physical marks on his body, a video exists, or both. Take it from someone who knows, CPS needs more than a child’s verbal confirmation of the abuse to act. The alleged video is from a neighbor’s ring cam. How does Jenelle know the video doesn’t exist? My bet is that she has somehow justified the assault and falsely believes it wasn’t caught on film. The police are not required to confirm the existence of a video this early in the case. Perhaps the neighbor didn’t want problems and hasn’t told Jenelle the video exists. Or some variation of that theory. Either way, the fact that she has yet to see the video and/or receive confirmation it exists is NOT proof there is no video. The truth will come out, and, when it does, Jenelle and David will have a new story. SMH. I truly hope Jace finds a good home.

  11. Where is Marissa? How has she not ever come out with anything?
    Also, imagine in J assaulted Marissa! She would be in a hole with Nugget. However J will allow D to do whatever the hell he wants to the children.

    1. M testified AGAINST D and J several years ago about things that were taking place on the land. J and D both denied those allegations. And M was returned to the home.

  12. My suggestion to them both is to shut up. Anything they say and do publically can be used against them. They doth protest toooo much. I feel bad for jace.

    1. I say let them keep talking. They are not doing themselves any favors and I’ll happily watch these two dig their own graves. The irony that for days they rant about Barbara telling all these lies when the public hasn’t heard a peep from her, yet they claim they are “keeping it private” is just too much. You have to be next level stupid to not see it…

  13. Giiiiiive it a fucking rest already! No matter how much you child abusing people scream, no one believes you! The proof is literally right there, and you’re trying to say it was all a made up lie ?

  14. Saying David loves Jace “as his own” might be the only true thing they’ve ever said. We’ve all seen how he treats “his own” for years now..

  15. If she had Jace back at the swamp,she would def be posting pics or vids with him to prove everyone wrong..especially to prove Babs was lying instead of saying it’s private ..she’s never cared about privacy, she airs her dirty laundry all the time

    1. She is playing word games. She may not have “lost custody” yet because that process takes time and court order but he definitely isn’t in her care right now. She needs to stop choosing David over those babies.

    1. I think Janelle attempted to get a restraining order against Barb to prevent Jace from telling Barb what was happening on the Land.

      They claim Barb isn’t allowed contact with Jace but she was at the hospital with him.

      These two losers make me sick.

  16. It drives me nuts when people pronounce especially ex-specially. Like where does the ‘x’ sound come from?

  17. Yet another rant about how it’s not their fault. Everyone else is talking to the media. Everyone else is lying. I haven’t heard or seen Barbara make one peep since this went down.

  18. Oh we know what goes on inside your house. Those poor children keep trying to yell for help but no one is listening. Jenelle wouldn’t know what the truth was if it hit her in the face. She is so caught up in her delusional life that she doesn’t know the truth from a lie and all she does is sits in a corner rocking back and forth repeating “I still have primary custody, I still have primary custody… ?

  19. “David loves Jace as his own”. No, you stupid POS. He doesn’t even love his own. Remember he isn’t allowed near his son because he beat his mother while she was pregnant with him? Disgusting

    1. LOL!! I was just about to bring that up!! He loves Jace like his own!!! Let’s hope not! I guess Jenelle didn’t realize how stupid she would look making that remark when David isn’t even ALLOWED near his son!!

    2. Like his own dog he killed. Like his own goat he ate. Like his own wife he beats. Like his own son he can’t see.

  20. As an abused child, I understand your relationship. Just because a child is abused doesn’t mean there isn’t happy times in between, which makes it hard for some people to realize that they were in fact abused. Abuse isn’t just physical either. The amount of police calls and arguing that goes on in the house also harms the kids. They hear, they sense tension etc. I have photos where I am smiling with my abuser too. But, that doesn’t prove he didn’t abuse me. The medical and legal records speak volumes (I am physically disabled due to my dad)

    What they don’t understand also is that if CPS didn’t step in due to the allegations, David’s track record and the fact they are public.. there could be some serious consequences. There have been recent incidents of CPS employees getting criminal charges for failing to act and the child ending up dead (as they should be if they negligently left a child in the hands of an abuser). I would like to think that most decent parents would be thankful for the investigation when there’s these kinds of accusations against a significant other.. I know I would be leaving until the accusations were proven false.. but it’s Jenelle. She didn’t leave after the collarbone incident, went back after Nugget, went back after her friend was pistol whipped. There’s something wrong in the home when CPS steps in multiple times.

    1. I’m so sorry you had to endure that kind of abuse at the hand of your father and that you still suffer from the ramifications. It’s so heartbreaking. It might sound extreme but every child abuser should die. For an adult to inflict harm on an innocent child is disgusting.
      Hopefully, your dad had consequences.

      And hopefully David and Jenelle end up where Josh Duggar is.. prison.

      She’s an idiot and she thinks we’re all stupid, it’s great. We know that CPS doesn’t keep kids away from the home or the parent unless it’s something serious… not just an “unfounded false allegation”. Sorry hun, we all have common sense unlike you.

      The last time CPS took the kids away was when something serious happened..
      so we, the world, clearly know something happened for them to have taken action.

  21. Keep posting ladies and gentlemen, if you care about this case, let’s turn the heat up. Public outcry does help. Can’t wait till we can all post and comment on his mug shot

  22. Oh, ok, well now I am a believer that Jace is in no harm on The Land, that David is a loving father, the kids have a picture perfect life, and Jenelle is mother of the year…I mean, there’s a slideshow of pics, guys!!! (Eyeroll)

    This broad is fucking delusional, and I’ll bet that her ass is jealous of the shit that comes out of her mouth.

  23. Gee David, does your “special relationship” with Jace include discussions about how you enjoy beating Kaiser? And how much you’ve done that since he started walking? How the world has seen you man-handle little Kaiser and call him a little bitch when he was 2 and 3 years old? Do you talk about that?

  24. “And no one will hear my side for like a month until everything calms down until we can get our story together

    Everyone else is here…” but not jace ?

  25. “And no one will hear my side for like a month until everything calms down ” until we can get our story together

    Everyone else is here…” but not jace ?

  26. I’m just curious as to when everyone is going to stop giving these shit wads attention. Stop posting about them. Stop giving them what they want. Yes, report on the story but ffs that little twat & her dumbfuck husband do not need anymore attention.

  27. “We still have custody” “I still have primary custody” .. yeah, on paper, but, not actually.

    We know you still have custody and it has not been granted back to Barb. We know. We know you didn’t lose custody, but CPS probably does have Jace. Notice that wasn’t specifically addressed..

    They both really need to stop talking. Their lawyer should have told them that, to stay off of SM and don’t talk about the case.

      1. AGREED! There is a difference between having custody, but not having care or placement of your child. Custody could be lost at the subsequent court hearings. Statistically, paramours (step-parents, boyfriends, the non-biological adult in the home), are more likely to abuse a non-biological child of their significant other. She should have ran, not walked, years ago.

    1. They are both too fucking stupid to shut their mouths. They have been proven to be liars for years, anytime, the heat gets turned up, they lie! The truth will come out, the video will be released, and I was going to look like assholes again. Just like when she pulled the goddamn gun in front of her kid. She keeps digging yourself deeper in a hole instead of shutting the fuck up. They are both trash piece of shit and deserve anything they get at this point. But they don’t deserve is to have those kids. They are not safe I don’t give a shit with Jenelle says. They have been proven to be liars for years, anytime, the heat gets turned up, they lie! The truth will come out, the video will be released, and those are gonna look like assholes again. Just like when she pulled the goddamn gun in front of her kid. She keeps digging herself deeper in a hole instead of shutting the fuck up. They are both trash pieces of shit and deserve anything they get at this point. What they don’t deserve is to have those kids. They are not safe. I don’t give a shit what Jenelle says. David is an abuser, an addict, and a sick son of a bitch. That’s why she didn’t leave him last time when she had the option to get her kids back. She doesn’t give a shit about the kids. She cares about herself. Her emotional development stopped when she was a teenager and started drugs. She has not developed into an adult, and never will. Can’t wait till the proof is released and we can all see what fucking liars they are once Again.

      1. Fresh outta law school!

        How many cases do these ppl need to catch before someone does something?

        How many more kids need to admit to being abused by these ppl?

        How much evidence do they need to get a conviction?

        Somethings shitty in the water out there. Has to be.

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