Jace Evans Legally Placed in the Care of Barbara Evans; Jenelle Evans & Husband David Eason Banned From Interacting With Him (Exclusive Details)

“Peace out, Swamp People!”

Jenelle Evans‘ son Jace is officially back with her mother, Barbara.

As The Ashley previously told you, Jace was removed from Jenelle’s care last week (although the fired Teen Mom 2 star and her husband David Eason denied this at the time). The Ashley can confirm that, after spending time in a care facility for the last week or so, Jace was officially released into the care of his grandma, Barbara, on Tuesday. 

On Wednesday, Barbara had to go before a judge to make the arrangement more legal. The judged signed off and ordered that Jace be placed in the care of his grandmother. Although Jace is officially in the custody of Child Protective Services (CPS) as of press time, he will be allowed to live with Barbara in a more long-term situation and she will be able to make decisions for him instead of Jenelle.

“Jace has been assured he will not have to live with Jenelle and David anymore,” a source tells The Ashley.

The Sun broke the news (and The Ashley can confirm) that Jenelle is not allowed to call or see Jace. David—whom Jace allegedly claimed assaulted him on Thursday, September 28— is not allowed to have any contact with Jace whatsoever. (Jace has the option to reach out to Jenelle if he wants to, but Jenelle can’t reach out to him.)

“Don’t hold your breath, Ma!”

A CPS order had been in place previously barring Jenelle and David from contacting Jace. 

“Jace wants nothing to do with Jenelle,” one of The Ashley’s sources tells her. “He saw some of the things she was claiming on social media about him recently and was furious. He’s thrilled to be back with Barbara and is excited to start school again.”

Brunswick referred the case over to Columbus County (where Jenelle lives). A Columbus County judge signed off on the order to transfer care of Jace back to Barb, which allowed Barbara to pick Jace up on Tuesday. 

(In fact, a ‘Teen Mom’ fan posted a photo on social media of Jace and Barbara in the car together on Tuesday. It was likely on their trip home from the facility Jace had been staying at until Barb picked him up.) 


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The court hearing on Wednesday made things more legal.

The Ashley can also confirm that, last week, Jenelle attempted to file a modification to the existing custody agreement that had been in place between her and her mom for Jace. That request for modification was denied. (Barb and Jenelle’s original custody agreement has been sealed by the court since 2021 so The Ashley was not able to find out what modification Jenelle had been trying to make before she was stripped of custody of Jace this week.) 

When contacted by The Sun on Wednesday, Jenelle’s “rep” claimed that “Jace is visiting with Barbara.”

The Ashley can confirm this is not true. 

The Ashley’s sources tell her the situation with David and Jenelle is still under investigation, but, to The Ashley’s knowledge, the other kids belonging to Jenelle and David– Kaiser, Maryssa and Ensley— are still with the couple on The Land.

As The Ashley reported earlier today, Jenelle attempted to file yet another restraining order against Barbara last week, claiming, among other things that Barbara was the reason Jace had to be hospitalized; that Barbara allowed Jace to take medications without Jenelle’s permission and that she suspected Barbara suffered from Munchausen’s Syndrome. 

In that same filing, Jenelle also admitted that she had no idea where Jace was from September 30-October 2 (despite her and David going online and claiming otherwise). 

The Sun reports that “there will be a hearing later this month to check in on how things are going with Jace and Barbara, though it is unclear if anything will be made permanent at that time.”

As of press time, Jenelle and David have not commented publicly about losing custody of Jace.

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  1. SOO…
    14 years Jenelle doesn’t have custody of Jace.
    Gets it back and in a matter of MONTHS has lost it again…

    I don’t know how she lives with herself.

  2. Wait, wasn’t DeluJenelle supposed to be dying from a multitude of serious diseases and illnesses last year?! She’s such a kum bucket, total and complete ignorance. As much as I’m happy for Jace, let’s all remember who raised his mother in the first place….

    1. Jenelle was abandoned by her abusive dad. Barb is not Jenelle’s only parent, she’s just the only who ever cared for her.

    2. Babs isnt abusive she’s a big mouth with faults but she gives a shit enough to leave Jenelles abusive dad for her kids. Jenelle blames her mom for kicking out her dad she has daddy issues that’s why she’s always chosen to stick with her man over everything and resentment towards Babs because of this it’s literally in her book. Jenelles dad hit babs while she had a baby Jenelle in her arms and Babs wasn’t having that for her babies. Hate her if u want but she did what Jenelle couldn’t do and chose her kids over a man who’s abusive.

  3. Jace, we all hope the very best for you! Not like he’ll read this (I hope), but I truly hope this kid has a chance now. I feel absolutely terrible for Kaiser.

  4. Just when Babs thought she was going to enjoy retirement… Four more years and she’s finally free… unless the rest of Jenelle’s kids get taken (who are we kidding, of course, they are).

  5. So happy Jace is back with his grandma where for all these years he’s been loved and cared for look how happy he is in the picture. So glad those two monsters have no chance to see or put their hands on him again

  6. Really what happens behind closed doors.Jenelle posts all these happy family photos.There is something seriously wrong with her and David.I feel sorry the other children in the household and what they must be going thru living with these two who deserve each other and enable one another but should be no where near children or pets.Disgusting scum of the earth.I hope CPS looks closely and speaks to other children in household to find out the real story.

  7. Jenelle’s claims against Barb sound like some shtt her and David cooked up while getting high. And Munchausen? That sounds like something SHE has with all her seeing molecules and whatnot. I’m sure her next move will be to claim that Barb has brainwashed Jace against her and that’s why this all happened and how none of it’s her fault. I really hope CPS and Barbs lawyer are documenting all of Jenelle’s lies and use it against her.

    I am really happy for Jace though, I’m glad he was able to get out of there and advocate for himself. I hope the rest of the kids get out of there too.

    1. She’s a moron (well, obviously) because I believe she means “Munchausen BY PROXY” Because it wouldn’t make sense with just “Munchausen”

      1. You’re right and she’s definitely a moron but I feel like the actual meaning of Munchausen has largely been taken over by Munchausen by proxy in the minds of the general public because I see this mistake all the time

      2. Remember when she bragged that she was studying to be a nurse or something and she was gonna save lives while Babs was only working at Walmart deli? Oh the irony…

  8. Am I the only one thinking, Jace knew after running away a couple of times, police wouldn’t believe the abuse, and he knew the neighboring house had the Ring Doorbell, so he ran there to have video proof of the abuse?

    Swamp dick, always made sure not to leave marks but, Jace made him chase after him, so he was furious and didn’t think about not leaving marks.

  9. Jenelle I know you are reading this!!! You don’t deserve those beautiful babies! You deserve David and the bullshit attention y’all both enjoy. I think you,your huzzbin and your fans should all live on the land together and you need to be selfless once in your life and allow those kids to be somewhere where they are loved,appreciated, a priority and safe. You your fans and your huzzbin deserve all the worst in life.

  10. If Ensley is the golden child and JE said herself, “sometimes David will hit Ensley if I’m not paying him enough attention” imagine how the other kids are treated, these kids are ALL abused and neglected and as long and JE and DKD have access to them they will be unsafe.

  11. Jace Looks so much at peace and comfortable with his grandma, Jenelle has to wake up and stop
    Putting bad men and sticking up for the bad guys instead of sticking up for Jace who she’s been trying so hard apparently to get back; I’m a mum and my kids come first before anyone , wake up Jenelle stick up for your kids; be a real mum, stick up for your kids first, they are the most important, open your eyes

  12. I’m glad he is back with Barbara. Of course it will be hard for her as she gave him up in March for a reason but there’s a CLEAR INDICATION he shouldn’t be living with Jenelle and David as they are both delusional psychos.

    1. Why does it matter? He abandoned that kid, why would anyone give this child to the other parent who clearly wants no part in raising the kid.

      1. It matters bc he is a huge reason all this is happening.

        Sorry but I don’t dissolve a man’s responsibility and accountability just bc he left.

        Where did I say “GIVE” at all in my question? I didn’t.

        I asked where he was.

        1. I as once a single mother would absolutely dissolve all responsibility to the parent who chose to up and leave and never allow them to have any rights over my children. I’d rather have them gone forever then allow them tochoose to chime in every now and then and show the absolute BARE minimum. Children deserve the world and love a parent should give. Not someone who only speaks to media for cash, then never uses that cash to see their child. He knows where Barbara lives. He’s not an idiot.

  13. Now Barbara and Jace need an order of protection from Jenelle and David that includes surrender all his guns. Lol that would be awesome

  14. Funny how Jenelle trying to keep Babs away from Jace blew up in her face. Hopefully this time Jace will be more appreciative and on his best behavior now that he’s back HOME. He got to see what his other options were, and I’m sure now Babs doesn’t seem that bad. Hopefully no more arson attempts on Babs stuff by Jace.

  15. Here comes another YouTube documentary in the near future ?. She says that Babs is toxic and abusive, meanwhile she stopped giving Jace his medication and therapy. That’s medical neglect on Jenelle’s part. This is why Jace is struggling inside. He needs his meds and therapy. Jace shouldn’t have to keep starting over. No child deserves to have this happen. Not having a stable bio mom and dad, fucks a kid up, when they’re in and out of their lives. When they are in the child’s life, they make it a living Hell. Then when a child doesn’t want anything to do with their bio parent, it becomes everyone else’s fault for supposedly manipulating the kid, when they did that to themselves. Kids don’t want nothing to do with their parents for no reason. Kids don’t choose other family members over their parents for no reason.

    Wake up delusion-elle and put your kids before any man or person. Babs isn’t a spring chicken anymore, but she’s willing to take over YOUR responsibilities, once again. You should be bent over and sucking her ass with a straw for everything she’s done for you, even though YOU were/still are the toxic and ungrateful one, while dragging your mom’s name through the mud in the media. Maybe seek help to stop projecting your faults onto others. You’re basically telling on yourself, except instead of admitting it, you put your mom’s name or someone else’s in place of your own.

  16. So much for all those “happy famiLIE” posts. If Jace was THIS miserable there is no chance Kaiser is living any kind of safe existence. Ensley might be ok because she is the clear favorite.
    I can’t wait till jace teaches the others what they live in is NOT NORMAL

    1. I agree, sadly they only favor Ensley. Juhnelle always wanted a girl (she was visibly disappointed when she found out Kaiser was a boy) and she’s married to the father so I think she would only mind if Ensley was taken away. I have a feeling that most of the time she is annoyed by Kaiser, like the little brother you never wanted – except she’s the ‘mother’ and they very much wanted a baby with Nathan (despite Bab’s warning). Kaiser is the spitting image of Nathan so he’s a constant reminder of that failed relationship. She even posted this. Kaiser was a means to an end, to keep Nathan. Since it was unsuccessful, he is no longer needed in Jenelle’s mind. Just watch the footage of how she treated him when she was freshly broken up and living with Trashbag Tori. Shoved that crying kid in the crib and left him alone in a dark room. Whereas with Ensley she got what she wanted: a living doll that looks like her. She can dress her in cute outfits, dance together, etc. Like a live version of Sims. She never really cared for Jace, he was only good for her to play the victim role of ‘I want my son back’. Now that she got custody and the honeymoon phase of ‘I did it guys’ wore off, he was no longer needed either. Pretty sick, all of it.

      1. Right? I believe that Jenelle and Nathan also decided to have Kaiser because MTV had a clause in their contracts that if the mom’s had an additional child they would receive a stipend of 50K- 100K or something of that nature – so I think they had had him for the money, which is disgusting. Does anyone else remember this?
        Also, at least 1 episode showed Jenelle and Nathan them fighting over who had to take Kaiser, like neither of them wanted him – which is so fking sad. That poor little boy. Kids know when they are unwanted and unfavored. I pray someone helps that child.

        1. I totally forgot the clause, you’re right! And her reasoning omg! They were fighting a lot and she said with a baby they wouldn’t have much time to argue so problem solved. Dumbasses.

  17. This is so bloody sad. Barbara gave Jace up because she could no longer handle him. He isn’t going to do well with her either. I was hoping he would actually be able to find a good foster family that could provide him with the stability and structure he needs.

    1. I’m sure listening to jenelle whine “just give me my son back” for thirteen years did not facilitate a healthy relationship for barb and jace. Not to mention the grooming that very likely happened during visits to the land.
      Let’s hope this can be a new start for both jace and Barbara.

      1. I just feel like for the past 7 months poor Jace was on the show “beyond scared straight ” now that he knows what his life could of gone he will go HOME and act and push himself to never go back to the swamp

    2. He never ended up hospitalized with bruises around his NECK with Babs. He’s better with Babs clearly happy and thriving in safety.

  18. My god… Some fucking really REALLY horrible shit must be going on in that house… Jace told them everything, finally! David assaulting Jace was horrific, but that was not enough to warrant immediate removal of custody plus barring the mother from all contact! For a judge to order this, he believes Jace’s life was/is in danger and there’s undeniable child abuse. They WILL remove all of the kids from Jenelle and David’s custody very soon!! Cps will get them from school one day without even notifying them. And that will be that.
    Jenelle will be left with her POS husband, no kids, no MTV money, and no self respect. But where are those kids going to go? Do they have any decent family to take them in? I cannot imagine how disgusting Jenelle & David are behind closed doors.And poor Poor Kaiser! Just looki at him lately with his dramatic weight gain and you can tell something isn’t right. It is coming to a head and it’s about to burst. It has to be pretty horrific in that house… And I have a feeling we are all going to be shocked at what comes to light. It is probably worse than we ever imagined.

  19. I’m definitely not a mental health professional, but Jenelle is a classic case of BPD imo and that always made me root for her – even defend her marriage to David… until now. When she had the audacity to LIE about Jace running away due to girlfriend issues, when in fact she knew good very well why he ran away, I knew she was a wretched, weak woman with the worse codependency I’ve ever seen.
    I grew up in a violent home with an angry, dominating and abusive father who masked violence as discipline. I witnessed countless terrifying episodes between him and my mom, and more screaming and fighting than I care to remember. My father was terrifying when angry and it literally destroyed me and my sisters at a very young ages. To this day, we deal with C-PTSD because of it. However, my mom eventually left him, and took us with her. Best thing she could have done for all of us and we, too this day, thank her for being brave enough to do it.
    So Jenelle, go on and destroy your kids esteem, trust, sense of safety and the ability to cope. Remain in your unstable, abusive relationship and lie to yourself that it’s a good, solid marriage. Just know that when you’re kids are grown and want NOTHING to do with you, have cut you out of their lives by choice, and tell you to your face that you were a worthless pathethetic mother, you have only yourself to blame.

  20. So she couldn’t even manage to keep custody for a year?
    Jenelle only has Kaiser because Doris is too old and J is slightly less crazy than Nate.
    And then Ensley has no other place to go.
    Where the hell is Maryssas mother?

    Very sad for the kids.

    1. Maryssa’s mom is raising our 4 yo and 5 yo! Maryssa is good and hasn’t seen anything and if she was in a bad situation, which she’s not, she’d drive off. She does not live in fear with her dad and step mom!!! I’m positive she doesn’t want people to keep bringing up her name and I know my wife doesn’t. We don’t live in the past! And her and her mom have a great relationship! That’s the beauty in finding God! You don’t have to live in your past anymore. It’s a choice! Sincerely, Another Sinner as we all are!
      For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son, For whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.
      John 3:16

          1. Me and wife are raising them together in the same house as a family, we don’t make 40k a month, so she probably chooses to stay at the place where people come and go, and go on vacation all the time!,eat out all the time,etc!, if she felt unsafe at anytime she’d leave in her on vehicle,might not want to leave her siblings behind or something!,good kid with a big heart! And the reason you raise a 4 and 5 yo is because they can’t raise themselves and they need love and guidance!

    2. It sounds like Kaiser does have some caring and supportive aunts on Nathan’s side. At least that’s what I’m telling myself to hold onto hope for the poor kid.

    3. Where the hell is Maryssa’s mother?
      Was your question!

      Nowhere near Leah’s meth pipe!!!

      Actually just put the kids to bed after their bath. We actually have a routine in our home and structure! Something a lot of kids unfortunately don’t get the chance to have but need!!!

  21. People if you’re not going to do right by your kids. Give them to someone who will.

    Stop blaming your parents. You’re on your own. JUST STOP. GROW UP!!!

  22. Kaiser will leave when he gets older too, mark my word. He is the one i worry about. The little girl will be fine, she is the favored one.

    1. Oh be careful Frances! The high and mighty bitch-club on here will crucify you as a child abuser and accuse you of all kinds of shit for saying that about Einsley. That’s what they did to me.

      1. No, Laura, you got called out for calling a child that lives in an abusive home with parents addicted to both drugs and alcohol (both of which she was born with IN her system, proven), who has to witness this shit every single day….a spoiled brat.

        People saying that Ensley is the favorite, while not the truth, isn’t the problem. YOU and the shitty ass comments you’ve made about a little child, repeatedly, are the problem.

        As stated before, she’s not spoiled, nor is she a brat. Any of her “bad behavior” (which it’s not) is a direct mimic of that which she lives with and sees on a daily basis being modeled for her. You got called out for being a see you next tuesday towards a little child who has literally done nothing wrong.

        1. Nope, you are just a full on liar and delusional and sick!! When I referred to her as a spoiled brat, it was because of watching them shower her with gifts on her birthday, which was fine, but Kaiser got a box of cupcakes. When she was in the hospital for whatever it was, they gave her all kinds of things. Again, that’s fine, but when it’s Kaiser, nothing! She is allowed to call Kaiser a “little ass-hole” All of these things and more make her act like a spoiled brat. And that is the ONLY bad thing I said about her so knock off the lies you sick piece of shit. You just want to start trouble on here because you’re an immature jerk-off who can’t read properly, so you make up a bunch of bullshit and try and convince people that I said this and that and this and that!! You know you’re a liar, and I know you’re a liar, so just go to hell!

          1. All I said was you called her a spoiled brat. You literally admitted that you called her a spoiled brat. I didn’t make anything up, you’re just off the rails.

            That’s a shitty thing for a grown adult to say about a young child who is just trying to live her life in the house she’s forced to. Again, she mimics what she sees in life, period. She’s NOT spoiled, or a brat, she’s an innocent child, as all four of them are, stuck living with abusive POS people.

            You’re going to blow a gasket if you don’t calm down, though. I suggest getting some anger management help, ASAP.

        2. I’m trying to reply to your snarky-ass comment further down but of course you have me blocked so that I won’t keep pointing out your lie! You are claiming to me: “All I said is that you called her a spoiled brat” Ok, that’s your first lie! That is NOT all you said! And yes of course I admit that I called her a spoiled brat! That was my opinion. That was the impression I got. Unlike you, I admit what I say. You said that I made “many shitty comments about the child” No I did not! I called her a spoiled brat. You called me a “see you next Tuesday” whatever the fuck that is! Only a silly immature person would throw statements like that around. You also said that I must be a child abuser myself. That’s a lie and you have no right to say it. I can’t believe you are using this comment section for your own agenda. Again, yes, a spoiled brat is the impression I got from watching stuff happen on the show and Jenelles dumb videos. You took my opinion completely out of context and accused me of lies.

          1. Alright, Pearl, calm down now lmao.

            No one has you blocked. You can only reply to certain comments in a thread of them, as that’s how this website is set up. Literally no one CAN block you, none of us have that ability here.

            I hope you find the anger management help you need! Best of luck to you!

          2. @peanutgallery ~ am CACKLING ??? re: pearl!!!
            “it’s funny cause it’s true” ?

        3. I see you are still completely avoiding answering my question about why you are lying about my comments! And I see that you finally realize that you can’t point out any place where I said what you accused me of! LOL!! I knew you couldn’t do it! LOL! And so did you! Looks like you’re the one who needs help sweetie! I’m sure you’re embarrassed because I proved you wrong, but hey, when you go around lying about people, it’s going to come back and bite you in the ass. LOL! Try and get over it!

  23. I doubt Jenelle will ever leave Lurch. I suspect that he has plenty of blackmail material on her. Let’s not forget that Lurch was CELLMATES with Jenelle’s first husband Courtland. He had/has an agenda.

    1. You’re onto something with the blackmail….wouldn’t put it past him one bit!! Probably why he doesn’t work too…he’ll manipulate that black mail anyway he can

  24. What is it going to take to get those other kids removed from the swamp monsters? It is horrifying that they are allowed to have custody of any living thing, especially a child.

  25. Eff Jenelle for a zillion reasons but eff her even more for accusing Barb of having Munchausen’s. She knows damn well that that’s a completely off the wall accusation and no matter what arguments she’s been having with Barb lately, that’s still her mother who took her in time and time again when her a-hole boyfriends would hurt her or dump her, who RAISED her child while she was out partying and doing drugs and in jail, and who is 70 at least. How does she have just zero respect and put all the stress on her of a potential investigation (I know it won’t happen but still) that she KNOWS is a straight up lie? Not to mention WASTING the time & resources of police and court staff who could be helping people who are telling the truth and need help? And bottom line, if she had even a sliver of love or caring for her son, she would not do this to him and the one person who raised him. She is STILL damaging his mental health every day, even while he’s literally in a care facility!! She literally actively ruins his life just to try and 1) hurt her mother, and 2) to scramble to convince “the haters” that Barb is the problem, and not her. She makes Farrah and Amber look like top tier mothers FFS. She’s as bad as David. And next time he hurts her I will have zero sympathy for her. What a piece of trash “mother”.

    1. I would LOVE for her to be held responsible for all the services she has wasted over the years. Heck, even this year alone!
      Make her pay for court costs so she hesitates before filing yet another bogus case against whoever she feels like it that day – or Barb because she has no one else in her life to fight with and poor barb keeps coming back to SUPPORT HER DAUGHTER.

      Janelle is the trash of trash of trash

  26. I can only think of the following reasons as to why Jenelle and David even WANT to have Jace living with them: (1) Easy access to his meds for recreation or sale; (2) Content for her stupid social media; or (3) So she doesn’t have to pay child support to Barb. They really seem to hate Jace (and probably all their other kids).

    1. I think she would rather complain about not having him. “My mom is so mean I want my son back why can’t I have my son?” Once she has him he I just a “friend” she can complain to about David but she has nothing to use to get that social media sympathy (I guarantee there is 2 or 3 people that actual believe her)

  27. We will all be celebrating for Jace tonight!!! I only wish we could be celebrating for Kaiser as well!!!!!! That poor little boy deserves protection as well. I don’t worry about Einsley because she’s a spoiled brat. They adore her, and she has always been their favorite!

    1. ? oh look ~ ‘laura’ is still out here blamin’ female children and misspellin’ names. how ‘fun’. ?

      1. Blaming female children??? What the hell are you even talking about? Or do you even know what you’re talking about? And so I spelled the kids name wrong, BFD! What’s it to you?

        1. @laura ~ please refer to the responses to your comments on the ‘jenelle calls 911’ post. am just echoing what was said there abt your victim blaming, misspellings, comments on the daughters, etc. ??‍♀️

          1. Get off the booze for awhile. It makes you sound even more stupid! And what did I misspell besides the kids name??? Make a list for me so I can do better and make the jerk club happy. In the meantime, get sober and quit being an ass.

        1. ummmm, okay? not sure what’s incorrect or ‘drunk’ in my post(s), but go off. ?
          and as i said, go check the responses you got on the post abt jenelle calling 911 (where you blamed maryssa for not getting the kids off the land). i haven’t said anything that others didn’t already say there. ??‍♀️

          1. Ohhh, poor baby got her feelings hurt! Show me where I blamed Maryssa for not getting the kids off the land. LOL! Can’t do it can you, and you KNOW IT! LOL! Which is why you keep playing these childish little games of yours, because you are a liar and can’t prove what you’re saying I did. So do yourself a favor and quit acting like an ass-hole and move on! Your lies are stupid and boring!

          2. Poor little chicken shit! LOL! Can’t even figure out your own stupidity! LOL! Stuff your continued lies up your ass. LOL!

      1. Jenelle has said on an interview that is still for all to see that “David will hit Ensley if I’m not paying him enough attention” she maybe known as the golden child but on the land that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get abused.I agree with you.

  28. How horrible for all kids involved. What kind of person loses custody over and over and can’t just be a freaking good parent?!

    I know that originally jace had become too much for Barbara to handle but I really hope now they can work together to create harmony in their house. I hope jace and Barbara are both happy and safe and healthy. And I hope jace realizes truly that Barbara is his only option, his only hope for safety and stability.

  29. I am REALLY hoping that a real investigation happens, leading to all of those kids to be put in a house that isnt ruled by FEAR.

    Free Kaiser and Ensley and Marissa!!!!

    1. I believe something will come from the investigation. You have to have very solid ground to remove a child from a home, and the fact Jenelle cannot see or speak to him, speaks volumes.

  30. My heart breaks for this child. He’s just lost. He has a deadbeat father, an irresponsible mother and a grandmother who does her best. From the day he was born he had a deadbeat father and a mother that will put a relationship with sad and pathetic men before the best interests of her child(ren). I hope with help he can find a way to have a good life despite losing the parent lottery.

  31. Jenelle and David, you two lying pieces of shit are not even fit to raise a houseplant. We all see through the bullshit lies and deception. Anymore attempts to paint the picture of a happy, loving and stable family is laughable. I’ll bet a thousand bucks they take Jace’s meds for their recreational use.

  32. I hope this will finally be the nail in the coffin of Jenelle’s relationship with David. She needs to grow the fuckers up and choose her kids over that psychopath.

    1. Even if her and David split up, Jenelle would still be a piece of shit mother and she still wouldn’t put her kids first, she’d find the first dude that gave her attention and then that guy would probably be worse than David… each dude she gets is always worse than the last one before

  33. I can hear it now:
    “We didn’t lose custody. David did nothing wrong. We have all our kids and they’re totally happy, dude”
    I really hope the investigation proves what everyone has been screaming for years; David is a monster and Jenelle is an unfit parent. Those kids deserve better.

  34. cps is typically slow as shit to remove kids from their parents….whatever happened must have been ATROCIOUS with PLENTY of evidence, contrary to what the dumbass twins have been spewing across their various accounts

  35. Yaaaaasss! Finally, one of the kids is safe from these swamp creatures! I hope that the rest of the children will be rescued as well, although I doubt it. And I also hope that this time there will be real consequences for both UBT and Jailnelle.

  36. Awesome! Now the other three kids need to be removed and let the swamp things eventually kill each other or overdose. One or the other is coming. Wonder if we’ll see anymore of “JM’s” pro child abuser comments now that the swamp queen has one less child to worry about and more free time.

  37. Jenelle is a proven liar. You can’t go by anything she says.
    In my opinion, all of them, including Barbara, need a lot of serious mental health help!
    I fear for the other kids’ safety and I feel like this won’t end well. I just hope and pray that the kids are all safe when the situation with David and Jenelle blows up ??.

  38. Thank you God!,,, Finally!,
    Now get the other 3 the hell out of there!
    How ya feeling now Dunelle?
    Want to post some more tic toks or only fans tonight’s?
    You lost Bitch!
    Your kid hates you, and for good reason. The world hates you, and Neanderthal.
    He is safe for now everyone!,
    Respect Barb!,

  39. I am doing cartwheels for Jace!!!!

    He’ll never have to go live there again!

    Dumb braid had many chances and blew it completely. Proving once and for all she’s does not have any parental capacity to deal with him or be a parent. I hope the other two can be saved as well as Maryssa

    1. Also forgot to add the witch got custody back and ruined the little chance she had with him. Unfit parent completely. All about possession and the show of having everyone under one roof. Maryssa already sang like a canary and got sent back. The smaller ones don’t know any different atp. I’m happy for Jace, Nellz will blame him but it’s her and her bigfoots doing.

      1. Little Kaiser was abused by David for years and probably still is. You can see how unhappy he is. I wish to God that stupid judge who sat on the first case would’ve rescued him. Maybe Kaiser could run away and refuse to go back. That might just wake that damn CPS system up!

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