EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans’ Lies Exposed In Court Docs Filed Last Week: Admits She Had No Idea Where Her Son Jace Was, Despite Claiming Otherwise Online; See Jenelle’s Other Claims About Her Mom Barbara

“Well Juh-nelle, I see ya just told on ya-self!”

Note from The Ashley: A major update on the custody situation of Jace is coming. Stay tuned…

Jenelle Evans‘ latest court filing has exposed the truth behind some of the fired Teen Mom 2 star’s recent claims regarding her mom, Barbara Evans, and Jenelle’s son Jace. 

The Ashley can exclusively confirm that Jenelle attempted again to file a domestic violence restraining order against her mom. (As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle tried–and failed–to get a restraining order against Barb last month.) On October 3, Jenelle petitioned the court for an emergency domestic violence protective order against Barbara. However, the statement Jenelle submitted to the court to try to get the protective order— which has been exclusively obtained by The Ashley—  actually exposes that Jenelle wasn’t being truthful in many of her statements from the last few weeks.

Here, The Ashley will attempt to break down the filing.

Jenelle admits she had no idea where Jace was or what was going going on with him during the period she & David claimed they had Jace & that Barb was banned from speaking to him. 

In the statement provided to authorities to try to get the restraining order, Jenelle exposed that she actually had no idea where her 14-year-old son Jace was from September 30- October 2— the same period of time when Jenelle and her husband David Eason were ranting on social media that they had Jace and that he was not taken from their custody. They also stated that Barbara was not allowed to see or talk to Jace during this time, which was false. (The Ashley reported on October 2 that Jace had already been removed from Jenelle’s care and placed in the custody of CPS. Jenelle and David denied this was true.)

In documents filed on October 3, Jenelle HERSELF admits that she did not know the location of her son, Jace, until October 2, and that she was not in contact with him at all during this time, just as The Ashley had stated. 

“Jenelle Eason was cut off all contact from Jace Evans, and the status of him from Sept 30-Oct 2, 2023,” Jenelle wrote in her statement. 

At the same time, Jenelle told her TikTok followers that she was not revealing where Jace was because “it’s no one’s business of my childrens’ location.” 

@jenellelevans Replying to @Maddie ♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

Jenelle admits that she wasn’t giving Jace any medications or therapy sessions, just as Barbara claimed to TMZ 

“Isn’t that what I said?!”

Back in August, after Jace ran away from his school, Barbara spoke to TMZ, stating that she believed Jace was having problems because Jenelle stopped giving the 14-year-old the ADHD medication he’s been on for the past seven years. Barb also stated that Jace was no longer seeing his behavior specialist. Jenelle went on to blast Barbara’s statement as lies.

“Please do not believe anything my mother is saying to the media at this time. The truth will prevail and I’ll soon tell you when the time is right,” Jenelle wrote on Facebook on August 17, insisting that Jace actually had a Zoom call with his therapist that day.

In her court filing from October 3, though, Jenelle admits that Jace only saw a therapist after the TMZ article came out. (She claims that Barb talking to the media was the reason for Jace to go to therapy.) 

She also admits that Jace wasn’t on meds; however, she claims that he doesn’t need them. 

“Barbara Evans lied to TMZ media because Jace Evans is not prescribed any medication for his mental health,” Jenelle wrote. “Jace Evans needed to start therapy after the TMZ article incident due to his depression…and anxiety Barbara Evans caused from giving her exclusive statement.” 

Jenelle states that Barbara committed “bodily harm” against Jace by allowing him to take an anti-depressant without Jenelle’s consent. 

Jenelle claims that, after Jace was hospitalized, Barb authorized him to be given an anti-depressant. Jenelle stated that “Barbara lied to the hospital stating she was the ‘primary guardian’ [of Jace] which was not true. Jenelle Eason has primary custody.” 

(At this time, Jace was in the care of CPS.) 

Jenelle stated that Barbara didn’t have medical rights over Jace to do this and “Jenelle Eason did not consent to Jace getting this medication and the hospital is very upset by Barbara’s actions.” 

Jenelle claims Barb committed “bodily harm” against Jace by giving consent for him to take an anti-depressant. 

“There is a concern for Jace’s safety because Barbara could have called the doctor to prescribe any medication without Jenelle Eason’s consent,” she writes.

(Jenelle did not indicate that Barb consented to any medications for Jace other than the anti-depressant.) 

She claims that Jace had to go a mental health facility “because of Barbara’s actions to the public.” 

Jenelle claims Jace was admitted to the hospital due to “self harm.”

As The Ashley previously told you, Barbara informed police that Jace had told her that Jenelle’s husband David assaulted him on Thursday, September 28, prompting him to run away again. He was taken to the hospital, where Barbara visited him (despite Jenelle and David claiming Barb was banned from seeing or talking to him at this time.) 

In her October 3 court filing, Jenelle claims Jace went to the hospital for “self harm.” 

Jenelle writes that Barbara made “false police reports” in September. (We can assume she’s talking about Barb telling police that Jace said David assaulted him) and that those reports caused harm to Jenelle, David and her kids.

“[The reports] in return caused articles to be written again and caused emotional distress and anxiety with my entire family,” Jenelle wrote. (And, no those are not typos….that’s exactly how she wrote it.) 

However, on the day The Ashley wrote the article about the police report, Jenelle herself confirms she had no idea what was happening with Jace, so she would have no clue if it “caused emotional distress and anxiety” for him. 

Jenelle claims Barbara conspired with a “random” minor to harass Jace & threaten Jenelle

“Barbara Evans also used another third party to harass Jace Evans,” Jenelle wrote. “Barbara secretly contacted a 14-year-old minor that was a friend of Jace Evans. Barbara expressed threats against Jenelle Eason and shared Jace’s personal mental health information with a random girl.” 

(The Ashley can confirm this was not a random girl. It was, in fact, Jace’s girlfriend, whom Jenelle knows.) 

Jenelle claims that, before Jace ran away on September 28, Barbara texted Jace’s girlfriend to get a message to Jace. (It is unknown if this was because contact between Jace and Barbara had been cut off at that point.) 

Jenelle admits in her statement that Barb was concerned for Jace’s mental health and well-being, even before he ran away the last time.

“Barbara’s texts [to Jace’s girlfriend] state, ‘Tell Jace we will be going to court and this will all be over soon. Also I have the custody order in place so you are to call and text me. If [Jace is] struggling mentally he needs to see a doctor.” 

“Barbara acknowledged Jace was, in fact, depressed,” Jenelle wrote, adding, “After Barbara Evans sent the text to the minor, [Jace] tried running away from home again.” 

Jenelle claims that Barbara “is expressing Munchhausen Syndrome” 

 “I have Juh-nelle as a daughta!”

In her filing, Jenelle took a swing at Barb’s own mental health, telling the court that she believes her mom has “Munchhausen Syndrome.”

(In case you’re unaware, according to the Cleveland Clinic website, Munchausen syndrome is “when someone tries to get attention and sympathy by falsifying, inducing, and/or exaggerating an illness. They lie about symptoms, sabotage medical tests… or harm themselves to get the symptoms.”)

Since this has nothing to do with what Jenelle claims Barb has done, it’s likely that Jenelle actually meant “Munchausen Syndrome by proxy,” which is “a mental illness and a form of child abuse. The caretaker of a child… either makes up fake symptoms or causes real symptoms to make it look like the child is sick.” (If so, Jenelle would be claiming she thinks Barbara is faking Jace’s issues for attention.) 

She also claims that her mom “has expressed thoughts of suicide in the past.” 


Jenelle requested the emergency restraining order for herself and her kids on October 3. One day later, a judge denied her request for it to be “ex parte,” stating that Jenelle failed to prove grounds for it. 

Jenelle asked that Barbara be prevented from buying firearms; to be required to surrender any guns she might have and be required to attend an “abuser treatment program,” in addition to having no contact with Jenelle and her family. 

A court date was scheduled for Tuesday to address the issue, but the request was “voluntarily dropped” by Jenelle before then, a Columbus County, North Carolina, court clerk confirmed to The Ashley. 

The Ashley will have more info on the custody situation very soon. Stay tuned…

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60 Responses

  1. Let’s not forget David Eason killed a sweet 14 or so pound dog with his bare hands to prove a point to Jenelle. Can’t get into details here without crying, look it up and even then horrific gruesome details will be spared what he did and jenelle knew this and lied.

  2. I will personally pay to have her tubes tied & his disgusting d*ck cut off so they can no longer procreate. TBT, Ensley might be the favorite, but she’s not the cutest kid I’ve ever seen….

  3. Barb cannot walk up to the doctor and just get him to magically prescribe whatever she wants for Jace. Jenelle’s dull lightbulb is just reflecting what she herself does-attempting to manipulate others into doing what she wants. Doctors have to have evidence to prescribe what they are writing for or it’s their license that gets called into question.
    And if I lived on that land I’d have to up my antidepressant too ?

  4. Jenelle doesn’t have a lot of sense, but the girls got a hell of a lot of audacity. She really thinks someone would believe Jace went to the hospital due to self harm?! Jenelle is unbelievable. She wants us to believe that Jace put those marks on himself, and not the guy who lives with them who murdered the family dog. I hope Jace cuts off all contact with her and David.

  5. Wait, are you saying the Jenelle LIED?!


    It takes a whole new level of stupidity to lie and lie again, only to go file a legal document contradicting said lies.

    But then again, nobody is surprised here ?

    1. ? How could Barb ever forgive her & have a relationship again. Enough is enough. Barb needs to close that chapter in her life, even if thats her daughter.

  6. It’s all lies dude. UBT is a hard working, successful rapper and is a devoted father of 2. Sorry 3, he’s just not allowed to have any contact with his son. Anyway, he’s a loving guy, great with animals. No, no, no, Nugget tripped and fell into some bullets. Just like when Juhnelle fell and cracked her own collarbone. Just look at that weapon-enthusiast Sasquatch, he couldn’t hurt anybody. Well, yeah, he did spend some time in jail for domestic abuse, but being a felon ain’t illegal!

      1. It is. One of the worst, IMO. But then again, I am in recovery for Alcoholism for two and a half years now. I can’t tell you how many people I have seen straight up ruin their lives (and mental functioning) because of drinking.

        1. Congratulations on your 2 years in recovery I have so much admiration and respect for you getting sober well done I hope you are proud of yourself

  7. Jenelle & David take Jace’s medications. Barbara said it on the show. Everything Barbara says is the TRUTH.

  8. Cmon cmon! We need all the updates!! All the breaking news!! I can’t handle the suspense here!!

    This is 2019, all over again..
    This time the courts need to get it right.

  9. We already knew they are full of BS. I pray to God CPS removes all the children (and pets) from the land. Jenelle and David can continue to live on their sinking swamp by themselves until one of them finally loses it

  10. I respect Barb more then ever. She has not uttered 1 word about this mess. Seems she respects Jace,s privacy more then anyone else. Duhnelle should be so thankful that Barb has not lashed out yet, or filed a defamation lawsuit against both of those drug addict liars . I hope she does when things die down. Jace we are all pulling for you, and are all praying for you. You not only took steps to change your life, but now the future for your siblings may get much brighter. This type of childhood is not normal, and nothing you ever deserved. Miss Ashley, thank you for reporting the truth.

  11. This story means nothing. It’s just Jenelle being Jenelle. She has always used the courts as a weapon against other people. How many times has she threatened restraining orders, sent cease & desist letters, etc. Her NOT running to the court would be a story.

    And, what struck me was Barbara allegedly sent Jace’s girlfriend a text telling her that the custody order was made and it would all be over soon? If that’s the case, why did Barb even sign over custody to Jenelle in March? Why wouldn’t she have set up a temporary guardianship for a set period of time to see if the transfer of custody would work?

  12. As someone with experience in family court…. What Barb is doing… IS inappropriate. No matter how you slice it, discussing custody and legal issues and disparaging any parent with a child is a HUGE deal to judges. And using other children to get manipulative messages to children while not on your visitation time…. Yikes Barb.

    1. Those are Duhnelles claims. We all know how truthful she is. Would LOVE to know your “experience “.
      I wonder which side of the family court you were on. Plaintiff or defendant…
      Barb is the only one looking after this child’s best interest. She is not showing her shit on only fans which is the cause of Jace being bullied. She is not a proven drug addict. Is she perfect, no. Are David and Jenelle, hell no!,, He has no other adult in his corner, till now. The truth will prevail.

    2. I read somewhere else that Jace shut his phone and location completely off and told his grandma to reach out his girlfriend if she needed anything .. because his Gf had Janelle and koo-koo grand dragon swamp monster blocked and they couldn’t see her location. So that is why she had told the girl that she was working on everything to get him back to her .. that is just what I had read somewhere

    3. Barb has not spoken publicly during this process, all the information coming out is sourced from police reports and court documents. Not barb speaking to the media or on social media.

    4. I call bs on your “experience in family court”, unless you’re Jenelle (or some other POS child abuser), in which case, yes, you’ve been to family court before-congrats.

      That said, she didn’t actually discuss legal issues or disparage Jenelle. In fact, she’s been pretty damn quiet about everything. Jenelle and David are the ones running their mouths.

      She contacted Jace’s gf so that they would both know there is a line of communication open if and when necessary. There is nothing manipulative about that, nor inappropriate. Jace needs to know he has a safe place in this world. If Barb couldn’t contact him directly, because Jenelle admitted SHE made that impossible, contacting another party (Jace’s gf) is the best way to accomplish this. No judge in their right mind would think there is anything wrong with that. Then again, this is NC we’re talking about here, so, right mind is subjective af.

    5. Why do I have a feeling that your “experience” isn’t as a solicitor/lawyer or advocate? Left that pretty vague on purpose, huh? Lowlife. You are buying into what the swamp queen said in her protective order that was DENIED. There is no truth to it. Reading comprehension not your thing?

  13. Jenelle clearly only filed this bullshit protective order as a means to talk to the public about the narrative she wants to push. She wants to tell people personal information about her child in the hopes she can spin it in a way that benefits her. She k owes she cannot do this outright, and filed the protective order so she could say whatever she wanted with impunity because she thinks she can pretend that it was filed for legitimate reasons. She knew it would never be granted and if a lawyer assisted her she DEFINITELY knew. This was 100% self gratifying and done to reveal information she otherwise couldn’t for various reasons.

    1. Following up to add, in case it wasn’t obvious, that she knew the media would find out about and publish what was contained in the filing.

  14. So Jace’s mental health struggles aren’t real, according to Jenelle. He was on adhd meds for years and ran away 3 times. In her filing, she accuses him of “self harm”.

    What is a true struggle (and real) for Jenelle is her “seeing molecules”…

    Jenelle is so delusional, I can’t even at this point. The court sees right through this nonsense.

    1. We can only hope and pray that the court truly sees through this b.s. It is beyond delusional and sad, it is outrageous and destructive what J&D are doing to those poor kids.

  15. So Janelle, once again, got caught in her own web of lies. Worst case of liaria I ever saw. The shit just uncontrollably spews from her ugly mouth, I honestly don’t know how she lives with herself and her Neanderthal husband. They are both seriously addicted to more than white claw. Sounds like CPS is taking their time to make a solid case against them. God willing they will all be removed from their care soon and permanently. I wish the two of them nothing but misery and heartache for the rest of their useless lives.

  16. Man jenelle is off her rocker . Also Jenelle is the one who claims she has all these health issues so she has munchausen syndrome if anyone has it .

    1. She didn’t even properly name it. Munchausen syndrome means you fake your own illness. Idiot meant to say munchausen syndrome by proxy which is when you harm your own child or someone close to you for attention like @TheAshley pointed out. It’s like she skipped and revealed what SHE has. Is she still seeing molecules? Inquiring minds…don’t give a flying f*#k.

  17. If anyone has Munchhausen Syndrome, it’s Jenelle and her thousands of mystery illnesses!!! Not at all, surprised that this is turning out exactly as everyone predicted 14 years ago. Poor Jace.

  18. Umm.. she wants to prevent Barbara from possessing guns but David is fine to have them????. I’d trust Babs with a gun before David?‍♀️

  19. If she abruptly stopped his ADD meds, the withdrawal symptoms he must be experiencing could be severely extreme even for an adult to handle. I hope nothing but the best for all the kids in this situation. They deserve the world. My heart breaks for them. Stay strong Jace, and you WILL overcome this.

    1. Most ADHD medication doesn’t cause withdrawal symptoms. It’s common for kids to not take them for the weekend or during the summer. But the effects on his mental health would be awful going from being able to regulate your actions and emotions to not being able to.

    2. That was my first thought. You can’t just “stop” any of those medications, that would definitely cause a downhill spiral. Obviously she knows nothing about medications.

    3. My husband takes meds for ADHD and sometimes it’s hard to get his prescription refilled on time here because of back orders. Just two or three days for a 36-year-old man is torture. By day three his concentration is completely shot and he feels drained and sick. Subjecting a kid to that on purpose is just absolutely evil.

  20. Your words Jenelle “The truth will prevail”. Looks like the truth is coming out against you. Choose David over your own kids. Cps needs to wake up and pull the rest of the kids. The land is very quiet since yesterday when the picture came out.

  21. Obviously Jenelle finally bought a clue yesterday after it became apparent that Babs had Jace and her lies weren’t panning out how she hoped. Maybe it finally sunk in that the CPS investigation wasn’t some routine runaway thing that leads to nothing and she’s running scared now. Why not peep from the swamp….

    1. Janelle saying Jace self harmed to put the blame on Jace instead of her monster husband that abused him is disgusting. She took him off his meds and stopped him seeing his therapist, put Jace in harm clearly showing she is also a danger to her children.
      She puts all the blame on barb that actually raised Jace for all these years, taking barbs contact away from Jace would have also cause trauma to Jace. Accusing barb of having Munchausen syndrome by proxy is a joke we all know if anyone has it it’s her. If anyone needs their guns taken off them it’s her and that monster. And it don’t come as a surprise it’s been proven that they both lied and they wouldn’t know the truth if the tractor of truth ran then over.
      CPS needs to take the children off them and the law needs to lock them up and melt down the key. The true victims here are the kids and the authorities need to sit up and listen to the children and do something before it’s too late.

      1. I pray ? Barb & Jace get a OP against the Easons & they have to give up their weapons. But we all know they would find some way to get another gun. But it would be so fulfilling if David couldn’t wear his gun 24-7.

  22. I cannot fathom how Jenelle thought this would make her sound like the victim in all this. Especially while SHE is being investigated by CPS. Doesn’t it occur to her that Barb has proof that Jace was in therapy and taking medication before he went to live with Jenelle?

    It sounds like a concerned grandmother looking out for the health and wellness of her grandson while her daughter tries everything in her power to cover her butt. I’m glad the judge saw through that BS and didn’t entertain a new trial. But, you know, keep digging that grave, JE.

    1. I think she was more concerned with preventing Jace from talking to Barb, than anything else.

  23. At what point does Jenelle get in trouble with the law for all her lies? She’s bat shit but this has to stop. She’s wasting the time and effort of so many resources.

  24. I will say this: Jenelle always claims that the truth will come out and it always does… It just happens to be the truth she didn’t want us to know.

  25. I think you two should write a parenting book. You two are really people we should all be looking up to. Just over here killing (no pun intended, David!) the parenting game. Your kids will absolutely turn out great! Not worried about them at all!
    Literally nobody.

    1. These people (Jenelle and David) need to locked up! I truly hope that the other kids are taken too. This woman pulled a gun on someone ON CAMERA, IN FRONT OF A CHILD but Babs is the problem… ?‍♀️ ? and ofc he’s depressed having a “mother” like Jenelle! But thank goodness he has a WONDERFUL grandMOTHER in his life. I hope Jace and Barb will stay away from these two pos! They deserve to have a good life. Same with the other kids!! Remove every single animal and child from that hell they’re forced to live in!

      Jenelle and David deserve NOTHING!! I hope KARMA pays them one hell of a visit for all they’ve done to these innocent animals and children! Jenelle is a lying pos. NOT A MOTHER!!! They both need to be sterilized!


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