Jenelle Evans Calls 911 To Find Out Where Her Son Jace Is; Tells Cops She Believes Her Mom Barbara Evans Is Hiding Jace

“Well, I seen ya on tha phone wif tha 911 again!”

Jenelle Evans is demanding police tell her where her son Jace is.

The fired Teen Mom 2 star called 911 on Wednesday night trying to find out the 14-year-old’s location. The Sun reported that Jenelle placed the call to 911 and asked authorities to search the home of her mother, Barbara Evans, because she believed Babs was hiding Jace at her home. 

The Ashley can confirm this call did happen, and that police went to Barbara’s home and searched for Jace, but did not find him.

The Ashley’s source tells her that this is not the only call to 911 Jenelle has made over the last week in regard to Jace’s whereabouts. The Ashley broke the news that Jenelle called 911 last Thursday night demanding cops search Barb’s house for Jace. (They did a search and found nothing.)

“Jenelle has called [911 and police] several more times since then,” the source tells The Ashley. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Jace was admitted into the hospital last Friday. Barbara told police that Jace claimed Jenelle’s husband David Eason assaulted him last Thursday night. 

Jenelle and David have denied that the assault happened. On Wednesday— the same day she made the 911 call asking cops to look for Jace at Barb’s home— Jenelle took to TikTok to insist she has Jace.

@jenellelevans Replying to @Maddie ♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

“My son was never taken from my custody. My son is still in my custody,” Jenelle continued. “I still have primary custody. I don’t know where there’s rumors are circulating…they’ve done this to me my entire life…I am not commenting on my son’s whereabouts because it’s no one’s business where my children are. 

“It’s no one’s business of my children’s location,” she added in her signature “Jenelle Speak” fashion.

On Friday, David took to Facebook to blast the “Satanic” media.

“The media blows things completely out of proportion and use each other’s lies as if they are factual,” he wrote. “Just keep watching and you will see the truth come out. I hope everyone is happy with themselves thinking such horrible things about me over the years. The difference between the truth and what you’ve heard about me is astronomical. I’m happy with playing the bad guy or taking the fall for my family. It’s a whole other story when major news outlets tell complete lies in order to smear my name.

“The money they gain from using my name will never do them any good, its money made in vain from pure lie and deceit, it’s Satan’s work, it’s evil but it doesn’t scare me.”

“It’s Satan, I tells ya!”

Naturally, he also used the situation to plug his new “song.” 

“Oh yea and don’t forget to download my song everywhere, follow me on Spotify and Pandora or whatever you listen to, link in bio!” David wrote.

As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle and David are currently under investigation.

UPDATE! The Brunswick County Sherriff’s Department PIO has confirmed to The Ashley that audio of Jenelle’s 911 call does exist; however, due to it containing medical information regarding a minor, it is not public record. 

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(Photos: MTV; TikTok) 

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  1. You have to choose him or your son and lets be honest youve never been one to make smart or correct choices. Change the narrative look at what all this man has cost you already. Its sad when you have to force your son to be around you but then again look at you youre sad

    1. I’ve been checking several times a day hoping for a good update! By “good,” I mean Jace safe and the Terrible Two in jail.

    1. Possibly due to his mental evaluation. If they think he’s a harm to himself or others they’ll keep him until there’s no threat. With him saying he’ll run again they may be keeping him for that exact reason.

  2. Janelle is good at running her mouth on social media, perhaps if she put the same energy into raising her kids she’d be doing a better job…
    I believe Jace, we’ve all heard the 911 calls from her claiming he hits her then changing the story, we’ve all heard about the dog and the goats and everything else that goes on down there. He needs locking up.

  3. Janelle shut your shit down. Kaiser is obese these days because of abuse. Those kids need to be removed. DAVID is a scumbag and so are you for letting him abuse your kids. No man should do that to your children.

  4. I think Jace is still in the hospital. I don’t live in NC, but in my state kids sometimes have to wait weeks in the ER for a psych bed to open up. Jace running away multiple times, as well as being off ADHD medication and prior behaviors, would be justifiable for inpatient psych. There are social workers in that setting.

    1. You don’t know where he is and he was admitted to treat and document his wounds.
      Jenny can’t see him so the assault seems to be the biggest issue.
      Jace would not have been taken this seriously when he was in need of a bed on the psych ward. Jace’s story and behaviour was credible.
      It’s not Jace’s mental health, it’s his “mom” and UBT that need treatment most.

      1. I didn’t ssy I did know where Jace is; if I did it would be speculating. I don’t understand why you are trying to debate me about this? I’m speaking of my place of employment (a hospital, not in North Carolina) and what I’ve witnessed with minors. Obviously I wouldn’t know, nor did I claim to, whether or not Jace would meet inpatient guideline criteria. Again, I’m speculatingbased on my professional experiences.

        1. “I didn’t say I know where Jace is; if I did i wouldnt be speculating.”

          Clearly I wouldn’t be posting on the Ashley if I knew where your son was, Jenelle ?

    2. ADHD is highly comorbid with bipolar, which is also highly hereditary (Jenelle has a dx), and 14 is on the younger end of when diagnosis rates begin to tick up.
      The diagnosis alone wouldn’t warrant inpatient treatment by any means but it did make me realize this kid wouldn’t have won a great genetic lottery even if Jenelle weren’t you know…”Jenelle”.

  5. Suggestion: please interview Emily D. Baker about this to get a lawyer’s perspective. There seems to be a lot of questions.

  6. I would have thought cps would have informed her of the fact they had him and what the plans were. Not that she deserves to know anything, but you would think if they took someone’s kid there would be a little bit of communication about it.

    1. With her and idiot being under investigation, and CPS removing him, that changes what communication the law requires.

      They are not required to inform her of their plans, where he is, or even what condition he might be in. Assuming CPS has actually done their job half right here and really taken custody of him, they would give her no information at all. When they do things as they should, there are rules that protect children. I truly hope they’re actually following the laws here and protecting Jace.

      1. This reads like he’s been removed from the home and Jenelle does not understand that her custody order doesn’t mean anything anymore. I think she might be calling to deman info that she thinks she’s entitled to bc she doesn’t realize that once your child is in state custody you don’t get to know where they are until you earn your visitation.

  7. She was probably drunk or high and forgot he was gone a week before.
    She has no idea what day it is, let alone she has not seen
    Her kid in over a week.
    And she doesn’t give a shit. Keep posting your fucking videos.
    Soon you won’t have to be bothered with any kids,
    Or your abusive husband, Stupid selfish addicted asshole.

  8. It’s no one’s business where her kids because she doesn’t even know where they are ? if Jace is in cps custody, they won’t tell her or David where he is and he certainly wouldn’t be at Barbara’s ??‍♀️ how can all this be lies when there’s so much evidence against them??

  9. Do we know if Barbara signed over custody of Jace to Jenelle or just let him live with her? If Jenelle does not know where her son is, perhaps she never officially regained custody of him.

  10. Then why is David not in jail or at least charged for something? Ashley won’t answer that. I’m starting to wonder.

    1. How would Ashley know? The District Attorney is the one who makes those decisions, and they certainly aren’t part of public records.

      1. This !!!
        Every one blames Police & CPS. It’s all up to the SA!! And they both tried last time, then they got a new judge who was basically JE personal judge & SHE gave them back. Judge Pauline Hankins.

          1. If you’ve never been to a Body Count show..

            Being looked at directly in the eye by Ice T and told you’re a bitch is absolutely

            Fucking scary.

          2. Back in the ’90s my best friend was knocked down by Ice-T in a Ralph’s when she was coming out of the soda aisle and they both wound up on their asses. He was laughing his ass off while apologizing profusely. Stage persona isn’t real life, luckily.

    2. Because, Jenelle, even the most obvious cases of child abuse with witnesses don’t work in real life the same way they do on tv.

      We already know that they were under investigation, and that authorities were on the land-multiple times. Their hands are tied with what can be done and the time it will take to accomplish it.

      Even when charges are handed down, arrests aren’t always instant, especially when CPS is involved. It can take weeks before an arrest is actually made, not just days or hours.

  11. Jesus God Leah!

    The fact Jace spent most of his life with Barb is the only reason he’s been balls enough to speak the truth. He knows it’s not ok.

    I feel bad for Marissa (who always looks sad in photos and we NEVER see or hear about-is she alive?) Kaiser and Ensley. Those kids know no different so don’t know it’s a reportable offence they way they are being treated.

    1. I don’t feel too bad for Marissa because she was living with them when some of the worse abuse of Kaiser was going on, and she could’ve told someone about it! There was a lot she could’ve said to a school counselor even but didn’t. She was also living with them when the dog was killed. Since she is David’s daughter she hasn’t been mistreated that we know about. He doesn’t abuse Einsley either and she’s a spoiled brat! It’s Kaiser he hates the most. And now Jace. If Marissa and hopefully Jace would tell EVERYTHING that’s gone on in that house AND to Kaiser, I’m pretty sure they’d take custody of Kaiser as well.

      1. Marissa DID do that. She did speak up for herself and her half siblings.
        That’s why they were removed last time but David paid her mom’s ex some money to show up in court and say Marissa’s mom once called Marissa a liar. Might be the same ex that got Marissa’s mom on drugs. Thankfully she’s sober now.

      2. Ah, yes, let’s blame a scared child for not single-handedly stopping the abuse of her younger step-sibling. David may or may not treat her as badly as Kaiser because she’s his blood, but do you think Jenelle is step-mother of the year? Do you honestly think Maryssa hasn’t been abused at all there? That she’s not scared of what would happen if she spoke up?

        She’s a child that was unfortunate enough to be in this situation through no fault of her own. It’s disgusting to lay the blame on her.

        1. Oh grow a brain ass-hole! She was plenty old enough to tell as many people as possible what was going on! And no, I did NOT blame her for not “single-handedly stopping the abuse! Learn to read you moron! I won’t waste any more time on a dip shit like you!

      3. Ahh, typical A-hole move, blame the child for their abusers’ actions.

        So are you the abuser, or were you once? It’s pretty clearly one or the other.

        You can’t even spell their names right. Much like every other person on social media that supports these two. None of them can spell, almost all of them actually use the exact same misspellings and some of them have used the exact verbiage you’ve used here.

        GTFOH and quit blaming children for the actions of grown ass adults who damn well know better, who should be doing better and like holding this weird ass power over CHILDREN!

        1. Another jackass that needs to learn to read. LOL! Where did I blame her? I pointed out that she was living there when some of the worst abuse was going on and she could have reported it! DUH!!! You are a huge fucking idiot to say this crap. You are almost as bad as Jenelle. She didn’t say anything until they were in court over the whole dog killing incident. And yes, apparently no one believed her. Again, where did I say it was her fault? Can’t answer that can you, you sick POS!

      4. How dare you blame an innocent child. This is not Maryssa’s fault. Maryssa is a victim just as much as Ensley, Kaiser, and Jace.
        You clearly don’t have children, and maybe you don’t need to if this is your mindset. Projecting blame onto innocent children? Wow. You’re disturbing.

      5. You should be BLOCKED from commenting. You are making comments that endorse child abuse of the “bad kids”. Please, tell me you have no children? The things you say about the female children in that family show that you prioritize male over female children. Save the boys but the girls are “brats” and the oldest daughter DIDN’T DO ANYTHING?! She testified against them last time and was sent back to her abuse where she was homeschooled to keep her from speaking out! I rarely say this but you are DISGUSTING human being!

        1. You are as sick as Jenelle!! What the Fuck is wrong with you? How the hell DARE you come on here and LIE! YOU should be blocked for saying that I endorse child abuse!! Where do you get off making an accusation like that? Go fuck yourself! You make me sick that you come on here and join your little retard friends in twisting what I said just to try and spread hate about a subject you obviously are brain dead about! You are a HUGE liar! You have lied about me AND lied about the information you’re saying about when they went to court the other time. The court meeting WAS NOT FOR CHILD ABUSE you stupid idiot.

  12. I’m not in anyway advocating for Jace to go home but something is suspect about what everyone is saying. If Jace was removed, isn’t a mandatory court hearing requires within 72 hours. It’s definitely been more than 72 hours. And if they haven’t placed Jace in their custody, then technically Jenelle’s does have a right to know as the (and loosest meaning of the term) his legal guardian.

    1. I should also note that when Ensley, Maryssa and Kaiser were taken that’s what happened. J&D went to court within 72 hours of Kaiser being taken and 48 hours of Maryssa and Ensley

      1. At that time, Jenelle actually thought she still had a media image to protect, so she probably had her lawyer set things in motion FAST!! This time may be different since Jace is old enough to refuse to go back so they probably have to take certain steps. Who knows with that fucked up county?

    2. No, there is no mandatory court hearing within 72 hours. I’m not sure where you got that information (perhaps it is like that where you are). None of the states I have ever worked in have had a mandatory hearing in 72 hours.

      There is a mandatory investigation start time (differs by state and county), but not a hearing. Hearings often take much longer, and in this case, I would expect it to definitely take a while as this isn’t their first rodeo, plus they were already under investigation anyway.

      CPS taking custody of Jace-regardless of where they have places him now he is not on the land-means that they are his current legal guardian. Jenelle having had him removed from her custody means she gets absolutely ZERO information about him (when the laws meant to protect children are actually followed)

    3. I’m not even in United States and I know this is BS. Google works the same over there, correct?

  13. Anyone see the latest tic tic of this bitch straightening her hair , singing, and asking for prayers for David? Not Jace, but pray for David. I will pray that his abusive ass goes to jail for a long time. And I pray she loses all her kids.

  14. Why aren’t this dumbass b***h and her freakshow husband being cited for Abuse of the 911 System? And YES, that is a thing.

  15. Those poor 911 dispatchers having to listen to her nonsense. How do they not hear her voice and just say “not an emergency Janelle” and hang up on her.

    1. They have a button to click that basically says. This is not emergency call the non emergency line. And yes they can be arrested for abusing it.

  16. what a f*cking as*hole. 9️⃣1️⃣1️⃣ is for emergencies ONLY, and this b*tch is out here treating it as her own private investigator.
    f*CK her and her disgusting troll of a husband.

  17. @TheAshley, I am confused. Your prior post stated Jace is in CPS custody but this article makes it seem as though that is not the case. If he is in the custody of CPS, why is Jenelle calling 911 looking for him? Was he returned to Jenelle? Did he run away again? Is he with CPS? Any clarification would be appreciated!

    1. @sarah ~ the swamp queen ?‍♀️ is calling 9️⃣1️⃣1️⃣ instead of the proper agency b/c she’s a moron who abuses public services and wastes their valuable time on her trashy ?️ AF drama, rather than letting them handle ACTUAL emergencies.

      1. (not that jace’s situation isn’t important ~ but it’s been established that he’s safely away from the land, and swamp queen ?‍♀️ is bothering the wrong folks to try to get info)

      2. This is the answer I was looking for. Not sure why I got downvoted LOL. I love the Ashley! Just wanted to clarify!

    2. I’m pretty sure she made that call to the 911 so they would send the police to Barbs to look and see if thats where Jace is now staying. Then she can report to the media “CPS has kidnapped my child!!! They won’t tell me where he is!!! I’m soooo worried! And my mom has something to do with this because the police had to go out to her house to make sure she wasn’t hiding him! I’m just so stressed out dude!” Doesn’t that sound exactly like Jenelle would say?

  18. Seeing Jenelle panicking and lying through her teeth would be very funny and entertaining if it didn’t involved children being abused.

    Hopefully all of them will be remove and safe soon.

  19. The latest news that I’ve seen is Jace is refusing to go back to the land and has said if they take him back he will run away again.
    So I can’t see him going back and that strong young man is standing up for himself, he told them about the abuse and now cause he said he’s gonna run away again they know it’s not safe at all to return him. I think Jace might be going back to Babs and them two evil monsters will never get him again. Also kaisers grandparents will also have a better chance of getting him, I’m sure Jace will be happy to defend his brother and let the courts know everything.
    I’m so proud of Jace for standing up for himself and telling the law, drs and CPS what really happened and how abuse is happening on the land.
    I’m also proud of the people standing up for Jace and I hope he can see all the support he’s getting and that his words are believed.

    1. I’m proud of him too. I was hoping that he would use his power that he has under the law, to refuse to go back. Kids CAN refuse to go home if they feel unsafe. Unfortunately I think they have to be age 12 or older to use that power. So that means poor Kaiser is still shit out of luck. Unless he were to be removed by the court. We can only hope. I don’t worry at all about Einsley. She is the golden child, the only one that they love and shower with presents. They allow her to call Kaiser “the little asshole” just like her daddy does!! Personally, I think she is a spoiled brat!

      1. Shocking to see you have such little empathy for a little girl. I’m guessing something from your past & being jealous of someone who you considered “spoiled” is making you not give her any sympathy that ALL the land kids should be getting for dealing with 2 narcissistic psychos! I don’t think any 6 year old who is living in a violent & toxic family situation, watching their siblings be abused, is a spoiled brat. I think they are in fight or flight mode all the time, like the rest of their siblings. Even if they “shower her with presents” and only “love” her, you think that her life is going well? You think there is lots of joy in that house? Love? You think the crap they buy her will make her happy? You think she won’t be in therapy for years because of her parents? I can guarantee with those 2 parents, there is misery in their house daily and there is NO WAY in hell, that she is not traumatized by it. Calling her brother horrible names that her dad calls him is not her fault if the parents are teaching her to do that.

      2. Ensley behaves as she sees. She mimics how the adults around her behave. She’s not spoiled, at all. What you see in pictures and videos is Jenelle trying to “prove she’s a good mom” and they’re “a happy family” by making it seem like the occasional smiles are constant. She gets no more love than any of the other children, it’s quite obvious to anyone who isn’t an abuser themselves.

        Only a POS would see this little girl, see what she lives with, see the pain all of those children go through (physically and psychologically) and call ANY of them “spoiled little brat”. Wtf is actually wrong with you?

        Although the fact that Ensley was handed over to them at birth KNOWING full well she was born high and with FAS, should help explain why some of us have little faith in the system there in NC. Still, there’s something not right with you, at all.

        1. And only an uneducated A-hole like you would make assumptions like you are doing. You keep calling me an abuser and you sound like a fucking lunatic. You don’t understand anything you read so you twist it around and call me an abuser. For all we know, you could be a child molester, but I don’t accuse YOU of such a thing. Go back to school and get an education. You talk as if you are on Jenelles intellectual level.

  20. Jenelle the professional victim and her abusive husband must be in full blown panic mode right now. They can no longer control the narrative. I hope Jace tells the proper authorities all about the abuse and neglect that goes on in that house of horrors. All of the children need to be removed from the swamp dwellers’ custody.

  21. He is still in your custody but you don’t know where he is? You don’t call 911 looking for your son. Try calling CPS. I’m sure they’ve been in touch. ?

    1. Does anyone know if Barb has a social media account of any kind where someone could uh…suggest this to her?

  22. LOL, how can you go lying on TikTok and then after it you call to try to locate your son? NO ONE BELIEVES YOU JENELLE! And your psycho husband. I’m sure Jace is somewhere safe atm cuz he sure as hell wasn’t safe on THE LAND.

  23. That’s an abuse of emergency services. Anyone else would be charged, I can imagine dispatch rolling their collective eyes when these phone calls get through. She’s a terrible person, and an even worse mother. Just imagine what poor Kaiser goes through.

  24. I think she really skirted the line with her statement. She said Jace is still in her custody. That’s a legal term meaning she still has custody. They haven’t revoked it yet whether he staying somewhere else currently pending that revocation is another matter but legally she saying the right things which is very suspicious. Why wouldn’t she just say he’s here on the farm or whatever they call that weird ass place they live at because he’s not there he’s definitely not on that piece of land nor in her home nor does she have access currently do I think she’ll get him back probably obviously they got the other kids back. They’ve never arrested David, who blatantly attack Janelle in front of witnesses she even said he didn’t they didn’t do anything to him. He never got sued for animal, cruelty, or anything else either so I don’t think the bumbling police and whatever dumbass town she lives in know what they’re doing and that’s a really sad thing the judge obviously in the last case was a complete idiot and failed those kids

  25. Jenelle’s an idiot. If Jace was placed in the care of CPS, Jenelle will not be told where he is because the authorities are protecting the safety of the people who are physically caring for Jace until the matter is adjudicated. Let’s not forget that David likes to wave his guns around & probably would fire them at caregivers if he doesn’t get his way. Remember what he did to Kaiser’s grandmother the last time the kids were removed?

  26. CPS- drug test these idiots. Hair follicle test, blood test.. they are on drugs. Hardcore drugs.. Who in their right mind calls the police several times about their son’s whereabouts when they KNOW he’s in the hospital, and has been for a week now. I can see them sitting out in their garage on their swamp getting high on meth and coming up with these crazy delusions that make sense to them bc they’re so effed up in drugs.

    Those poor kids. Poor Kaiser, Maryssa, and ensley. I mean where are they when she’s making crazy calls like this?

    1. Yeah, there’s definitely meth involved here. Delusions, paranoia, and now screaming that everything is Satan’s handiwork. Not to mention all this ranting energy.

      1. This!!!!! ^^^
        But because she’s so selfish and self absorbed.. I think she’d rather lose her kids than shave her hair

  27. She is his guardian so why can’t she find out from the hospital that he’s still there? She’s completely lost her mind now.

    1. He may be under protective custody given the allegations brought against David, and them knowing she watched it all. It’s for Jace’s safety.

    2. Once an investigation is opened, and it was already started BEFORE Jace ran this time, no one will be allowed to give Jenelle any information as to his whereabouts. I actually believe that Jenelle has been told that he is in CPS custody at this time, but she doesn’t want to reveal that information because she wants her “I’m a victim of the system” story to be the headline! LOL! I think she’s counting on some possible sympathy from the public if she can scream that “The system took my son and refused to tell me where he is!!

  28. If it’s all false and if they’re all smearing your name, then sue the “media” for defamation of character…. OH Wait.. you can’t because everything The Ashley and others are reporting is the truth.

  29. The money they make is from Satan’s work, kind of like you and Jenelle’s only fans page? And once again, she is proven to be a liar. She has Jace, but she called the police to ask where he is. What a lying sack of shit!

  30. We don’t need to read the media to know how evil he is he just has to open his mouth his whole body is full of hate. He’s a dangerous monster that should be locked up and the key eternity lost.

  31. When people talk about abuse and using the government to do it. This is a prime example. Jace is scared, he’s run away multiple times from his mom’s house. He has openly admitted to his stepfather’s abuse.

    So what does Jenelle do, call the police on him to get him and her mother in trouble. She using the system created to keep people safe to continue to abuse them.

  32. It would be awesome to get the 911 recordings. It would be more evidence that they’re lying.

    David’s still trying to convince me otherwise..I told him he’s wasting his time but giving me a good laugh?‍♀️. I think it’s funny when someone is lying about something that is easily proven.

  33. I’m confused.. why would the police search Barbara’s home for Jace? Shouldn’t he be safely within the custody of the state?

    1. 1. Jenelle has had enough run in with the law to know that most police officers don’t know custody agreements. And her just saying she’s the mom and have full custody is enough to get her mom in trouble if he’s found to be there.

      2. Using the police has a harassment vehicle is a standard way to get people to backoff. If Babs gets sick of the police coming over, she either has to pay money to a lawyer and go through the channels to get a restraining order. Or two what most people do, just give up.

      3. Jenelle is a very damaged person. She’s mad at herself, her husband, her mom, her kids. So she wants to inflict pain she has on others. So getting her mom arrested makes her for a short time feel better.

      4. She’s scared of David and his abuse/ brainwashed. And David doesn’t want any more of his abuse known. So he’s threatening or worse to Jenelle to get Jace back under his control. When Jace is out of the house, that’s when we really hear about his abuse from his UBT. So getting Jace locked into the house prevents it. I wouldn’t be surprise if next step is force Jace to be homeschooled, so he never can leave the swamp.

      1. Jenelle isn’t abused. She is not afraid of him. Just 4 incidents prove that. During her drunken collar bone incident. You hear her bawling loudly and crying for days. She knows that call is recorded so she starts acting. He left the land & when he returns you hear her snap out of her victim mode & calls him her BF & turns into a different person. 2 the recording she made chasing DE down the driveway ( like Kieffer) screaming at him she was going to call Maryssa Grandma to come get her. 3 Gun pistol incident, she was there along with her kids but she wasn’t afraid.
        4 Road Rage incident. When she calls DE & he tells her to get out of there & she is basically stupid for following this guy. Her reaction & her conversation with him is not a victim who is afraid of her abusers. They play tit for tat. It’s their foreplay. Remember when he towed the disabled elderly man’s truck? She filmed it lol the entire time. They are several other incidents but these are the top ones to me.

        1. I don’t think abuse is as black and white as you think. I think that Jenelle is abusive but also is abused at the same time. It doesn’t excuse any of her behavior. But there is so much gray. Its why they say there is no such thing as a perfect victim.

          Jenelle grew up with a verbally abusive mother and an absent father who was abusive before he left.

          Jenelle believes in some twisted way that abuse is love.

    2. Yes, the police should know that he is in state custody, but that state is so ass-backward that one area has no idea what the other is doing. And CPS isn’t as familiar with Jenelle’s antics as everyone else is, so they probably didn’t get around to informing the police of where he is. It probably never occurred to CPS that Jenelle would start badgering 911 and insist on police going to Barbs to see if Jace is there.

  34. Jesus, I wish CPS could see that crazy picture of David in this story!!! He just looks so unstable and manic!!! This is a man who should never be allowed children for the rest of his life. Can you imagine how frightening it is for those kids to see THAT face raging at them?How in the hell our these kids going to grow up without a million issues? How do those poor kids sleep at night knowing that the monster of their nightmares lives right there in the house with them?

    1. Because he is unstable, and all that stupid song does is promote violence and the threat of hurting people. I wish he would get charged and CONVICTED of felony child abuse, at that point he would have to relinquish all firearms.

      1. Wasn’t he convicted of domestic violence on his ex? And I believe there was a protection order? Am I remembering that incorrectly?

        I don’t know about North Carolina, but I have a DVI (protection order) against my ex-husband in Florida, it specifically says he can’t possess any weapons. Same back when he got arrested in Alabama and the city court put a No Contact Order on him. When I was leaving out house while he was in jail, the cops even told me to take all his guns with me.

        Does North Carolina just not give a shit?

        1. Not supposed to have one if you have a medical marijuana card. It’s still not legal in NC & it is from CA but with their criminal history they neither one of them should have been approved. I believe in their county the SO issues a permit to CAC so if that’s the case, how the hell did they get approved? ATF? I’m confused on this situation too.

          1. I live in Washington state. I don’t know the legality but I once (pre-legalization) saw a patient pull out a concealed carry permit and medical marijuana card out of his wallet while looking for his insurance card.
            Guy was in his seventies. I didn’t ask, but apparently it can help with post-polio syndrome. ??‍♀️

        2. There will come a day when David has a shootout with law enforcement, he’ll never go easily. Hell, Secret Service even showed up there once and he threatened them, I mean what’s it going to take to get this animal.

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